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Hermione changes the wizarding educational system:

Hermione Granger  knew the wizarding educational system needed improvements. So she did it.

She visited muggle schools, she spoke with muggleborns and surveyed half-blood and pure-blood wizards and witches to find out what they didn’t know.

Her desk was covered in papers, statistics, with dreadful, but not unexpected, results. She wanted to introduce many subjects because wizards were lacking in the general knowledge and she was feeling disappointed. She made a plan about everything and divided them into different domains: science, arts, languages and she did a whole new curriculum for the Muggle Studies class. She was a war heroine, of course and the brightest witch of her age, but she was young and had little experience. She knew it. It wasn’t an easy road.

At first, nobody liked it.

“Tell us again, Miss Granger, why do we need this muggle classes? What are our benefits  from geography, advanced mathematics, medical studies, computer science and physics and foreign languages? We have magic and spells that help us.”

She knew wizards were stubborn.

She started to name all the advantages.

The language spells were hard, even harder than a patronus and not many wizards could cast them correctly. It was hard for wizards to understand each others at international wizarding events such as the Quidditch World Cup and the TriWizard Tournament.

“It could be really useful to know how to say to the german wizard next to you to move his tent 10 meters to the left without accidentally insulting his mother.“ She said. “And important magic books were written in different languages.”
“Think about the jobs and their potential in their international departments: translators, teachers, student exchange programs. Proper jobs for immigrant wizards.”

The students could pick whatever classes they wanted, but one of them must be a foreign language. And they would study in groups divided by levels: beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced. There would be first-year-Ravenclaws mixed with sixth-year-Gryffindors, trying to learn something new.

And it could also be benefic to their understanding and using of muggles’ inventions. It was a shame that a 17 years old wizard couldn’t use a computer.

Muggle Arts were really important. Music. Literature. Mozart, Bach, Van Gogh, Austen, Brontë, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy.  Masterpieces.  

They weren’t impressed. She didn’t want to play dirty but she had to. She knew the wizards were very proud, so she said:

“Muggles can learn all of this without magic.”

“Fine, Miss Granger. Let’s do this as a research project and see the results.”

She had to find the teachers. She went to Blaise Zabini telling him about her project and that she wanted, in fact she actually needed his help.

“I’m not going to teach 11 years old Italian, Granger.” he said.

“Fine, Italian isn’t that important anyway. I’m going to drop it out of the project.” Hermione said and then stormed out.

The next day, Blaise sent her a letter saying that he reconsidered her offer. She smiled.

Fleur was excited to take the job as a French teacher. She always complained about the rude goblins and how she couldn’t speak French to anyone. “Oui, they really need some culture.”

Cho Chang was willing to give them Chinese classes and Charlie Weasley find her a young Romanian teacher.

She spoke with other muggleborns and influential people (Viktor Krum, Draco Malfoy) and in the end she found qualified staff.

In the first years the project wasn’t very popular, but she was satisfied even with 5 students in each class.

By 2020, Hogwarts had more than 25 classes based on different muggles domains, more than 10 foreign languages courses. More than half of the students in each class was born in a wizarding family and every student in Hogwarts was taking part in at least one of the new classes. There was also a great student exchange program with all the wizarding schools on the globe and the cultural diversity was unbelievable.

The graduates had better jobs and more opportunities than they could think of and the economy was growing.

Hermione Granger changed the wizarding education and she was proud.

I got bored and I wrote this. I wanted to include this in my fanfic and I’ll do it, but it was such a great headcanon

America:… since we’re all nations shouldn’t we call our interactions… geography?

Canada: Al, this is why we don’t invite you to sleepovers.

England: This is not a sleepover.

Prussia: All of you shut the hell up.

France: Go to sleep…

Five perfumes on the birth of cities

1. On the digging of the first foundations of Mars City, 2100. Well, this is embarrassing. The start was Mars Base one. You can still visit Mars Base one, it’s under Chang Square now. There wasn’t much of a ceremony. Everyone was suited up, of course. Our priority was to get the stilts in to make the home module functional, for personal comfort reasons as much as anything else. The return to gravity was not playing well with our digestion. Carbon, plastic and hydrogen sulphide.

2. On breaking soil for Mars City 2 atop Olympus Mons, following the Glorious revolution, 8795. It is fair to say that we were not expecting to be outcompeted by our gut flora. Nevertheless, the conditions in the early days on Mars allowed a fascinating insight into accelerated evolution regimes. As you can imagine, things got a bit uncomfortable during E. Coli’s rapid rise to sentience. In a way we welcomed the revolution, when it came. OK, so we were no longer able to shit. Some dealt with this by becoming enormously large, whilst others uploaded themselves to the cloud. One of the delights of Mars City 2 was watching giant humans barrel down the slopes on their homeward commute for the day. Anyway: a refined bouquet of hydrogen sulphide with a light sprinkling of Mars dust and ozone.

3. On the construction of Cloud.1, 10271. We tried living without a city in the cloud for a while. It didn’t quite work. The human consciousness needs geography, or else it starts trying to invent it, and trust me, you don’t want to live in a place where everyone is inventing their own different geography. So we made Cloud.1. Actually we adapted the code from MineCraft, because we wanted to honour the citadels of our digital ancestors. We hadn’t quite got the sensory experience correct at that point, though. So: banana, petrol and wet dog, with lingering notes of hot dust.

4. On the launch of the Eternal Rain, which might be termed a city by dint of containing multitudes of simulated neighbourhoods, even though it is in fact a spaceship approximately the size of a toaster, 16090. By this time, the larger remaining humans had begun to jostle around on the surface of Mars like irritable boulders, terrifying their Coli masters and bulldozing nearly 90% of our unprotected cloud servers. The eternal rain was, we felt, our last great hope. Of course, the young folk refused to believe that they were in the cloud in the first place, so it was left to us older instances to direct its construction using our few remaining personal robots. It is, I think, our greatest achievement. We have limited the spawning of new instances to preserve our processing power, but the sensory experience is now exquisite. The earthy tang of a digital garden in the morning dew, with hints of tomato leaf, marigold and decomposing pigeon.

5. Upon the rounding of the flat Earth and the consolidation of its cities, 88765. I speak as one of the few remaining original instances. We live in a constant struggle to preserve processing power against a proletariat who do not believe in this as a limit. As a desperate measure, we have made our geography spherical, drastically limiting the amount of space available. We have modelled it upon the old Earth, whose biomes I think we have made a fair effort at approximating. The cities, too, we have modelled after the ancient ones. We have long been time-limiting the new instances. There are some who regard this as a new start, requiring a new numbering system and an end to the support of old instances. So this I fear may be my last: dust, and dust, and metal, and apple blossom, rounded out by the carbon-smell of deep space from an old spaceship’s sooty coat.

Me and my flatmate are doing a name the 50 states quiz and we remembered no less than three of the states because of Twilight

Seventeen as People at Homecoming

S.Coups: DJ (that was actually just our geography teacher so the school could be sure the music would be pretty pg-13) who legit only played top hits of 2010 along with the occasional drake song and also the running man challenge but turned off lil Jon’s get low half way through because “if you guys scream every curse word, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the edited version?” But he let us have 679 by Fetty tho so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jeonghan: Good friend I got ready with, who even though she looked much more fancy than most in our group with a gold wrap and the most amazing dress I’d ever seen was also the first to suggest that we go to McDonald’s when the wait was too long at our first choice of restaurant. Kept about 10 mcnuggets in her clutch the whole night.

Joshua: My best friend’s boyfriend who, as the only sober one in the squad at the after party, lowkey became the mom friend who switched everyone to water after midnight hit, listened to everyone’s weird rants, but still hyped us up so he could get funny stories for black mail.

Jun: Penis confetti guy. Every year no matter what for about the past 5 years someone leaves tiny penis shaped confetti all over the dance floor. Whoever does it is a closer kept secret than the illuminati so they never get caught, but it’s common knowledge and now tradition that every year the task of getting the confetti and dropping it on the floor so everyone leaves with tiny dicks stuck to their feet is passed down to one lucky, anonymous senior every year. This year they really outdid themselves and got them in silver and blue to match the Winter Wonderland theme.

Hoshi: Cute guy that started three dance circles and two conga lines but also spent the rest of the time at the dance at the snack table seeing how many cookies he could fit in his mouth.

Mingyu: Guy that was seen with so many girls that no one knew who his date was, since judging from pics and time spent with each, it could have been at least 10 different people.

Wonwoo: The guy with at least 10 dates’ best friend who was the exact opposite and stuck with one girl just standing in one corner of the dance floor, but did get hella turnt at the neighborhood after party – and I know bc I legit watched him throwing back fireball like water while singing along word for word to Bad Girls Do It Well (not judging tho, that’s a bop)

Woozi: Tiny girl in the prettiest, poofiest dress who I only just met that night and thought was the most innocent cutie until at the party I accidentally put way too much vodka in a mix drink I was making her and went to pour it out but??? She? Drank? The? Entire? Cup? In? One? Clean? Chug? And smiled the sweetest dimply smile at me and walked away completely unfazed. Basically an actual Bambi eyed legend, I’m still shook.

DK: Football player that took such a hard hit at the game the night before that even though they decided he was okay that night, woke up with a major headache the next day and for a good hour didn’t only didn’t remember who his date was, but also that homecoming was even that day at all. He eventually remembered and got the okay to go after planning to get checked for a concussion the next day. Got super hype at the dance and the party, and whether it was due to just being super pumped or a little hopped up on pain killers is still debatable.

The8: Super chill and funny guy from another school that one of my friends took as a date. He came in a polka dot bow tie and suspenders and was so gentle and sweet to her, but later I found out that the reason we got security for the dance this year is because when the school found out he was coming they thought they needed back up since though he’s never started a fist fight at his own school…he’s finished many.

Seungkwan: Class VP who is usually super chill. but was a total over dramatic ham and slow danced with me all the time just bc I was one of the only people that would screech power ballads with him.

Vernon: The date I shared with my best friend (he’s our closest guy friend and 1. We were all going to go stag but decided to go as a group bc squad and 2. It was coincidentally also his birthday so giving him two dates was our gift) who was such a master of the aux cord on the drive back that we decided to take back roads home so we could jam. As the host of the afterparty, he was late to his own birthday bash because we were doing terrible car karaoke.

Dino: Guy in most of my classes who I usually don’t get along with but we bonded so much through talking shit about couples making out on the dance floor that we decided to meet up at Panera next weekend to spill tea about homecoming drama over pasta.

- Mystery Admin

Geography Homework

Alexander Hamilton x reader

This is probably one of the weirdest things I have ever written, I promise that I am not on drugs.

“Alex what are you still doing up?” you asked your boyfriend as he sat in his office staring at the paper on his desk.

He didn’t reply.

“Alex. What are you doing? Are you alright?”


“Alex? What-”

“I haven’t slept in so long I can see sounds.”


“What are you trying to do anyway?”

“Homework. I’m behind,” he said, still not looking up from the desk.

The great Alexander Hamilton is behind in his school work? That’s unbelievable!

You stood there gaping at him as he tried to figure out what he was doing. He seemed to be stuck on just one problem.

You pulled up a chair and sat next to him, trying to see what he was working on. Geography. Easy enough.

“So what are you stuck on?”


“This is our geography homework.”

Alex finally looked at you, before glancing back down at the paper. He blinked a few times before pushing back his chair and stalking out of the office.

You got up and followed him to the kitchen. He took out a can of soup and opened it.

“Alex isn’t it a little bit early to be warming up some soup?” you asked him as he opened the can.

“Who said I was going to warm it up?”

You blinked.


He looked you straight in the eyes as he dipped his spoon into the can of cold soup and took a bite.

He continued to eat it, his eyes never leaving your face.

You rolled your eyes and turned away.

“You are a disgusting little man. I’m going back to bed.”

City Girl.

So I came up with this idea for an AU and I wasn’t going to go through with it, because I didn’t know if you guys would like it, but I decided to post it, and if no one likes it, I’ll delete it.

So, Riley moves to Texas from Miami with her mom, her dad staying in Miami. She shows up and she meets the group. Lucas, Zay and Farkle are the three most popular guys in school, but they’re not your typical jocks, they’re just all loved by everyone for different reasons. Isadora is Lucas’ half-sister and Maya is Farkle’s cousin, who lives with his family(I’m not going to tell you the reason yet) as well as Katy. This is a rucas fic, as well as smarkle and zaya. I don’t think Josh will be in this story, but Cory will be mentioned and I haven’t decided yet, but he might actually show up.

Please message me and tell me if you like this, because if no one does I will be discontinuing it!

Love you guys!

“Seriously, Em. Texas is really beautiful. We live in Austin, and it’s such a small town, when I walk down the street, everyone greets me and tries to make me feel welcome. I never thought I would love it here, but I do.”

“That’s great, Ri. I can’t wait to come visit. I miss you already.”

“I miss you too. Look, I gotta get leave for my first day of school now, but I’ll call you either on my lunch or tonight. Love you.”

“Love you too, girl.” When Emma hangs up, I feel my anxiety building up. I’ve never been so nervous. Back in Miami, everyone was so confident, because each and every person had their own style, and people respect that, but today is my first day of school, in a new place, which I’m guessing is not like that.

The apartment building where my mom and I live isn’t far from my new high school, so I put my headphones in and start walking. When I reach the front of the school, everyone is hanging out on the front lawn and inside the school. Not only is this my first day in an new city, new school, it’s my first day in a real school. I’ve been online schooled for as long as I can remember since my dad moves around a lot.

I walk in and make my way to my locker. I put all of my stuff in there and lock it, and decide to walk around the school to get to know it, since I still have 20 minutes before I have to get to class. As I walk around the school, I see that high school is not like the movies. There aren’t really any cliques. There are groups of friends but it seems like all of the personalities are mixed. I can easily tell the jocks, from the geniuses, from the rockstars, to popular chicks, but it seems like they’re all best friends. I’ve already seen a jock and genius bro-hug.

Well, I probably shouldn’t have listened to those teen high school based movies. As I’m lost in my analysing state, I bump into an extremely tall, blonde-haired cutie.

“I’m sorry.” I say, taking my earbuds out.

“It’s my fault.” He smiles. “Hey, are you new here?”

“What’s with you people?” I laugh. “I feel like I’ve been asked that 12 times already.”

“Sorry. It’s a small town.” He chuckles. “I’m Lucas.”

“Riley.” I stick my hand out and he shakes it.

“Hey, Luke!” I hear a voice coming from behind Lucas. I peer out and see two boys who look to be my age running down the hallway. One has dark skin with a muscular form and is holding a football. The other is light-skinned, a tiny bit less muscular (just slightly) and sports a wide smile. They’re both pretty dang attractive, like Lucas. If I knew Texas had this many cute boys, I would’ve begged daddy to fly me here a long time ago.

“Hey, guys. This is my friend, Riley. She’s new here.” Lucas introduces me.

“Yeah, we can tell, Lucas. It’s a small town, you know.” The light-skinned boy laughs and sticks out his hand. “I’m Farkle.”

I shake his hand just as the other boy speaks up. “I’m Zay. Nice to meet you, Sugar.”

“Nice to meet you too.” I say after shaking his hand.

“Okay, we have to go meet our other two friends. You can come with us if you want?” Lucas suggests.

“Sure.” Ten minutes in and I’ve already made a few friends. This isn’t so bad.

We make our way through crowds of students, and I listen to Lucas and Zay’s conversation on a football game coming up. Farkle stays beside me, and he tells me about their two other friends. One’s named Maya, and she’s his cousin as well as Zay’s girlfriend. He tells me that Maya and her mom live with him, since they aren’t exactly financially stable right now. Then there’s Isadora, who goes by Issy most of the time. She’s Farkle’s girlfriend and Lucas’ half-sister. We all stop at a locker on the other side of the school, and Farkle tells me that it’s Maya’s.

“Issy, Maya, this is our new friend, Riley.” Zay introduces me.

I shake Maya’s hand and then Isadora gives me a hug as everyone laughs.

“Sorry.” She laughs. “I love hugs.”

“It’s okay, I love them too.” I reply and Maya pulls my schedule out of my hand.

“Yay! We have second period together!” She smiles and I smile back as Zay peers over her shoulder.

“We have first together.” He walks over to me. “I’ll show you the way.” We bid our goodbyes to the group and Zay leads me down the halls to his locker.

“So, it’s your first day and you’ve already made five friends. That’s better than I did, and I’ve lived here my whole life.” We both laugh. I get the sense that Zay is the funny one in the group. He’s very chatty too, which I like, because so am I.

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INTERMISSION - Concluding the First Half of the “Course.”

Komiði sæl og blessud, vinir,

I am amazed at home far this informal “course” has come. We have covered A LOT of material this year - 20 lessons with a total of 30 posts. So, let’s take a moment to recap all of the lessons that have been posted up until now, before we move to the next half of this “course.”

FIRST HALF: Culture and Society.

Introductory Segment
Lesson 1The Viking Age and Our Sources.
Lesson 2The Geography and People of Early Medieval Scandinavia.
Lesson 3The Origins of the Viking Age.

Mythological Segment
Lesson 4Introduction to Norse Mythology: Our Sources.
Lesson 5Intro to Norse Mythology: The Story of Creation and the Worlds.
Lesson 6aIntro to Norse Mythology: The Major Gods and Races (Part 1).
Lesson 6bIntro to Norse Mythology: The Major Gods and Races (Part 2).
Lesson 6cIntro to Norse Mythology: The Major Gods and Races (Part 3).
Lesson 7Viking Spirituality.

Literary Segment
Lesson 8Runes
Lesson 9aLiterature and the Sagas, Part 1: The Nature of Our Sources.
Lesson 9bLiterature and the Sagas, Part 2: Snorri Sturluson and the Edda.
Lesson 9cLiterature and the Sagas, Part 3: The Skalds and Their Poetry.
Lesson 9dLiterature and the Sagas, Part 4: Kingly and Heroic Saga Literature.
Lesson 9eLiterature and the Sagas, Part 5: The Icelandic Sagas and Saga Style.

Society and Law Segment
Lesson 10Viking Age Society.
Lesson 11Law in the Viking Age.
Lesson 12Blood, Feud, and Honor.
Lesson 13aWomen in the Viking Age, Part 1: Overview and Social Roles.
Lesson 13bWomen in the Viking Age, Part 2: In the Eyes of the Law.
Lesson 13cWomen in the Viking Age, Part 3: Were Women “Vikings?”

Ship Segment
Lesson 14aViking Ships and Seafaring, Part 1: Development, Construction, and Navigation.
Lesson 14bViking Ships and Seafaring, Part 2: Primary Examples.

Native Settlement and Trade Segment
Lesson 15aThe Settlements at Home, Part 1: The Longhouse and the Village.
Lesson 15bThe Settlements at Home, Part 2: Early Towns.
Lesson 16Viking Money: Commerce, Coins, and Cuerdale.

Art and Weaponry Segment
Lesson 17Viking Crafts.
Lesson 18Viking Art: Decorating Useful Objects.
Lesson 19Viking Weaponry.
Lesson 20Viking Warfare.

I thank everyone who reads these lessons and supports my blog. I hope that everyone is benefitting from these lessons, although they are definitely not the best. As I have said, they are mainly based off my experiences in one class, taught by Dr. Jennifer Dukes-Knight, and various books I have read with her and on my own after taking that course. Regardless, I am vey glad to provide these lessons to give people a place to begin their exploration of Viking history.

Next week, things will return to normal with…

SECOND HALF: Raids, Settlements, and Kings.

I look forward to the second half of the course, and I am sure many others are as well. So, we shall return next Friday with Lesson 21 - Viking Raids: Francia. (Lesson may be split into parts).

Skál og ferð vel.


We are re-working our Human Geography series. John explains.

anonymous asked:

HOW DID I SOMEHOW NEVER NOTICE YOUR BIO ABOUT BEING GREEK. Omg, I've always wanted to visit Greece. What's it like actually living there versus being a tourist and only seeing the highlights?


Οk this turned out super long but I’ve actually wanted to write this sort of thing for a while so, kudos. You appeared right on time. It did turn out to be more of a thing about being Greek than living in Greece but do excuse me. I’m vaguely aware of what you see as a tourist and… there’s so much more.


  • You can never run out of archaeological spaces and museums to visit.
  • Or theatre. There’s loads of good productions and plays going around.
  • Mediterranean food is incredible.
  • We have some of the best beaches around and breath-taking mountains. Win-win.
  • The folklore is beyond awesome. Did you know there are goblins trying all year to bring down the tree that’s holding up the world and that Christmas cookies are our only shield towards that menace?
  • There are tons of little places that tourist brochures never talk to you about; traditional shops, little-known archaeological sites, tiny islands that are just as pretty as the Cyclades. You can look for them or run into them, like magic.
  • You get to find ancient coins and vase pieces when you plant potatoes in your lawn.
  • It’s not cold in Greece it’s never been cold.
  • We get some pretty cool music that’s half-rock half-folk half-ancient-comedy-material. Yes I like Dionyssis Savopoulos sue me.
  • “Where should we meet?”
    “Under the Acropolis.”
    “I’m close to Plato’s Academy, get your ass over here.”
  • Apokries, aka the Carnival season, aka a three-week long Halloween. You’re fucking welcome.
  • The people know how to give you a warm welcome. They’ll buy you food and give you a place to stay and if something goes wrong they’ll say fuck it at least we had a good time you come again.
  • When we’re sad, we dance.
  • We are loud, we are friendly, we are the royalty of partying.
  • Feta and olives and cheap wine by the sea in the sunset. Whenever we want.
  • Cretan music.
  • We never have to learn our language as a non-native study.
  • There’s not a single chance that we won’t find our kind anywhere else in the world. We could go anywhere and there’s someone speaking Greek. We’re like loud, overly proud cockroaches.
  • We do not dub our live-action films. Suck that, rest of Europe. Probably.
  • Our humor in general might be shit, but when we do it well, god it’s hilarious. Nobody will ever convince me that this fucking bit from this fucking classic isn’t the Greekiest, funniest thing created ever
  • People will say our national animal is a dolphin or a brown bear or even a caretta caretta turtle but it is, in fact, a donkey, and this tells you all you need to know about my people.


  • I lied it does get cold in Greece. There are mountains here.
  • There’s absolutely no respect from the people to the state and vice versa, which means laws are not kept as much as they need to. See: taxes, zebra crossings, and so on and so forth.
  • You only see the highlights as a tourist because most of the rest is fucking awful. There are no rules to an architectural style so the buildings and streets are a mess; dirty, ugly, graffitied beyond repair. You need to know where to look to find something pretty. Or stumble upon it. Like magic.
  • The people who are not loud and friendly are either loud and rude or quiet and extremely unfriendly and usually hate foreigners.
  • The educational system needs to be burnt to the ground and then peed on.
  • What the hell are disabled people and how can we keep them as far away from the rest of us as possible?
  • I am an average Greek person and I do not know what “gay” is exactly, but TV told me it’s a disease and needs to be laughed at often so it does not infect us. The only right I want to give to a trans person is my right to call them offensive names and honk at them.
  • I am the same average Greek person. I believe I gifted philosophy and architecture to the world and that everyone that isn’t me is a barbarian. I conveniently ignore the fact that my great-grandfather was Turkish, his wife was Italian, his brother-in-law was Egyptian, and my own spouse is Albanian on their father’s side. Everyone that doesn’t speak Greek perfectly is a barbarian, έγινα σαφές;
  • No translations of your fave books. Or even worse, bad translations of your fave books. And dubbed animated movies.
  • Feminism happened somewhere but according to the official papers in public services it very much didn’t.
  • The church is everywhere and it will in fact have an opinion about what you ate last Wednesday on its break from admiring its hoarded treasure like a sick elderly dragon recalling its olden days whilst hating everyone.
  • Hello, this is the Greek government of the past forty years or so. What is money and how do we steal it and then throw it away while cackling maniacally and picking our next lie from a bingo grid?
  • Nothing ever gets our mythology, history, geography, attitude, or language right. Ever. First Hollywood, then Disney, then books, then TV, now Tumblr. Hera was the one who sent the snakes to Hercules’ crib, Drakopoulos is not a real Ancient Greek name, and that spell in Xena Warrior Princess is just gibberish, wishes for a good night and a good morning, and the boat schedule from Pireaus to Crete. We cry and our tears are salt and olive oil.
  • Smokers. Smokers everywhere.
  • Greek television is why this world will burn in hell and the black hole of our doom will start right here.
  • Bins full of used toilet paper.
  • We’re too cool for public transportation. Get a car or get out (not of the car, because you’re stuck in traffic).
  • We invented the word organised but we have no idea what it means.

Conclusion: I despise it here and I want to be the one to make it awesome again, one bit at a time, because it fucking deserves it.

63 writing prompts

1-Are you having a stroke?

2-Do you know how to give stitches?

3-When I first saw you I was so distracted by your beauty that I stabbed myself with a pencil.

4-Why are you standing behind me with a rock?

5-Have you seen my pocket watch? Who on earth still owns a pocket watch?

6-You aren’t going to hit me with that are you?

7-You’re a sweet talker. 

8-You adopted a what now? 

9-Why is there a armadillo in your apartment? Where did you even get one? 

10-How’s the weather out- oh.

11-Did you eat my last pop tart?. Yeah

12-If you want that last chocolate bar you’re going to have to fight me for it. And I’m not going down easy.  

13-Who are you texting? My lover. Yeah right. 


15-New friend who dis?

16-I’m expecting. Expecting what? A Pokemon? 

17-No you are not Captain America. 

18-Stop sitting in the emo corner

19-Go stand in the emo corner

20-“Passion, Romance!” “…Food”

21-Ah no whatever shall I do?


23- I have a strict no deals with the devil policy

24- I can’t anymore I had my stupid amputated last week.

25-No you cannot use me as a target

26-Swiggity Swam what’s in the can?

27-Swiggity Swab what’s with the mob?

28-Do not put that in your mouth

29-Where did you get a battle ax?

30-How did you even find out about that? It was like 3 years ago? We weren’t even friends at that time.

31-Who was that and what are they wearing? 

32-I’d ask you to dance but I have a broken leg.

33- I don’t even know what I am doing anymore.

34-My life is a mess

35-And everything just went downhill from there.

36-Why would you listen to him, he never gives good advice! 

37-I don’t trust people.

38-I don’t think that anyone has ever been proud of me before. 

39-I don’t know what you are saying to me

40-I don’t care

41-How should I passive aggressively say f you to that dude over there that won’t leave me alone.

42-And we never talked after that. 

43- I know you don’t know me but I just wanted to tell you that your shoes don’t match

44-I haven’t slept in so long I can see sounds

45-“It’s four am and I’m not good at science in the first place!” “This is our geography homework”

46-And then I’m screaming and crying and I didn’t know what else to do except find you.

47-Help me please. It hurts

48-I got bored so I threw myself down a flight of stairs.

49-Sometimes stories don’t have a happy ending

50-I just want everything to stop. 

51-Instead of working, I’m doing literally anything else.

52-Be free my butterflies.

53-That is an answer you must seek yourself my friend.

54-I slept like crap so don’t piss me off

55-Please let me in

56-My soulmate is most likely a carton of ice cream.

57-I’m too lazy to hold a grudge. 

58-Children shouldn’t play with that.

59-That could result in world war three.

60-I wish I didn’t know that.

61-Don’t feed the fear

62-Please don’t come in. I don’t want anyone to see me like this. 

63-I don’t know how I should react to that.

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All this week, we are featuring some of the spectacular places in America’s Last Frontier: Alaska. First up is Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.

A visit to Bering Land Bridge can feel like traveling back in time. The Bering Land Bridge provided a pathway for plants, animals and people to cross from the old world to new. Wildlife like the muskox remind us of our ancestors and how geography has shaped humankind. These iconic herbivores sport curved horns and can weigh between 400-800 pounds. Although their populations have fluctuated over the last century, today they number around 3,800 in the state of Alaska. National Park Service Photo.


Based on this post.

Lily Evans looked up at the building that was going to be her home for the next nine months. The walls were red brick and the door looked like it could use a fresh coat of paint. It sure didn’t look like home to her. Home was her mother’s banana bread and her father’s laugh and leaving the window open so she could smell the lilacs that grew in their yard in the summer. But she had to leave that home behind to come to Hogwarts University, so maybe this could be a new home. Maybe.

Picking up her bags, Lily stepped through the door into pure chaos. The hallway was filled with crumpled clothes, a rug, several lamps, and at least half a dozen hovering parents. She started to lug her stuff through the mess to the elevator when something started whizzing towards her out of the corner of her eye and she promptly ducked as a frisbee sailed over her head. Someone yelled “Be careful Sirius!” and she heard laughter as a tall boy with long dark hair raced past her. Lily grasped her bags more firmly and began to make her way towards the elevator but when she reached her destination, she was met with an “Out of Order” sign. Sighing, she headed for the stairs.

When she reached room 417, out of breath and slightly sweaty (She definitely needed to start running more), she was relieved to see that her roommate hadn’t shown up yet. Lily could get settled, take a shower, make a good impression. But first, some music was definitely in order. She pulled out her iPod, hooked it up to her speakers, and put her “Feel Good” playlist on shuffle. As the first few notes spilled out, Lily could feel the tension in her shoulders ease and she hummed along as she made her bed and put away her clothes. She hadn’t brought very much with her but she figured that she had enough saved to buy a few things if she needed them and she could always send home for stuff. Realizing she’d left her last bag in the hallway, Lily opened her door, still singing along to “I’ve Just Seen a Face”, and stopped dead in her tracks as a pair of hazel eyes met her own. For a minute, she wasn’t in the hallway in front of room 417 anymore. She was many miles away…

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Just after geography
  • Me: That new teacher has a fringe like dan..
  • Friend: But the colour of phil's...
  • Me: He kept touching it and moving it back when it goes over his eyes...
  • Friend: He also had stubble...
  • Me: He's like a mix of the two...
  • Both: ...
This will be shorter
but the geography of the kisses
I will plant on you
Is beautiful
The geography of our relative
locations in space
Is not
But both are there, both are true
And sooner rather than later
I will follow the map.
—  “A Lesson in Geography,” Poems to Beatrice.

Paul Ramírez Jonas, Another Day, computer-generated NTSC video signal, 3 identical monitors, 2003

Three television monitors display an endless scroll of data reminiscent of the arrival and departure screens at airports and train stations. Each presents a countdown to the next sunrise in ninety different cities, offering an expression of the passage of time and an expansion of our conception of geography beyond politically determined borders.