to name a few!

Friday’s Shop Update!

Okay, we’re still kind of deciding what exactly will go up, but this should be a mostly accurate list! 

  • mystery boxes! available in several prices starting at $10, and you’ll be able to choose the theme of your box (random, polished, rough stones, tumbled stones, jewelry supplies, etc!) 
  • moon hairpins! 
  • extra large natural citrine wands from Zambia!!! (I’m so excited for these!!) 
  • an array of malachite animal carvings (cougar, KITTIES, baby elephant, and a pig just to name a few)
  • malachite treasure boxes (small carved boxes for holding jewelry or stones, or whatever you’d like!)
  • a bunch of different cabochons for jewelry making (just to name a few stones: labradorite, super high quality moonstone, dendritic opal, larimar, tourmaline included quartz, and possibly some purple labradorite)
  • polished natural citrine points for jewelry making (or for altars!)
  • high quality, rough, natural gems like aquamarine, topaz, kunzite, and possibly some tourmaline
  • labradorite palm stones!
  • giant labradorite points! (they’re all about 8″ tall)
  • “green amethyst” stalactite clusters. It’s a new find from the Uruguayan amethyst mines. It’s basically super clear amethyst with nearly no color that has a layer of green agate underneath making the crystal points look greenish. Very interesting! 
  • blue kyanite blades and black kyanite fans
  • amethyst pyramids
  • ocean jasper baby spheres! I forgot we had these. They’re about the same size as the ametrine ones, but they vary
  • some new Herkimer diamonds!
  • double ended polished quartz wands
  • depending how much I can do, possibly some new jewelry. I’m working on a new nature collection and I can’t wait to possibly preview some of it! 

That should cover it! 

As always, the update is on Friday at 6 pm, Pacific time :) 

after did a little touch on kendall’s hair i made this because i remember someone told me to do korean hairstyle, so there you go :D

i need more extra small planes and hopefully the polycount won’t be that big.

and also do you guys have any name suggestion for this hair? because i don’t know what’s that guy name and i have no name idea cause i just want to do this few minutes ago.
New to Netflix This June: 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'OITNB,' and More | EW

With the temperature spiking, you might find yourself seeking some shade indoors, and Netflix is here to make sure you’re making the most of your time out of the sun.

Come June, the digital oasis will boast season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, Disney’s Oscar-nominated Moana, and Mel Brooks’ classic Young Frankenstein, to name a few. Netflix will also be premiering their new original film, Okja, as well as the first seasons of original series GLOW and Gypsy. Plus, the ladies of Litchfield will be back for Orange Is the New Black‘s hotly anticipated fifth season.

Available June 17
Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13
Scandal: Season 6
The Stanford Prison Experiment

Rose has a sister!

Rose has a sister - her name is Paige and she’s played by Veronica Ngo

Few sentences from Cover Story: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Definitive Preview in the latest Vanity Fair:

On a big screen, Poe Dameron, Isaac’s heroic X-wing fighter pilot, was back in action, coaching a gunner named Paige, a new character played by a Vietnamese actress named Veronica Ngo.


Among Johnson’s inventions for The Last Jedi are three significant new figures: a “shady character” of unclear allegiances, played by Benicio Del Toro, who goes unnamed in the film but is called DJ by the filmmakers (“You’ll see—there’s a reason why we call him DJ,” Johnson said); a prominent officer in the Resistance named Vice Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dern; and a maintenance worker for the Resistance named Rose Tico, who is played by a young actress named Kelly Marie Tran (and who is the sister of Paige, the character I witnessed in the scene with Poe Dameron). Tran’s is the largest new part, and her plotline involves a mission behind enemy lines with Boyega’s Finn, the stormtrooper turned Resistance warrior.

Starry Night

 The stars were beautiful tonight.

 Deep brown eyes stared at the night sky. It was a peaceful night. Stars gleamed and twinkled. The moon shined and beamed. Birds were absent, save for a few owls who hooted peacefully as if they acknowledged her presence. A small smile curled the corners of her lips. Knees tucked close to her chest, Kiran took a deep breath and exhaled slowly through her mouth.

 “There you are, Kiran.”

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Send me your name, I’ll make you a playlist

So as requested, I’m going to do this again for the next few days. Put your name in my ask box and I’ll make a playlist out of the letters.

I’ll be tagging these with “nameplaylist” in case you wanted to filter them out or just search through them to find yours.

I was hanged for living alone
for having blue eyes and a sunburned skin,
tattered skirts, few buttons,
a weedy farm in my own name,
and a surefire cure for warts;

Oh yes, and breasts,
and a sweet pear hidden in my body.
Whenever there’s talk of demons
these come in handy.

—  Margaret Atwood, from Half-Hanged Mary in “Morning In The Burned House”

anonymous asked:

Zane Lowe interview apart from 5h only Laurens name was mentiones.. I think coz he did an interview with Halsey few days back and he talked about Lauren + he hears things in the industry i'm sure he knows what she's working and with whom.

Yah he brought her up to conjure a reaction, I’m sure of it. But like I read somewhere recently I think its awfully coincidental that people in the industry still seem to be trying to connect Lauren to Camila and Camila to Lauren. Tells me there is clearly so much we don’t see and don’t know. But the signs and indrects and clues say that Camren was real and possibly still is…and going strong af. But I’m delusional so don’t pay me no mind.

anonymous asked:

Do you know the names of the places Dylann visited/where he took the pictures?

I don’t know the names of all the places but I can name a few:

- Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
- Audubon Swamp Garden
- Boone Hall Plantation/Avenue of Oaks
- Kensington Mansion in Eastover, SC
- Columbia, SC
- McLeod Plantation
- Elmwood Cemetery in Columbia, SC
- Museum and Library of Confederate History in Greenville, SC
- Sullivan’s Island
- Edmondston Alston House
- Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon
- Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia, SC
- Finlay Park in Columbia, SC

ugo-the-nerd  asked:

May ask you what means of resources you use to study japanese? I'm still only a novice and look for people who can give me some advice there or some recommendations (German learning resources are awful so i try to find as many good english resources as possible, even though it isn't my native tongue) Thank you in advance and thank you always for your SnB and Magi Translations! Lots of hugs~

Hi ^^

Of course! it’s not really a long list, I started with a book called Minna no nihongo 1, which is good for basics and to learn the formal language and easy grammatical forms and conjugations. it has also a very useful day-to-day vocabulary at the start of each lesson, if you want to check it out, google the name of the book a few links with the pdf will appear :) after that, if you want something more advanced, the TRY! JLP N4 and the N3 version are really good at explaining grammatical forms in an easy way, i really like these books.  i also have a side-blog in which i reblog japanese stuff, maybe some of the accounts that i reblog will be useful to you ;) it’s @dany-learns-stuff  and , as for kanjis you can start with basic kanji book vol.1 from chieko kano, it’s very basic stuff but it’s good!.

I hope this answer is helpful,  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚do your best on your japanese studies!! :D and Thank you for reading the translations ♥ 

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Name: Victor 
Nickname: Vic, Victory (a few asshole friends who think they are funny, especially when I fuck something up), Babe. 
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 6′1
Ethnicity: White
Orientation: Bisexual
Favorite Fruit(s): Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Bananas. I like berries. Lol.
Favorite Season: Summer, particularly at night or when it thunderstorms. Fall (those last three months of the year). I freaking loooovvve the holidays.
Favorite Book(s): The Outsiders, Tuck Everlasting, Wuthering Heights, Harry Potter.
Favorite Flower(s): Sunflowers and peonies . They are my wife’s favorites, so they remind me of her.
Favorite Animal(s): Cats, pigs, DOGS.
Favorite Beverage: Coffee.
Average Hours of Sleep: I have insomnia most nights, but when I get sleep it can be anywhere from 3-7 hours. 
Favorite Fictional Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Buffy Summers, Itachi Uchiha, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Sesshomaru, InuYasga,Dean Winchester, Jareth the Goblin King, Dr. House, Spencer Reid, L Lawliet, Light Yagami, Sodapop Curtis, Dallas Winston, Louis de Pointe du Lac, Jack Sparrow, and of course, my boyyy Sasuke.
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: One. Always one. Usually with a fan pointed right at me.
Dream Trip: Japan and literally all of Europe. 
Blog Created: A couple of months ago? Maybe three months. 
Number of Followers: 200ish
What Do I Post About: Naruto, my Naruto ships, my writing, other people’s writing and fan art, occasional other anime (not that much though) Do I Get Asks On a Regular Basis: Sometimes. Mainly tag games and the occasional question about married life ( I get the intrigue ).
Aesthetic: Uh….I don’t think I have a specific one. Some combo of 70′s stoner, 80′s rockhead and 90′s grunge. I’m a mess.
Favorite Band/Artist: CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, REO, and Linkin Park.
Fictional Characters I’d Date: Well, shit….let’s see. Buffy Summers, Clark Kent, Naruto Uzumaki (give me that glorious sunshine’s ass), Tsunade Senju (she reminds me so much of my wife), Sodapop Curtis (whoooaa shit), Sakura Haruno, Itachi and Sasuke (listen….I would love the hell out of these sad, broken boys). Haha. It’s actually funny. My wife and I have the same taste in guys and girls, so we are always swooning XD
Hogwarts House: I’m a Ravenclaw. 

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Wrong Side of Heaven (Pt 3)

A little fluff.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (here) / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

They sat on the edge of the warehouse’s roof, set somewhere in one of the major cities along the East coast. Blake was too tired to remember the name, having slain more Demons the night before than she imagined could exist in the mortal plane at once without the Highest Angel sending half of Heaven down to banish them. Their battle had ranged all over the block of abandoned buildings around them, culminating in the building they now rested atop, and how they hadn’t brought any of the structures down remained a mystery. All different sorts of lesser Demons that earned no formal name and a few ones from the higher echelons- Envy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony- had tried their hardest to bring the two down and ultimately failed. On the one hand, four months from her deadline, she’d banished thirty eight Demons, leaving only twelve left before she’d earned her way back into Heaven. Given the onslaught they’d fought against the night before, Hell had yet to relent in pursuing Weiss, expending more and more minions to bring their wayward sister back home. On the other… they were exhausted.

Said Demon currently sat beside her, leaning her head on Blake’s shoulder as they watched the sunrise, her tail curled around them both almost protectively. Her cracked horn had broken more, nearly down to a nub now, though the gash over her eye had closed long ago. The chain had lost a few more links as well, something she noted with subdued joy once they’d trudged out into the weak light of the pre-dawn, tired from their long battle. Dimly, the Angel recalled Weiss mentioning that the chain represented her ability to be returned to Hell, with each link falling away weakening the bond between her and the den of all evil. At least ten links remained, though, and Hell’s attempts to reclaim her had only increased in recent weeks.

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d12460n  asked:

Hate to nitpick, but I believe you meant Colombian. Btw what food did you get there?

yeah i kno i spelled it wrong. but i got these fried?? banana type-things?? i’m blanking on the name, it was a few months ago. and some chicken with tomatoes and a sunny side up egg, it was so good 10/10

Scrolling through my Tumblr dash today and wondering:
a) did a few people change their blog names and I not notice?
b) is Tumblr mobile making new friends for me again like a helicopter parent concerned I don’t socialize enough?
c) have I been sleep following peeps again?

//i’m sorry but with maybe a few exceptions in all my six year later threads from this point on:

  • monty’s hands work, but have never fully healed. he can use them for every day things, but they have tremors he can’t get rid of ( especially his right?? hand ) and often times his sensory input is off
  • monty and harper are still together – basically married even though there isn’t really an ‘official’ way of being married
  • he and harper have a five year old son named jasper