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brainheadpit  asked:

I don't get whats so controversial about fem freq... they're decent, thorough videos with some good points about representation. Really, there's nothing dramatic in there, just one perspective well explained and justified. Plenty of assholes on youtube talking plenty shit, plenty feminist extremists going overboard. This lady is a media critic criticizing herself some media. There's nothing crazy there.

The problem is that this lady is a big name. A really big name. Now I disagree with the amount of mindless hate and threats she has received. And I’ve stated that plenty of times before. I definitely think that women receive unwarranted kneejerk reactions from the overall community and she wouldn’t have become this big of a name if it wasn’t for the hate that gave her so much attention in the first place. But I will still never like her nor do I consider her a decent person or what she has to say very valuable.

This lady gets influence in the gaming industry. This lady gets to be the representative of all women in the eyes of the media. This lady has lied about having been a gamer. This lady has lied throughout her kickstarter campaign. This lady only shows interest in something a lot of people care about because she can criticize and monetize it. And then she somehow gets to be an authority on the subject. This lady is a mediocre media critic. This lady is doing a job that MANY women can do better. This lady has stolen footage and stolen artwork. This lady has very very often been wrong about the things she said in favor of sensationalizing. This lady has made a lot of points that I disagree with 100% while throwing titles under the bus that did nothing wrong. This lady generalizes. This lady has shown time and time again that she isn’t all that knowledgable when it comes to games. This lady has often said things about games that showed that she didn’t even actively play them, yet if you disagree with her you’re a bad person. This lady gets to do all this while being hailed as a hero and getting her face plastered everywhere, while the current state of gaming journalism assists in actively shutting down criticism towards her. Thanks to this lady the most well known female names in gaming are of those who have shown to lack knowledge while telling everyone else what needs to change. Fem freq is also the home of people like Jonathan McIntosh who says ridiculous falsehoods so often that his name became a catchphrase. Thanks, this lady. 

Yes she isn’t always wrong and despite very often using bad examples some things that she tries to say still holds value. But there is no WAY that she should have been given this pedestal and no WAY that at this point she is a very fair and credible person to look up to or to give this much attention as an “expert”.

I’m no fan of this lady. I don’t care for her supposedly being the voice of women. Women who now when they don’t fit in victim narratives or disagree with criticism get shut down and dismissed. Because complaining about sexism is used as a trend instead of a important topic that should welcome working together, better media analyzing, and actual fans with a passion for gaming.

So yeah.