to much chicken for you buddy


HEY TAYLOR!!!!! its me cassie, cas, casshizle, whatever ya dig. i dont know if you recall, but 9 and a half months ago you sent my buddy rosebud a package and said “cassie (tell her i said hi!)” and i find it completely unacceptable that i havent gotten to say i back formally, so hi!!! you probably dont know much about me (unless you lurk me in which case sorry for my lame posts about chicken nuggets), so i thought id tell you some ESSENTIAL cassie facts so we can be good buds.
-i say the word nugget far too much. im not sure why.
-i LOVEE mexican food and indian food and hashbrowns
-my favorite colors are purple and light peach
-i live in st louis with my dad (but cant see you next week which is sad:( )
-i lived in california all my childhood and saw you there for red tour sacramento and santa clara night one and two!
-i used to get up at 7 am and play club penguin while listening to your music when i was about 5 or 6 years old
-im 13!!!
-i love to listen to songs and pretend im preforming in front of a crowd
-i LOVEE to sing but i have doubts about my talent
-my dream is to sing dear john with you sometime in my life
-i have lotsss of siblings
-i love the smell of rain so so much
-i love cats with all my being and talk to my cat far too much
-i am a literal cat whisperer. i swear. any cat who hates everyone, loves me. it is a scientific fact.
-i love love tea
-i only like two flavors of icecream, world class chocolate from baskin robbins, and chocolate therapy from ben and jerrys
-i like chocolate if you couldnt tell
okayy well now im just rambling but i love you SO much and really hope you see this because it feels like forever since weve interacted. taylorswift