to not only those giving

I love the Zora people. Not only does Prince Sidon exist, but the other Zoras are so sweet. Whenever you find Fronk’s wife, he cannot stop thanking you. Not only that but Ledo, a Zora who is working on the Domain, asks you to give him only 10 luminous stones. You can find those in any cold region, so I got them in the Flight Range during the Rito divine beast. I brought them back to him and he gave me not one, but TWO diamonds. That is 1,000 rupees. And he told me that if I found any more, he would give me more diamonds. The Zora people are so sweet and considerate, they just want Link to thrive. Prince Sidon has reasons for being so great. I just love the Zora people.

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her

You do not exist to be consumed

Your face, your heart, your skin. You do not owe anyone your effort, your time, your consent, your body. They are not obligated to gaze at you, be loved by you, be attracted to you, to have their worries and woes and affections carried around in your unwilling hands. 

And if you fail to be charming, or beautiful, or pliant, you have not failed at all. Your presence in the life of others is optional and voluntary.  Give it out only to those who better your life by them being in it. 


|Timeless| Favorite Ship: Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston

We were enough, weren’t we? We were enough for each other back then. We never needed anything just to complete the both of us. Because you said that it’s me—it’s only me who can make your imperfect world perfect. You said I was like the sun to your day, and stars to your night. You said I was the light that made your universe sparkled with stunning beauty. You said a lot of wonderful things that I can’t forget. A lot of things that would sound strange when someone else said it to me. I don’t want to hear it from anybody else, because only you, only your voice can give beautiful meanings to those words. And that’s the truth that hurts the most.
—  ma.c.a // This is Why I can’t Forget You
i made him into something greater than he was.
i made that boy into a sunset, a mountain, a rainstorm. i equated his skin to silk and warmth and sunlight. i compared his smile to the only happiness i had, to those songs you hear that give you goosebumps. i made his love into water, into something i couldn’t live without, something lovely and endless and beautiful.
but he was a just a boy. and that was my mistake.
he was just a boy.
—  and now i make my own sunsets and goosebumps and water. @lovelyscribblings

don’t let people treat you badly. don’t brush their broken promises under a rug and tell yourself it’s okay this time, just like it was okay last time. don’t trust people who break their promises. don’t trust people who tell you one thing and act a different way. don’t accept apologies the fifth time around. if they have done it once, they will do it again. always remember that. only give out chances to those who you feel really deserve it. don’t trust people who give you beautiful apologies and then continue to treat you like shit. you are not a toy. you cannot be picked up whenever they are bored and thrown to the side when they’re done playing with you. you’re a human being with feelings. valid feelings.

Imagine: Being the Jokers Daughter and introducing him to your boyfriend

The Joker sat in his car waiting for Frost to finish loading up the cash in the back. He was exhausted and agitated and looking forward to his night free from business. He could just go to the club and watch Harley dance and be with his daughter. His phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and the word “princess” scrolled across the screen

Speaking of that little looney tune

“What is it sweetheart?” His daughter was the only person he spoke to with such gentleness.

“Daddy you haven’t forgotten about tonight right?” You said to your father nervously. 

The Joker rested the back of his head on his seat. A wave a jealous rage ran over him. He did forget, but that kid was easy to forget about. That kid who had the nerve to think he was good enough for the jokers daughter. He had only promised you so you would stop giving him those certain eyes. Those eyes that made his heart sink and his knees weak. He growled under his breath frustrated with the hold you had over him.

“hmmm Princess tonight isn’t good.” He began to work his way to slithering out of this “I am tried and just want to have a night with you and your mother and no shit okay?” 

“You said that last time you cancelled, and he isn’t shit.” you spat at your father fed up with him constantly blowing your boyfriend off. “I told you how much you meeting him means to me and you promised.”


“Promised! and mom said you told her you would too.”

Ugh Harley, you only promised your queen so she’d kiss you again. The Joker got lost in thought thinking about how his girls had him trapped in this situation.

“Baby it makes no sense for you to introduce me to a boy you like because I’m just going to kill him anyway.” The clown prince cackled to himself but when he heard his daughters silence he quickly stopped.

You were getting angry now. “You are not going to kill him. You are going to meet him because if you love me you’ll do it for me.” you never failed to stun your father with your guts to stand up to him. If anyone else did that it’d be over but it flattered him how you took after him. “You’re also going to stop sending him death threats, you think it’s easy for him to meet you?.”

“Technically that was Frost.” he tried to lighten the situation, whats the Joker for after all “And fine fine princess if it’ll make you love me again.” 

“It will” you hung up and immediately was filled with glee. Your two favorite guys were finally going to make peace.

The Joker was pleased you were happy, but was seething in anger at the thought of seeing this boy. Yes he was making Frost harass the boy a little bit, but he only did it for you’re own good. Clearly this boy was not going away easy, this was going to be interesting.

“His name is Brandon by the way” the text from you popped up on his phone.

Seeing the boys name sent from you enraged him even more than he thought possible.

The club was filled with people smiling and dancing. You walked into the crowd to the bar and asked for a martini to calm your nerves. You had borrowed your favorite dress your mother had for the occasion. You couldn’t be happier. Brandon was sweet, handsome, and one of the first guys you had met that didn’t want you to exploit your family name… or wanted to avoid you completely because of your family name. Dating had never been easy as the Joker and Harleys daughter. Your first date never happened because the boy who asked you out washed up in Gothams harbor. The long distance relationship you had trying to keep the kid safe ended when he was found having suffocated with an iphone in his throat. You spent nights crying into your pillow but your father always came to your rescue. Promised you it was to protect you and because he loved you. He gave you everything you wanted and always made you laugh, so how could you not forgive the clown. This time you made sure to keep this boy hidden, you were older now and knew it was just better to tell the boy upfront who you were. Brandon was so understanding and said it didn’t matter. He was nervous of course but said he loved you and it wouldn’t change a thing. 

“Baby!” Harley came running up when he saw you “You look gorgeous!” She wrapped her arms around you and whispered in your ear. “You father is here whenever you’re ready. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd” she giggled to herself. “Your little boyfriend is here too.” She gave you a little push in the direction Brandon was standing and went back to the dance floor. You skipped over to him and jumped in his arms. 

“(Y/N) are you sure this is a good idea?” He ran his thumb over your lips and gave you little kisses.

“Yes I talked to daddy today and he agreed to be nice” you knew you were lying but you were too excited.

You and Brandon walked towards your fathers booth, he wasn’t there yet so you pressed your lips against his and sank into each other. When the two of you were together you got lost in each other and the world shut out. Brandon ran his fingers through your hair and started kissing your neck. The Joker walked through the back door and snuck into his booth. He looked around the club and saw Harley dancing. She noticed him and went to the glass and placed a red kiss mark on it for him. He smirked at her as she returned to her performance. He was scanning the room when he turned and saw it.

His daughter. His princess. With that boys hands in her hair. His hair, the hair he stroked when she was upset. He was teasing her cheek with his lips. His cheek. The cheek he kissed when she had a nightmare and came to him crying. The worst thing about it was that she didn’t even notice him. All she could look at was him. Even when their bodies separated and they walked to him they didnt take their eyes off each other. They came into his booth and she placed a kiss his cheek and greeted him. But it wasn’t the same, she didn’t give him a kiss like he was the center of her world anymore. He boy reached out to shake his hand but he didn’t take it, the three of them just sat down.

The Joker stared at the boy not understanding his feeling. He was captivated by the boy, he was expecting to act tough and defend his territory in his club but when he saw the boy he just stared at him like a wild animal. How could this beautiful creature him and Harley created want to leave their world and be with that.

“Daddy as you know this is Brandon.” you tried to break the ice.

“It is a pleasure to meet you sir, I’m honored to be welcomed here.” Brandon grabbed your hand out of fear and squeezed it. The Joker was even more terrifying than he originally thought. He went over what he would say and do but now he was just trying not to piss his pants. When he saw the Joker look down at it then back at him with a death glare he quickly released it. “So daddy I -”

The Joker stood up making you cut your words short. He walked over and towered over Brandon. “Sweeeeeetheeeeaaarrrrt” he drug his words out in a menacing way. “Would you please excuse us, get daddy a drink while the boys talk pretty pretty pretty please.” He gave you a certain smile that he only gave you when he was serious. You stood up and shook your head. You gave Brandon a reassuring look before you left.

“I’ll be right back with that drink, play nice boys.” Brandon chuckled nervously before making the mistake of looking into the Jokers eyes. You left wanting to get that damn drink and return as soon as possible.

The Joker sat back down across from Brandon and cackled at him. Something snapped in his head and he was back to his original plan. Intimidate and destroy. 

“Brrraaaandon was it?” he shook his head scared to death. “So I see my princess is quite taken with you?”


“Don’t answer that it wasn’t a question” the joker hissed at him. Brandon sat there staring not knowing what to say or what to do with his body. He was scared to adjust his legs or blink. They sat there in silence for what felt like forever. ‘Well are you going to answer my question?” He cackled again louder confusing the boy.

“Sir.. I uh I really mean no harm I do love your daugh-” the joker slammed his fist on the table which shot Brandon up in the air.

“You l-l-l-l-love m-m-m-y d-d-d-daughter why can’t you speak right boy?” he leaned in closer to the kid. “Well it doesn’t matter because you just made the biggest mistake of your life a few moments ago. You touched something that belong to me. You think you can love her and treat her like we do?” Brandon looked over at Harley giggling at him. 

“I just want to uh I -” 

“You want to what? Are you saying you want to do something to my daughter? Or my queen you can’t stop looking at?” 

“Oh I wasn’t looking at her like that I was just” he started babbling trying to cover the mistake he didn’t know he was making.

“Like ‘that’ so you don’t think my queen is beautiful?” 

“No sir shes very beautiful I wasnt saying she-”

The Joker jumped up from his seat and sat next to Brandon. He tried to move away but the joker grabbed him by the arm and held him in his place.

“So she’s more beautiful than my daughter? Is that what you’re saying? You you craaaaaaazy?”

“Sir I mean no disrespect.” Brandon was out of option and just decided to try and reason with him. He quickly realized there was no reasoning with the Joker. “I want nothing more than to be a good a good man to (Y/N)” The Joker raised up his hand and Brandon for sure thought he was going to get hit.

“That’s where you are very wrong. I am the only man in these girls lives.” The Joker reached into his pocket and pulled out his razor blade. He flipped it open and Brandon was fighting back tears. He loved (Y/N) and thought he could handle it but this was too much and he prepared himself to die. The Joker held the blade to his throat. “Now…. normally I wouldn’t go through all this trouble so you consider yourself lucky. You know the other guys never even got in a word before I cut their pathetic lives short. Don’t think you’re any less pathetic than them. Anyone who thinks they deserve to touch her is filth.” He sliced a small clean cut on Brandons throat. “But because I promised her….” he slid the knife down and nipped his chest. “I will make an exception for my princess. Now you get out of here and if I ever see you in my city again. Not even the Batman will find you.” He pulled his knife away and released his grip on the boys shoulder and he darted out of the booth.

You were walking back from the bar with the drink when you saw Brandon at the door. You shouted his name and he turned to face you. He had tears rolling down his face and shook his head no. You were confused and went to walk towards him but he left without a word. You marched to the booth where your father was.

“What the hell just happened? Why did he leave? Daddy you promised me you would-”

The Joker cleaned the blood off his blade. “Sweetheart I promised I’d meet him. And hell I met him didn’t I?” He stood up and walked over to you and placed a kiss on your forehead. “I also promised you I’d always protect you. That’s what I just did. So how about a thank you? He’s breathing and walking isn’t he? Aren’t you proud of me for how nice I was?” He laughed and toyed with your hair and planted another kiss on your head.

He was impossible but at least he was sweet about it. You ignored his laugh and went back to the bar. You were going to need another martini.

Bangtan Spells Compilation: Funny Scenarios.

Hi everyone! Here we go with the first compilation of 2017, hoping you can laugh a little with these. In this compilation we gathered scenarios that we think are funny, so we hope these make you smile. 

Also, the ones with a ♥ are some of our favorites, those make us laugh every single time.


  • Daddy Issues ♥: Jin is terrified to meet your parents, luckily for him he has his friends to give him good advice, only that those don’t seem to work when he finally meets your dad. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Lovely Mishaps: You are newlyweds so you decide to cook him your first meal, you aren’t really a good cook but Jin isn’t one to refuse your food. Genre: Romance / Comedy.
  • Follow Me Down: Seokjin’s takes you to ski resort but you suck at, you feel a little better later when you discover he isn’t any better. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.


  • In Bloom: You own a flower shop, Yoongi comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” Genre: Fluff / Friendship.
  • Hands Off: When a big bug appears you jump to Hoseok’s lap, Yoongi isn’t happy. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Playmates: Yoongi takes his two kids to the studio with him while you are at work, the six uncles are more than happy with the visit. Genre: Fluff / Friendship.
  • All To Himself ♥: Making pizza with the maknae line and having a jealous Yoongi around proves to be the recipe for disaster. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Say it Out Loud: You go out with Yoongi and the maknae line to eat ice cream, when the three notice your crush for Yoongi they start to tease you until Yoongi makes them silent with a sudden confession. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.


  • Now You See Me: You are a magician in Star King, Hoseok has a big crush on you, even if you try some scary tricks. Genre: Fluff.


  • Berry Kissmass ♥: Christmas themed scenario. You are holding a kissing booth and Namjoon is freaking out. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Parental Control: Namjoon goes to meet your parents for the first time. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • A Little Too Friendly: Namjoon gets overprotective when his little sister, you, goes to the dorm to meet BTS. Genre: Fluff / Friendship.


  • Sneaky Hand: Jimin gets jealous when one of his members accidentally slaps your butt.
  • Variety Games: You two are idols and go to Weekly Idol together. Yes, you get to slap Jimin’s butt. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Two For Mischief ♥: Taehyung and Jimin are in charge of taking care of Jungkook’s son Junho, the little boy learns a bad word from them and then says in front of his father, when Jungkook hears him he knows who are to blame. Genre: Comedy / Friendship.
  • Three For Mischief ♥: Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok are left in Yoongi’s house to take care of his two sons, disaster erupts when each of them try their best to become the best Yoongi copy cat, Yoongi isn’t happy when he catches them red handed. Genre: Comedy / Friendship.
  • Twice The Problem: Jimin and Jungkook have a crush on you, when both of them confess you realize you have a bit of a problem in your hands. Genre: Comedy / Friendship.


  • Jingle Bell Love: Christmas themed scenario. In which Taehyung wants you to hear his singing voice but it backfires him every time, you think he’s playing you but a little christmas pinch makes the two of you come together. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • War of Hormones: Taehyung has the biggest crush on you, every time he sees you his body and mind go crazy, more over when he starts to suspect you like Yoongi. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Pregnancy Perks ♥: You are pregnant when you go visit your husband Taehyung backstage, only to see him cheerfully talking with his ex. A hormonal disaster erupts and the boys try to comfort you. Genre: Fluff / Comedy


  • Play Pretend: You ask Jungkook to play as your boyfriend in a family holiday party so they stop harassing you about having a boyfriend. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
  • Hangul Disaster ♥: When you nail your hangul test you start bragging about how much you know about  the korean language, your prankster boyfriend Jungkook change your phone settings to hangul to see if you really know as much as you say you do. Genre: Fluff / Comedy.
  • Not What You Think ♥: Jungkook and you are inside his room making some strange noises, the rest of BTS can’t help but think their maknae isn’t innocent anymore. Genre: Comedy / Friendship. 
  • Carlisle: I only turned those who were dying, in hope of giving them another chance at an existence I hope is worth living still.
  • Aro: I turn those that show promise of greatness, to join us in our holy duty as guardians of the vampire world.
  • Sasha: Eh well one was my niece and I was lonely, and the others kinda looked like her. Oh and one was a super cute baby, what can you do

If you know the artist, please message me! <3
Credit to me for the writing. ;^)
You’re mine and only mine, do you understand?
Don’t you dare look at her or another man the same way as you do me, Hyun.. I’ve claimed you, kissed you, hugged you, and cherished you longer than anyone in this damn organization.
If I must punish you like the slave you are, then so be it..
I’ll bite your soft skin, making my mark anywhere I desire on your delectable body..
I will seal every harmed area with my love and affection, but you will only give those back to me as I wish, understand?
I love you. I lust for you.. I want you to only be mine..
And if I have to keep you locked away, then I will.
Devote your life to me, Hyun. Become the one who stays by my side in any situation, and make sure to obey me as your master..because this will be one hell of a ride..
Welcome to your eternal fantasy, my love.