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Yooran Week Day 03 Cooking [ soo late]
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I think I start to having the choi’s hair style in hand…fluffy hair are so difficult to draw T.T
I realy like making blushing face 8D fufufu blushing face everywere mouhahhah
Who know  that Saeran can cook well? Maybe he learn it at Mint eyes??
Saeran’s sweeter is back XD ….Hope that the chef having his kiss fufufu.

Anyone want a spoiler for the new chapter of Two Men, Same Name?

It might seem that @melsanfo and I have fallen off the face of the earth, but we haven’t! And we’re working on the next chapter of Two Men, Same Name (which will be the next-to-last chapter, according to our plans).

To get y’all fired up, we want to give out a spoiler for this next chapter. But we want to know what kind of spoiler you would like!

Please vote in this Twitter poll to cast your vote!

We’re hopeful that the new chapter will be up by this weekend. So this gives y’all time to re-read, get caught up, and tell us if you’re excited–because we sure are!

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HAPPY TUESDAY!!!💜💜 LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES! sorry for my weird selfies, i tried taking new ones but it just didn’t work out haha. But it’s tuesday and life’s about taking chances, life is about spontaneity, about hitting a button and seeing where it can take you! So no matter what, ups and downs, hit that button and share your beYOUtiful soul with the world. ok that was lame af, gonna go now haha

She had lingered outside his cell, in the dim light of the lamps, alone because she’d sent away her escort while she listened. Alone, because she had known, even then, that she would turn on any guard who mocked the Thief’s pain. He had cried in breathless, racking sobs that had gone on and on, long after she thought he would have exhausted himself. Finally he had slept, but the queen had not. The sound of his tears had kept her from sleep that night and woken her from nightmares since that evening she’d heard them.

“The second night you repeated the same words over and over. I think the fever had set in by then. Do you remember what you said?”


She knew every one of them. His voice, broken and stumbling, had filled her dreams until she had wept in her sleep, crying tears for him that she’d never been able to cry for her father or for herself. “Oxe Harbrea Sacrus Vax Dragga…” she began. 

~Queen of Attolia, p. 244-245