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Colorado Avalanche

The Purest Avalanche Boys ❄️🗻

Favorite: Gabe “The Babe” Landeskog like I literally love him y'all 😩

Least Favorite: I can’t. I literally can’t do that to them. They are all so pure and trying their best.


Dear Diary,
     Today I try out for the basketball team at school. My favorite sport is soccer but this game sucks and doesn’t have soccer and my creator can’t find any soccer poses. I love basketball a lot too. Hopefully I make the team. Our school is small so our basketball team has boys and girls in it. There’s this one boy who’s on the team named Austin. I think he’s really cute. Maybe he’ll like me when he sees I play sports too.

Thanks Rasky- Elias Lindholm

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A/N: So I was super excited to write this because the Canes are like my second favorite team of all time! (Redwings will always be first ;) ) I hope you enjoy!

Request:  Hi could you write one with Elias Lindholm where you’re friends with Victor Rask from Sweden and he sets the two of you up?! :D

Warnings: A few swear words

Up next: Zach Werenski

You had met Victor when the two of you were five years old, you were the only girl who had joined the hockey team and he of course was one of many boys. What first struck him was the fact that you were not one to take anything from the others. Being the only girl you were constantly poked at and there was nothing Victor enjoyed more than watching you shut up the boys by out skating them on the ice.

You guys had become friends rather quickly and that friendship followed you all throughout the years, even when he was drafted and moved to Carolina. You did your very best to be there at his games when you could afford it, although it had been a bit harder as you had started playing for a women’s team back home.

You knew that during his time in Carolina he had grown close to a few of the other Swedish players on the team, including a certain Elias Lindholm. Elias had been present on a few of your Skype sessions with Victor and you had met him following one of the games you had attended. You had to admit, he was gorgeous, and a strong player. You of course had accidentally let that slip to Victor during a drunk phone call and ever since he had been planning something.

So when Sweden won Worlds you of course had been there, screaming your lungs out with the rest of your country, standing proudly in your home gear besides Victor’s sister, Fanny. You caught Victor’s eye and waved, watching as he gave you his famous small, half smile. Sometimes you wondered if he even had a real smile.

After the game you knew he was going to be busy with his team and his family so you texted him your congratulations and told him to text you when he was free to meet up and celebrate with you.

When you had gotten the text to meet at your favorite restaurant, which you knew from your travels, you quickly agreed, changing into a decent outfit, it was just Victor though so you didn’t feel the need to get all dolled up, this kid had seen you with a bloody lip before after all.

However as you arrived and saw Elias sitting at your usual table rather than Victor you seriously wished you had done more than just skinny jeans and a sweatshirt. But before you could turn around to go outside and call Victor, Elias looked up and caught your eye, waving you over.

You put on a smile as you approached, stopping to stand by the table when you noticed that he had his phone pulled out too.

“I assume you got a text from Victor as well, telling you to meet him here for lunch.” He said showing you his phone and you were shocked, you and Elias had gotten an almost identical message.

“Yes, I did and yet here we are with a lack of Victor.” You chuckled, beginning to get a funny feeling about the whole situation.

“Well no point in wasting the time, we’re already here. Might as well eat, I heard the food here is good.” He said, gesturing to the seat opposite him which you gladly took up.

The lunch went better than expected, you and Elias spent a lot of the time catching up on missed things and found that you had a lot more in common than originally expected, it was almost as if Victor had known this. You shared the same favorite color, listened to the same music, hell you two didn’t like the same foods.

If you didn’t know any better you would say that you and Elias were literally meant for each other. Which you wouldn’t mind, now that he was out of gear, more relaxed and clean, you took advantage of your seating arrangement to admire him up close, and damn were you dumbfounded, every time those eyes looked at you, you wanted to melt in your chair.

“This was nice.” You smiled as you two exited the restaurant with full stomachs and new phone numbers in your cellphones.

“It was, we should do this again sometime.” He suggested with a smile and you nodded, completely oblivious to your best friend who was now approaching you guys.

“I see you had a nice lunch.” The tone of his voice gave it all away, he had never planned on coming and this was all just a set up to get you and Elias alone.

“You little shit.” You laughed, punching him in the shoulder as all three of you shared a fairly decent laugh. “I should’ve known you were up to something, when do you ever initiate hanging out?”

“Your fault for falling for it.” He shrugged,entirely unapologetically.

You felt Elias’ arm drop around your shoulder and your cheeks immediately flared a bright red but you made no move to remove his arm or move farther away. If it was up to you, you would have stayed there for the rest of the day.

“Well, now you get to play third wheel.” Elias teased, looking down at you as you stuck your tongue out at Victor to prove a point, you were so going to rub that in.

“As long as I don’t have to watch you two make out, I won’t mind.”

Of course,as luck would have it, three months into the relationship Victor had caught you and Elias making out on the couch to which you gleefully reminded him that without his help none of what he witnessed would’ve been possible, which earned you a nasty glare and the comment.

“I should’ve never played matchmaker…”

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I have no idea if you've already answered this but when Lexa goes pro in this fic are you gonna use a real football team like to have her be a part of??? can you even use a real football team or will that result in copyright issues??? im not a writer and I'm just curious cause if you could use a real football team lemme just say put Lexa on the Chicago Bears and have her resurrect my favorite team from the dust 👀👀

Lmao she’ll be playing for the LA Grounders

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My favorite thing about the team 10 trying to tell us apart vid is that kades like "how the hell am I suppose to tell you apart by touch that's impossible" and chance just immediately tells them apart by touch. Like that says something

God I know right? So weird!


Team Free Will so far on season 12

Look, thank you. Thank you. Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die. Just run. Save yourselves.


I just don’t want him to think I’m not cool.

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Does Caboose catch Sarge eventually? Does he hug Lopez?

you think ur tough? u think ur hot stuff???? ???  i hear captain caboose caught the entire red army