to my girlfriends with love and humility

Do you know what’s really powerfully sexy?

A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab on to. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition. A girl who makes the world seem bigger and more interesting. A loud laugh that comes from her belly. Smart ass comebacks. Quick wit dirty jokes told by an innocent looking lady. A girl with grace. Clumsiness. A partner who knows what turns her on. Truth. Vulnerability. Strength. A story teller. A genius. A girl who loves you despite all of your flaws.

A woman who realizes how beautiful she is.

—  My girlfriend
Hand In Hand

They went hand in hand.

Dean was the pagan god of bravery and Cas was the pagan god of humility.

A woman called upon Dean and his bravery to help her meek daughter.

A grandfather called upon Cas’ magic to take his grandson down a notch.

They hadn’t ever met.  Dean was called in to pick up the mess that Cas left after a mother insisted too heavily on her daughter’s humility.  Cas was called to patch up a family when a man became too outgoing after a visit with Dean gone wrong.

Cas was the first to leave a note.  

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Rucas FanFic: Heliocentrism

A/N: Several weeks ago, I posted this picture in one of my IG edits about the Friar Family. I received quite a bit of negative feedback. Most were appalled that I represented “adult” Lucas as having tattoos. Some were polite about it, some weren’t. I decided to write a one-shot that explains why he has these tattoos. I searched for hours for this photo (trust me, it was not a hardship😈🙊) because I knew they would be the perfect representation of his story. 


Heliocentrism, or heliocentricism,is the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the center of the Solar System. 

The Friar family is out working with their friends & neighbors cleaning up a local park one warm Saturday morning. Riley, 7 months pregnant, starts to feel a little woozy and goes to sit on a shaded bench to wait for the nausea to pass.

As she reaches down and grabs a bottle of water from her bag, she notices two older ladies sit down on the adjacent bench.

“Good Afternoon Ladies.” Riley greets them with a smile.

“Good Afternoon Miss.” They reply as they settle themselves into comfortable positions on the bench.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you think Christians who have sex and don't regret it/dont feel the need to stop doing it even though they still firmly believe in Christ are bad? Like is it possible to be a devout lover of Jesus and still have sex with your girlfriend regularly without feeling shame for it or like its wrong?? Yes, I am talking about myself. I don't feel bad about it, its a special beautiful act with my love. It doesn't feel wrong. I love Jesus, I'm a strong believer. Is it wrong that I don't feel guilt?

I mean, it isn’t what I think. Biblically, you’re living in sin. I don’t think you’re alone in that, but I do think it means you are mishandling grace, and whether you want to be made aware of it or not, if the spirit is in you, there will be a disconnect between you and God due to your conscious decision to habitually disregard his holiness and consequently disregard your sin. In the Psalms, purity is compared to gold. Sure, gold is valuable, but I think David was going beyond that point. The reason that gold is valuable is because it is the same on the inside as it is on the outside. What you explained is just that you want to belong to God, but you don’t want to serve him. That’s a divided heart that is unable to fully love your partner or God because you’ve chosen pleasure over sacrificial love that trusts the character of God. While purity pertains to matters of sexuality, it has to do with much more in addressing the heart. I don’t think the desensitization to feelings of guilt is abnormal, but just evidence that your love for Jesus is conditional in that you do not trust Him in how he has designed marriage and sex, and the implications will have consequences on your ability to be an effective part of the body of Christ, if you’re even involved, because you will be forced to either hide your sin or face it–one robs you of freedom (though, ironically, your flesh will tell you the opposite), and the other fosters it. You might be a strong believer, but Jesus never said be a strong believer… he said to take up your cross and follow Him. Repentance is not an exclusive call to those who feel emotionally stirred with guilt… it is a call to those who wish to be brought near to God. Check out this video on grace. I think it will provide some helpful insight. Know I’m praying for you and your girlfriend. I say this all with love and humility knowing full and well my own short comings that disqualify me greatly from judging you. 

for more content on matters of sexuality, you can add “/search/sexuality” after my asklaurenbritt and yesdarlingido urls. there’s way too many to link.