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hello everyone. im sure everyone knows i’ve been using the pseudonym ‘euphemia’ since i began this blog around a year ago. i’ve been known as euph and will always have a soft spot for that nickname. that’s actually the name of a character in my story though, and my real name is fariha. its a name of arabic origin meaning happy and i would like to use it here from now on. my mum calls me faru as a pet name, so feel free to call me that too! 

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Connor has named every snake and a day later forgotten what the names were

when he was tiny he would give them different names everyday LJFJCLNVLJVL…. but then he finally settled on a few when he was like 11

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Hey dark, who Is someone you really hate person you know?

Dark lifted a brow, before lifting a hand, giving a deep, long dragging inhale in preparation to give his list.

“I hate Antisepticeye, Bingiplier, Author, Danny Sexbang, Brian, Chase, Bim Trimmer, Natemare, Virus, Peevils, Wooshu, Crank, Host, Ed Edgar, Shephard, Google, Shneeple, Yandere, Apocalypse, Red Man, Anto, Polaris, Ash, Eris, Del…”

He paused, seeming to be searching for a little while, picking at his brain for perhaps another few names that he had missed along the way. Surely there were more that he held such molten hatred for. Surely there were others that dug under his skin.

“Oh. And the Jims. They simply aggravate me.”

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One time my friend was streaming his ranked games (hes bronze) , it was just me and our other friend watching, but I'll never forget it. Hes a support main, so he locked in Leona. The entire match his adc was complaining about how he didn't play a real support and tanks aren't real supports. They also didn't know what infernal drake was, I'm sincerely hoping they were just trolling.

If they weren’t then may rito have mercy on that man/woman’s soul because they be missing out on some high caliber supports like Braum, Leona, Nautilus, Tahm Kench, just to name a few.

best friend! Yoon Jisung

*˚○ angst and flufferz

*˚○ word count : 613

A/N : I’ll be on a semi-hiatus so I’ll still be able to post but only short ones like these!!

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You scrolled through your phone, browsing through the latest news and keeping an eye out for any that concerned you. Being an idol was tough work - You had to balance your practices between vocals, dancing and especially since you’ve just recently debuted, you had to promote yourself and ensure that the words spread. But it only saddened you further when the news didn’t mention your name. Sure, there were a few here and there about new upcoming idols but nothing that had the spotlights on you. You didn’t want the attention. You needed it. If you weren’t receiving good feedback, that meant you had to work ten times harder than before, and you couldn’t help but sigh and snuggle further into your pillow, your eyes welling up with tears.

“Hey, (Y/N). I got brought some fruits, do you want- Are you okay?” Your best friend and neighbor, Jisung, rushed to your side as he rubbed your back gently instinctively. Jisung always had the right words to say and the mere presence of him would always make your days a lot brighter.

“I’m fine, it’s just that, I-I worked so hard and I-it’s not looking too good,” The tears began to accumulate and tears began to dampen your cheeks, one by one until you began to sob. Jisung pulled you into his warm bear hugs as he sniffles next to you. Seeing you in pain hurt him so much and since the cause of it was due to your dreams of being a well-loved idol was crushed, it felt like knives were being stabbed repeatedly in his heart. He had been in your shoes, suffering multiple obstacles simultaneously and having to wait for years before he managed to debut with one of the most popular groups world-wide, Wanna One.

“Shh, I know what you’re thinking. You might want to give everything up but that’s not how winners react to failures. You have to continue to strive forward. If it weren’t for you always screaming my name in the crowd during Produce 101, I wouldn’t be here right now. So now, I’m cheering for you, and will always be there for you with every step you take,” He chuckled, wiping the tears from your face before he wiped his. Soon, your sobs died down as you snuggled further into his hold. Once he felt that you had finally calmed down, he stood up and patted your head.

“You’ve been starving yourself haven’t you? You felt so tiny when I hugged you. Let’s go to my place, the boys have been asking when you’re going to take a break from all the practicing. Also I’m pretty sure we have a whole fridge to feed you with,” You couldn’t refuse the offer when Jisung smiled at you sweetly as he dragged you out of bed. 

For the rest of the day, your stomach hurt from laughing too much and you felt bloated for once as you savored the food that Minhyun had prepared. All of them kept you preoccupied with their shenanigans from Seongwoo’s stand-up comedy act to making fun of Jihoon’s aegyo and moving on to humiliate Daniel’s sexy thigh sweep. And then all of you went on with trying to compare and see what object had the same size as Jinyoung’s head, but you guys lost count after the number of items were larger than the number of fingers, with all of you combined. And all of you ended the ‘Make (Y/N) feel better’ event with karaoke, you being their special guest as they fawned over your voice, squealing like fangirls and clutching their hearts from your sweet and mesmerizing voice. At the end of the day, you felt that you were enough. You are enough. And the boys would never fail to remind you that every single day.


Had a pretty bad day today and seeing my 11 boys perform was just what i needed so i hope if you’re reading this and experiencing the same thing, I’m here for you if you need someone to vent to and I’ll gladly fangirl with you 🌸 my asks are always open 💕

ps having a friend like jisung seems amazing ;-;


There was only one word to describe Eddie’s week.


Once Eddie found out he was accepted into his dream school he was overjoyed! The weeks spent planning, getting supplies, and just daydreaming had led up to this moment. He was sitting in his bunk surrounded by notes and books. His roommate, a guy named Bill he met a few months ago, was sitting on his desk trying to study his notes. They hadn’t talked in about three hours, only small ruffles of papers, well and the occasional curse word.

Eddie picked up his chemistry book, looking through the pages. He sighed and set it down on his pillow. The clock read 12:20, Bill’s eyes were closing when he finally spoke up.

“We need to go do something.” Eddie said getting off of his bed. Bill looked up at him and without saying a word pulled on his shoes.

“I know a good coffee shop,” Bill said opening the door, “there’s this really cute guy that works there, I think he’s into me.” Eddie followed Bill to his stupid silver car, Eddie tried to ignore how disgusting it was. They drove him silence, it was normal for them, the only thing making noise was the car. Bill drove down a street he’d never been down before, and pulled into the parking lot for a small coffee shop. They got out and quickly ran inside, noticing a few druggies sitting near the car. He looked at the huge glowing sign ‘Just Coffee.’ The first thing Eddie noticed when he walked in was the loud employee yelling at a costumer.

“We don’t sell fucking food here! Read the huge glowing sign!” The man yelled, he pushed his glasses up and ran a hand through his raven curls. The woman who was obviously enraged screamed at the top of her lungs, “I want to see the manager!” He sighed and called a guy over, ‘Stan’ he slammed his fists down on the counter and glared at the woman. Bill and Eddie looked at each other wide eyed. They took a seat by the door, too terrified to order at the moment. Eddie looked at the clock, 12:45, he made eye contact with the man. He looked away quickly, pretending to look at his phone. Bill got up and ordered, once it was done he came back and sat down. He looked at the sharpie on the cup it read, ‘Big Bill’ He shook his head at the nickname.

“How many times have you been here?” Eddie asked pointing to the cup. Bill only shrugged and pulled out his phone. Eddie looked up at the counter, the man was standing there smiling at him. He got up and walked over, trying to fight against the urge to grab his inhaler. He got to the counter, he looked at the man’s name tag.

Trashmouth.The man noticed he was staring and sighed.

“What can I get you?” He asked looking Eddie up and down.

“Do you have tea here?” Eddie asked sheepishly, his hand gripping his inhaler in his pocket.

“We sure do.” Trashmouth (Eddie didn’t know what else to call him) said.

“Then why does your sign say ‘Just Coffee’.” Eddie asked crossing his arms, he shouldn’t have said that.

“Because, now are you going to order or just stand there and look pretty?” Trashmouth asked folding his arms.

“Chai tea, please.” Eddie said blushing madly, finally giving in to the need for his inhaler, breathing in deeply.

“Who should I make it out to?” He asked leaning on the counter, grabbing a cup and a pen.

“Eddie, please.” Eddie said watching him scribble something down before the manager (his name tag read Stan the man, but who knew what his real name was) took the cup from his hands. He went and quickly sat back down, Bill had a small smile on his face.

“He’s cute right?” Bill smirked staring him down.

“The one with the glasses? Sure, but his personality sickens me.” Eddie said standing up. Bill looked confused, only for a second though.

“No, I was talking about Stanley. Ya know the one with the curly hair?” He said pointing to the guy who was currently making my tea.


“So you like Richie?” Bill whispered leaning toward him, Eddie blushed looking down at his feet.

“I said he was cute, that does not mean I like him. I might like his face and body, but the rest isn’t working for me.” Eddie crossed his arms walking up to the counter. Richie handed him his warm tea, he reached in his pocket for three dollars. Except there wasn’t any money. Eddie sighed, great just great, he didn’t want to look into those chocolate brown eyes.

“It’s on the house,” Richie said noticing that Eddie couldn’t pay.

“Tomorrow I’ll come back and pay you, I swear.” Eddie rambled trying to make up a good excuse along the way. Richie just smiled, Eddie looked down at his cup in shame. Then he saw what he had wrote.


“My name is Eddie, it’s not Eds.” Eddie said looking up at Richie who had a smirk plastered on his face.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Eddie spaghetti.” Richie said as Eddie turned and quickly walked out of the shop. Bill was quick to follow, they made it back to their car unharmed, thank god. The ride to back to their dorm seemed a lot shorter than he remembered. Maybe his mind kept getting lost, lost in thought about Richie. How dare he make him think that way, calling him pretty, he didn’t even know him. He was going to go back and tell him what’s what. He was so lost in thought, that the thought of studying was far away. He put all his notes back in his folders and put his books away. He set his cup down on his bedside table, and let sleep take him away. The next morning before any of his classes he took Bill car and drove down to the shop. It was actually pretty popular, he walked in and noticed Richie wasn’t working. Instead managing the counter was a girl with short  strawberry blonde hair. Her name tag said ‘Queen B’ but Eddie didn’t think that was his real name. Stanley was just leaving, he stopped him.

“What do you want?” Stanley asked staring him down.

“Where’s Richie?” The words came out fast and barely understandable. Stanley just smiled.

“He works at night, if you want to see him come back from eight to four.” He said moving past him. He sighed realizing how hard he had fallen for an guy he just met. He sighed getting out of the crowded shop. He sped back to campus to get to his class. Hopefully Bill wouldn’t mind if he took another midnight run, but he had to see him again.

So that night at 12:20 he got Bill out of bed and into his car. Bill was still half asleep when they pulled into a parking spot.

“Stay here.” Eddie said, making sure the three dollars were in his pocket. Bill nodded, his eyes were slowly closing. Eddie got out and walked into the shop. Richie was standing at the counter. He grinned at him, Eddie blushed slowly walking to the counter.

“Hey Eds,” Richie said leaning on the counter.

“Don’t call me Eds,”

“You’re in my shop, I’ll call you whatever I want.”

“This isn’t your shop.”

“Are we just gonna argue, or are you gonna give me your number, what’s gonna happen?” Richie smirked standing up straight.

“I’m here to give you the three dollars I owe you, asshole.” He put the money on the table. Richie picked it up putting the money in the cash register. Eddie sighed, he pulled out three more dollars. “Ok, a chai tea please.” he mumbled, Richie only smiled.

“Coming right up.” He smiled, Eddie crossed his arms. Richie picked a cup scribbling down something. Instead of handing it off to Stan, he actually made the drink. It was like there was something important about it. He waitd by the counter, awkwardly shifting from foot to foot. It felt like he was standing there forever. Then Richie turned back to look at him and handed him the cup. He looked at it, blushing madly. Scribbled in the messiest handwriting he had ever seen was, ‘209-174-6913?’ Eddie looked up at him swallowing the lump in his throat.

“So how bout it, Eds?” Richie asked smiling nervously.

“I’ll call you when I’m done with my classes.” He ran out of the coffee shop as fast as he could.

The next day after Eddie’s last class he picked up his phone with a shaky hand, and dialed the number.

“Hello?” Richie asked from the other side of the phone.

“So how ‘bout that date trashmouth?”

(Yo I had so much fun writing this I hope you guys liked it!)

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Do you ever just meet a person and it feels so much like a fever dream that you are pretty sure you just met a supernatural being or something. I just met someone who had a cat on his shoulder and his first words to me were “do cats like water” and I was like “uh yeah I guess?” And then he says “this one swims in the fountain every day” and I was like “aw that’s cute” and he just says “I don’t go to school here. I’ve been walking around a few states for the past few months. I got this cat. Her name is Doge like that dog meme”. And of course I pet the cat as one does and he then tells me he is called “the Cat Man” or sometimes Josh and walked away.

6 movies I can ALWAYS watch!!

So I was tagged by @madmadcat to list 6 movies I can always watch.

Let’s do this!!

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

2. Jurassic Park

3. Ghostbusters

4. Aliens

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

6. Men in Black

It was really hard to pare this down to only six. I have so many movies I could watch over and over again; Aladdin, Sweeney Todd, Pacific Rim, The Abyss, The Brave Little Toaster just to name a few. I get on trends where I pick a movie I’m really into and watch it once a day for like a week, so check in often to see what else could fit in the list

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Finally got my copy of Uncanny Avengers #28 and must say I liked the talk between Rogue and the Wasp as that makes the leadership and continued existence of the Unity Squad a lot clearer. It's also interesting to note that Janet calls Rogue "Anna Marie" as not that long ago you mentioned how few people address Rogue by her given name(s). Johnny Storm also seems to do that sometimes, at least he referred to Medusa as his "Anna Marie rebound" in #26. All the best, yours as ever, Menshevik

I must not have noticed that they called her Anna Marie.  Maybe it’s a weird Uncanny Avengers thing.  It always seems pretty random to me when they write characters called her that, verses Rogue or Anna.

Studying-amethyst introduction!

I never did do a studyblr introduction so I figured might as well do it now!

About me:

• I’m 20 years old 😸

• Currently in my first year of University

• I’m majoring in English (literature) 📚

• I hope to minor in psychology!

• I play video games 👾 (Skyrim, Fallout4, Overwatch to name a few)

• I love watching anime and reading manga 😻(Naruto, Attack on Titan, Katekyo Hitman, Dengeki Daisy, Hunter x hunter! and many many more)

• I also love k-pop (any ARMYs? I’m also a fan of Blackpink)

• I enjoy watching Asian dramas 🌚 especially romance ones (Goblin!!!! And Hana Kimi, Boys over Flowers, scarlet heart, From 5-9, W: two worlds etc)

• I’m a bookworm (of course) 🤓

• I’m a Lord of the rings fan! As well Harry Potter and the Warrior-cat series was my childhood

• I own a Persian cat 🐱

• I made this studyblr because I have high expectations of myself and failed to reach them recently, so I hope this will push me to do better

• Favourite studyblrs: @emmastudies (I bought her printable package on Etsy and it’s worth every cent!) Also @studyquill (I love that username lol) @studylustre !! @eintsein @universi-tea @legallyplanned

Yeah thats all I have to say! Thanks for reading! If you’re a fellow studyblr follow me and I’ll follow you back 💕

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Hello! I was tagged by @chatwiththeclouds

I’m tagging @sprachtraeume @livinglanguages @malteseboy @languageoclock and anybody who wants to do it :) 

01. name: Mirko
02. nickname/s: I have a few depending on the person, but my favourite is Mirkins
03. zodiac sign: Scorpio (I don’t know why everybody hates us, but we’re nice and peaceful…)
04. height: 175cm or a bit more
05. orientation: Why is this a question, I’m shy and reserved gay
06. nationality: Italian
07. favorite fruit: oranges, peaches and apricots
08: favorite season: spring/summer
09. favorite book: I have a few. My first favourite and most important book for me is Cime Tempestose (Wuthering Heights) by Charlotte Brontë. My other favourite books are Le città invisibli by Italo Calvino, Morte a Venzia (Der Tod in Venedig) by Thomas Mann and Il Piacere by Gabriele D’Annunzio. But I also love The Hobbit, Lotr, Harry Potter and others.
10. favorite movies: I used to be obsessed with The Lion King and The Little Mermaid as a kid, now not so much. I think one of my favourite movies now is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2009), La La Land, Frozen, Her, La Grande Bellezza, La Migliore Offerta and probably a few others I can’t remember right now.
11. favorite scent: Stuff that smell like cinnamon or honey and almonds.
12. favorite color: Dark blue.
13. favorite animal: All of them.
14. coffee or tea or hot cocoa: Coffee I think.
15. average hours of sleep: preferably 8.
16. favorite fictional character: Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (only true 90′s kids will know this, sigh).
17. number of blankets to sleep with: A blanket and a quilt. I always covering myself, even if it’s summer and it’s 25+ degrees.
18. dream trip: Morocco and Greece I guess?
19. blog created: I’ve no idea…
20. number of followers: Almost 7k! 
21. random fact: I really love The Smurfs!!!

@thebaagelboy tagged me in something, and I’m supposed to share ten facts about myself

1: I’m part of a homeschool partnership where homeschoolers take weekly classes of whatever they want out of what’s offered, all for free

2: There’s a class specifically for learning how to sign song lyrics in American Sign Language, and I’m in that class, learning how to sign Bohemian Rhapsody

3: I took folk-dancing classes with this partnership for five years

4: I’m now Teacher’s Assistant for a folk-dancing class with a different branch of the partnership

5: I’ve always been extremely maternal, even when I was a little kid

6: When I was little, I had an imaginary boyfriend named Change

7: A few years later, I imaginary married Disney’s Hercules, and imaginary adopted a non-Disney version of Peter Pan as my son

8: Sometimes, I wonder if I’m really demisexual, and then I look at fanservice and I remember that I most definitely am

9: If you don’t stop me, I am likely to say three or four variations of the same sentence because I couldn’t decide which wording I liked best

10: I frequently walk back and forth for at least half an hour at a time, usually closer to two hours

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🐻- Do you have any stuffed animals?

DEFIANTLY!! I love stuffed animals X3 To name a few, I have a HUGE stuffed bear that’s like 2 or 3 feet big, a toothless plushie that makes noises when you squeeze it X3 and I also have a Len and Miku plushie. I would totally sleep with the Len plush at night but it’s kind of cheaply made so I can’t ;w;

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You mentioned that a few of your friends already use your chosen name for you, and I was wondering, if it's not too personal, how you came out as being trans to cis people? I'm in a similar situation, but my girl friends do not know.

Well I’ll say first off that even though I don’t have that many friends, so far it’s been different every single time, so really it’s just… how you want to do it, or how it just sorta happens.

The first cis friends I came out to actually figured it out before I even planned to tell them. I showed up with short hair and one of them addressed me with female pronouns, paused, then said “… are you a girl?” I shit my pants and shrugged and wiggled my hand in a ‘eh?’ gesture. Then during that visit they just kept reassuring me that “whatever I want to be called, as long as I’m me, they’re fine with it.” My masculine name was actually a nickname they had picked out as a joke and I just kinda ran with it because I liked it and it’s pretty similar to my birth name.

With another friend of mine we were all in a call together playing Overwatch, friend I mentioned previously called me by my masculine name and my other friend who didn’t know said “that’s not her name!” I just said “yeah it is now” and he said “oh! okay.” Then we kept on playing. I later talked with him privately saying basically just “yeah I’m going by [name] and he/him now” and he said “cool! i have a friend who just started her transition so this isn’t anything new to me”.

As for my best friend that I’ve known since I was a teenager… phew. That was. A thing.

Her opinion means a lot to me, and I love her very much, so I was terrified what she would think. My talk with her about being asexual didn’t go as great as I had hoped, so when it came to being trans I was literally making myself sick with stress over telling her.

One day my mom was exceptionally cruel to me and I found myself parked somewhere away from home in the rain sobbing my eyes out. I was talking with her about what had happened and she was being amazing, but it was about then that I realized this was probably when I finally needed to get it off my chest. I told her that I was trans, that I’ve thought it for about a year at that point, and that I was terrified of what she would think of me.

She told me she loved me, that it was okay, and while she didn’t understand she would still be there for me. A lot of it is a blur after that, but I told her how I had been feeling, what I wanted to be called, that was why I had cut my hair, that I was binding and wearing men’s clothes, and how I still planned to get therapy to help me figure things out.

All in all it’s been good. I have amazing friends. Some still fuck up when it comes to referring to me with masculine pronouns but all of them try. All of them call me by my new name. It’s been pretty good.

All I can suggest is to come out when it feels right. Look for opportunities. If opportunities don’t come, do it during places where you feel safe. Car rides where you’ll be leaving one another soon, or somewhere nice and private. There are probably other blogs that have better advice, but I will say that if you come out to someone and they aren’t even a little accepting? Might have to drop them.

Friends who don’t accept you for who you are aren’t really your friends.

everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever