to move on is to grow


Drew a sad little comic of a “Kakyoin comes back alive” AU. Not sure if this really counts as that kind of AU though.

(Been thinking about Jotaro thinking about getting to grow up and pursue a career and start a family when Kak died so young.)


Laurie Dann led an unassuming childhood, growing up in an affluent northern suburb of Chicago. She was recollected as being somewhat awkward and lacking in confidence. Maybe that’s why she completely altered her face with plastic surgery at quite a young age. She attended the University of Arizona for several years but never graduated. Whilst working as a cocktail waitress at Green Acres Country Club, she met Russell Dann, the son of a wealthy family. The duo were inseparable and settled down and got married in September of 1982. They moved into a large mansion - something that had always been a dream of Lauries.

Shortly thereafter, Russell began to notice some bizarre quirks about his new wife. For example, she would keep her makeup in the microwave, would throw money into the back seat of her car, and would put clothes away while they were still soaking wet. While the couple remained together for several years, Laurie’s quirks began to worsen and worsen. Eventually, she completely stopped leaving the house and refused to cook or clean up after herself. The relationship was doomed but it reached calamitous heights in September of 1986. Police received a phone call from Russell. Somebody had stabbed him with an ice-pick whilst he slept and he was certain it was Laurie. In fact, a store clerk would come forward to say Laurie had indeed purchased an ice-pick just days previously. The ice-pick missed his heart by just an inch. Considering Russel was asleep and didn’t see his attacker, the charges against Laurie were dropped. The couple divorced shortly afterwards. As the divorce was underway, Laurie’s ex-boyfriend from five years previously started to receive threatening phone calls from Laurie in which she claimed she was pregnant with his child. The harassment finally ended when his lawyer contacted her parents.

Laurie moved from the marital home and decided she wanted to become a babysitter but this quickly failed when she was accused of stealing from her client’s homes and slashing up their sofas, rugs, and curtains. Following this failed business idea, she moved into a dorm room on the northwest campus. This too fell apart when Laurie starred to hide rotten meat inside furniture as well as hiding rubbish in other student’s rooms. In January of 1988, she moved to a dorm in Madison, Wisconsin, where she became known as “elevator lady.” Students recalled her riding up and down in the elevator all day long. Once again, she started to leave rotten meat around the dorm and would often be seen stark naked in the communal areas. A month after moving in, a dorm room was set alight. Many believed Laurie had caused the fire intentionally but with no evidence, she was never charged.

By now, Laurie’s sanity was completely unravelled and nobody thought to get her more suitable professional help. After threatening a fellow student and slashing his clothing, Laurie baked buns and injected them with arsenic. She sent these laced treats to several frat houses and homes in the area before making her way to the home of a former babysitting client, asking if she could take their kids to the local fair. She gave the two children poisoned milk. Thankfully, they threw it out after saying it tasted strange. The arsenic in the laced treats she had sent out was so diluted that it caused no damage. From here, Laurie went to a local daycare and tried to set it on fire before returning to the former clients home which she then set on fire. They were lucky enough to escape out of a smashed window. By the time the family escaped, Laurie was en route to Hubbard Woods Elementary School. Armed with two handguns, Laurie started shooting indiscriminately as soon as she entered the building. She shot and killed 8-year-old Nicholas Corwin before critically wounding another five.

Laurie ripped off the bloody shorts she was wearing and tied a plastic bag around her waist. After fleeing the school, she crashed her car into a tree and then broke into the home of Ruth and Phillip Andrews. Laurie held the terrified family hostage for six hours, claiming she had shot and killed her rapist and was now on the run from the police. Phillip grabbed the gun from Laurie as his family escaped. During the scuffle, he was shot in the chest but managed to stagger into the garden. Alone in the Andrews home, Laurie shot herself dead.

i’m learning that every person i leave behind will carry a piece of my heart for the rest of their lives. but i have to continue to move forward and allow my heart to grow anew, instead of backtracking and trying to reclaim those parts of me again in them.

I usually try to keep my opinions to myself on this blog–or at the very least, in tags where people can scroll past/ignore them at their leisure–but honestly I think the one thing that frustrates me the most about people’s perception of Goro Akechi is that they think he is one sure, solid, cemented character type. That he is this one thing, or that he moves from this point to that. The way I see it, that’s not strictly true. Akechi wouldn’t let himself grow beyond something that wasn’t only unhealthy for him, but not helpful either. He gets in the way of his own growth and progress–he’s the boy who blocked his own shot, and in a lot of ways is like Hamlet. That not only is why he’s so fascinating as a character, it’s why his fate is so frustrating and gutting, and why it’s so difficult for me to deal with.

(As a side bar, that’s always why I loved his relationship with Joker–because it offers him the chance to open up, to give in, to let go and be a little vulnerable, which is everything he needs. It’s a contrast to everything the true villains of the game set him up to be, which was all about taking control from him. Incidentally, that’s everything Joker offers to every S-Link he has in the game [freedom, release], so I fail to see why Akechi should be an exception?)

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Someone had the “post a picture of you from 2012 and 2017 side by side” I was curious what the difference was like and HOLY SHIT GUYS I grew up. I looked like such a dork then. Hadn’t really realized it was that much…

It’s funny to look back and think how much of a baby I was at 19-20 mentally (and physically clearly). I grew up so much in the last 3-4 years with moving to a new city alone and taking care of myself and the deterioration of my health. It’s pretty interesting to look back on how much I’ve changed. I’m sure it is for anyone in a 5 year span.

Body Image

Ezra wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his palm as he made his way to the bedroom. He and Aria had moved into their new house shortly before their first child was born. They loved the apartment above the Brew, but it just wasn’t big enough for their growing family. A new house meant a new yard that required yard work, and Ezra was becoming acquainted with cutting grass and pulling weeds. It made him appreciate the many apartments he had lived in before this house.

When he entered his bedroom, he found his four-month-old daughter, Daisy, sleeping soundly in her swing and his wife lying in bed reading a book. “Hey Sunshine,” he said quietly as he took off his sweat-drenched t-shirt. “What would you like for dinner?”

“I’m not hungry,” she answered. “You can have whatever you want.”

He tossed his shirt in the hamper and sat on his side of the bed. Aria wore a pair of unbuttoned skinny jeans…and a frown to match. He lovingly placed a hand on her leg, eyed her unbuttoned jeans, and gave her a confused look.

“I thought my old clothes would fit by now,” she explained, poking her stomach. “I was trying them on.”

“You just had a baby,” he gently reminded her.

“She’s four months old,” she said, her eyes drifting away.

He leaned down closer to his wife, propping himself on his elbow. “Hey,” he said, tucking her hair behind her ear and regaining her attention. “You will always be beautiful to me, no matter what size you are.”

She gave him a small hint of a smile.

“You built that,” he said, pointing across the room to where Daisy slept in her swing, “inside of your body. A healthy, living, breathing human being. I can’t even kick a soccer ball.”

“Thank you,” she told him sincerely. “But I’m still fat.”

“And I love you all the more for it because it means we have Daisy.” He immediately regretted his choice of words.

Aria gave him a dirty look, then playfully slapped him on the shoulder.

“That did not come out the way I intended,” he said, laughing. “I meant—”

“If that’s how you feel,” she interjected, sitting up. “I’m going to finish that tub of strawberry cheesecake ice cream for dinner before Daisy wakes up.”

“And I’ll help you,” he said, getting off the bed. “We’re married. We don’t have anyone to impress.”

“You can get your own,” she told him. “But you can help me get these skinny jeans off.” It wasn’t meant as a sexual advance. It took her ten minutes to get them on.

Ezra, however, didn’t take it that way. “I’m happy to help,” he said with a grin.


Oh my, I didn’t write anything since June!🌷
Exams is okay~
Now I’m look for cozy apartment, because I have last week in dormitory and should move during this week (a little bit nervous) it’s quite expensive for me, so, after moving I will search for job! Now I have one freelance, but it so low-cost work… (~80$/month) and it connect to social media. Maybe I will try to grow in this sphere, but in company 🙏🏻 I wish everything will be okay.

Also now I will start preparing for TOPIK (test of proficiency in Korean language), because exam day will be in my city this autumn😼💪🏻 I need a real high result in this test! And I will get it!

These photos from 11/06/17 ~ on rooftop☀️

Astrology in July

This is, I guess, just all the astrology things that are happening in June, and what they mean. Remember, everything affects everybody, not just the sign it’s in. Enjoy!!! And yeah, it’s not July yet. But it will be soon!

July 1- Chiron turns retrograde until December 5th. This means you may discover previously unknown talents or abilities during this time. You may hold on to hurt feelings. You have to be willing to move forward in order to get through this time.

July 4- Venus enters Gemini. You may be drawn to people who make your life exciting. This is a time to have fun and be exciting. A time to explore all your opportunities. Relationships that lack energy may not work out during this time. This is not a time to profess your undying love for someone. Keep it lighthearted. 

July 5- Jupiter quincunx Neptune. In order to grow in this time, you must take leaps of faith and be trusting. You have to trust other people if you want to be successful during this time. The best thing to do during this time is to grow and evolve. 

July 5- Mercury enters Leo. You may not listen as well in this time. However, you might be more confident and more expressive during this time. You can be more persuasive during this time.

July 9- Full Moon in Capricorn. During this time, you should find things that make you happy and stick with them. Don’t let them go. Also, get rid of the things that don’t. 

July 20- Mars enters Leo. You will be very spirited and happy during this time. You should go after what you want. Don’t be too complicated during this time. Take shortcuts and the easier ways.

July 22- Sun enters Leo. Happy Birthday to the Leos out there! This is a time to be yourself and express yourself. It’s the time to enjoy yourself. You may be more generous during this time, but also more vain. Watch for that.

July 23- New Moon in Leo. This will test your patience. You may be more irritated than usual. You have to make an effort to not get angry or explosive during this time. However, it’s a good time to try new things and get fresh starts. You might have to try pretty hard to make the right decisions.

July 25- Mercury enters Virgo. You may find it easy to make decisions during this time. You will be more practical and pay attention to details. However, make sure you aren’t too critical or dry during this time. 

July 29- Uranus semi-sextile Chiron. You might change some things in your life, mostly how you take care of yourself and such. You also have to accept that you have flaws, and they make you human. It’s okay. 

July 31- Venus enters Cancer. You may experience many ups and downs during this time. You may feel romantic, tender, and warm towards your partner and family. You may be more affectionate during this time. It’s the time to be careful and safe, as you feel best when that happens.


Amazing how Balmung is just now being called “cancerous” by some people since SE started pushing for people to transfer. SE is forcing the “cancer” to spread to other servers. You can thank them for taking so long to try and do anything about it when it could have been prevented from getting this bad.

Grow the hell up, folks. If you’re not on Balmung and/or chose to leave, good for you. You no longer have anything to be concerned about. Leave the rest of us alone and shut up.

I find it completely hilarious that some people are bitching that some of us aren’t willing to move, and almost the same number of complaints I’ve seen have been -because- some people have moved. Other server people, make up your damn minds, either you want us to move or you don’t but we’re not going to up and quit en masse. It’s completely stupid to even suggest doing so.

If you’re complaining because you have trouble getting into instances and whatnot within the same data center as Balmung, a simple solution for -you- would be to change to a different server cluster.  But you won’t, will you? Because that might mean leaving your friends behind.  In the meantime, it’s perfectly fine for you to complain because other people won’t take the step you, yourself, are unwilling to for the same reasons.  Enough is enough.  Be reasonable or be quiet.

Jay Headcanons

💪 Has a beanie collection

💪 Also a beanie baby collection

💪 “Not the haIR”

💪 Probably gets a Tourney scholarship to college

💪 Will flirt with anything that moves

💪 His guilty pleasure is listening to Acapella music

💪 Takes an internship at a bank during college

💪 Gets psuedo-adopted by Aladdin’s family

💪 Goes there for every holiday and brings all his partners there to meet them

💪 Anyone who questions it has to face Jasmine

💪 The first place he lives in by himself is an apartment

💪 Years later he buys and renovates his own house

💪 Works for a construction company for several years

💪 Loves to grow plants

💪 Meets Evie for brunch every Thursday

💪 One day Carlos gets him a tiny kitten and from then on it goes everywhere with him

💪 Actually really likes wearing suits and dressing up

💪 Sometimes forgets that he grew up on the Isle and always feels absolutely horrible about it

💪 “How could I forget where I come from?!”

💪 Attends therapy for anger issues

💪 Suffers from kleptomania for the rest of his life (“Old habits die hard.”)

💪 Never regrets choosing good

💪 Learns to wrestle

💪 Thrives

anonymous asked:

hey milly... I was wondering, do you have any tips getting over someone / mending a broken heart? you seem to be doing pretty well now even though i saw how hurt you were in the beginning? hope you are okay now

hey sunshine, everyone deals with things in their own way. i dont have set advice bc tbh i dont know how i got over it or managed to deal with it. i am doing very very well now and i am not heart broken (romantically) in the slightest, infact i am the mentally strongest i have ever been and i believe you will be too when you make it through this. you have to do things, go outside, go shopping, eat nice food, go walking. lots of walking. find new music. you will think of them a shit lot but thats ok. you will move on and you will grow. you will find good things about being alone, in the process of having a broken heart you will find how to fix it and this will build you up and make you stronger. strive for self security. take long baths, read books. i remember a while after the breakup i felt destroyed, i would remember what had happened and my heart would feel like it was falling. but soon it got better. it did. i made new friends, i became me. i was not anxious about being in a relationship anymore bc i wasn’t in one. i needed time to discover who i was. you can do this. i am mentally quite ok now, really i am. do not try and distract yourself from that one person by using other people, do not blame yourself for this heartbreak. its ok to mourn and cry and scream and be upset  .but dont sit around hoping your heart will fix itself whilst you lay in the darkness of your room remembering how you love them. get out there. learn to love the sunset again and the rainy days and the birds and the sound of your favourite song playing in your headphones as you walk. you can rewrite things for yourself x you can do this

Introducing Alystair!

pronouns: they/them or he/him
age: 20
online at: @Not_SoSure on twitter

Alystair wrote a short story titled “The Breath and the Dirt” for the pilot issue of Callithump! They describe the piece as, “Two boys grow up and fall in love in rural Kentucky.” His story contains beautiful visuals and a lovely depiction of the evolution of a relationship.

Pledge to the Callithump! Kickstarter to get a copy of the zine and read Alystair’s amazing contribution!

We asked each of our contributors to answer a few questions about themselves! Here are a few of Alystair’s answers:

Q: Describe your perfect weather:

A: “Bright sun, frequent breeze, clouds moving very quickly across the sky.”

Q: Can you boogie?

A: “I can fake it, but only with non-dancers.”

Q: Do you have a queer role model? If so, who?

A: “Miss Major.”

Q: When did you start writing?

A: “I started writing seriously when I was a senior in high school.”

Q: Tell us anything you’d like!

A: “I am embarrassingly bad at checkers. I have never won a game.”

laksjklajs gOD

for some reason i thought about one of my childhood friends who moved when we were still too young to stay in touch….anyways i checked her fb and turns out she’s got married and has a little baby and i’m like akjslkajslkasjlkajs????

i’m so happy for her. she was always mature for her age. i couldn’t imagine having a kid/marrying by 20 but she seems so happy. 

it’s amazing how the most obvious things in life like growing and moving on are also the ones that mostly strike us as odd and kinda fantastical. i’m just so…amazed at how many different ways life can go. 13 years ago we were little girls running through the school halls and now we’re here…leading entirely different life-styles even though we touched each other’s lives in some small way. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these things make life worth living tbh

This week, can we try for a little less absolutism (in all things but especially here).

None of us are angels or villains. We’ve all fucked up and moved on and tried to grow and exist in the messy space between good and bad choices that is life. 

This week, I’m going to breathe before reacting. I’m going to try and give the benefit of the doubt. I’m going to look for the best instead of seeing the worst.

I don’t want a world of monsters and martyrs.

I want to be a human, among humans, working out how to share our humanity

I have this awkward corner in the garden which has really rubbish, rocky soil underneath which is difficult to dig in- I really haven’t been sure what I should do with it. The pampas grass was already there when we moved in. I have made it as neat as possible with bricks along the edge and kept it weeded, and today planted some pink geraniums to cheer the corner up a bit.

I have been thinking about taking the pampas out and planting a small fruit tree- I mean one that isn’t going to get very big-that could fill the space nicely.

Any ideas, gardening friends? Any thoughts gratefully received!

I once had someone I cried for. I saw them as exactly what I needed in every way. We did drugs together. Traveled thousands of miles to see each other. When I realized that they didn’t see me that way it crushed me. I’d even go so far as to say permanently impacted how I view life and my place in it.

But hey. It took four years, but I’m here. I’ve moved on. Realized it just didn’t work and dropped it.

I’d say I’d regret the relationship, but I am sure I will get to a point where I can see it as a growing experience


And here is Page Six! I’m so very sorry for the wait. I was very unmotivated and couldn’t really think of anything for this page, despite it being unscripted.

But here it is!!

Joey got emotional knowing that the trio are gonna grow and move on with their lives, however there’s a lot of tests they would need to uptake before going out to the other side and experience the world.

Page Seven is where shit gets real. Like seriously.