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Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

saying aces and aros aren’t lgbtqa+ if they otherwise experience only opposite gender attraction is the same kind exclusionary bullshit as saying bi people can’t be in the community if they date the opposite gender and if you do either of those things plz block me so i don’t have to do it

  • Peter: a space-faring kiss boy
  • baby Peter: a nervous little punk boy
  • Juno: my sweet boy let me show you the world
  • Mag: a rowdy, dirty boy
  • Mick: This ain't gonna work--we may have to start over and give our boy a new JOB
  • Juno and Mick: my two special boys
  • Cecil: garbageboy stinkman belongs in the toilet
  • Julian: this cream-faced business boy
  • Bosco the Henchperson: oh shit did i hit softboy? softboy get up! you good, softboy?
  • Sir Marc: the perfect sword boy
  • Sir Talfryn: I gotta say, you're starting with a sweet boy
  • Sir Angelo: he's a fun-lovin', fun-looking dirty boy
  • in conclusion.....too many beautiful boys

home screen/selfie/last song!

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She was a queen and a princess, born of stars and night, careful and carefree, each single sign unpracticed through long study. 
Such a treasure, she was, that queen, such a treasure — the greatest amongst a city of treasures, the greatest treasure that her people had ever possessed — that she could not have been left without her guardians.
For the people, they were soldiers and yet, in her honor, they were Knights. Each one of them loved her, of course, for it was not in their power to to resist her grace. Each one of them would have fought a thousand wars at her request, and not a one would have died in the attempt, but each one of them would have died for a smile. They were brave and elegant like footprints in the snow. Surpassing in art, they trained constantly for her defense, singing their war-songs to each other like the tides at the edge of the world. The people were cold and kind, yes, cold and kind, but where the people had leisure, her knights had purpose, and that made them mighty, bright like the stars that burn their holes in the sky. She was the only thing that could have broken their will, and they would have loved her all the more for that.
—  Polaris, Ben Lehman
Beneath a Moonless Sky - alliaskofyou - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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I haven’t posted any chapters/works in sooooooo long, but I promise I’m still working on Deception. This fic came to me in a burst of inspiration and I just had to write it. Let me know what you think!!! : ) <3

This fic is the product of a recent watch of Love Never Dies. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. 

SPOILER ALERT FOR LOVE NEVER DIES: It’s set 10 years after POTO. There’s a song that the Phantom and Christine sing called “Beneath a Moonless Sky”. Basically, the Phantom reappears in her life 10 years after he shared some “intimate moments” (wink wink) with her and then left her before the sun rose/she woke up. This song is a reunion of sorts. She believed he was dead all these years and thus the inspiration for a fic about Sherlock’s reappearance in John’s life after TRF.

Plus, I hate Mary and must take any chance I have to write her out of their story.

In this fic, John and Sherlock didn’t have sex before the fall, but, as you will see, there is/was much pining between them. Basically, this work is set a month after the fall and alternates POV’s of John and Sherlock during the time Sherlock is “dead”.

(Make sure you read the tags for warnings before you read!)

Check it out maybe? : )

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thevikingwoman  asked:

Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking [feel free to skip this if you don't want to answer], but I have been wondering about this. You mentioned that smoking up is a bad coping mechanism for Ashanna, I wanted if you see Solas as enabling her? Did her ever try to make her cut down? And what do you see as his reasons for indulge when you write him?

Oh, I never mind questions like this! Feel free to ask any time because I love rambling about my children and their problems. 

Like a lot of bad habits, it was a gradual decline in control. And there was a time where it was being used to effectively manage her anxiety to the point where she could be functional. Mental health aside, there was also the physical toll that her role was taking on her; she never engaged in serious magical combat as much as she did when traveling as Inquisitor, and it took a long time before she could learn how to close a rift without vomiting her lunch back up afterwards. 

Being able to sit in her tent and smoke a pipe of elfroot was a relaxing ritual, and calmed her enough to be able to do what her position required. Considering what she was being asked to do, all of her companions and advisers figured it was a normal thing for her to indulge in; Cassandra in particular remembers the early panic attacks she had in Haven, so anything that helps prevent that is fine by her. At this point it’s just something she does to relax, and not something that’s interfering with her duties. 

And for Solas, he knows he’s in no position to judge. It’s his fault that she’s involved, that his mark is on her hand and slowly killing her, that the Breach is a threat at all. So if it brings her some temporarily happiness then he has no problem with that. 

When he indulges, its for similar reasons. I write him as suffering from his own trauma and the guilt of his many failures weighing heavily down on him. They both suffer from dissociation and depression. Sometimes, the pull of having something to let him temporarily forget is too strong. He can just be Solas and enjoy time with someone he loves. 

Besides, he has a ridiculously high tolerance and he doesn’t get as lost in it as Ashanna tends to; he still keeps most of his faculties and wits about him. He only does it with her, and only a handful of times. 

It’s not until much later that it becomes a problem, at which point he is not in a place to say anything. She spends more and more time smoking in her rooms after the breakup, after drinking from the well, after Solas runs off, after negotiations with Orlais and Fereldan begin to break down, after the pain from the anchor is getting worse, after Solas ends up being the dalish boogeyman, after her arm is gone…basically everything is terrible at this point and at least the elfroot blocks out the voices in her head.

Top Ten Biases

I got tagged by @randomchachacha, @kpopthirstaddicted and @chanyeolandthebananas to do the top ten biases challenge and let me tell y’all it’s not that it’s hard to pick a top ten it’s that I don’t stan as many groups since I’ve only been into kpop for a little over a year now, BUT I will do my best lmao.

Before I get down to the nitty gritty, I’m gonna tag @kimnamwho @kpopfanfictrash @aichan11 @daegusoftboys @sungoldish-blog @everybodykpops @dailydoseofdia @onenightandgone @baebae-goodnight @def-initely-soul @baepsaewhalien @angustdissin @taeuclid aaaand honestly anyone else lmao please just have fun with it if you want to! 

10. Brian Kang/Young K (Day6)

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I don’t know a lot about him, but he’s real damn cute and I really like a lot of day6′s music so yeah :)

09. Kim Kibum/Key (SHINee)

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I didn’t have a SHINee bias for a while because I just enjoyed some of their music, but then I watched their appearance on Knowing Brother and I just… was smitten.  We won’t talk about the damage he’s done since then!

08. Seungri (Big Bang)

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So they say you don’t choose your bias, your bias chooses you and basically, yeah.  I also floundered a lot with Big Bang, but mainly because I just enjoyed all of their personalities so much.  However, after a couple episodes of Weekly Idol and their appearance on Happy Camp, like… Seungri is my man, just through and through.

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Y’know I can’t help but wonder how R*T*D gets anything done given the entire internet seems dead set on jacking him off at every waking moment.