to nicole

The Cult of Bulshar

I’ve been watching the last season of Wynonna Earp for days now and while I was watching the last episode with the fight between the widows and Wynonna I noticed this.

The way that the frozen bodies were put in the ground. The form, reminded me to this.

And how Nicole (and Jeremy) was involved in that form too.

To me, that wasn’t a coincidence. I’ve seen theories about Nicole’s parents that they could been involved in the cult, and Nicole left and that’s why she doesn’t talk with her parents.
I consider very plausible that if Waverly is the “sacrifice” to Bulshar instead of Alice, and Nicole’s parents were there, that also is not a coincidence. Everything is connected and I think without a doubt that Nicole knows more about it that we saw in the last season.
I don’t know. I think that Wynonna was wrong and Nicole really is Waverly’s keeper. (And Wynonna and Alice too).

And was the motive of Nicole to be so interested in Waverly and the Earp family. ( more beyond that she loves Waverly of course).

Those kind of cults are creepy as hell and the clothes of Widow Mercedes have that motive too.

To be weird.