to my tail fin

Shout out to @texdinoco @icy-halle09 @stormyboy-weather @whipplefilter @the-kings-tail-fin and @hostile-takeover-bank for making my Tumblr experience this week a great one. I felt the need to let you guys know that your presence on Tumblr means a lot to me. I was going through a lot this week and seeing the content from you guys honestly helped me to feel better. Thanks for the headcanons, the art, the kind words, the screenshots, and the fanfics. It really helped me get through this tough week and I couldn’t thank you guys enough. Love you all dearly. ❤❤


Getting in a little sun while working on a tailet for his best friend. I kinda liked the lineart version of this better, but I had already colored it so have both. 

One year ago today I brought Julius home, so to celebrate I’m sharing this video with y'all because it made me smile. It’s a video of me releasing Julius into his 10-gallon aquarium after bringing him home from Petco.

I make a lot of silly commentary and my voice makes me sound like an eight-year-old, but I thought it was neat to see just how much Julius has changed since I first brought him home!

(My best friend @gonetothe-bettaside took the video while my buddy @jltillary was on Facetime) 💙🐠


I’m loving the greenish tint in his tail ahh

Inktober Day 4 - Underwater

For this prompt I wanted to do a tribute to one of my favourite vehicles and shows from my childhood. After being at a Gerry Anderson convention last weekend I decided to draw the best submarine ever, Stingray.

The Phantom Dragon-

A/N: Okay. Maybe the wings look pretty bad-ass… and tail fin against my earlier thoughts on removing them;

 You know what, I think if Danny could breathe fire or something, it would be like ectoplasm still, but It’d look like lighting ‘cause that looks cool af. I just love Danny as a Dragon, so I might be drawin’ him as one more often.

Anyways, I hope you like it. :)

My poor baby is having a rough time

If any of you remember about a month ago I was in petsmart and saw a betta that was free for the taking to literally anyone who thought he was pretty.

He was a thin, dull veiltail with developing fin rot so I took him home. I was going away on vacation too soon to start treatment so I set him up in a clean tank with a bit of aquarium salt. Once I got back I started his treatment with aquarium salt and daily water changes as I’ve done with my previous rescue

He just finished his treatment a couple days ago and I set him up in a nice clean tank. He’s super wiggly and feisty and it’s hard to see all of him at once but I noticed this!

This tail has ripped! I have taken the fake plant out of his tank but I’m not sure what to do

I have no experience with ripped tails and I don’t want to overload his system with aquarium salt so if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!!

Lost at Sea


Lucy, you’re gonna be so mad when we’re back, but maybe knowing I’m keeping this daily just for you will make it all better.

Alex was right, I’m actually a natural sailor. Luke’s already ate shit on the deck twice, his face is all banged up because he doesn’t have his sea legs. Better than poor Jake already though. He’s been barfing below deck this whole time. Fucking gross.

But oh man, once the heat dies down at home, we’ll be back, and we’re gonna be so rich. It’ll all be worth it babe. All worth it.

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