to not hopesplode

A timeline of who killed/beat up  who:


  • Vriska paralyses Tavros
  • Aradia summons the spirits of the dead to haunt Vriska
  • Vriska killed Aradia via Sollux
  • Terezi blows out Vriskas eye and arm via Doc Scratch via an eightball
  • Vriska blinds Terezi via Tavros via Terezi’s lusus


  • Terezi convinces John to fly through higher gate
  • Vriska tricks John into god tier-ing
  • Aradia makes Vriska pay
  • Vriska kills Tavros
  • Eridan KO’s sollux
  • Eridan kills Feferi 
  • Eridan hopesplodes the matriorb
  • Eridan kills Kanaya
  • Gamzee kills Equius
  • Gamzee kills Nepeta
  • Kanaya kills Eridan
  • Terezi kills Vriska but also doesn’t
  • Everyone but John and Roxy die but also don’t


  • I don’t know
  • these teenagers need to stop killing eachother
We already know what happens next

They didn’t win the game. 

The ending house they should have opened was the red one (the alpha kids’ newly created universe) but instead the house flipped over and became white.

Sound familiar? Remember what happeneds the last time someone touched a white house? (Insert Obama joke)

That’s right. When John touched the juju, he became partially “unstuck in canon” so the continuity rules do not apply to him. His arm actually got retconned throughout the whole comic after this happened. This was shown with a distinct blue glow.


Now, we have to remember something. We actually know that this is not the end. Caliborn told us so in his clay animations a while back!

Many things that didn’t happen in the [S]Act 7 flash happened during this handcrafted explanation. To recap:

1) Caliborn has the house juju with him.

2)Caliborn “somehow” gets the Ring of Void, which was in posession of The Condesce. She’s dead now but how did the ring get to him?

3)Look who appears with a familiar blue glow!

My most important point is supported by this specific page. The eight kids actually become unstuck in canon and appear before Caliborn after touching/entering the white juju instead of the red ending house to enter the new universe. 

And then this shit happens.

4)The four Beta kids get sucked into the white juju.

5)Dirk creates Lord English after a fight that ends with Jake hopesploding in a cotton cloud.

And that’s the gist of it, right?

Now, we got the four alpha kids alive and well, Lil Cal infused with Lord English Caliborn dudebro realness and the four beta kids trapped inside the white juju.

Flashback. Time shenanigans ensue:

Vriska and her pirate crew found the treasure chest with the white juju inside, right? My thoughts are that when they found the juju the beta kids were already trapped inside of it. Here’s my supporting evidence:

When Vriska used the white juju as a weapon to stop Lord English after he had lost the power of the Green Sun thanks to alt Calliope, the symbols of the aspects of the Beta kids started flashing inside of it. I don’t think this is just symbology, I think that quite literally their powers are trapped inside of it.


There are many plot points that are yet to be discussed. However, I think that as it is we have sufficient clues to infer what the rest of the story is instead of having it chewed for us in a fully explained epilogue. It will be welcome, of course, but I think the “spoilers” that Caliborn gave us with his clay animations should be enough to round the story. What I hope will be explained in the epilogue is how Caliborn got the Ring of Void, and how did the kids end up in the new universe after creating Lord English.

Given the narrative of the webcomic and its symbology, I think this is a magnificent way to end the story before the epilogue. The most important item of the [S]Act 7 animation was the white juju in my opinion. And what was the white juju?

A literal fucking plot hole.

P.S.: Calliope created a black hole and cherubs mate around black holes, don’t know what to take from that.

WARNING: the end audio is NSFW, so make sure you are prepared for that.  You have been warned…. 

So, after seeing the MLG Peridot post made by hopesploded, and watching this: link

I thought I would try making an animatic of MLG Peridot’s Gaming channel.  I was going the make a full video, taking many clips from Team FourStar’s Lets Plays on their gaming channel.  But I don’t have that much skill, and I am lazy.  There isn’t much animation, and the quality isn’t great, but it is my first attempt.

I DO NOT own the audio for this video.  All rights to the audio belong to TFS Gaming and Team FourStar.

Steven Universe Peridot and Jasper© Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar


This was by far the most work I’ve put into any of my videos, by the end I had used up to 120 layers! But it was so worth it ;w; Click HERE for the YT version!

Links (In Order of Appearance) I tried to tag everyone but for someone reason I couldn’t find certain people so I just put normal links for them :X Sorry about that




































I do not take any credit to any of the art used in the video!!! If any artist who’s art was used in this video wants me to take down the video or has any problems, message me and I will do so and respect your wishes.


© Freddy || Foxy || Toy Chica || Gold Freddy || Jeremy
   Designs belong to me
© Bonnie || Chica || Toy Freddy || Toy Bonnie || Mangle
   Designs belong to hopesploded

Some sketchy chibis I did a while back of my waifu and my own designs for fnaf. I never got the chance to draw the other designs but maybe I’ll update this some day with them.

The designs are o u r s the drawings are m i n e. If you use the images without crediting one of us you will be reported and these images will be taken down. Same for tracing; do not trace it and pretend it is your work I don’t appreciate that kind of thing. These might not be the best damn chibis in the world but they’re still something I worked on. It sucks that I have to emphasize that

Looks like everyone’s doing this, why not give it a try.  

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