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A Tale Of Two Lobsters: my LOFT 89 experience.

taylorswift, (sorry in advance about my rambling)

So I guess I’ll start from the very beginning! I was graciously given a ticket to go to 1989 Tour OTTAWA by my dear friend lindslovesswift a month or so before the show. (Which is SO NICE. Like who does that!?) So the day of the show came and I went to the venue super super early to check out other peoples awesome costumes, make some friends and also meet up with Lindsay and the girls she brought with her! I was there for probably about 5 hours before doors and was walking around outside when all of a sudden I saw Kevin, from TN, taking photos of peoples costumes for Tays website! He came up to me and was like “…oh my god thats HILARIOUS. TAYLORS LOBSTER.. like from friends!” and I was all “YES. SOMEONE GETS IT!” And then proceeded to explain to him how Tay and I talk online and stuff and he said it was super nice meeting me and hoped taylor would see my outfit (oh and where they were set up inside haha.)

So then I went inside the venues restaurant and sat while Lindsay and the girls ate some food before the show.. and all of a sudden my tumblr and twitter BLEW UP because taylor liked my little post about meeting Kevin. It was UNREAL. Note: Even while all this was going on though I was still 98% convinced I wasn’t meeting Taylor but was okay with that! I just really didn’t want to get my hopes up because its nearly impossible for it to happen.

Anyways! Doors open and we rush to TN’s booth. (SO COOL btw.) I eventually get near the front and Kevin’s standing there with his iPhone, playing 1989, and goes “okay guys whats the next song?” and I say “OOTW. Obviously!” and he looks up and goes “HEY ITS THE LOBSTER LIZ!!” and I kind of die. I say hello and that its so cool he remembered me and he goes “SO.. I didn’t realize how big of a deal you were when we met.. like.. Taylor really likes your posts and stuff and when I was backstage… someone was talking about you a lot back stage… BUT you didn’t hear it from me!” and he casually laughs as I TRY NOT TO CRUMPLE UP ON THE GROUND. We take my TN photo and he goes “SO nice to see you again Liz.. I hope I see you really really soon ;)”……LIKE OKAY SURE KEVIN SAME!

We get to our seats and Vance Joy begins (SO crazily talented btw) and then its getting near when Taylor’s coming on and then… Feel So Close comes on and I instantly lose my shit. Tears are forming, I can feel it, the time right before you realize Taylor Swift is an actual human being and is in the same room as you. UNREAL. WTNY starts and she comes out, flawless as always, and I am so into the show. Honestly, as cliche as it can sound, I really wasn’t thinking about LOFT 89 because the show is such a production you really do get lost in its beauty. So.. its about when IKYWT is ending and Lindsay taps me on the shoulder and goes “OH MY GOD I THINK SOMEONE FROM TN IS COMING OUR WAY.” and sure enough it was Steph.. she comes to our isle.. walks past the other girls I’m with and stops right at me (I’m in the middle of the row) and goes “Im here for you, Liz. Taylor asked me to personally come and find you tonight because she really wants to meet you after the show in Loft 89. Do you think yo’d be able to come?” AND I START SOBBING. “OF COURSE OF COURSE I WANT TO COME.” and so she gives me the wristband and paper and I hugged her SO tight and kept thanking her and she goes “Don’t thank me, thank Taylor, this is all her!” She then gives wristbands to Lindsay and the girls also because I explained that she gave me a ticket and I want them to come with me! I look up and see Taylor just talking to the crowd and I start sobbing again because I finally realize that I am meeting my hero. After the show ends we all met up, went over the rules in LOFT and then proceeded to go down the stairs of the deep arena, into where it was. I saw the door way and was just beyond excited. like.. I had been imagining this moment for 8 years and IT WAS FINALLY HAPPENING.

Once inside Loft 89 I immediately screamed “OH MY GOD THE PIZZA!” And ran right for it and went ham. It was SO GOOD. I took a polaroid with the pizza, the inside of Loft, Taylor’s carpet inside and well.. the one with tay. My phone died shortly after finding out so I let all you guys know and then realized “oh crap.. HOW am I going to get my photo with her!?” Thankfully I brought my own personal Polaroid camera to take photos on throughout the day (like with the busses and stuff) The inside of Loft 89 is SO SMALL but its insanely cozy. There were only about 15 of is in there so it wasn’t super crowded or anything. It literally felt like I dream. Tay also had a really dope playlist going, which included Haim, Flo Rida, Echosmith, Lorde, 5H and more! I tried to take in as much as I could haha.

Then.. Taylor walks in.. and my heart pretty much stopped. Her thick, stock heels made her this gloriously tall goddess of good smells and amazing hair. (P.S TAY. I KNOW EVERYONE ASKS THIS BUT WHAT WERE YOU WEARING? YOU SMELT AMAZING.) She talked to 3 other groups before she came over to me.. and then I look over and All I see her do is walk over to me and go “HEY BUDDY!!!!” And wrap her amazingly long and strong arms around me as I tippy-toe up for out hug. It really was the best hug I’ve ever received. “ITS MY LOBSTER!” she says as I say it back to her as well. “So.. I kind of saw your post and I just had to meet you. We’ve been talking online for so long I felt it was about time! Also your shirt is amazing!! where did you get it?” Me: “Taylor I kid you not, it was a solid 2 day search on eBay for ANYTHING that was even kind of lobster related” she’s dying of laughter and goes “SEE thats the problem. No one else really appreciates Lobsters or lobster patterned things like we do. They just don’t get it.” we then proceeded to quote scenes from “The One With The Prom Video” (the friends episode where the whole Lobster thing came about) back and forth to each other and it was INSANE. We were laughing and doing Phoebe Buffays crazy voices and It honestly felt like I was talking to one of my long time friends. She then signs my blown up polaroid (and when she drew the lobster for me I felt the tears brewing.) I LOVE IT AND CANT WAIT TO FRAME IT!! We then got into talking about some of my own personal fears (that I’m not going to go to in detail about because somethings I do want to keep to myself) but it was about how Im very nervous to go into my twenties, and Taylor basically said that

(you) can’t go into your twenties having a predetermined idea of what is or isn’t going to come out of them. You could have the best year of your life be 20, you just don’t know like.. oh perfect example!! I thought 2013 was going to be my best year because, you know, with the whole 13 thing, and then it just turned into the worst year of my life and having people just message “DIE SLUT.” to me every time I was online… but then you have years like 24 where its your best year you’ve ever lived and it makes up for everything. In your twenties you’ll look back on it and probably have a favourite year. Thats something to look forward too. But for now, just don’t be afraid of whats ahead, because living your life being afraid isn’t healthy and you deserve the best, liz.”

(It took everything in me not to sob. She is such an angel and I will hold those words with me forever.)

We also discussed 90′s television and my best friend homoheroine and how having abby in my life because of her and her music is something I will forever be grateful for. She loved hearing that. Then we took our photo and I asked if it was okay if it was on a polaroid because my phone died and she says “YEAH Thats so perfect” and she goes “okay we totally have to do Lobster claws” “LOBSTER CLAWWWWS!!!!! *photo takes* Oh.. thats so awkward people are staring.. its okay guys!! its just an inside joke.. we’re lobsters hahaha” and then I go “well I guess in 30 minutes we’ll find out if it happened LOL” Taylor then hugged me and moved on to talking to Lindsay and the other girls and everyone else in LOFT 89. As she gave me her final hug, she said she loved meeting me and hoped we’d see each other again soon.

The most insane 10 minutes of my life. EVER.

Taylor. I am so beyond words for how much that night and getting to say everything I’ve ever wanted to say to you, meant to me. I love you so much its unreal. Im sure my 11 year old self would want me to say “Thank you for showing me its cool to love Tim McGraw” because she got picked on A LOT for loving country music, and you helped her realize its okay to love what you love and you shouldn’t let anyone interfere with that. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. I’ll see you online, and in OCTOBER FOR 1989 TORONTO!!

Love always,

Liz. (Your Lobster.)

Preference #93 You Smoke Weed With Him

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 “Cmon Harry, just one hit won’t kill you.” Zayn says extending the rolling, piping hot joint out in Harry’s direction. All night you’ve been trying to convince him to try it. But if you know anything about Harry you know that he hates smoking. It’s not that he cares what you’re smoking, to him smoking anything is bad. 

“I’ll pass,” he says crossing his arms over his chest and checking over his shoulder for what seemed to be the 50th time that night. 

“You’re more paranoid than I am babe.” You say tucking into his side a bit more.  It’s cold in the bus garage where the boys decided to come and smoke. Behind a trailer full of who knows what, next to an open door, so the smoke can escape.

“Awe Harry, don’t look so pissed. You knew we were coming out here to smoke.” Liam says from across the small space. The ruffle of a potato chip bag, draws everyones attention to Niall, for just a second. They are supposed to be quite. And the air coming out of that bag was exactly the opposite.

“What? Im hungry!” He defends pulling the bag closer and shoving a handful into his mouth.

“I’m not pissed Liam.” Harry snaps back and pulls his phone out to check the time. “I just don’t agree the the inhalation of toxins is all….I’m not pissed.” He repeats. By the time you have passed around the second joint Harry had loosened up a bit. “Why do you guys even smoke that stuff?” He asks pointedly.

“You’ve obviously never done it before…” Taking another hit from the joint Louis passed, you lock eyes with him. “It’s wonderful.” you cough out, and extend it to him in another attempt to get him to try. This time he doesn’t say no. He looks around the circle at everyone one.

“That-a boy Haz, just one hit mate.” Louis taunts. Harry looks over his shoulder one more time before, “Fine, but just to see what all of the fuss is about.” He takes a deep breath and puts the paper to his lips. Its sort of unnatural to see him doing it. 

No more than 10 minutes later you’re all laughing loudly over a joke they had all heard over a hundred times before. 

“He was in the pantry the whole time!” Harry booms, wiping tears that just keep flowing over his  cheeks. But it all stopped when they heard a very familiar voice calling fro them. 

“Boys! Are you in here? You’d better not be smoking that shit again.” Alberto called from somewhere in the garage.

“Time to go,” Zayn says taking another hit and running right out the back door. They never do manage to get caught.


”I don’t think I’ve ever been this high before,” you say after blowing out a cloud of thick smoke. Only and hour ago he’d come bounding into the hotel room, with a bag of the dankest weed you’ve ever smelled. The memory is slightly hazy now, but your sure you remember him talking excitedly about the show.

‘You should’ve seen da crowd tonight!’

‘Some girl threw a Harry bobble head and nailed him right in da jewels. It looked like him though so we kept it… Best fans in da world.’

The whole time he didn’t mention once, the ounce of weed he was flailing around in his hand as he spoke.

“Niall baby? Whatcha got there?” You ask motioning to the baggie clenched in his hand. He looked up as if he had no clue what you were talking about. 

“Oh, yeah. Well Zayn and Louis have a friend here who happens to have a hook up. They say its da best they’ve ever smoked.” You squint your eyes at him. Assessing the way he’s swaying while he stands. His face is far more relaxed than when he’d left for the show. Which never happens, plus he’s talking so much. Sure niall is talkative, but now like this. 

“Niall James Horan, did you smoke without me?!” You play offended and approach his slowly. Once your face to face with him you can really tell. His lids are barely open and his eyes are red. He leans down to kiss you when you pull back and snatch the bag from him. “I guess were going to have to fix that.” 

And thats how you both wound up naked in the hotel bathtub tangled around each other in a cloud of smoke.


“Wait, wait, wait!” Liam said pulling the perfectly rolled cross joint from your lips.

“I almost forgot to poke holes in them, wouldn’t want to waste all that amazing Kush.” He chuckled unfolding a paperclip between his teeth.

He surgically probed at the joints before handing it back to you.

“First of all just don’t say kush. Second how did you even know how to make these?” You asked turning to look for your lighter.

“Well, Seth Rogan for sure, Zayn, and rewatching 'Pineapple Express’ about a million times.“ He said counting on his fingers.

"It’s almost a shame to smoke it..” You quoted, twirling it between your fingers.

“…it’s like killing a unicorn, with a bomb!” He laughed.

You shrugged, “Oh well. Now are you going to help me light this then?”

Giving you a cheeky smile Liam pulled two extra lighters from his front pocket, “Course.”


Nearly thirty minutes later the two of you were sprawled across your bedroom floor with snacks galore. The pizza you had somehow managed to order, had been delivered only a few minutes earlier and you and Liam  couldn’t have been more thrilled.

“What did we even order babe? Haha I don’t remember.” Liam chuckled trying to open the box.

“I-uhm, pepperoni?” You said softly.

Liam, who had already eaten half a slice, snorted as he asked “Why the hell are you whispering?”

You stared blankly at him, giving your brain a moment to process what he said before shaking yourself back into focus.

“Am I whispering?”

“AHAHa” He laughed, taking another bite of his pizza.

You scooted closer to Liam, grabbing yourself a slice of pizza goodness. Liam moaned loudly as he bit into his second slice. Loud enough where you weren’t going to be able to stop yourself from laughing.

“You enjoying yourself there Payno?” You teased.

“Why? Is someone a bit jealous?” He said nudging your arm.

“OH, yeahh. I’m just steaming.” You said, your voice oozing with sarcasm. 


“Whats all this?” You ask pushing around the several different sacks of weed he had splayed across his tea table. He had everything ready for “date night”. His Marvel movies are all neatly stacked near the Blue-ray player. All the food, drinks you needed for days, and of course hundreds of dollars of weed. There was no way you could smoke it all, but he liked to have options. 

“Go on then,” he nodded at the massive glass piece on the center of the table. “I already packed it, its all ready to go.” He picks up a remote hits a series of buttons and relaxes back into the couch. You lean forward and put you mouth on the perfectly round opening. with the flick of a lighter the bowl begins to bubble and fill with smoke. Before you can think to hold in the thick smoke, your already coughing. You both take turns going back and forth, packing bowl after bowl. 

“Hey Lou?” You look over at him slowly. “Do you think that like, birds have feelings?” He looks back at you.

“What?” His eyes are barely open now. But you can tell he’s still watching you. 

“Do you think birds have feelings?” You ask again in all seriousness. But before you can get the question out, he’s erupted into laughter. And just watching his was enough to trigger your own laughing. The kind of laughing that leaves you out of breath eveytime you try and process any new information. 

Each time he tries to answer you, another wave of laughter comes over you, tightening the muscles in your stomach more and more. 

“Oh my god,” you gasp. “It hurts,” you laugh. “Shut up, it hurts.”


“Zayn?” The metal roof door creaks open. The air is different out here. Fresher? You can here the busy street some 20 stories below. “Zayn!” You whisper again. A muffled cough draws your eye to the far side of the rooftop. As your eyes begin to adjust, you can now tell why he’d come all the way up here. “Zayn Malik, is that you?” You say in a flat unamused tone. A pillar of sweet smelling smoke erupts from his lips, followed by a quiet chuckle and cough.

“Hey babe, I was just thinking about you!” His voice sounds quiet and relaxed. He brings the expertly rolled blunt back to his lips and inhales. The cherry glows bright and illuminates his face. His eyes are only partially open now, the weed has obviously kicked in. “Wanna hit,” he asks extending his arm to offer the stick to you.

“I can’t smoke that.” You gasp glancing over your shoulders. “It’s illegal.” He just chuckles a bit and let’s the smoke roll slowly out of is nose. “Y/N, come here.” He motions for you to sit in his lap.

“Zayn, what if some one sees us?” The worry in your voice is clear.

“No one is going to see us,” he tries to assure you. “I’m very well hidden.” He raises his eyebrows, and you can fell yourself giving in. You close the space between you and settle yourself against the unit as well. You watch as he takes another long pull. He turns toward you and pulls your face into his. You can feel his tongue travel over your lips. You can fell the smoke burning your lunges as he breathes it into you. “No was that so bad?” He taunts as he sits back with an amused grin.

A/N- Because its still 420 where I am. Yeah yeah, peer pressure. I never claimed to be a good person. Happy 420! Celebrate and be merry ;)

-Aria & Milk xx