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Our Dearest Symphony

A/N: Here’s my contribution for the Royai Week prompt “Music!” Note that this is a two-part piece! The second part will be my final contribution for the week. I hope you enjoy!

“Brigadier General,” Roy beckoned without looking up from the phonograph he was fiddling with, “Could you come here for a second? I need some advice.”

“Of course, sir,” Riza replied, setting her paperwork down on the table she had made her temporary desk. She made her way over to him and stopped by his side as he rested his chin on his fists, scrutinizing it. When her eyes followed his down, however, she saw that his eyes weren’t on the phonograph itself. Instead, they were darting between two records that were laid out before him.

“What are your thoughts?”

She looked up and found that his eyes were no longer on the flat discs, and were instead on her. “My thoughts, sir?”

When her eyes met hers, his lips curved upward. “About the records, General,” he replied. “I’m having difficulty deciding which I want to play to begin the night’s festivities.”

“Oh.” Pressing her hands against the desk, she leaned over to better look at the names of the tracks on the records. Though the labels were worn, she could make out the names scrawled onto their labels. The first, Pavane, was a track she was very familiar with. It had been one she would listen to when she would study as a young girl. A sharp F-minor with an orchestral version that she found difficult to not get up and saunter around her room to, best describing it as a flow of melodic climaxes with a beautifully haunting elegance to it…

Shaking her head to rid herself of the unnecessary flow of memories, she turned her attention to the second record that was in front of him. Its label more worn than the previous record, it was difficult for her at first to make out its name. But when she caught the number “9” on the tag, she couldn’t help but smile. Symphony No. 9, known to most people by the popular name of ‘New World Symphony,’ had been her personal favorite when she was younger. While the previous track made it hard to stand still, this one made it entirely impossible. During the rare times her father would go into town or would take Roy on an alchemy-based excursion, she’d set the record on their phonograph and dance around the house as she completed her chores. Its perfectly harmonized medley of instruments had an intoxicating effect.

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Our dearest ones, we are gathered here today to celebrate 1000 incredible people who we can now call our followers. YOU ARE THE FREAKING BEST!!! We can’t even tell you just how excited we are that we have reached this many followers. Never did we think for one second that we’d get here and be so liked by you what we’re trying to say is that we are extremely thankful for all of you beautiful people following us and enjoying our posts because ultimately we are only here to share with you our immortal love for Cassandra’s masterpieces. We love you all. <3<3<3



DAILYSNOWING’S SEASON 5B COUNTDOWN: 7 days until the premiere » top five snowing episodes (as voted by our followers)

THIRD PLACE - 1x10, 7:15 A.M.: “Dearest Snow, I have not heard from you since our meeting and can only assume you found the happiness you so desired. But I must let you know, not a day goes by that I have not thought of you. In two day’s time, I am to be married. Come to me before then. Come to me and show me you feel the same and we can be together forever. And if you don’t, I will have my answer.”

1, 000 followers!

Whoa! When did THAT happen?!

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Today, Art of the Cover has reached 1,000 followers, y'all! And it’s been, what, only a month?! A month! Can you believe that?! Well, I sure can’t! 

Okay, enough with the punctuation marks. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of this glorious team, who are also my best buds here on Tumblr. 

What?! You don’t think I work alone, right? Because come on, no one should have all this power!

So, thank you @randomjunkbloguniverse @geek-shriek @carlscomics @maxmarvel123 @feedmecomicart & @towritecomicsonherarms for everything! This wouldn’t have lasted if it wasn’t for you guys. Really appreciate all the love you put in this lil project. Let’s keep on truckin’!

And you guys! Our dearest followers! Thank you all for your support and interest! Hope you enjoy your stays! 

Here’s to more!

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Stay comic-y, guys.

-Mister JJJ ( @misterjjjcomics​ )

Hey friends!

I have a huge favor to ask of our dearest followers… So Marissa (Patrick) and I (Pete) are have VIP tickets to Boys of Zummer on July 30th, and we’d really like to tell the boys about The Younger Blood Chronicles. The thing is, it would be so so cool if they already kind of had an idea of who we were before we end up meeting them. So, if any of you are going to a meet and greet with Fall Out Boy sometime before July 30th and want to casually mention who we are, we would probably love you forever and ever. PLEASE don’t dedicate your whole time with fob talking about us, because that is the opposite of what I want. But hey, a short shout out couldn’t hurt. 

Love you all. 


Dearest UK and USA based followers,

Our governments sanctimoniously bombed Syria to oblivion, pulled out before the job was done, then used ‘rebels’ to finish the job for them (which obviously went tits up). It is their fault that refugees are trying to escape. If you think refugees aren’t our countries and our governments’ problem when OUR tax money (yes, yours and mine) funded the transformation of countries into deadly war zones, then you’re an idiot.

Plain and simple.

One more thing: what kind of human are you if you class a person despairing enough to try to escape across oceans with their babies clinging to their bodies on semi-inflated pool floats as a criminal? They are desperate. When drowning in the open sea with your kids and wife is a better and safer prospect than living in your country, then things must be pretty terrible. Have some damn compassion.

Unfollow me for my opinion if you want, I give absolutely 0 fucks.

The Master Links page is back!

Dearest followers, I’m very happy to announce our beloved and very missed Master Links page is officially back.

We had to do a couple of changes to make it work again, which essentially involved making separate pages for each links’ category and adding the links to it but hopefully this will give a more organized and neat look to the page. I’ll also try to update it from time to time adding the latest questions to it so you don’t have to search the tag.

Hope the page keeps helping as much as before.