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do i chase the night (or does the night chase me)

Summary: Not long after making it back from Scarif, Cassian is surprised by a knock on his door in the middle of the night. (Cassian/Jyn)

Rating: All Ages || Word Count: 1168


Cassian jolted awake, breath caught in his chest, screams locked up as a lump in throat. He’d hoped when he collapsed into bed earlier that evening that the nightmares would be banished for a night due to sheer exhaustion.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed with a grimace and started working on regulating his breathing, on pushing the nightmare images out of his head. A shuddering breath escaped him and Cassian glanced back at his pillow longingly, knowing it was probably too much to ask to get some more sleep tonight.

He was just reaching for a datapad to catch up on reviewing some mission reports when there was a soft knock on his door.

Cassian frowned and struggled to his feet, at a loss as to who would be at his door at this time of night. When the door snicked open he was greeted with the sight of a small person with a blanket around their shoulders starting to walk away.

He blinked, certain he was imagining things. “Jyn?”

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Mattelektra week |  day 7  | free choice 

➜ Matt “you’re the most important” Murdock 


Connections I managed to make from the Change Up MV (most are nonsensical, I’m aware)

The sticky notes and other school supplies on the table = Q & A

The papers on the floor = Vocal unit’s concert vcr

The platform in the dark room = Performance unit’s concert vcr

Fireworks = Boys Be jacket filming + Pretty U MV + Boomboom MV

The car in general = Adore U MV

Neon lights = Hip Hop unit’s concert vcr 

Woozi and Hoshi’s mirror moment = Adore U MV 

Phone case had a chessboard and chess piece = MAMA Aju Nice performance

Phones on the table = concert vcr + Hoshi’s teaser for DWC

Bursting through the wall = Aju Nice era (heartbeat explosions) + BoomBoom (when Mingyu set off the bombs they had to run from)*

Clock spinning counter-clockwise: Mingyu’s DWC teaser 

Books = Concert VCR where Hoshi and Woozi are reading flaming books

M&Ms = Joshua’s DWC  photoshoot

TV = Wonwoo’s DWC teaser 

Change up booklet Coup was holding = the guy on the front looks like Coup; Woozi has baseball experience.

Flaming SVT logo = that one time the ribbon Seventeen logo from Pretty U era was lit on fire for a Chuck performance

okay real talk but i really wish the Real Shiro was here to have a vlog because i want to know more about him? i want to know where he comes from and who his family is, or how he feels about being a part of voltron, or what his insecurities are

but instead we have kuron, and who knows how the vlog will play out, and i’m worried it won’t really tell us much about shiro at all

me: i’m so over naruto. i don’t do that anymore, of course. all i care for is tony stark


me, immediately: o..h….. my go.d……. *inhales* RASENGAN


Another pregnant zhanna doodles


Welp, @destatree finished my celeb AU chapter…

….as promised I’ll be doing a double promptis post for her! Here is the first one; boys in their ugly, disgustingly sweet and very accurate matching hoodies that is well heavily inspired by her Ludic fic instead ahahaha! I found them on pinterest and went for it! 


this love is o u r s


“Do you remember that restaurant where we used to get the chocolate croissants and the espressos in the morning?” Hammer asked Chalamet, who simpered in response. “Do you remember that little place on the piazza where they had the pizza and the other stuff?”

“Ahhhh, yeah,” Chalamet gushed.

“You remember everything,” Hammer said.

“Speranza!” Chalamet recalled, referring to an eatery.

“Yeah, Speranza,” Hammer said. “Where they had the fish. I mean, Timmy’s got some great memories, too. It was an experience that was so surreal and such a treat that honestly if nobody saw the movie, if nobody liked it, if it didn’t go anywhere, I’d still carry it with me as such a point of pride.”

i love the blue lions children (i am the blue lion, loving + supporting allura and lance’s personal journeys) 

  • Me: I read Killing Stalking chapter 27. Nothing can hurt me more than this! :D
  • Me: *reads Royal Servant chapter 34*
  • Me: Nothing can hurt-
  • Me: *reads Super Lovers chapter 30*
  • Me: Nothing-
  • Me: *watches Hitorijime My Hero episode 2*
  • Me: F U C K