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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Changing plans, Part One

Summary: You’ve met Steve Rogers a few days ago and he tells you all about his best friend Bucky, who’s kinda into you. Ever wondered how a first date with him would be?

Word Count: 1196

Warnings: Maybe a curse word, mentioning of smut, kissing.

A/N: Omg, I fell in love with this story myself and I hope you will too! There will be a part two next week <3 

Friday morning

‘’Come on, Buck. It’ll be fun and you still owe me one so…’’ Steve said with a smirk on his face, taking a sip of his drink as he gave his best friend your number. Bucky rolled his eyes fondly and sighed, the corners of his mouth curling slightly upwards. ‘’Fine, I’ll ask her out. According to you, she must be amazing.’’

You’d met Captain a few days ago in Starbucks. He asked for a cappuchino, you recognized him and after spending your free time with him, you eventually gave him your number after he had told you about Bucky. 

You had just finished cleaning your small appartment when you sat down with a cup of coffee and your phone buzzed. It was a text saying;

 Hey, it’s me, Bucky. Wanna have dinner with me tonight at seven? I’ll text you the adress.

When you read it, you smiled without knowing it and bit your lip as you thought about what to send back. After a few minutes you’d made your mind up.

Hey. Steve told me about you. Sure, sounds good. See you soon ;)

Bucky was looking for a good restaurant with Steve when you texted back, gasping. ‘’Dude, she sent me a wink!’’ he said enthusiastically and showed Steve his phone. ‘’I told you, she likes you,’’ he murmured, a smug look on his face which made Bucky gave him a gentle push against his shoulder. ‘’Idiot.’’

Friday Evening

The time went fast and before you knew it, it was 18:30 and you had just showered and was currently applying lipstick. You sighed in relief as you finally succeeded without looking like a clown. You quickly dropped your towel on the floor and opened the door, breathing in some fresh air as you entered your bedroom. There were two outfits lying on your bed and you had no idea of what to wear. It was either a fancy dress with heels or a casual jeans with your favourite blouse and sneakers. ‘’Ugh, I don’t know,’’ you murmured to yourself and sat down on your bed until you decided to go casual, hoping Bucky wouldn’t take you somewhere too fancy. 

You were a bit disappointed by the time it was seven o’clock and your date still hadn’t texted you, wondering if he had forgotten you but then you got another text. 

‘’I can’t believe that you almost forgot to text her, Buck,’’ Steve said as he laughed a bit, shaking his head. ‘’I’m just way too nervous, okay?’’ he replied and hoped he wasn’t sweating too much again. He had showered two times and almost choked in the amount of deodorant he had sprayed on himself. 

Sorry for the delay. Time flies by, doesn’t it? I kinda changed my plans, can I pick you up?

You frowned a bit at the text and hesitated for a while but was too curious of what the new change in his plans was so agreed and you gave him your address, knowing you could trust him and Steve. Ten minutes later, your doorbell rang. This was it.

Bucky had left after he had received one more peptalk from his best friend, appreciating his worries but Steve had no need to. It was all gonna be fine. You opened your door excitingly and smiled widely as you scanned Bucky’s appearence. He was wearing jeans with a white shirt and a blazer that suited him well. ‘’Hey, come in,’’ you spoke happily, leaving the door open for him as you walked to your kitchen to grab a beer for him. 

‘’Hey! Oh, right,’’ he replied and closed the door, hesitating to sit down but when he was about to, you came back and chuckled. ‘’Please, sit down,’’ you assured him and he did as you said but still avoided eye contact. ‘’Thank you for the beer. How do you know I like that?’’ he asked but he figured out soon. 

‘’Steve.’’ You and Bucky both say and laughed, feeling a bond already. ‘’So, you suddenly changed your plans, how come? Are you expecting to get laid?’’ you joked and observed him for a bit. 

As he heard your words, Bucky spit out his mouth full of beer all over your table, blushing heavily. ‘’God, I am so sorry,’’ he stated and stood up but you giggled and quickly went to get a towel. ‘’It’s fine, don’t worry, Bucky. I can be a little overwhelming sometimes,’’ you explained before sitting down again. 

‘’Right, yeah, no, that’s great. I, uhh, I have a suprise for you, actually. That’s why I changed my plans,’’ Bucky told you and tried to stay calm and forget your ‘joke’. ‘’I was thinking about taking a cab to the park and have a nice picknick there?’’ 

Your eyes widened as you managed to put your hair into a messy knot, noticing Bucky kinda liked it that way. ‘’Wow. A picknick, huh? That’s romantic. Yeah, that sounds good, let’s go,’’ you murmured and grabbed your coat and scarf, taking Bucky’s hand. 

It was a beautiful night. The sky was clear and a billion stars were shining upon the world. You and Bucky had enjoyed the food he had purchased before picking you up and were now lying on the grass, enjoying the sight as you held each other’s hand. ‘’I’ve never done something so spontaneous, Buck,’’ you said calmly and shifted a bit closer to him, shivering. Bucky’s lips formed into a smile and noticed you were cold so pulled you closer, on top of him. You gasped in suprise and chuckled, happily snuggling into him. ‘’You’re pretty confident now, huh?’’ 

‘’I have no reason to be insecure, do I?’’ Bucky asked and hummed, feeling your breath in his neck, his stomach tingling. He was in love. ‘’Y/N…’’ he began and sat up slowly, holding your waist so you would stay. You sat on his lap and wrapped your arms around Bucky’s neck, biting your lip and before he could say another word, your lips were touching his. The kiss was very gentle and lovingly at first, the two of you getting used to eachother but soon, you were ready to take another step and you pressed your tongue against his lips, asking for permission. Bucky opened his mouth slightly so you could slip your tongue into his mouth and wonder around. His taste was like you’d expected, sweet. He pulled you even closer until there was no space left between your bodies and began to play with your tongue, laying back down on the grass, his hands moving to your back. After a minute, you pulled back to get some air and smirked, pressing a kiss on Bucky’s nose. ‘’Changing your plans was the best thing you could do,’’ you murmured and sighed satisfiedly, placing your head on his chest and he grinned. ‘’I’m glad I did but to be honest, you should thank Steve for the idea,’’ he admitted and looked at you with a casual smile. 

‘’I will. But first, you’re getting laid,’’ you whispered into your date’s ear and pecked his lips before standing up and running to the car, knowing he would follow you soon. And he did. 

To be continued…

hey guys!! so my best friend from home is visiting me at uni next weekend so i was thinking, would u guys be interested in doing a livestream sleepover ask thing on instagram?? it would be the same as the usual sleepover (where you guys send in asks about your crush stories/school achievements/ask for advice/tell me about what’s going on in ur life etc etc) but it would be in real time, and you’d have two people giving advice instead of the usual one (✿◠‿◠) if you’re interested, please let me know!! if not, the sleepover will still take place during the weekend on tumblr as planned - or if you prefer, i could host a joint one with my best friend on ig via livestream and then do a normal one on another day for people who don’t have ig/prefer the usual format? please let me know what you guys would like ✨

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on this day I can offer only my best pickup line: Are you John Adams? Because even though u may secretly be an imaginary gremlin man I still love and cherish u unconditionally

oh my god for some reason my askbox notifications weren’t working and i didn’t see this until now but yes that’s a fucking amazing pickup line and tbh i’d call you later on if u used that one on me

Penny is wed. It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.

All three of us are now nesting in different rooms and completely zooning out in a state of chocolate drunk and happily over-socialised stupor.

Thank you, all of you, for all the brilliant pics and gifs you sent me to help entertain Penny - they were much appreciated! I still have quite a few left, because we both got distracted actually interacting and enjoying ourselves at the reception. I now have things piled up to show her the next couple of days; that’s how good a wedding it was!

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“You should see me in my old uniform. I’m pretty sure it still fits.” Jisz

This was a pleasure

Jim Gordon had never seen Victor Zsasz flustered. And he was pretty sure he was accurate in thinking no one had.

Beaten up, yes. Bested and arrested, yes.

But flustered, not a chance.

Until the moment Jim walked out of his room, fresh from the shower, in his old army uniform; khaki jacket undone over a white vest above army standard slacks.

Jim had been right, they did still fit.

The conversation had happened days ago, and had been so throwaway Victor clearly hadn’t been expecting Jim to actually dig out the old uniform.

“You should see me in my old uniform. I’m pretty sure it still fits.”

“Oh yeah?”

Oh yeah.

“What do you think?” Jim asked, grinning teasingly when Victor shifted and looked away with a cough, trying to hide the surprised flush Jim had already seen.

Jim crossed to where the other man was leaning against the kitchen counter, fresh coffee forgotten.

“If you don’t like it I can take it off ag–” The rush of movement made Jim yelp, and in an instant Victor had him up on the kitchen counter, leaning up into his face with a heated gaze.

“Leave it on,” Zsasz grinned, despite his pinked cheeks, situating himself between Jim’s legs when the other man wrapped his arms around his shoulders with a smirk.

“I’ll help you take it off later.”

Gravity Falls Year One: Day 24: Sock Opera


(Sorry it’s so blurry! You know how tumblr is with larger pictures and such.)

The twitter version should be a lot less blurry though!:

Sock Opera is definitely one of the best episodes to look at, not to mention one of the more disturbing ones. Because, y’know, Bill. But regardless, it’s still one of the coolest episodes, that really seemed to stick with not only me, but with everyone else who watched it! Really happy I got to draw something for it!

lil vanessa and lil nina have never had a fight ever because they are the worlds most perfect friends and you can fight me on this

This is an entire universe, Skyfire, waiting for us! And we will experience all of it together!

A quick little thing for Valentine’s Day! (or Friend day or whatever type of day you would like to celebrate today!) I had wanted to make something cleaner and bigger, but today was work day so I didn’t get a lot of time for anything more than a colored scribble. Maybe later this week.

But!! I’d still like to take the opportunity and wish you all a very good day/evening/night, I appreciate all the kind words and support I’ve received from you lovely people over the three years that this blog has existed and just, thank you all! The Transformers experience has been a fantastic one for me thanks to you and I wish you all the Best!

Dear all forgotten “I love you"s
 Let me tuck you into bed for the last time 
Three words that used to have meanings 
Whispered before dawn, between twilights, 
behind sheets, above intertwined skin and breath 
I’ll tell you stories how you used to move my life 
From the void into speeding my heartbeat 
I never saw you again after he replaced you with so many “I’ll never leave you” “You’re the best thing that ever happen in my life” “But I’m busy” “You suffocate me” “I’m tired of this and you”
And finally “I’m sorry”
Let me tuck you into bed for the last time dear all of the broken promises in a bucketful of empty words 
One day I’ll wake you up when you’re ready 
Maybe in another language 
Maybe in another world 
But once I put you on a silver plate, 
please remember that I still worship your meaning beyond any other words
And I’ll spill you only for someone holy too

Episode 69 || Reactions to Vex’s Confession

“Percy, I don’t know if you can hear me… but… that day in Syngorn was one of the best moments of my life. And not because of what you think. It wasn’t because of my father, or the title. It was because of Whitestone. It was because of you. You allowed me to be a part of the thing that you hold dearest, and I’m so proud… but I don’t want to be here if you’re not. Whitestone still needs you, darling. I still need you here.” And I lean down, and I kiss him. And I say: “I should’ve told you: it’s yours.


Happy New Year! :D Wishing you all the best~

Technically, I’m super late with this, me being from the UK… So I’m just pretending to live in US time! XD

Sketched the kiss pic a few months back but never got around to finishing it. Err, the build-up to the kiss was pretty last minute hence why they’re still in pencil form– Hope you can still make out what’s going on there… ^_^;

Best of Wives & Best of Women Part 2

 Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part two requested by @whovianwriter  (part one here)

words: 3,006 holy crap im so sorry

warnings: a few swear words

a/n: yOU GUYS. 100+ followers, thank you so much, I love you ALL! In honor of you guys and @whovianwriter and her request, here is Best of Wives & Best of Women part two. Hope you all like it :) So sorry if this isn’t what you were expecting, I did my best sticking to your request! Don’t hate me! 

 (I don’t own any of the music lyrics mentioned here, all lyrics belong to the one and only!)

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  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b> Okay so BAP this year. Has a total of five(ITSSIXIFORGOTONE) MVs this year: Three Korean - Feel So Good, That's My Jam, Skydive. Two(THREE) Japanese: Feel So Good and Fly High (AND KINGDOM) Five Albums: One mini album (Carnival). Two single albums: one Korean (Put Em Up) and one Japanese (Fly High). Two FULL albums: one Korean (Noir: 13 tracks.) One Japanese (Best. Absolute. Perfect: 14 tracks) three of which are original Japanese songs. And on top of that a world tour (24 different dates.) 4th time being #1 on iTunes. Built a school. Filmed their own variety show (One Fine Day)<p/><b></b> AND they're still promoting without their leader. All in one year!! And YOURE TELLING ME PEOPLE AREN'T GIVING THEM THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE. sksjsondosndiamsoupsetpwjdoslwbd9wmdb. /Endless screaming/<p/></p>

I LOVE THE FACT THAT BAEKSOO ARE BEST FRIENDS it just makes me so happy like their platonic love for eachother should not be disregarded bc yall think ksoo hit baek bc he hates him lmao remember showtime days where they did that one interview together as mcs i feel like baek did most of the talking bc he felt ksoo was still a bit camera shy n i appreciated that alot and also that time where ksoo hugged baek at the airport, he was getting alot of hate at that time:( their personalities kind of balance each other out but from other exo member accts ksoo could be as 4D as baek and i think that’s beautiful…get u a best friend that can play around but still love u and support u as much as baeksoo……


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You amaze me. A kid called me out for reading fan fiction in class and I showed them ur work and now I have a new freind. 1, 3, 85, or 100 wolfstar for the Drabble challenge please?thank you for existing. Sincerely, me and the kid. (Ps. Our anatomy teacher kinda hates you for making us cry in class really sorry she just doesn't understand yet)

First of all, this is probably one of the best complements and asks I’ve ever gotten so thank you for this. I know it was a while ago but still, this means everything. Yay to new friends and fanfic :) <3 Thank you so much!

Remus has alternated between worrying in the common room, practically driving James mad with his pacing, and hovering in the doorway of the dormitory, from which Sirius had yet to emerge from all day. He hadn’t even touched the food plates Remus had brought up for him.

“Moony, c’mon, please.” James removed his glasses, rubbing at his homework-tired eyes, “Either talk to him or don’t but just stop with the fucking-“

“I know, I know.” Remus sighed, falling down onto the couch next to Lily who took his hand sympathetically.

“Has he, y’know, said anything?” Lily asked gently.

“No. Fuck, no, he hasn’t.” Remus ran a hand over his face, “Whatever was in that fucking letter though… God, he won’t even talk to me he’s just sitting on that window ledge fucking staring into space. God, I don’t know if someone died or-“

“I can’t think of someone in that house who could die and he’d react this way about- fuck, ow! Lils, what-“

Lily tossed her book back down, James rubbing his shoulder, “They’re still his family, James! Psycho or not…” She added quietly, quill starting to scratch at her essay again.

James shrugged helplessly at him, and Remus sighed for what felt like the thousandth time.

“I’m going to try again.”

He took the stairs two at a time, only to breathlessly halt in the doorway again. As suspected, Sirius had yet to move. His knees were brought to his chest, arms wrapped tightly around himself. The evening light haloed his profile as he stared out the window over looking the lake and mountains.

Remus bit his lip, finally stepping in and shutting the door softly behind him, never taking his eyes from Sirius. His steps were careful and slow as he approached him.

“Pads?” He cleared his throat, voice coming out too soft.

Sirius didn’t move, didn’t even look up. Remus’ throat tightened. He sighed and gave up on the ‘giving him space’ tactic completely, sitting down on the edge of the window seat, one hand coming up to rest over one of Sirius’ atop his knee. Still, he received no response.

Remus’ brows knit, “Love, please. Please look at me… I want- I need to help you. Merlin, I can’t fucking stand seeing just sitting there all day. I can’t stand seeing you like…” Remus shook his head, holding Sirius’ hand tighter, waiting.

Sirius let out a breath that puffed out his cheeks a bit, and tilted his head back to lean against the stone wall. His eyes moved slowly from the window to Remus’. They were red rimmed and puffy. Remus’ heart broke a little. He doesn’t remember ever seeing Sirius cry before, ever. Not even when he broke his arm in second year.


Sirius shook his head, silencing Remus immediately. He sat up, scooting forward a little and looking again to Remus. Remus tilted his his head, confused.

“Can we-“ Sirius cleared his throat, voice rough, “Can you… Y’know, like when you’re reading…”

And Remus understood immediately, heart practically melting at the soft request, and scrambled up, sliding easily behind Sirius and pulling his back against his chest, resting Sirius’ body easily between his legs. Remus felt Sirius’ body relax into him at the familiar position, and he wound his arms around his waist, pressing soft kisses to his temple when Sirius let his head drop back against his shoulder.

“Good?” Remus murmured, pushing Sirius’ hair gently off his forehead.

“Mm..” Sirius hummed softly, pressing into Remus’ lips. Remus looked at his closed eyes and turned down mouth and wanted to kiss every sign of worry away.

Sirius let out another breath, fiddling with Remus’ fingers resting atop his stomach, and finally the truth came out.

“They disowned me.”

Remus’ eyes widened at that, “They- what?”

Sirius pressed against Remus, trying to soak up all the comfort and courage he could, “I’m not a Black anymore. At least not to them. I-“ Sirius cursed, hating the way his throat was tightening up, “Fuck, I hate them. I hate them I don’t know why I’m so- I don’t know what’s wrong with me-“

Remus shushed Sirius softly, noting the tears in his voice, and pulled him closer, fitting his hands to his hips to guide Sirius into flipping over and straddling his waist instead, “Pads-“

“And don’t tell me it’s normal to feel this way because I know that, I just don’t want-“ He cursed as tears fell down his cheeks and pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes, “I don’t want to feel like this. Remus, I don’t want to care-“

“I know..” Remus guided Sirius’ hands away from his eyes, taking them both into his own for a moment, kissing the knuckles, before cupping Sirius’ cheeks, thumbs swiping the tears away, “I know you don’t. Merlin, Pads, I…”

Remus didn’t know what to say. ‘Sorry’ didn’t work, because he knew Sirius wouldn’t want to hear that. He had a family who wasn’t like him, whom he hated, but that didn’t make losing that family any easier…

“You have us.” Remus mouth said it before his brain could catch up.

“You have us.” He pushed a hand through Sirius’ hair, “You lost one family but- but one is right here waiting for you, okay? Alright? And we really, really love you. Prongs, Pete, Lils… me.” Remus’ cheeks warmed at the way Sirius was looking at him, “Fuck, Pads, I love you so much, okay? As in I don’t know what to do with this much… emotion half the time-“

Remus let out a relieved smile when Sirius snorted at that, wiping at his eyes with one hand and pressing the other to Remus’ neck, thumb brushing over his pulse point. Remus bit his lip, “But it’s true, really.”

Sirius nodded, pressing his face back into Remus’ neck, letting a few more tears escape but, this time, out of relief and out of love for this boy holding him so tightly.

“You’re everything, Re…” Sirius pressed his lips to Remus’ jaw, “You’re fucking everything.”

Remus just held him tighter, maybe blushing a little, and never wanting to go a whole day without hold Sirius like this again.

[22/11/16] SHINee @ BNR

                     Compiled from Minhole, Zoeyyy, 2505S5INee

                                              (Very Long Post)

J: Why’s everyone so tired?
O: I filmed a variety show before this..
Taemin said he did one today and another yday and didn’t sleep well.
Minho had schedules since 4am and was busy the whole day.
Key had a gathering with his staff from Drinking solo since they didn’t get a chance to and he was still feeling drunk.

The choreo was made such that they could use a hand mic when they usually use head mic.  

Taemin participated in making the choreo
T: I tried to include emotional movements.
J: member who gives that feeling best?
T: .kibum?
T:i think its me..?

Onew wrote “Beautiful Life” lyrics before “So Amazing”.  

J: Logo song from Coffee boy
M: I thought that was Onew hyung
O: Oh, I don’t even remember I recorded the logo song?  

Minho fire car scene
T: it feels like i’m killing Minho hyung
M: why did you kill me?
T: I felt bad as i was running towards i don’t know whether to feel bad or happy. 

Roles in MV
K: Driver.
O: loner.  

(Kibum asking Minho to buy him another car)
Minho: I’ll buy you a car but I’ll take a house from you
Taemin: I’ll take both Minho and Key  

Before playing “Rescue”
J: there’s a “Ah” in the song, whose voice is it? We shall talk about it after playing the song.
*all start guessing*
J: all of us recorded the “Ah” part, so, we might have to contact the sound engineer to check. So, we can’t give the answer right away.   

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A/N: i don’t care what anyone says jasper was the hottest character in the whole of the twilight series. team Edward? or team Jacob? fuck that i’ll take every single one of the Cullen’s besides Edward any day


When Bella made a permanent resident at phoenix with mum I stayed with dad, and boy am I glad I did. Jasper Whitlock Hale has been the best thing that has happened to me in my dysfunctional life and although the wolves and the Cullen’s don’t get along, I can still be friends with the both of them, save for the comments made about each other. When Bella moved back to forks it got complicated and difficult when she started to like Edward and tried to figure out who or what he was.

‘(Y/n)!’ Bella yells storming into my room only to stumble upon me curled up against jasper’s body

‘What?’ I whine not wanting to get up as I was comfortable and this was the best sleep I have had in a while seeing as jasper and I only just got back together after we had a pretty bad fight.

‘Um. Can I talk to you privately please’ she says starting to sound urgent

‘Only if you promise not to tell dad that I have a boy in my room’ I say, well more like mumble still tired

‘Yeah sure’ she replies quickly, still reluctant I start to slowly move well that was until jasper spoke up

‘come on darlin’ you still have school this mornin’ anyway so you might as well get up now’ his accent prominent

‘I ain’t going anywhere when you talk to me like that’ I say seductively forgetting that my sister was still in the room

‘(Y/n)! Come on, now’

‘Fine’ I roll out of bed still reluctant and as soon as I get into Bella’s room she shoves a piece of paper into my face and when I give her a questioning look she just points to her ears and then points to the door, I sigh and read the paper and start to laugh,

You can’t trust jasper or his family, they are dangerous wait until after school and I’ll know for certain if they are safe or not


‘Yeah that’s not going to happen’ I say chuckling as I left her room and went to get ready for school today.

just going to leave this here because i think he honestly looks so god damn sexy in this.

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