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me playing minecraft
  • while exploring: man i wish i could find a village
  • while in a village: I want the Biggest House here with stained glass windows and colored carpet
  • while exploring: I want a castle.
  • while building: you know what would be great? A city. Just...a city built from scratch right here on this mountain.
Investing in yourself as a Sugar Baby!

Taking care of your mind and body is important especially when you expect men to drop thousands of dollars on you every month for the pleasure of your company! Personally before even thinking about becoming a sugar baby this year, I’ve been taking care of myself for years because appearance is very important in my line of work. Keep in mind that I’m in my late 20s so some stuff you might not even need at this point since most of you are in your late teens or early 20s. Enjoy those years haha well I can’t complain, I have a baby face ;) So here is a list of things I’ve done or I will be starting this year that keeps me looking good and feeling awesome plus it makes for a hot SB:

  1. Manicure + pedicure - I do them professionally in a salon every 3weeks.
  2. Laser hair removal - I’m doing my whole bikini and underarms right now and will start my legs in the next year..shaving is a pain and too much work..laser is painful especially the whole bikini but worth it!
  3. Removing stretch marks - I will do laser for that when I move to LA because those stupid marks on my butt are a pain in the ass for my confidence sometimes..I have awesome 34DD natural breasts but my ass needs some perfecting to be at the same level lol
  4. Removing cellulite - I just finished a 10 weeks treatment with the Velashape 2 in a beauty clinic for my thighs and butt..I think it helped although I only had a low amount of cellulite and it’s still not perfect or all gone..I think I was expecting too much of a VS model’s perfect ass haha drinking water, exercising and eating healthy plus putting firming body cream (I use an expensive one from my clinic with 10% caffeine) everyday helps plus I’ll need to do maintenance treatments every year to maintain the results.
  5. Removing spider veins on legs - I started treatments this year, it helps but spider veins are a recurring issue for women especially with age so I will have to do maintenance treatments every year but it’s very good that I started young even if I didn’t have a lot but the ones behind my knees were bothering me a lot. I have very white skin so my veins show easily haha I need to tan more!
  6. Dermabrasion - I started dermabrasion aka removing dead skin on your face this year..I used to have bad acnee when I was young but now my skin is much better although I still get occasional pimples and don’t have perfect skin without makeup.
  7. Acnee creams recommended by my dermatologist that I apply every day or 2 days - I mostly only have some redness and occasional pimples but the products help for that and to make my pores less visible.
  8. Laser eye surgery - I wear contacts and I’m thinking of doing the laser surgery but I’m not sure since lots of people have horror stories so I’m still thinking about it but being free of glasses and contacts would be awesome..I’m just scared of surgeries and try to avoid them as much as possible.
  9. Spray Tan - I don’t want skin cancer so I prefer spray tan when I need to have a nice tan although the maintenance is a pain in the butt..I sometimes do tanning creams at home since I’m pretty good at applying it but that’s annoying to maintain also.
  10. Gym membership - I started going to the gym finally this year although I have always had a pretty athletic body but since I like to eat wtv I want and I’m getting older lol I need to watch out!!
  11. Personal trainer for the gym - I’m going to get one soon so I can learn what to do to target the issues I want to work on plus it’s good to have someone to motivate you since I’m lazy lol
  12. Martial arts or self defense classes - Personally I do martial arts because it’s for my line of work but also because I love to kick ass. I took some self defense classes years ago and it was amazing..I think every woman should do that especially sex workers and SBs..I actually need to brush up on those moves especially the ones when your assailant is on top of you.
  13. Hair and eyelash extensions - I need to get new hair extensions because the hair dresser messed them up when she cut them although I basically never wear them lol too lazy to put them on every time so I’ll look into other options soon and get a SD to pay for it and for eyelash extensions. Never tried that and want to see how it will look and feel.
  14. Makeup and hair tutorials or classes - I started watching more videos on youtube to learn more tricks especially with hair since I suck but I’m getting a lot better..I might get a future SD to pay a hairstylist to show me 5-10 ways to do my hair haha.
  15. Good hair products and makeup - Start investing in good products that don’t ruin your hair and face..When you can it’s good to invest in more expensive products when they are better quality and less chemicals.
  16. Keeping your body soft like a baby’s skin - I put cream every night on my body to keep my body all smooth and soft plus to keep my boobs, stomach, thighs and ass all firm..better to start young!
  17. Facial creams - Very important to keep your face moisturized plus eye cream is always good to start young..those SDs want a baby face not a face ruined by sun and age.
  18. Drinking lots of water - You need minimum 2 liters of water everyday..I basically only drink coffee or soft drinks but juices on occasion and I do love wine when I go out.
  19. Eating healthy - I need to be more disciplined for that because I like to eat wtv I want although I do eat vegetables and fruits everyday.
  20. Be happy and confident - Keep yourself healthy mentally..those men pay for no drama..I actually tried hypnotherapy by curiosity this year..only did 4 sessions to work on my self-esteem and confidence and it was pretty interesting to realize how I bring myself down sometimes.
  21. Teeth are very important! Having a nice smile attracts people including SDs! - Keep your teeth clean and white..I do my teeth cleaning every 9 months now (instead of 12) plus I bought a whitening kit made for me from my dentist to use at home although my teeth are pretty white already. I had braces when I was young so I have perfect teeth..I wear my night retainer occasionally to keep them straight and perfect. 
  22. Massages and acupuncture - I did both this year and need to start doing massages every 2 weeks for my back lol I’ll get a SD to pay for that!
  23. Investing in a new wardrobe - Dressing the part is important and you need something to wear for all those awesome dates you will be going on! Get a SD or POT to take you shopping and choose classic pieces that you will be able to mix and match and pull off multiple outfits with. If you don’t have anyone to pay for it, take some of your money and start buying some nice pieces or even just adding an accessory to your outfit might make the difference. You don’t have to buy expensive brands (wait for a SD to do that for you), until then buy pieces that are good quality and in solid neutral colors. Go for classy not trashy!
  24. Reading more about current events, finances and how to invest money but also some of those self help books. Be aware of what is going on in the world. - I need to start doing this more because I personally don’t follow the news or politics (too depressing) plus I want to learn how to manage my money. It’s always good to be able to hold a conversation with a SD especially if you go to events with him! You want to be the whole package of looks, brains and personality!!
  25. Learning new skills is important in my opinion plus it keeps you busy and SDs will be impressed by your hobbies, interests and skills. - Personally I love reading, cooking (I want to take some classes to get even better), dancing (I took a lot of different dance classes but I want to learn the waltz and other more conservative dances for black tie events), learning new languages (I speak multiple languages and it always impresses people especially in the US for some reason), etc.. With my line of work, I like to acquire new skills as often as I can so I can add them to my CV and stand it’s fun!

Ok so I’m going to stop here because this post is freaking long lol I’ll add more if I think about something else but just remember that you are selling a product which is yourself and you need to stand out! Being a SB is not just about looking have to be interesting too! I see a lot of SD’s profiles that mention personality and not just looks. So take care of yourself mentally and physically :) You got to invest in yourself (the product) to make money..that’s how marketing and business work and it’s the same with sugar dating! Pay your bills and then use some of that allowance on bettering yourself to catch an even bigger fish (or whale lol)!! Go get them girls! xoxo


— If someone comes to our home, they’d better be carrying a big blaster.
— I concur with Captain Rex, sir. This is personal for us clones.

The Beginnings of a War

Summary: When the reader goes through a life of depression, Anti is there to be her light and Dark is there to be her drug.

Fandoms: Darkiplier, Antisepticeye

Pairing: Darkiplier/reader, Antisepticeye/reader

A/n: I’m actually really happy with this work for once. Who knows, maybe this will become a thing? Either way, I just want to say that no one is useless and I love every one of you!

WARNING: Mentions of depression and suicide. There are some triggering things in here.

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               Annoying, disgusting and unwanted. Those were simply three of the many things people used to describe you. Words that kept you up at night. Words that made you think of your mortality and how easy it is to end up six feet underground. Then you would be nothing but a name on a gravestone in a wave of other gravestones.

               It’s not like you’re important anyway. No one knew your name. You used to want to be somebody when you were young. Part of you still does but at the same time, you don’t want the attention. By the time you were old enough to do something, everything that could be written was written, everything that could be said was said, everything that could be made was made and everything that could be done was done.

               There was nothing left for you. All you were was a speck of dust in a sandstorm, a drop of water in the ocean. You were nothing. You weren’t known like you wanted to be. You were forgotten like the other hundreds of thousands of millions of people in this world. This realization made you more depressed and unmotivated than anything you’ve ever experienced.

               That was before he showed up.

               He had broken into your house after a fight with someone that he refused to name. He was bloody and bruised yet he kept the same shit eating grin on his face throughout the night. He threatened your life more times than you could count that night, but you helped him regardless. If he was going to kill you, you’d rather he do it quickly.

               People always said you had a kind heart.  Maybe that’s why you couldn’t allow yourself to commit suicide. You patched him up and sent him on his way with wounds that healed much too quickly for it to be natural. He kept coming back, though. The first time, he said it was because he was hungry, then it was because he had left something with you to keep hidden without your prior knowledge. Then the gifts started coming. He would leave them at your door with nothing but a note that had your name written in strange writing.

               Soon he started showing up with the gifts in his hands, staying for days at a time. That’s when you started growing attached. You would start to look forward to his visits. You even started smiling after so long.

               Six months later and you feel better than you’ve felt in years. He’s your light to guide you through the darkness. He’s like the remedy for your ailments. He would sit up late and talk with you over a glass of wine and a bottle of whiskey. He’d throw you over his shoulder and take you into the bedroom for a tickle fight when you cried and kiss every scar you had. He was the love of your life and you could only hope, with him being a demon and all, that he loved you all the same.

               “Because I love you and you’re perfect for my level of neediness.” He said one day when you asked him why he seemed to like you so much. You had been watching Disney movies and cuddling after a particularly rough day at you average job.

               He seemed to be the perfect man and you even questioned if he was real in the beginning of your relationship. You couldn’t help wondering if he was just a figment of your imagination, a perfect man made for your own survival. When you brought it up, however, he made sure you never thought that way again. It was an amazing night that you both shared.

               He told you everything, from his other personas to his horrific lifestyle, but he never told you what really happened the night you both met. Whenever you would bring it up, he would get quiet and leave for a while. Other than that, Anti was an amazing man.

               Then he came home, unconscious and dying, with a man you had never seen before. The dark suit was the only thing you noticed before he dropped Anti onto your floor and left without a word. Anti didn’t speak for an entire week after that. He became paranoid, sticking by your side and growling at any shadow that crossed his vision. It took an entire year for him to finally let his guard down. He left for a few days saying he had to ‘take care of things’ and you were left at home, alone.

               That was the day you met Dark. He showed up at your door, introducing himself and kissing you knuckles like a gentleman. Then he came in and you both shared a cup of tea. He insulted you the entire time. Your hands shook under the table as he confirmed what you already knew, bringing back emotions that you had locked away for such a long time. You couldn’t bring yourself to kick him out, whether it was from the fear of what he could do or from the feeling of uselessness that you had had once before, you couldn’t say.

               He left hours later, feeling satisfied with his mental torment and left you to be found by Anti. A note was held in your hands with the number for a burner phone that he owned. He knew you would call him.

               Anti came home two days later and found you in the same position that you had been left in. You hadn’t eaten, slept or moved since you had been left alone. Thoughts swirled in your mind about everything Dark had said. Anti shook you back to reality and you couldn’t do anything but look at him with a broken look and fall into his arms. At that point, he had been too late and you had reverted back to the old version of yourself. The version that looked out the window with empty, glassy eyes.

               Dark visited you in your sleep, causing you migraines in the night. You had called him then when you woke up from the pain, so he could tell you all of your flaws. You’d sit in the bathroom and listen without saying anything. Dark seemed to be the drug that constantly kept your life in a nose dive toward silent pain. Anti began to notice your missing presence while he slept, even though there was no point in doing it. He would hold you through your nightmares and you would tell him you needed to get water. He ignored the water bottle next to your side of the bed and assumed you just needed time to yourself. When you kept doing this, leaving the bed for hours at a time, he followed you. He began listening to your one sided conversations. It broke his heart and made his elfish ears wilt.

               Anti would bring it up in the morning during breakfast, but you never responded. You simply looked out the window with the same look you always had. The spark in your eyes that once made Anti’s evil heart flutter, was gone.

               Dark showed up one day without any reason. He wasn’t called or summoned by either of you. He was simply there to torment. He opened his arms wide and flicked his wrists. You stood from your seat. Anti gripped your wrist but you wriggled out and walked to Dark.

               “(Y/n)!” Anti glitched to your right. “What are you doing?” He glitched to your left. “Stop!”

               You embraced Dark in a teary eyed, pitiful hug. Anti stood frozen as he watched you and Dark disappear in a cloud of black smoke and once you both were gone, he crumpled to the floor.

               “I promise you Dark,” he said as the lights flickered and tears ran down his cheeks. “I’ll kill you for this.”

Though I don’t consider myself a super strong animator – my thesis film has been a stressful but interesting experience. I’ll definitely keep practicing more animation in the future - but for now I want to get back into my Animatics groove.

Same Level - Tom Holland Imagine

Request: Anonymous: I have a request, can u do a imagine, a tom holland one where ur the same height as tom and u are insecure about it but he tells u about how he love it. And if u could could u maybe use my name ( payton ) if u don’t use y/n. Thanks you and btw ur imaging are fucking amazing I love them

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of insecurity, smutty joke

Word Count: 1,024

A/N: Hope you liked it Payton! : )


Being in a relationship with Tom was the best thing in the world. He loved you more than ever. He loved every flaw you had, even though you hated your flaws, he loved how true you were. Tom saw you as a perfect beautiful girlfriend. You loved everything about him as well. You loved how he could make you smile, how his career never got in the way between you two, and how much he cared for everyone and everything. You loved the man with all your heart, but the one thing you weren’t to keen on was the fact that the both of you were the exact same height.

“Payton come on were going to be late” Tom knocked against the bathroom door.

“I’m almost finished!” You applied lipstick to your lips and gave your self a once over in the mirror. You swung the door open to reveal a very sexy looking Tom in his suit.

“Hey handsome” You flirted.

“Hey gorgeous” He placed a hand on your waist and pecked your cherry red lips.

“You ready?”

“Yeah just let me grab my shoes” You scurried off to your shared bedroom and searched for your black 5 inch Louboutin heels.

You never were really fond of heels, especially when you were standing next to Tom. You towered over him a little when you wore shoes like these. Then again you couldn’t just wear regular shoes with a designer dress, you’re stylist would kill you. So you had no choice, but to wear the darn things.

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there was a giant ugly spider on my door and it was on the perfect level where if i did not successfully smoosh it, it would jump on me and i literally stood there for ten minutes w/ my heart beating like crazy but then i did it and everything’s fine but my heart still goin boys