to my fellow gladiators

To All My Fellow Gladiators

So, I believe that there is no existing word can describe what I feel right now. Many could be at the same situation as to where I am right now and i want to tell you all motherfuckers that we can do this. I will shout to all of you that nothing is bigger than us. Nothing.

Fuck all problems. I mean they are a constant thing that happen to almost everyday and it will be a shame if we cannot do anything, or deal with it at the least. 

So to all who experience any sort of difficulty, problem, hardship, and dilemma out there, congratulations to us, after we slay them we have unlocked a new ability. 


My Experience Vidiots in Santa Monica

Yesterday I seen Tony Goldwyn and listen to him at Vidiots in Santa Monica. Before panel started I had to use the restroom. It was one restroom stall per person. When I waiting for restroom in back. There was door leading outside. You wouldn’t believe who voice I heard first who was speaking to small group people. It was low charming voice Tony Goldwyn outside talking to staff of venue before he came in. I sneak peek outside I seen his back of his head with those curls and his light blue checkered shirt he was wearing blue jeans. He was rocking classic sport black & white Nike tennis shoes. With a apple watch he was wearing as well. It was a very small place very intimate setting it hold like 20 people. The subject we talk about on politics & film. Tony is very smart man. He very intelligent when comes to politics. Tony has charm & charisma to speak to whole room people like it’s a normal day. Did I forget to mention his looks & his body doesn’t do him justice. Very sexy & handsome good looking in person. He is very down to earth person. He is calm & collected when he passionate or speaks about Kerry or his about projects he work in past like Conviction & The Divide. He said if we had debate he would put Kerry in room she knows her stuff about politics. They did Q&A session with audience & Periscope. I got to ask question and he answer my question. Very cool event I met fellow Gladiators and finally met Tony. I give the event A+.