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Real Quick

Young black girl wit an attitdue! lol these are just some pics from my audition. I got the part I auditioned for so I’m feeling so blessed pretty excited about that! We start shooting for the movie in mid March and I’ll get the full script before I go home on my mini vacation :D I’m finally taking the right steps to get back to what I wanna do <3 I haven’t stopped celebrating since I got the call Saturday afternoon lmao

Here’s the resounding sound of the door getting kicked open. Whoops. You can always get a new one guys. 

“You two…you seriously left Wendy…poor innocent Wendy with that arrogant prickish asshole!? Do you even have any idea who he is!?” She was smiling but it was very very strained. She was mad at the two of them. How could they!? Did they know what he did to her!? 

Midori actually couldn’t care less about what’s going on between those two and Serena! He’s here to pick up his dear friend Walani and the door is open already how nice! He ran over and hugged her. “HiiIiii Walani!” He said cheerfully. He would pick her up…if he were stronger. “Thanks for coming with me on such short notice I’m…really nervous about this!” 

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