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I know how everybody’s saying goodbyes to this show and the characters but I simply am not ready and it’s not over for me. It was a beautiful ending and I cried my eyes out 😢 But I am grateful to have met all the fans around the world who liked my fanart and love Evak together. Thanks for a great ride, SKAM.

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Hi, do you have a link or a gif set or something of the video when Tarjei runs back up the stairs to Henrik at the farewell party? :)

Hi, love

Well, there is this part:

Where Tarjei realizes Henrik still upstairs 

and there is one of Tarjei going upstairs x:

which seems to be right after this picture was taken 

I think is during the VG interviewing Ulrikke and they were at the background hahaha

Sometimes i think about how weird it must be for the skam actors, for example now Henrik and Tarjei, not to touch each other anymore. And no, i don’t mean this in a weird “i ship people in real life” way. Not at all. Hear me out.

I just mean that imagine how much time they have spent next to each other. During takes and between takes. How many times they laid next to each other in a scene and they called cut and they just stayed there because they’d go soon again anyway. Just imagine how comfortable you’d start being with a person. Yes, you are playing characters, but it’s still your body that’s laying there. Even when excluding all feelings and thoughts, It’s your body that can feel someone else’s body next to yours.

People always ask about the kissing. About how weird it is and all that. But for me small touches, hugs, hands on thighs and in someone’s hair, is way more personal and intimate than simply a kiss. Because you can kiss a stranger, but you need trust to let someone simply touch you. And these actors and these boys have gotten to the stage where they can in a scene stroke each others hair even if it’s not in the script, or out of the blue kiss each other on the cheek. These boys got so comfortable that they could kiss on live tv, without a warning or a reason. 

Or not without a reason. Skam was the reason. 

And now it’s in the past.