to not being able to live without each other

What I want for Yurio

At first I was like “Otabek x Yurio OTP, please let them be a couple” and stuff like that…but now I realize that what I really want is:

+Yurio and Otabek should be really good friends and then best friends for years and years.

+For them to be soulmates and they would understand each other and know everything about each other.

+He’s his very first friend so with that should come the develope that comes with a friendship they’ll be their firsts in everything 

+The first sleep over

+The first time he’s gonna tell someone else his very hidden secrets

+And with that comes trust and Yurio willing to open his heart to someone else besides his grandpa 

+Yurio showing his Agape even more

+So after many years of friendship they come to the point when they realize they can’t live without each other

+And like that they can start to develope a different feeling “LOVE”

+More first times 

+First time holding hands with the new feeling of sweaty hands and heart beating fast while face turns red

+Yurio being able to do Eros for the first time

I just want my baby to grow up happily because he deserves it

Imagine your otp growing up in each other’s pockets.
Imagine your otp getting matching tattoos.
Imagine your otp getting mistaken for a couple constantly.
Imagine your otp being compared to married couples.
Imagine your otp loving each other more then they love themselves.
Imagine one staring at the other longingly and so desperately in love while the others not looking.
Imagine your otp letting the world burn for each other.
Imagine your otp not being able to live without the other.
Imagine the devastation one of them goes through after losing the other.
Imagine what lengths one of them would go to In order to get the other back.

Imagine your otp being Sam and dean.

Yet another installment in humans being fuckin weird compared to aliens: humans give blood, organs, and tissue to each other, because our race is built around being able to function under as much stress as possible.

So of course, what do we do when another human will die without something we could live without?
We go to our local hospital and undergo trauma to provide them with it, for no compensation.

Sure you might need to eat and drink more, take antibiotics or anti rejection drugs, but hey!

B'ril over there had to wait until HIS race figured out stem cells and lab grown organs, because ALL their organs are vital, and losing a pint of fluid flat out kills them or sends them into shock.

i wish i can take my life into full control. be able to do absolutely everything without this sense of being controlled or stopped by anyone. i know im only 18 and im “young” but i think i’ve lived enough at least to know that bad things happen to good people and that good people are sometimes able to change some bad people and i think i learnt what it was like to love myself so much to fight for the one i love so much despite everything. i believe that faith pushes two people together it makes them stick, it makes them want each other. i know we are young but sometimes the best love happens young, its not dumb young love because its raw and real and sometimes very messy and when all goes bad we still feel the good. i mean its real for me i’ve been in fake love before it makes you want to die and you try to convince yourself its love but its not. im not convincing myself i live it, its beautiful. its like waking up and feeling you there, its missing you and wanting to do everything this world will ever allow me to do with you. love is supposed to be real and raw, i dont have to say it for us to fucking feel it constantly in our bones and running through our veins. today made me realize that something life changing can happen at any given second, i still cannot imagine how id live if you were not around, i love you in every single way possible, its real because for us there has never been anyone else, its always been us even if we force ourselves to fake otherwise we cant do it. i may only be 18 and write over the top poems but theres no way to romanticize the love i have for you its just the realest thing and it makes my body warm and my mind at ease and maybe my head just fits perfectly on your chest and my arms wrap around your neck just right, your nose is the most perfect facial feature my eyes have ever seen on anyone. i think i fall in love with you a bit more each day, not just with you but with us, im in love with the way we help eachother grow and change for the better, i love us for how we fix eachothers faults, i love us for how beautiful we are together. i cant explain how i feel, i can just show you in every single way possible.

Forget the Cursed Child I just need information on my main characters.

Tell me about Harry and Ginny and how Ginny stood up to Harry as his equal, not as someone he needed to protect. Tell me about the PTSD and the battle scars and the late nights when neither of them could force themselves to sleep.

Tell me about Ron and Hermione finally professing their love to each other and holding each other close and ignoring everyone who smiles or says “about time” because yes it is about time now give us some privacy.

Tell me about George trying to piece his life together without Fred and his first day back at the joke shop and his birthdays alone and Angelina and how they were able to comfort each other when they were both broken.

Tell me about Percy living with his guilt from leaving his family and from watching Fred die without being able to prevent it.

Tell me about Molly panicking any time one of her children leaves the house.

Tell me about Neville, checking in on each and every member of his army and comforting them in their time of need.

Tell me about Luna, making peace with the fact that her father tried to help the Death Eaters capture her friends. Tell me how she was able to reconcile with him when she herself would have gladly died for those same friends.

Tell me about the first and second year Hogwarts students who had never known the castle to be safe, who grew up much to quickly and never looked back.

Tell me everything.

Sela Mathers

When the multiverse was first created the universe containing the Earth was placed as the central focal point between the other universes - it was also created as the only one without strong ties to magic and as a result its people were able to live an idyllic existence. The other four universes were each watched over by a powerful and benevolent ruler whom agreed that the Earth’s universe remain untouched. One resident of one of those universes was displeased with this decree and traveled to Earth, killing its Gatekeeper in the process. Upon his arrival it became clear to him that, in its innocence, the world was ripe for his manipulation. As a defense against his actions (this being came to be known as the Devil in various forms throughout Earth mythologies) a fairy tale book filled with fables and moral lessons was created and given to one individual in the hopes that she might guide people away from his influence. 

One such bearer of the book of fairy tales was a woman named Alexxa whom was being hunted by the witch Baba Yaga who sought her out as the last of the champions who might challenge her. During their ongoing battle, Alexxa manages to reach Shang, the Guardian of the realm of Myst, and inform him that the witch had returned - he, in turn, directs her to pass the book on to its next bearer. That bearer was Sela Mathers.

When we first meet Sela she is learning on the job, attempting to guide people using the power of the stories in her book but is struggling due to the influence of her nemesis, Belinda. The two of them come into conflict over the souls and the paths tread by any number of individuals, battling to the death more than once. 

Sela is the primary protagonist of Zenescope’s flagship title, Grimm Fairy Tales and as such has had interactions with almost all of their multiverse’s heroes and villains, serving a crucial role in many of its greatest moments. Her primary power centers around her possession of a fairy tale book through which she can provide morality tales to those in need of guidance, though she has no control over how they respond to her guidance. She has shown a degree of clairvoyance in her ability to seek out those in need and the power to actually transform people into characters from her stories and draw them in where she can interact with them.  Sela has also been shown to have the ability to draw weapons and other artifacts from her book, including a sword with which she has remarkable proficiency.

Sela Mathers’ first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales #2 (November, 2005).

I wish I could read you like a book because I don’t want to know everything about you, all at once. I want to find a quiet spot and sit with you. I want to feel the anticipation, like a reader who is about to start a new book. I want to forget about the world and get lost in your story, right from your first sentence. I want to know about each chapter of your life one after the other. I want to feel each emotion that you felt, like a reader who empathizes with each emotion of the characters, without any effort. I want to feel privileged for being able to know your story. I want to read you like a book because I want to live your life vicariously through your words.

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Ive always thought that us antis were the true Larry fans. And seeing all of us all celebrate this really proves that. The reason we are so harsh on larries is because of our love for these boys and our hopes that the abuse will stop so they can live their lives how they want, which include being able to be in eachothers lives! I absolutely love the idea of Harry and Louis being able to leave the larries abuse behind and being able to act with each other how they want and when they want.

Why is it the antis are the ones who are loving this without reservation? J/w

She walked down the hall with elegance. People smiled at her, and she would smile back. She was happy, she was laughing, she was finally living again.

And then she turned the corner, and there he was: happy, laughing, and finally living again. People would smile at him, and he would smile back.

But when their eyes met, their smiles dropped. They looked away quickly. She turned around, deciding to take the long way to her next class. He kept his head down, not being able to look at her without feeling guilty all over again.

They were toxic to each other, even now. Because no matter how bright a sunny day, and no matter how clear a night sky, they could never happen at once. They would turn into a solemn in-between. They could not co-exist and still be all that they should be. And to just be half-themselves…that was not fair to either of them.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book // we are both so beautiful, but we were less beautiful together

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N I G H T M A R E ;

AU: The Judgement of Corruption ( Corrupted judge and his “daughter” )

Even as the fire around them grew and roared—he still held her close.

Red and orange and yellow lit up the mansion and it surrounded them—licks of it’s burnig touch nearing them as seconds passed by. They were not able to say anything to each other—him being a mute and her still in deep sleep. But he still murmured out without a sound of how it was all going to be fine and that she was going to be safe.

“Jung Jihoon—” He heard a woman’s voice throught the wrath of the flames and faced the source of the voice, “—I am here to offer you the chance to live if you hand me all the money which you accumulated.”

Spite lits up inside of him as he held the girl in his arms closer. He looked at her smooth porcelain skin and closed eyes—still far from being able to speak and to open her eyes to see the raging flames and vile being who dared to play god in their domain. He looked back at the being and mouthed the words that shall never be heard ’Never.

And the fire consumed him. Along with his gold and his “daughter"—a doll of what used to exist.

Dreams of that burning mansion and the lady had haunted him for long. He always recalled the girl in his arms that he realized was a mere doll of someone he had held dear and close. He had watched himself consumed by greed to save her and bring back what he had lost.

It had become more prominent these days and he would always wonder who she was and what she had done for him. How she invoked the need for him to be corrupted to take the gold and die with it. These thoughts would always drown him and the more clear his life prior to becoming the Dullahan becomes clear, the more questions would pop up.

It is only when he heard the loud knocks of the door on his apartment’s door was he able to snap out of his thoughts. He sighed and head towards it—annoyance settling in his eyes and wishing that he had the voice to be able to shout at them to get out. But as he opened the door and his eyes landed on the girl.

It was—

“I heard you were the Dullahan and have a human spine so can you show me how to take one!?”

Wheein, his daughter and the girl that forever lived in his nightmares.

My feelings

I don’t think you understand how much I love you. You truly are my entire world and ill never be able to live without you. I won’t be able to live without you. I just feel so so lucky that I have the most sweetest, nicest, coolest, cutest, funniest, gorgeous, absolutely best person in the world as the person that I care and are cared for. You have no idea how much it means to mw when you tell me things and just what’s wrong because I know your comfortable with me and that just makes me so so happy. Im just so so excited to see you in a couple days. We are going to have the absolute best time being in each others arms, taking pictures, loving each other, and just being g happy I can finally hold you all day long. That’s allI truly want in life and even though we can’t have that now I know in the future we will and than my life will truly be complete. Than the wedding and little Elizabeth and Serena just make it better. But I promise you will always be first priority to me and I’ll always love you over anything or anyone. Just please please know how much I care for you and love you and just how happy you make me, I love you to death. I love you My Princess.

Sometimes, when I think about the Universe, and Earth, I feel overwhelmed by the mere fact that humans exist. In those moments, I realize how lucky and extraordinary it is to live, and to be able to explore our planet. And oh, how incredible it is to fall in love with another human being.
Because what are the chances to exist in the same time and space as another human being, and to finally meet, and to feel so deeply connected that you can’t imagine your life without each other. How fucking mind blowing is that ?!

When I think about Lucy, and how much I miss her and wish I was with her, I feel an inexplicable pain in my entire being. I say ‘entire being’, because it is not simply affecting my body, it is invading my thoughts. I say ‘pain’, because it is something so heavy, that nothing can distract me from it ; and the reaction in my brain is similar to physical pain.
But how lucky am I to long for somebody ?! How lucky am I to know that she misses me as much as I miss her ?! 

Useful relationship terms from fiction that people now use for real life, a glossary

Moirail: Romantic, non-sexual relationship (occasionally also used for queerplatonic relationships, although this is not within the origin’s canon for the term) that is heavily based on emotional support. Origin: Homestuck, one of the four types of romantic relationships experienced by trolls.

Shorm: Nonromantic relationship that involves an extremely stong connection and absolute trust, to the point of being able to trust each other with one’s lives without that even being a big deal. Origin: Animorphs, an Andalite term meaining “tailblade” and referring to the fact that one’s shorm could hold their tailblade to one’s throat and one wouldn’t even flinch. 

Drift compatible: A relationship in which two minds resonate on a very deep level, are perpetually “on the same page”. Contains no implication on whether the relationship is romantic, familial or otherwise, but does suggest an ability to work as one. Origin: Pacific Rim, in reference to people whose minds match in a way that allow them to merge and pilot a giant robot together.

Faded To Grey

Word Count: 1.6K

Prompt: When you are born your vision is black and white, but once you met your soulmate your vision filled with color. But when your soulmate died, your vision goes back to black and white.

This is sort of long, so bear with it. I’m actually really proud of this one, and I hope you all like it too!

Mobile Masterlist // Masterlist

Being born with the sight of an old TV that never was able to show color made everything bland. Everything blended into each other, making no one thing special in the sense of vibrancy or vividness. It’s always been the ambition of every young child to finally meet the person that would fill the void of color. Locking eyes with your soulmate brought colors into your vision, and the explosion of energy made the bond stronger between the two lovers. When a soulmate dies, which is pure tragedy on its own, the other half doesn’t just have to deal with life being lived without their other half. Their vision goes back to grey, making the world a boring place without their other half to brighten it up again.

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In the modern universe; where would the members of the 104th trading squad live?

Eren: In a big city, maybe New York
Armin: A suburb by a river or the ocean (suburb of New York, maybe)
Mikasa: A small neighborhood where you can raise kids well (Close to Armin?)
Annie: In some small Russian village, where no one finds her and she can chill
Bertholdt: Small town, please leave this small bean alone 
Reiner: Huge city, clubbing all night like wow
Ymir: San Francisco
Connie: Small town in Switzerland, close to sasha’s farm
Sasha: On a farm, but not too far away from the city
Historia: Small apartment in a small city, real cozy
Marco: Small town, where everyone knows each other and he can regularly help people out
Jean: Big city, can’t live without being able to shop for sweets at midnight

Him: Delete me from facebook, if it helps

Me: Thanks for the offer, but everytime I do, you just keep on adding me. I will get there without your help. Now I should study some more.

Him: I only did that once 

Me: Like I said: good luck with everything you do.

Him: Ok, bye..

Me: bye.

We kissed at a party in 2012 and became lovers, even though I wasn’t in love with him at all. I guess I just liked the idea of finally being able to be in love again after a rough period. We spend 6 months together, but I only saw him maybe 4 times even though we live a 10 minute drive apart from each other. Throughout the relationship, he cheated on me multiple times, he was mentally abusive. He told me how to dye my hair, what clothes I should wear. Him being mentally abusive reached its climax on Christmas day. He told me he would love to see me die, that he wouldn’t care if I cut too deep (he knew I had some kind of self-harm past). That he would love to attend my funeral, just to make fun of me; just to see how “nobody would be there” because I wasn’t loved by anyone. Two weeks later I finally had had enough and I broke things off.

I met my current boyfriend a couple months later. One day, I sat on the train and saw my ex-boyfriend. I told my boyfriend about the incident and cried my eyes out, I’m still so scared of him. My boyfriend got furious when I told him about the things he put me through. He messaged my ex-boyfriend telling him he should leave me alone or “bad things would happen”. (This is not at all what I wanted him to say, it’s way too aggressive for me, but he was just being protective). My ex messaged me saying that he did not know what he did wrong, that he was scared and if I could please “keep my shit together”. When I confronted him with how I felt seeing him again after almost 2 years, and telling my boyfriend about it, he told me he didn’t remember saying all the stuff about him wanting me dead. That he didn’t mean it. All I got was a weak apologize for him ruining what should have been the most wonderful day of the year: Christmas day, and the offer to delete him off facebook.

I’m in a happy and stable relationship now, and mentally I’m doing fine. Still, I can’t help shivering everytime I see a picture of my ex, everytime I bump into him. I still sometimes hear his cruel words in my dreams and the fact that someone can leave such deep scars, that someone can affect someone’s life so drastically without remembering why and how really scares me. 

I wish him the best, but leaving him was the ultimate best thing I ever did so far. 

Three Years

The day had been tough just like Dani had imagined, but it did go well, as well as visiting your mom’s grave stone could go. Riley’s parents had tried to talk to her but she was able to turn them down calmly without a fight which was pretty impressive for her. Lunch had even gone pretty well and then she had even gone over to her sister’s for a few hours which was really nice. They talked about their day, did each other’s nails and overall had a great time which was something she missed not being able to do when she lived where she used to. Eventually it was time for her to leave, Dani was tired after the long and emotional day and her head was pounding as she walked home, making a little stop to order her and Santana dinner since it was already nearing that time when she got home. “I’m home.” Dani called out above the two dogs barking and coming to greet her. “Although you probably knew that.” She laughed and walked into the kitchen to put the food on the counter. “And I have food!” She called out and started to take the containers out of the bag. She had picked up their favourite Thai dishes, and she was really looking forward to it.