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EXO Reaction to: Someone Doubting His Child is His Because His S/O is a Foreigner, Thus The Child Looks Different Than Him

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Xiumin: externally, is quite and polite about the situation, explaining to the person that his s/o is foreign. but internally, he thinks the person is ignorant

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Luhan: “oh, that’s funny. I didn’t realise anyone asked your opinion?”

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Kris: is pretty speechless. as a Chinese-Canadian, he knows what it’s like for someone to expect him to look different/shorter/not speak fluent English/etc. but his child? an innocent child? and they’re doubting its parentage?? he’s so done with that person

Suho: bOI RUN. mama junmyeon’s been angered

Lay: confused.jpg. “but … this is my child?? I was there at conception, at birth, as he’s grown up. what do you mean?”

Baekhyun: gapes at the person. who did they think they were, doubting if the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him was his?

Chen: “not my child? puh-lease, look at this beautiful girl. that’s thanks to my genes I’ll have you know!”

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Chanyeol: “ah, you’re right. I’m doubting if he’s my son too. look how short he is!! kyungsoo-ah, (y/n), do you two have anything you’d like to confess?” he’s joking of course. bc inside he’s actually really mad that this person is doubting his child is his. but he doesn’t want to fight. he wants to use humour to escape the situation

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D.O: is cute and squishy as he asks his child to leave the room. only to turn into satansoo once they’re gone. “don’t you dare ever doubt that my child is mine, do you understand?”

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Tao: gets sassy. “but … this is obviously my child? looks that good could only have come from me”

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Kai: “look, I understand that you’re just curious. but you should mind your own business. and especially not ask something like that with my child present. do you want him to start doubting that I’m his father?”

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Sehun: immediately turns to one of his hyungs, nudging them and sneering. “do you hear this, yeollie? apparently my child can’t be mine because her skin is too light/dark. have you ever heard such stupidity?”

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