to name a few!
35 Queens Of Black History Who Deserve Much More Glory
Let's not forget about these trailblazing women this Black History Month.

“Black history lessons in classrooms shouldn’t be limited to the names of men and only a few women, especially when there are countless women who’ve made enormous strides for the black community. 

 The revolutionary words Angela Davis spoke, the record-breaking feats of Wilma Rudolph and the glass ceiling-shattering efforts of Shirley Chisholm paved the way for black women and girls across the country to dream big and act courageously. 

Here are 35 phenomenal women everyone should acquaint themselves with this Black History Month. 

Read the list here


Ohhhhhboy~! Lots more planning for the kids book. Basically got the story down, just gotta storyboard it, write it and illustrate it.

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What herbs do recommend a beginner have on hand? Do you know of any good sources for studying herbal folklore?

It depends on the work you’re doing and your region. If we’re just talking basics, then I can name a few. 

First of all, rosemary. Sweet Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, if there ever was an herb that covered love, protection, purification, happiness, and so much more. Rosemary covers a lot of things. 

Basil. It’s good for protection, banishing, light love work, prophecy, and spirit flight. 

Dandelion is one of my favorites. Its uses in spirit work are many. It conjures spirits, it can trap spirits, it can banish spirits, etc. Overall, just an excellent spirit working plant. 

Roses are for lust. 

Peppermint helps stimulate the psychic senses. 

Any thorny plant is good for protection and curses (just be careful on what kind of thorn you take, because certain thorns are better for protection than curses and vice versa). 

Those are just naming a few. As you work more with herbs, you understand more about them. As an example, if you’re making a love spell, you need to know what kind of herbs for the kind of love you want. If you want a gentle love, then basil and thyme. If you want a lustful, passionate affair, then orris root and roses. 

A lot of my herbal knowledge is personally won. I let my intuition guide me, felt out the plant, let it tell me what it can be used for, and found that it matched up with the folklore previously gathered around it. 

If you want an author that covers a lot of magic herbalism, that’d be Daniel Schulke. The language of his books can be a bit much at times, but the information is there. 

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"Why griselbrand has no 'title'? it's not a common thing among legendary creatures." "There’s only one Griselbrand." I think you missed the question. Almost every legendary creature has a name like "Isamaru, Hound of Konda" ("Name, Subtitle"), but Malfegor, Griselbrand, and a few others just have their name without a cool subtitle. Why?

Not ever character has a subtitle.

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Do you have any advice for other artists looking to trademark their shop/creation names?

Just a few things.

Do your homework, search around for others using the word, make sure it’s not too similar to something already registered. 

It’s expensive and the paperwork is somewhat confusing, so I paid a lawyer to do it for me. He was great the first time but kind of a jerk the second time, otherwise I’d recommend him. There are lawyers who will do trademarks for a flat fee (no hidden extra charges). 

When you register, you’re going to get a lot of scam letters asking you to pay a ton of money to “register” your mark on their list. 

Prepare yourself mentally to enter the nightmare world of lawyers, legalese, and everyone thinking you’re a huge bully when you enforce your mark. 

Name aesthetics! 500 followers aaaaa!!!

Hey guys! I’ve been getting A LOT of followers recently, so quickly I haven’t been able to celebrate milestones very much )): oh well, this one will be good I promise! 
 As a thank you to everyone following me, I’ll be doing name aesthetics! If you want one, just do the following:

  • Follow me pleasee
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  • Send me an ask (can be on anon if you wish) stating your preferred name
  • I’ll respond with the first aesthetic that I associate with your name
  • I may include a few pictures (definitely if we’re mutuals) depending on how motivated I’m feeling.

I will be doing all of them, and i apologise in advance if it takes a while. Thank you so much, you’re all amazing 😊😊💖💖💖💞
(I suppose this kinda doubles up as a follow spree, as I’ll probably check out your blog if you send an ask and if i like what I see, I’ll be sure to follow)

Love, Lilium <3 

((So before I joined the Overworst Discord I was really really scared to even send asks to the members, but after becoming part of Rejectedwatch and making a name for myself, which only took a few moments of talking, I can honestly say that I love these people so much, they’re like family to me, thank you all so much for turning my life around after what I thought was potentially going to be a very long low point! I love you all!))

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55. tumblr friends - So many. If you’re my mutual, I consider you a friend and there are even people I am not mutuals with that I consider friends. To name just a few, @shannachka (who I know irl), @cakesandchemistry (who has been a great internet friend for, like, over ten years), @disconcerted-dyke (my best friend irl though she doesn’t use Tumblr much.), @rizascupcakes, @magewardensurana, @ladywiltshire, @aheartmadefullmetal16, @rizahawkstang, @riza-hawkqueen, @mellorad, @mylieutenant, @onceandalwaysenglishmajor, @miraculous-stardust, @psycho-alchemist, you, and so many others. I love all my followers and consider you all friends, especially if you’ve ever talked to me. <3

56. favourite food(s) - Chicken tikka masala, sushi, most Chinese food, chocolate, cake… I love food. lol

57. favourite animal(s) - Wolves, orcas, tigers, great white sharks.

58. description of my best friend - She’s a little taller than me, heavy set, cropped dark brown hair, dresses in comfortable, usually baggy clothes, and has fair skin with beauty marks in a couple of places on her face and arms. She’s written and self-published a book on Amazon, she loves Star Wars and Netflix, and is currently in a happy relationship for the first time since she and her first love were forced to break up back in high school.

59. why i joined tumblr - I joined years ago because I was looking for a new place to blog after LJ and OpenDiary kind of died, but I didn’t understand how to use the site, so I abandoned my blog shortly after creating it. Came back in 2015 because of a friend from a writing group on FB that wanted to join and wanted someone to join with her so she’d have followers and people to follow. I still wasn’t very active until Mad Max: Fury Road came out. After I fell in love with that movie, I came back here, searching for others to talk to about it, finally figured out how to use this site, and I’ve been here ever since.

Thank you for the asks!

Okay, so the whole humans are space orcs/earth is space Australia thing has me thinking: what about grooming/pampering?

Like, a lot of us go to spas/salons (or do the cheaper at home versions) to literally get hair ripped from our bodies using a large variety of different methods, to obtain our own personal desired levels of body hair. And we call it pampering. What if humans are the only ones who do that? Aliens that cut/dye hair, comb/style it in totally unique ways to suit themselves, but pull it out completely? What kind of creature tortures itself like that?

And we have so many ways of doing it. Tweezing, waxing, threading, hair removal creams that can burn your skin to name a few.

Plus there are facials that leave your face red and splotchy for hours afterward because they pick at your skin to remove gunk.

Massages, where in order to feel good they have to hurt you to remove the tension from your muscles, so while eventually it feels good, it hurts first.

We twist ourselves into weird positions to paint our toenails because our knees get in the way (not so painful, but reasonably uncomfortable).

We are willing to sit still for obscene amounts of time to get our hair/nails/make up done, even though humans are notoriously fidgety.

So some aliens at first would probably think we’re super vain (and some humans are), but more experienced aliens would be like:

 “no, that’s just something the humans enjoy. It’s how they ‘treat themselves.’”

 “But, Skrill, she’s literally ripping hair out of her face?”

 “It’s how she gets her eyebrows - how did she put it? - ‘on fleek.’ Compliment them, humans are thrilled when you compliment them when they spend a lot of time on face hair removal.”

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How large is their pack and who are the important members?

I’m still world building their pack, but so far I know it’s one of the largest known pack in the country
As for important members, I don’t have exact names, but I do have a few important roles some some wolves would take

Doctors ( ranging from herbal doctors to mid wives/wet nurses)
Farmers (they focus more on small fields and live stock, like chickens, rabbits, cows etc)
Foragers (they fall in the same category as Herbal Doctors, but more often then not they’re usually an errand pup out with a list of herbs/plants to gather)
Guards/peace keepers

I know there’s more but I can’t remember them off the top of my head lmao
If I remember I’ll add them on to the post

i was tagged by @fridaaahs to do this, thanks love!

A. Age: infinitaaayyyyyy

B. Biggest Fear: rabbits… 

C. Current Time:17:13 pm

D. Drink you last had: water lol

E. Everyday starts with: sitting on your bed for 30 minutes wondering if you really wanna get on with the day

F. Favourite Song: This Must Be My Dream - The 1975

G. Ghosts, are they real?: who knows?

H. Hometown: a verrrrry tiny lil town on the east coast that i hate

I. In love with: tacos!!

J. Jealous of: optimistic people… like how are yall so happy 25/8??

K. Killed someone: no im innocent :)))

L. Last time I cried: like a few days ago

M. Middle name: Area 51

N. Number of siblings: 3 brothers

O. One wish: for my family and i to always be happy

P. Person you last called/texted: my groupchat friends (irl)

Q. Question you’re always asked: why are you always so quiet??

R. Reason to smile: music

S. Song last sang: I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

T. Time you woke up: 6:00 am

U. Underwear colour: purple

V. Vacation destination: dubai

 W. Worst habit: not having any emotion

X. X-rays you’ve had: my leg 

Y. Your favourite food: a really nice sandwich

Z. Zodiac Sign: pisces

i tag: @please-dont-freak-out @trampstampau @genlouenlybelieve @lemonpiecat @h-isforhome @babeharrie @champagnelarrie @herelieslarrietrash and anyone else that wants to do this!!

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Did you give your real name? Even like at the beginning?

When I first started I was dumb as fuuucck!!! I give my real name and number out, I made so many mistakes, I learned so much from tumblr and sugar baby sisters, and you definitely learn as you go. So I have a second phone number/email/Skype/etc account for sugaring, I always use a exif eraser on my photos and make sure I never use the same photos I use for sugar accounts.
There’s a lot I do now that I didn’t do then, I’m very lucky nothing crazy happened when I did use my real info (except one finding my Instagram and a few trying to add my snapchat)
My sugar name is Gissella, I use that till I meet the man and I feel comfortable telling him ONLY my first name

I never realized, how beside a few obvious bad apples, how sweet and supportive the majority of the HTTYD fandom is.

For the most part people tag things properly, and reblog art, meta, fiction, etc with comments in the tags, answer people’s questions and are capable of discourse that doesn’t decent into name calling.

There are few peeps that could get with the program but we are mostly a cool fandom.

Until I tried joining another fandom where it is seems to be plagued with constant ship hate, a lack of tagging and people completely ignoring a simple question or art that isn’t popular.

Maybe I feel this way because the fandom is so big and I don’t have the right people blocked yet.

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Name: Nicole
Nicknames: UH I HAVE TO MANY TO WRITE THEM ALL BUT NAME A FEW: Eddie, ETB, Nick, Nico, Internet Italian, crazy Italian, apricot, Luca aND WHOOL.
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 1.60cm
Orientation: homoromantic ace
Ethnicity: idk?? My mom it from South America and my dad is Italian so????? ????
Favorite Fruit: oranges
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Book: the strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Surprising UH??
Favorite Flower: tulip
Favorite Scent: the smell of bread
Favorite Colour: Green-lilac
Favorite Animal: Cats
Coffee, tea, or cocoa?: mmh, tough one. I have to say tea, even though I’m a sucker for my delicious espresso.
Average Sleep Hours: during the week 6-5, on Sunday 8-9
Cat or dog person?: Catttt
Favorite Fictional Character: Utterson or Jaehee idk
Number of blankets you sleep with: 3
Blog Created: about 1 year ago
Number of Followers: 465 (but many are bots I’m hella sure)
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