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Keith Kogan: A Portrayal of Homosexuality Done Right

I always tell people that Voltron is a lot more clever than it gets credit for. It can spin a cliche/trope on it’s head beautifully, and while all the characters are easily digestible archetypes (i.e: the nerd, the loner), the creators add layers to them that not only make them feel like real people, but also makes social commentary on those very archetypes.

In no better way do they do this than with the character of Keith.

Before I get into how and why Keith deviates from you’re typical gay male protagonist, I want to establish as a fact that Keith is homosexual.

If you don’t see - what I consider to be - blatant evidence that Keith’s gay, well, I can’t say I blame you. Most people have ingrained heteronormative lenses, meaning they’ll miss the subtext of homosexual characters. Us in the LGBT community are much more attuned to seeing these because, well, for one, we’re queer, and two, because up until around the 1960s, the portrayal of gay characters in the media was illegal and could only be shown subtextually.

So it makes sense that people overlook the very nuanced portrayal of Keith’s sexuality, but if you’re willing to take off those lenses, it’s certainly there.

The first standout appearance of this is in season 1 episode 6: Taking Flight. Or as I like to call it, the day the shows name officially changed to Gaytron: Legendary Homosexuals

I think one of the disconnects for some viewers is that they don’t completely grasp the saying, “Show don’t tell,” the mantra of pretty much every writer. Not always, but typically, showing is better than telling. Or more accurately, telling needs to be used at the correct times and for the right reasons.

So how do they show us that Keith’s gay in this episode? Through three things, body language, actions, and juxtaposition.

You don’t have to be a body language specialist to understand the clear meaning behind Keith’s posture. Leaning, looking someone up and down, and a small, lingering smile/smirk are all subconscious signs of attraction. They’re also common ways of depicting male attraction in the media.

Speaking of depicting male attraction, lets look at how Lance’s flirts in the same episode.

Leaning. Check. Lingering smile. Check. Engaged eye contact. Check. The biggest difference is how blatant they are in their intentions, but that comes down to pure character difference. Keith is self assured and more genuinely confident. He also has a lot of walls up and isn’t so open. While Lance puts on a show/over compensates so that he might appear cool. You can also see this in their respective ‘I’m-checking-you-out’ postures. Lance’s body is open, he’s engaged and his eyes are on Nyma’s eyes. While Keith’s posture is interested, but more in an appreciative way. His body is closed off, and instead of looking Rolo in the eyes, he looks at his - um - physique. This is really fitting for Keith’s character, who again, has walls, and who also puts this mission first, and most likely has no intention of letting this attraction lead to anything other than having a nice piece of eye candy around for a couple of hours.

This is textbook juxtaposition. So moving along now.

I don’t want this to be a shippy post, so I won’t add all the times I think Keith shows attraction towards Lance, but I do want to mention this scene.

The use of the rainbow(the most recognizable symbol in the gay community) over lapping the bi flag colors is relevant for the same reason why the use of purple to symbolize the Galra is relevant. Purple represents royalty, imperialism, but also gloom and danger. The use of these colors and symbols are conscious choices.

While the above scene shows that Keith is attracted to men, this scene shows that Keith is also not attracted to woman.

What I love about this scene is that it’s such a cliche, and like I said up above, Voltron is good at turning those on their head. Here they utilize the tiered and true trope of accidentally falling into each others arms. If this was a hetero-centric Romcom than this moment would’ve been obviously meant to establish attraction, but instead, it does the opposite. Rather Keith personally likes Allura or not, she’s a knock out. So, if he’s attracted to women at all, and isn’t use to having that contact- which hes not - he should be at least somewhat shocked/flustered. If it had been an attractive guy that fell into Keith’s arms, I have no doubt that his reactions would be something beyond that blank stare. Considering he literally gasps every time Lance touches him

The last piece of “evidence” I want to show isn’t as blatant and may just be my perspective, but it’s worth mentioning.

The themes of Keith’s Galra arc are very reminiscent to coming out. He’s discovering parts of himself. He’s internalizing and hiding away said parts. He’s scared of what the people he cares about will think of him when they find out. If this is intentional, it’s brilliant, because while Voltron is set in a futurist world where sexuality is supposedly not an Issue, it still is for the youth of today. Meaning by having these similar themes, Keith becomes more relatable to LGBT people.

This is the part where, if you still don’t think Keith’s gay, I’ll have to calmly yet firmly ask you to get off my fucking lawn. For the rest of you, onward to victory!!!

LGBT individuals have a history of being badly represented in the media, especially now that gay characters have become a marketing strategy for a more progressive consumer base. Their whole character is often reduced to stereotypes or used as a giant walking gay pride flag that reads: look at us, we’re hip and with the times. Meaning, the majority of these characters plots and personalities are based solely on their sexuality. Which is a problem, because not only does it not help to normalize homosexuality, but it’s just not relatable to LGBT people.

I’ll give you an example. My mom’s a lesbian. She married to a woman and has two daughters, one who is trans and one who is bi. But despite how “gay"her life may seem, she very rarely describes herself as that way. She’s not active in LGBT issues. She doesn’t involve herself in the community. Shes not lesbian first and everything else afterward, and she is certainly not alone in that experience. Don’t get me wrong, LGBT individuals are more aware of their sexuality than cishet people, but it’s typically only because others point it out and remind us that its not "normal.” Still, for a lot of LGBT people, our sexuality is just one part of our personal narrative, not the whole damn book.

Another problem with LGBT representations is that their often just built off of stereotypes. Gay men are feminized and their sexuality is typically made the butt of a joke. They are shown as being promiscuous and having commitment issues. These are the standards.

But Keith abolishes all of those, and in such a seamless way too.

While Keith’s character is in no way excessively macho, he’s certainly not feminine either. He doesn’t mind getting sweaty. He’s temperamental and has anger issue. He lived a pretty low maintenance life in a desert shack, sleeps in his jeans like a heathen, and probably uses a dagger to peel oranges. Keith is a masculine character. He’s confident and self assured, but not vain. He’s emotional, but in a very private way. Whereas many other portrayal of gay men depict them as almost theatrically sensitive, confident, but only in their sexual prowess, and self absorbed, but only when it come to their looks and not when it comes to their skills.

This is already an impressive deviation, but what really makes Keith’s portrayal stand out is the way his sexuality is but a mere footnote in what makes his character his character, and how that fits into his personality and story arc so well.

The first thing you have to realize about Keith is that, while he certainly wants to connect with people, it’s not his number one priority. He has barriers. He fears rejection, and despite wanting to feel as if he belongs, its not hard to see how Keith has been conditioned to assume he’ll inevitability be left behind, and therefore places personal relationships low on his list of priorities. Meaning, yes, he was checking out Rolo, and yes, I believe that he’s very very fond of Lance, but I can’t imagine that Keith really sees these relationships becoming something substantial or romantic, and thus doesn’t put too much effort into perusing them. You can really tell what’s important to a character by what they focus their time on. Take Lance for instance, he’s a character who blatantly cares about friendships and has no problem openly flirting. That’s not to say Lance doesn’t care about the war, just like Keith’s reluctance to pursue meaningful bonds doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them. It just means that relationships and love obviously mean a lot to Lance.

So what does Keith focus on? Well, he shows the most focus on relationships in season one, when the connections he had with his makeshift family was the post pressing thing going on. (You cant really form Voltron if you don’t connect with the other members) But after season one, with all the changes Keith goes through, we see a big shift in his priorities. First he finds out about his heritage, then Shiro disappears and he is thrust into leadership, and then most recently, he joins the Blade.

By framing Keith’s character like this, it allows the creators to make his sexuality natural and relatable in a very interesting way. Because as LGBT people know, our sexuality isn’t the most important part of our lives. Just like Keith, we have more to focus on.

That’s not to say that his sexuality will never be shown explicitly. Like I said, I don’t want to get too shippy, but I truly believe that Laith is endgame. So if and when that happens, his sexuality will naturally come into play. Sadly, their will be a lot of people who call it forced because they missed the subtext and are use to seeing gay characters depicted more as spectacles than real people.

Voltron has really done something special here. They’ve create a universe where sexuality isn’t an issue, and they make it believable by never bringing it up outside of naturally occurring, unforced, appropriate context. Even better, because the Voltron universe is so vastly different than our own, it would’ve been easy to make LGBT characters that we couldn’t relate to, but they don’t. They manage this so well that I honestly can’t phantom Keith’s sexuality being anything but homosexual despite the fact it’s never been explicitly shown.

But most importantly, they’re creating a higher standard for LGBT representation. They are normalizing it on a show aimed towards children who are heavily influenced by the media they consume.

That, my friends, is worth applauding.

Percy and Nico’s Canon Relationship

Alternatively, things that people forget ignore about Percy and Nico’s relationship and are also totally ignored in Heroes of Olympus.

This is all 100% in the canon and doesn’t have to be shippy unless you want it to be.

  • Percy spoke up about Nico when Bianca was deciding to join the Hunters, because he felt terrible that she was leaving her little brother behind
  • Percy took full responsibility for all of Nico’s (questionable) actions during Battle of the Labyrinth because he blamed himself for Bianca’s death 
  • Percy stepped up and claimed the Great Prophecy as his own at the end of Titan’s Curse so that Nico wouldn’t have to do it
  • Percy lied to Chiron (and everyone else) about Nico being a son of Hades so that Nico wouldn’t be in any more danger
  • Nico cursed Percy and ran off after Bianca’s death, and Percy responded by scouring the country for Nico
  • Annabeth and Grover are both uncomfortable with Percy searching for Nico and claiming the prophecy, probably because they don’t want Percy to be the prophecy kid because he’s their friend and they don’t want him to get his soul reaped, and Grover even protests that “this kid hates you and wants you dead” like, maybe you shouldn’t go looking for him? And Percy shoots that bullshit down so fast and immediately defends Nico and convinces them to keep searching for Nico throughout the next couple months
  • Percy offered for Nico to stay in his cabin at the end of Battle of the Labyrinth
  • Literally nearly all of Battle of the Labyrinth somehow involves Percy fussing over Nico’s safety
  • Percy is constantly thinking about Nico all throughout that book, and every time he hears of danger, his thoughts immediately turn to Nico
  • Percy finds a fast food wrapper in the Labyrinth leftover from Nico summoning the dead, and takes off running through the Labyrinth, which is insanely dangerous, with Annabeth, Grover and Tyson struggling to catch up to him, because he’s so desperate to find Nico
  • Percy begs Nico to leave Geryon’s ranch and come with them on the rest of the quest. Nico refuses, and Percy only accepts this because Eurytion promises that he’ll look after Nico
  • Bianca straight up tells Percy that the reason she felt like she could join the Hunters was because she knew Percy would take care of Nico
  • Bianca sends Percy Iris-messages about Nico’s whereabouts in the beginning of Battle of the Labyrinth because she trusts that Percy is going to track down Nico and talk some sense into him
  • Nico runs away from Geryon’s ranch and back into the Labyrinth because Minos convinces him that Percy is in danger and needs his help
  • Nico passes out after summoning skeletons to help fight the Battle of the Labyrinth, and Percy immediately rushes over to his side, kneels down next to him and tends to him until he’s confident that Nico is fine
  • When Nico shows up on Percy’s fire escape on his fifteenth birthday, Percy feels really sad for Nico and wonders if he’s ever had a birthday party before or ever been invited to a birthday party, and then invites him inside for cake and ice cream
  • Nico is the one who convinces Percy to take on the curse of Achilles, because he’s so worried about Percy’s safety in the upcoming Titan War
  • “I’m sorry if I’m being too pushy, but two years ago my sister gave her life to protect you. I want you to honor that. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and defeat Kronos” more like stay alive because I care about you and I want you to live
  • Nico panics when Percy climbs out of the River Styx because he thinks that he’s hurt, and right before Percy’s about to go in Nico gets really nervous and tries to talk him out of it, even though it was his idea in the first place
  • Nico breaks Percy’s trust by turning him over to Hades in Last Olympian, and spends the entire rest of the book trying to earn it back. And he really honestly was trying to help and didn’t want to betray Percy; Hades even tells Percy that, “I’m afraid Nico was quite sincere in wanting to help you. The boy is as honest as he is dense.” Hades definitely knows that Nico has a colossal crush on Percy and that’s what he meant by “dense,” I guarantee it
  • Percy and Nico obviously kept in touch between Battle of the Labyrinth and Last Olympian because Percy knows that Nico has been searching for a lead on his family and like this is an extremely personal subject that Nico doesn’t talk to anyone else about
  • Percy and Nico are friends?????? Like, actual friends who laugh and talk about real stuff?????? Like, Percy knows Nico well enough to tease him about stopping in to visit Juniper, and teases him about needing to take a nap after he shadow travels, and Nico has this sarcastic sense of humor that he quips back with? “With great power comes… great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.” Like this is witty and funny??? Nico doesn’t talk like that to anyone else
  • NICO DESIGNED HIS OWN CABIN. this isn’t really relevant to their relationship but it annoyed me that this was apparently forgotten.
  • Like even after they save Olympus and the battle ends and everything, even after Percy and Annabeth start dating, Percy still keeps an eye out for Nico. He takes note that he’s sitting at the base of Hades’ throne during the council after the war, because he cares about Nico. He also talks specifically about Nico’s cabin being built, because he’s been trying for years to get Nico to stay at camp.
  • Because Percy cares about Nico. Like, Percy is a complete mother hen about Nico and doesn’t ever pretend to be otherwise. Did I mention that he literally cannot stop talking about Nico’s safety for all of Battle of the Labyrinth, where, simultaneously, he was also worrying about Annabeth and Tyson and Grover and Camp Half-Blood, but still finds lots of time to worry about Nico, because Percy cares about Nico
  • Percy and Nico are friends. Like, they don’t have a “rocky relationship” anymore, like it says in Mark of Athena. They had some rough patches and they worked through them, and Percy was mildly miffed that Nico didn’t tell him who he was in Son of Neptune, but holy shit like Nico went missing and almost died and Percy thinks about this, like, maybe twice, which is totally out of character for him
  • So you’ll have to excuse me if I really don’t accept that Percy was sort of indifferent to Nico going missing and getting trapped in a jar guarded by two giants, because if Percy was actually in character, he would have spent half of Mark of Athena obsessing over Nico just like Hazel
  • I’m eternally annoyed that Percy didn’t say anything to stick up for Nico when Jason and Leo were like, “Hey maybe we shouldn’t go searching for him because he might be a traitor” because, like, Percy always sticks up for Nico and it’s really not like him to just shrug his shoulders and not care that Nico is in danger
  • And I absolutely will not take the excuse that Percy was too preoccupied with other things to obsess about Nico because Percy is always preoccupied with other things and still finds time to obsess about Nico
  • And you’ll really fucking have to excuse me if I don’t accept “Not my type” as a way to close out their relationship because THAT IS MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT, THEY’RE FRIENDS, AND THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS A LOT MORE COMPLEX THAN THAT STUPID ONE-LINER MADE IT SEEM

So, I was watching Star Vs. The Forces Evil episode Into The Wand and something caught my attention. Lil’ Chauncey, Moon’s war pig-goat pet thing, was in Star’s memories. She remembers him.

 She knows Chauncey died in battle but no specifics on which battle or when. Then we get to The Grandma Room and we see Moon’s tapestry and her poem which I sum it up as: Toffee dun goofed. Toffee is clearly terrified and there have been lots of theories as to why this happened. Most of which tend to be shippy or something else.

But look at Moon’s face. Look at that rage, that pure open hatred. What did he do? What could warrant such open hostility from someone we’ve seen as being so cool and reserved? Then is hit me: Star was alive when this event went down. Because Chauncey died in battle, shown here in this tapestry and Moon is clearly an adult and Star remembers Chauncey. Then I remembered how the royal guards used to babysit Star. Why? Where were the nannies? The caretakers? The royal nurses? They taught her how to fight, how to use a sword and weapons, how to kill an enemy with her bare hands before she ever hit puberty. Why would Queen Butterfly, Mrs. Prim and Proper, allow her only daughter to be cared for and basically raised by guards

Because she felt it was necessary to better protect her young daughter. I’m willing to bet this is Moon unleashing some serious mama bear rage against someone who threatened her very young child. Star was old enough to remember Lil’Chauncey, but perhaps not the attempt on her life or whatever it was Toffee was planning on doing to the royal family. Maybe it was a betrayal on his part since there are so many hints and theories revolving around the two.

(Just as a side note, I am very aware of the Moon/Toffee ship and while I do think it is kind of out there, I also kind of like it too. Unless it ends up being like the Luke/Leia thing like one new major theory proposes. In which case, NOPE.)

I also thought it was strange that Moon and River decided to send their daughter to Earth to better control her powers….without any other supervision except for Glossyrick who they and we all know probably isn’t the best person to be keeping a rein in on Star. It probably had something to do with keeping her from setting the whole kingdom ablaze in glitter and flaming rainbows, but I also feel there was something else to it. While there are no mentions of Toffee after Storm The Castle, Moon is clearly afraid. 

I don’t know if we’re doing the right thing River.

Also, for all of Moon’s faults, she loves her daughter more than anything. Star’s safety is paramount to Moon and even the cleaving of her family’s ancestral wand is no where near as important to her as Star’s safety. 

Oh, I’m always mad. But I’m happy that your safe.

I love this theory because it explains so much: why Moon acts distant but at the same time is a constant presence in her daughter’s life. Moon maybe trying to do what she can to protect her only child while also living up to the very high and difficult position of being a Queen of an entire…planet? Like, she’s trying her best to be a good parent and Queen even if she doesn’t go about it in a way that Star can respond to.

Also, don’t tell me we aren’t going to learn something new on Monday about Moon. Look at this image I found for Page Turner’s preview. She just looks so tired and so sad. This is a woman whose seen some shit, done some things she’s regretted and probably has a lot of dangerous enemies.

All to protect her only child. At least, that’s my theory until canon will most likely disprove it.

EDIT: OK, so…I am both awed by and grateful for all the likes and re-blogs this post has gotten so BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE! XD

           Also, after watching the last few episodes of the season I feel like this sort of at least helps support my theory. There is no proof – yet – I hope – but give what we’ve seen it makes me happy. Moon clearly is worried about Star. She wants her training to progress farther and quicker, there is urgency in her voice and it’s clear that she’s scared. Also, all the magic in the universe is disappearing? Makes me wonder just WHAT that wand even is, or at least what makes it so special if Ludo having half of it means it has negative effects on a universal scale.

           Also? Toffee’s picture comes up on the screen with the corn and everything? Like, Moon, pay the frick attention!        

           Another thing is that while Glossyrick claims to be doing his job to train Star to be a good Queen I still don’t feel…like he’s a good teacher. He plays the vague-advice thing way too much but then he kind of just lets Star do whatever she wants to anyway so…I don’t know if this is the most effective way to train Star since she is still just a young kid and has a hard-enough time paying attention. I don’t know if there is something to it but I don’t like how cavalier he is about things. The final few episodes’ kind of bugged me. Like, dude, this is her child’s future were talking about. She has every right to stick her nose in thank you very much.

           But Moon’s fears and the lesson she learns in this episode tug at the heart strings. This woman has to accept that her young daughter is growing up fast, into a universe that is facing some serious peril and Star will undoubtedly have to fight soon enough. Moon is afraid, the fear is palpable and she wants to make certain that nothing can go wrong. She probably does have some suspicions of what’s causing it but she can’t be certain. Also, Eclipsa? Heck yeah is she going to be important given how frequently she’s been name dropped.

           Things are getting serious in the universe of the show, Moon is afraid and she’s know that Star is going to end up in the middle of it. For a woman who already has so many huge responsibilities on her shoulders and yet she probably feels powerless to protect her only child.

           Gah! The feels!



okay so @all-you-see-is-nightmare-eyes and i have been talking about an au where connor, evan, jeremy and michael met and it got shippy. very detailed /cries/ headcannons below.

- The main reason the four of them met was because they found each other at the orchard. Evan and Connor were on a date, they had a picnic ready and everything, and Michael wanted to explore the place so Jeremy was forced to come with him.

- Michael had tripped on one of the paths and fell off of it, down the slight slope they were on, right in front of Connor and Evan. Evan nearly had a heart attack when it happened, and when Jeremy came running down, he nearly had one all over again. Connor was just confused.

- Well, after Jeremy made sure Michael was okay, the four of them talked a little. And, with the awkward introductions thrown aside, they immediately hit it off. Evan and Connor thought the two of them were cool and full of funny stories, and Jeremy and Michael thought that they were pretty chill and nice.

- Somehow, an hour had passed and the boyf riends had somehow edged their way into the tree bros date - and they didn’t mind at all.

- Eventually, Connor and Evan decided that they had to go and gathered their things with the help of Jeremy and Michael. Jeremy kept apologising for barging in on their date, so much so that Evan of all people had to calm him down.

- They walked to their seperate cars, but before any of them could get in and drive away, Connor ran over and asked for their numbers. The boyf riends gave him their numbers, and he texted both of them Evan’s number. After that, they all left.

- And just like that, a group chat was made and they were all texting day and night.

- Turns out Michael and Jeremy lived the next town over - an hour away from Evan and Connor.

- Evan and Connor visited one time during the weekend, expecting to hang out for a couple of hours and then head back home - they ended up staying the entire weekend.

- Eventually, the tree bros came over to visit every weekend, sometimes during the weekdays for the hell of it.

- They all torture Jeremy’s dad for fun tbh.

- “wow you actually wear pants - i really wanted to see the ducky underwear you own”

- “thanks mr. ducky - i mean mr. heere.”

- Eventually Michael and Jeremy visit Evan and Connor for the first time, and they all end up going to Evan’s house because Connor’s house is a “no-go”, as he says.


- None of them have spoken about the Squips or the suicide attempts. They feel like they should just hide it and act like normal kids.

- One day Evan is just kind of watching the boyf riends play video games as Connor draws. He notices how Jeremy sticks the tip of his tongue out when he’s concentrated, how Michael’s eyes sparkle every time he beats a level, how they loudly shriek in sync when something bad happens and he. just. realizes how much he loves them.

- Evan gets all awkward and blushy around the three of them and every time they try to touch him or ask what’s wrong he just says he’s fine and pulls away.

- “did we do something wrong?” “I - I - I’M F - FINE”

- Since they’re have their regular “sleepover all weekend” things, Jeremy decides that they should camp outside because Evan likes nature, right? The rest of them agree.

- When they all go outside, they find a fireplace and decide to gather sticks and stuff for firewood.

- Michael and Connor totally fight each other with the sticks. it’s a fact.

- Eventually they all calm down and Jeremy gets a fire lit, and they’re just talking about things. Heavy things, the things they usually try not to talk about.

- Somehow, none of them slip up about the suicide attempts or the Squips, but when Evan speaks up he talks about how he feels like he’s a burden and that he’ll never be good enough for anything.

- The boys immediately jump to action, saying that they all like Evan so much, so god damn much and that they would probably die for him.

- Evan is so overwhelmed by the response - here are these beautiful men, all looking at him, worry and affection displayed on their dimly lit faces and. Evan just. explodes.

- “I think I’m in love with all of you?” And they boys are shocked, but Evan continues. “I don’t know how - I didn’t even think it was humanly possible but here we are?? And like it’s scary because I can’t even handle having a crush on one person, so why three? Why now? Why -”

- And Michael just cuts him off and says “I love you too.”

- And Jeremy and Connor just share a look and sigh in relief and they’re both like “yeah we kind of talked to eachother about our feelings already we were just waiting for you two..”

- So now there’s four blushing boys sitting in a backyard at 2 am, having spilled their feelings out for each other, unaware of what to do next.

- And then Michael asks Evan if he can kiss him and Evan is like “!!!!!!!!” and nods, and they share a small kiss.

- Jeremy speaks up, his face flushed as he talks. “Are we all.. dating now?”

- Connor and Evan share a look and smile.

- “Yeah, we are.”


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First line prompt Ladynoir "So I think Hawkmoth is my friend's dad."

Sorry sorry sorry for being so late. Also there’s not a TON of really shippy stuff in this, but I’m kinda proud of this scene so I hope you like it!

“So I think Hawkmoth is my friend’s dad.”

Chat squawked, nearly falling to his death. He grabbed the nearest metal beam, icy to the touch in the night’s chill, and stared at Ladybug. She looked out over the city, wide blue eyes reflecting the light. Her face was set in shadows, looking like it was carved from stone. She watched the Seine, snaking its way through the center of Paris, shimmering and rippling with a light breeze. Chat shivered and clung tighter to the beam, the breeze amplified to a bitingly cold wind this high up.

“Don’t drop something like that when I’m perched precariously on top of the Eiffel Tower, Ladybug,” he gasped. “You don’t want me to fall and turn into one of those cats with the squashed faces, do you?” As an attempt at humor, it was weak, and he knew it. It was little more than a reflex, a way to react when he had no idea what else to say or do. The set of shadows across Ladybug’s face did not change, so he gathered his wits and gave a real response. “My Lady, if you know who it is, then let’s go. What are we waiting for?”

“I don’t know if it can be that simple,” she said. Chat frowned at her, concerned.

Their patrol tonight had gone by unusually quiet. He was always the more talkative of the two, but tonight his lady had been silent as the grave. He was prepared to go home as soon as they confirmed there were no akumas that night, wondering if he had done something wrong, but just as he was about to leave she had laid a hand on his arm and asked him to talk. They always came to the Eiffel Tower to talk. Perched high as they were, with the stairs and elevators closed to tourists for the night, they could watch the city and talk, certain they were out of earshot from any curious civilians. It had taken Ladybug almost half an hour of quiet in the cold night air to finally speak up.

“What’s complicated about it?” he asked, trying to make his voice gentle. Ladybug’s fingers curled around the beam underneath her.

“Well, first of all– he’s not an akuma, Chat, he’s… He has a miraculous. He’s like us. That means that he’s choosing to transform, choosing to do these things. He’s a real criminal, not just someone who’s been brainwashed. So we… After we take his miraculous away, do we turn him into the police?” Chat ran a finger over his ring, considering.

“I’d say we make it public to the media. We don’t have the authority to arrest anyone, but if we unmask him, or get him to confess who he is, then the actual legal authorities can make whatever decisions they need to from there.” She jerked her head, nodding slightly.



“His… His son,” she said. Her words were choked, constrained. Chat resisted the urge to put his hand over hers in comfort. She’d probably think he was just flirting and this would devolve into an argument. “My friend. I don’t know if I can do this to him.” She took a deep, shuddering breath, and turned to look at him for the first time that night. “It isn’t fair, Chat. This will hurt him so badly, I know it will. How can I…” She trailed off, shaking her head. She turned to look back at the Seine. As the city lights flashed across her face, Chat realized with a horrified start that there were tears on her face. He reached out, somewhat against his better judgement, and very lightly placed a hand on her shoulder.

“My… Ladybug,” he said. “Even if it hurts him, your friend deserves to know the truth.” He hesitated. “Although I may have been wrong about announcing it to the media. I know a little bit about what happens to kids when their parents are the focus of media attention. Maybe we should just take it to the authorities instead.”

“It’ll be a media scandal no matter what,” Ladybug said. Her voice was brittle, her eyes fixed on a bateau mouche sliding down the river. There was an undercurrent of anger in her voice that made Chat still, his hand unmoving where it rested on her shoulder. “I’m furious with him, you know. Hawk Moth. For everything he’s done to Paris, that’s all bad enough, but especially for everything he’s done to A– to my friend.” She shook her head, another tear sliding over her mask. “I know we don’t have a choice. I know that we have to stop him. But my friend doesn’t deserve anything that’s about to happen to him, and I don’t know how to help him or how to stop it.” Chat hesitated, and then carefully scooted closer, until their thighs pressed together, suits rubbing against one another, and moved his hand off Ladybug’s shoulder to rub circles across her back. He moved carefully, slowly, telegraphing his intention so she could pull away if she wanted to, dredging up vague memories of the kind of physical affection his mother used to give him.

He’d hugged her, once, after she’d quite literally leaped into the jaws of death in the form of a giant t-rex and somehow survived. It had been instinctual, practically: he hadn’t thought about doing it at all. The only thing he’d known, consciously, was the sight of her safe and sound sent through him relief so entire and overwhelming that he thought he was going to come apart at the seams. He’d hugged her out of a desperate desire to communicate whatever small piece of that he could to her. He’d hugged her because he needed to feel her safe and whole and alive more than he needed to breathe.

Chloe tried to hug and kiss him regularly, but he kept his distance as much as possible because whatever she thought was happening between them he didn’t want to encourage.

His mother used to hug him, and cradle him and kiss him, and rock him to sleep at night.

Since his mother had left, he could count on one hand the number of times his father had hugged him, all of them uncomfortable and the last one eclipsed in his mind by terrifying conversation about his ring.

Other than that, there were fist bumps and high fives and handshakes, Nino’s arm slung briefly across his shoulder, the airbrush touch of cheeks when greeting someone with a kiss. Adrien didn’t know what to do with physical affection, didn’t know how to ensure his touch would not be misinterpreted. The only thing he did know was that he needed to reassure his Lady, to tell her, somehow, that her chaton was here and he was going to support her, and he wasn’t certain that words were going to be enough.

He was so startled when she turned her face into his shoulder and sobbed that he almost flinched away. He caught himself in time, however, and reached his arm across her back to wrap around her opposite shoulder, pulling her close to him.

“Okay, shhh, shhh, it’s alright, my Lady, it’s going to be alright. Shhh.” She shuddered against him, an arm reaching up to clutch at him. Wails tore their way out of her despite her attempts to steady her breathing.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I shouldn’t — I should be able to pull it together, I’m sorry, Chat, I—”

“You have nothing at all to apologize for,” he murmured. He turned his head and very lightly kissed her hair, afraid he was crossing a line, but she just pressed her cheek against his collarbone, one hand trying to swipe away her tears.

“Who do I even tell first?” she asked. “Do I tell my friend, do I warn him? Or is that dangerous? What if he tries to do something on his own? Should I just go to the authorities? And would I tell my friend as Ladybug, or as… me?” Chat pursed his lips, considering.

“Do you trust me, Ladybug?” he asked. She finally sat up, eyes puffy and red.

“More than anyone,” she said.

“Then tell me who you think it is,” he said gently. “And we’ll figure out whatever comes next together, okay?” She nodded, sniffling.

“Right. Right. Of course,” she said, a chuckle bubbling through the tears. “I’m sorry, chaton.” Chat shook his head.

“Like I said, you have nothing to apologize for.” Somehow, their hands found each other. Chat wasn’t sure who grabbed hold first, but they pressed together tightly. Ladybug took a deep breath.

“I think,” she said, “I think that Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste.”

The world disappeared from under him and he fell through darkness.

[Please do not send me prompts at the moment, I am working through old ones]

This week I decided to do something a little different–video recs instead of fic recs! Which will return next week, but today I wanted to cry over STAR WARS videos for awhile and, sure, there’s some absolutely hilarious vids or really exciting, awesome vids, too! But there’s also a bunch of them that totally put tears in my eyes because why are you like this, Star Wars?

Long post under the cut!  (Categories:  Humor, The Sads, Shipper, Meta, Awesome, Serious Fanvids)
(Last updated:  2017.06.28)


Fuck This Shit, sequel trilogy
  I thought, okay, I’m going to rewatch this one to write a quick rec, I’m not going to laugh this time. I STILL BURST OUT LAUGHING, even knowing it was coming.
Firework, sequel trilogy/cast
   I laugh every single time I watch this video, this is it, this is me as a Star Wars fan. It’s one of those that takes a serious moment and puts a fun song over it and the result is magic.
Turn Down For What, prequel trilogy
   I will rewatch Satine’s epic speech with dramatic background music every time.
Palpatine Shooting Stars + Shooting Star, prequel trilogy, original trilogy, sequel trilogy
   I love this song more and more every time I see these videos, they’re hilarious. It’s kind of the epitome of meme culture but goddamn if it doesn’t make me genuinely laugh.
BLOCKED, prequel trilogy
   Never has this been so accurate. 

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So probably I have too much time on my hands atm, but I need to talk about this scene for a quick minute:

[.gif by carolpeleiter]

A thing is that I happen to think it’s one of the most underrated Caryl scenes that exists.

The backdrop to what’s happening here is so important, because for all of us who ship it like Fedex, it’s easy to get lost in the shippy perfection of this episode and forget where the ep fits into the larger context of the show.

Carol has been banished by Rick, spent three and a half minutes thinking maybe life could be “normal” for a second, found Lizzie standing over Mika’s dead body, shot Lizzie, and offered her own life to Tyreese as atonement for killing Karen and David (not to mention killing a bunch more people in order to save all of Team Family at Terminus).

Daryl has watched Hershel be murdered, thought he and Beth were safe for three and a half minutes, hung out with the nighmarish Claimers, offered up his own life to save Rick, Michonne, and Carl, and been about thirty seconds away from having his throat slashed so he could watch his own life bleed away in a trough.

They’ve had a rough couple of weeks.

But then we get the quiet of this ep, and the entire episode takes place pretty much in two layers. First, there’s the obvious action – the plot. But beneath that surface so many currents are flowing, both Carol and Daryl simmering with emotions they’re not yet willing to directly address.

This tiny scene functions at face value as some amusing banter, a way to lighten the tone of what in so many ways is a deeply somber, sad episode. (Every time I watch it I pretty much want to marry Bear McCreary, omg the music.) Daryl hilariously mocks the painting, and Carol – most likely just to be contrary, although perhaps she merely has interesting taste in art – insists that she likes it.

And that’s where level two comes in. When he says “Stop” in response to her insistence that she actually appreciates the painting, she replies with, “I’m serious. You don’t know me.” She only uses those four words, but what she really means is:

“You have no idea about the terrible things I’ve done. If you knew the choices I’ve made – if you could see everything – you’d probably be running away at top speed, because at this point even I can’t be sure I’m not a monster who deserves to burn in hell forever.”

Without missing a beat, Daryl responds with, “Yep, you keep tellin’ yourself that.” But what he really means is:

“I’m fully aware by now that I don’t know the whole story of what happened while we were separated. But I know your heart inside and out, and no matter what you think you’ve done – no matter what kind of horrifying punishment you think you deserve for your imaginary sins – there is nothing in this entire universe that could make me love you any less.”

And she smiles. An absolutely for real smile.

Because although she’s not even close to forgiving herself, there is some kind of bone-deep comfort in Daryl’s words, in the knowledge that he will always believe in her, even when she’s lost all faith and ability to believe in herself.

She can’t love herself in this moment, but this tiny exchange shows her that he unquestionably still can

And idk, to me it’s just everything.

Hello all This is an update and somewhat a break regarding the tumblrs future and yes I am breaking away from the character description I started adding to each post.

As some of you who have followed the tumblr will know late last year I tried experimenting with a potential friendship problem adventure story that I had fun drawing with some of the scenariosI put book horse and apple horse in XD . But honestly since the beginning have struggled to come up with a humorous idea on how to warp it up. Not only that but in the recent months I have found myself losing interest or getting slightly stressed on what else I can do with Twi and AJ weekly This tumblr was inspired by Rarijack daily and I though Twijack would be a breeze but its not ,thats partly because I want to keep the images close to the cannon as possible and leave really shippy images to other twijack fans.

This is going to sound silly but I sort have lost my drive to make anything MLP at the moment, though considering I have been with the pony train since early 2011 you have to cut me some slack to essentially take a break from the world of Equestria and focus on other fandoms and personal projects which I have a lot of passion for right now )You can blame Anime for this ^^;). My new direction in my Life is to go in to Picture book / comics as a professional and I can not let side projects like Twijacky weekly eat up all my spare time then I desperately want to have something  unique original to do with jowybean. Now I am in no way shape or form saying I am leaving the fandom or going to become an antibrony I still find ideas popping in to my head for future  pony art and twijack images. I just find everything about MLP G4 kind of Meh at the moment.

Now regarding this information the tumblr is not stopping either its just not going to continue the friendship problem storyline or be updated weekly.  From now on it will be updated with cute sketches or illustrations of the duo only if I think they would make a great addition to the roster of Twijacky imagery I have previously made. I imagine when the new pony season and movie rolls around the inspiration will come rushing back to me and the enjoyment for the tumblr will be refilled :).

I apologise if this annoys/ disappoints you in anyway as i did the exact thing when I attempted luna comic in 2013-2014 and stopped that because well big fan projects for me are hard too keep on top of. I have been drawing way before G4 ponies was a thing guys and I have so many wonderful opportunities as a professional artist that I need to take advantage of before I regret missing them because of being a crony artist.

I feel more assured that I am sharing this with you now rather then letting it die slightly or press on and make it a chore that drains me. If i kept forcing the lacklustre twijack work guys, you would tell I was running dry on ideas soon enough. MLP just dose not have the same magic I felt for it in the early days and eventually it will in some way fade away for me. not ever die out just become another thing I enjoyed being a part of like any other geek thing in our life’s, trends come and go and its a natural response as time moves forward and we grow up in this crazy world.

Whatever happens with me and my love for MLP I applause the diehard fans that can enjoy everything pony to the fullest. And I am am very grateful for so many people taking the time and interest to follow this silly tumblr for two characters I really like.  

until next post which hopefully will not be too long Laters and bro hoof Jowybean

sapphic-suchoripterus  asked:

So got fluffy or goofy headcanons for Cole? I need my son to be happy

OH MOOD? bless I sure as heck do my friend!! I need him to be happy too he’s a good boy

  • If his friends are sad then he is sad and he will do anything he can to cheer them up
    • Cole: Lloyd, I got $3 and a lunch coupon so get in loser we’re going to the mall to turn that frown upside down!!
      Lloyd: thank you but… you can’t get a lot with $3 dollars and… I don’t want you to use your money on me…
      Cole: … Lloyd, I’m gonna steal Wu’s wallet, I got $3 and a lunch coupon so get in loser we’re going to the mall to turn that frown upside down!!
      Lloyd: ok you got me I’m in- hey maybe if I cry to my mom she’ll give me money too??
  • Loves dogs so much, he would die for all dogs
    • if you ask him if he prefers big or small dogs he’ll be like “I do not discriminate all dogs are QUEENS”
    • they went to go visit a shelter to do an advert to encourage adoption and they were like “ok time to go now" and Cole was on the floor spooning 3 dogs
  • Kai is naturally warm because fire, but so is cole strangely enough?? he just radiates heat, and he’s a hugger so he’ll just latch on to you and hug you for like 15 minutes and it’s the toastiest 15 minutes you’ll ever experience
  • Stroke his hair and he will go from >:/ to :D !!!!!!
  • He definitely flexes in front of the mirror in the morning because he makes himself laugh and he tries to start the day out with a smile
  • Mother hen, sometimes worries about the team so if he can’t sleep he will sneak around and peek in their rooms to make sure they’re all ok and asleep and that none of them are having bad dreams
  • He loves his friends and even though he makes fun of them sometimes he would give them the shirt off his back, but whenever they do something nice for him he will cry
    • Zane: cole! I found a flower and it reminded me of you!! Here!! :D
      Cole: *bursts into tears* it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Zane I love you this is so sweet I’m going to keep it forever and then frame it and when I die I want it buried with me how do I get this moment tattooed onto myself
      Zane: :D !!!!!!!!!!
  • When Lloyd first aged up cole was like *bolts up at 3am* “LLOYD NEVER FINISHED SCHOOL??” and neither did he but he’s like no this green bean is too important he needs to have all the good things and opportunities in life, so he makes a schedule to teach Lloyd all the life lessons he’s going to need but makes sure to not force him to do anything and to make it fun, cause he understands that he’s still just a kid and he needs to relax and enjoy himself
  • Will absolutely slow dance with everyone in the team while singing to them and make them swoon
  • Can singlehandedly lift the everyone’s morale just by bursting into song, it is impossible to not join in
  • I know I write a lot of these but he is crazy talented when it comes to performing arts, there isn’t an instrument he’s not been able to play.
    • Plays left handed guitar and bass because right handed was too easy.
    • Hand cole a new instrument and he’ll be like “yeah I’ll give it a go not sure how it’ll go” and in a few hours he’ll be playing like he’s been doing it his whole life?
    • One time they were walking back after a mission and saw this piano for sale on the side of the road and they’re like “hey cole play!!!” And he’s like “um ok but I only had a few lessons and I haven’t played in years so I’m not that good haha” and then whips out this freaking concerto piece from memory and everyone’s like ??!?!?!!!!? And he’s like “guys pls it’s not a big deal” and gets all red
    • he’s a humble boy with some confidence issues ok just give him a pat on the head
  • Cole: I canNOT do this ok I can’t do it no way I’m doing it
    Zane: you can do it cole!!
    Cole: … I can DO IT I’m gonna do it heck yeah let’s do it!!!!!!!!
  • Takes “I would take a bullet for you” too far, has literally taken a bullet for all of them.
    • “look I gotta be fair I can’t not take a bullet for one of you”
    • “don’t worry I’m so good at it now I know how to jump in front of the bullet in a way that it won’t rupture any of my vital organs”
  • Will be like “I’m going food shopping I love you all text me if you want anything” and then smooch everyone on the head
  • *Sees two people kissing* *points* “SMORCH”
  • Cole: I just wanna kiss a cute guy is that too much to ask
    Zane: I would definitely kiss you if you wanted Cole
    Cole: *chokes on his drink*
    Zane: because we are bros. A bro kiss.
    Cole: I CANT BREATH E,,
  • He’s been trying to teach Zane puns and stuff but it backfires when Zane makes really heartfelt ones all the time and Cole is weak
    Zane: cole, I cannot die but if I could, I would die for you.
    *finger guns*
    Cole: *clutches heart* I can’t look at you right now
  • He has the most contagious laugh?
    • One time he remembered that vine of the cat that runs into the door of a bakery on tv and he kept giggling to himself and when Kai asked him what he was laughing about he couldn’t tell him??
    • He just kept laughing and before he knew it he was laughing so hard he was snorting and had fallen on the floor and was crying
    • Kai was like ‘what’ but Cole is just so loud that he starts laughing and then he’s was crying too about goodness even knows what, this went on for like 10 minutes
    • just when cole thought he was calm enough to tell him jay walked past and went “what is going on you sound like a pair of dying cats” and cole just SHRIEKS and starts hysterically laughing again and Kai and cole are gone
    • jay loves when cole does the most sincere laughs cause he just sounds so happy and the fact that him and Kai are just on the floor laughing about some unspoken thing makes him laugh so jay ends up laughing and they’re all dying someone help them please
    • there was so much laughing that jay had an asthma attack and they were all in pain the next day
    • they still don’t know to this day what cole found so funny
    • he has no idea why he even thought it was that hilarious? Like it just gave him a good chuckle it’s just a cat running into a door, but for some reason he was unable to speak of it.
  • He’s the team hairdresser, Zane gets all :( that he can’t join in the fun and get his hair cut so Nya installs a thing that means he can make his hair grow if he wants and the next day he bursts through Cole’s door with Rapunzel hair and is like “I am ready for a haircut cole!!!!!! :D” Cole is like “bless what did we do to deserve this boy god if you’re out there thank u”
  • please smooch his face he loves being smooched
  • when cole says he will help you with something he means it, he will make sure all your questions are answered and that you have everything you need before leaving you too it, even if it means he has to stay up until the early hours of the morning
  • once ran through into Jay’s room at 4am wrapped in a blanket burrito, tears streaming down his face, and screamed “I’M A SAUSAGE-COLE
  • cause cole is the tallest they will always do that thing where one of them is on one end of an inflatable and cole will jump on the other and see how high he can fling them in the air
    • all 5 of them jumped on one it while cole was on the end and they almost flung him into the void
  • “step aside and let the ninja with super strength open up this jar” *almost passes out straining to get the lid off*
  • “isn’t it crazy how there are so many galaxies out there, like there could be people just like us in an earth just like ours. Or a parallel universe, have you ever thought about that? and there’s probably someone somewhere doing the exact same thing that you are doing right now……….. anyway so who wants to see how much of my scythe I can fit in my mouth”

((These got a bit shippy I’m sorry I couldn’t help it I saw “fluffy” and went “Zane" ajdnwje I hope you don’t mind!!!))

Ask me ninjago headcanons!


My Top 5 Puzzleshipping Moments

Remember that ‘Puzzleshipping moments’ review I thought I’d do? Well, I’m about 2/3rds of the way through my scans, and I’m estimating a total of at least FIFTY SCENES so uh… in the interests of not slowing all of my writings this weekend, I’m going to make THAT project a long-term goal, and instead go back to my request from @tarashima and do the original ask: My Top 5 Puzzleshipping moments! WITH BAD SCANS AND CAPTION JOKES and a lot of cheating, because the first two are more arcs/a string of moments. But uh… sorry not sorry.

Anyways… on with the program!

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Ok ok ok! I just…this fucking film, people! I was laughing and smiling throughout! So many bat references, so many shippy moments! Just. So. MUCH!!!! Anyone wanting to avoid spoilers just fucking scroll past cos I’m on mobile and I can’t do that keep reading linky shit! (Also apologies for language but I’m so hyped up right now on cake and gay and happiness and BATJOKES!)

List of what Mellie fucking adored about Batjokes: The Movie (aka Lego Batman Movie)

Man in the MirrorI died. Every single fucking time! Opening the movie with a quote from the lyrics and then having it playing at Gordon’s party and then using even more of the lyrics throughout? God! It was just bliss!

PEW PEW PEW!!!! Aaaaaah! This was so fucking CUUUUUUTTTEEE! The way J came out guns a-blazin’, shooting up the place making those noises! ASSGDAAAH! And then the rest of ‘em doing it later! It was just the best!

Blinkity blink blink blink! Ahahahaa! You ain’t foolin’ NO ONE J!

Bruce not being invited to the JL anniversary party. WTF Supes? Just…what. the. fuck?! Actually, sad lonely Bruce was so fucking heartbreaking in this movie I just wanted to hug the crap outta him! This film did that surprisingly well. He’s presented as an arrogant prick but he’s such a sad little sweetheart underneath! I cry. So much.

Unhappy J slouching in his seat Ohhhhhhhhhh! Poor sad little clown baby! J was just too fucking KEEEEEYYYOOOOOOTTTTEE throughout this movie! His facial expressions just made me wanna die and can we just all take a moment to appreciate Zach’s vocal work? His voice was just gorgeous, I think and he did such a great job of mixing the crazy with the vulnerable without ever going over the top! Same for Arnett. He’s a legend and I love both of them to death for what they’ve done.

CONDIMENT KING! I. Fucking. Lost. My. Shit!

Rick Astley Ok. Anyone who knows me well will know of my deep love for the genius of Rick Astley! And when that started playing, even if only for a couple of seconds, it made my heart leap with joy!

Robin!!!!!! He was so cute and sweet and so not annoying that it was a wonder to behold! And don’t even get me started on his excitement about having two dads! That strikes a deep personal chord with me and I just wanna fucking smush the little bundle of plastic’s face and squish him to shit!

“British robots! Google it nerds!” ok so I dunno if I got the quote exactly right but I fucking squealed at that bit! What can I say, it’s the Whovian in me?!

Jerry motherfucking Maguire!?!?!!!!

Bane! Just fuuuuuck! They used the Tom Hardy voice for him and I was just wetting my self!

BATJOKES! Ohmyfuckinglifesomeonekillmenow! The moments between J and B just ASSSHGAAAAAAAAAAA!!! J’s sad face, B saying he doesn’t do “ships” (fuck you bruce we all know you fuckin do!) and J screaming cos Bruce loved the film Serendipity! Aahahahhaaa! That moment when J first tells Bruce he hates him, holding his hands together and those fucking eyebrows all curved upwards *clutches heart* and Bruce being stubborn by only saying “me too”, I need twenty thousand fics about that moment RIGHT THERE stat! And when Bruce starts hitting those villains just to make J jealous! And don’t even get me started on J’s comment about Bruce being a briefs man! Also, ALSO, at the end, when Bruce chin bumps J’s face just made me hug myself with joy! Das so cuuuuute! And including that sad J face when Bruce is being shown what a bad personal he is? Oh, come on Lego! But the moment that got me (and probably everyone else) was Bruce saying how he needed Joker and everything he did was just for him and… YOU HAD ME AT SHUT UP!!!!

I HATE YOU FOREVER Don’t fucking touch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, there were just so many other things too, like the fact they’ve made the Gordons POC and all the nods to the other bat movies made with the score and the fact that Ralph Fiennes is voicing Alfred and Voldemort is in the movie too? Ahahaha, it’s all too much! I need to see this film a billion more times and just bask in all the details I’m probably forgetting and just AAAAAAAHHHHH!

Now that it’s been a week and a half, I’ve found several ROGUE ONE fics I’ve liked! I’m sort of torn between FIX EVERYTHING and MAKE IT WORSE, but, honestly, that’s pretty par for the Star Wars course. But give me allllll the team fic and complicated, messy heroes! And backstory! All the backstory in the world! (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

climb, climb by peradi, jyn & cassian & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1k
   K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.
Steady as she goes by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 3.5k
   In which they all live and Jyn Erso is on a quest to fix a droid. Rogue One in the aftermath.
Set the Course by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & bodhi, 1.5k
   Post Scarif, the slow way home - a collection of scenes.
in the aeroplane over the sea by quadrille, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1.5k
   Home is not a place; it’s the people.
day after day by bodhirook, baze/chirrut, ~1k
   “I fear nothing,” Chirrut declares. “All is as the Force wills it.” “Funny, you seemed pretty fearful that time I tapped your shoulder while you were meditating.”
you are one with the force (you are with me) by peradi, baze/chirrut, 1.2k
   Baze Malbus, ferocious young assassin, meets a cocky little blind shit. The rest, as they say, is history.
anything in stars worth saving by with_the_monsters, cassian/jyn, 1.5k
   They miss the part where the Death Star gets blown up. They miss everything, actually, apart from the inside of an imperial cell. And that’s not a thing you just come back from. Not even if you survive Scarif.
What comes after by IaMcHrIsSi, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & cast, 2.9k
   Jyn and Cassian after everything
love will lead us all to smithereens by poseidon, baze/chirrut, 1.8k
   “I’m going to die in your arms, you know.” “Do you use that line on everyone you come across?” Baze asks. “No,” the man replies with a smile. “Just you.”
Faces by stereobone, baze/chirrut, 3.3k
   This is what Baze learns before Jedha falls.
you were my new home by katsumi, cassian/jyn & k-2so, 4.6k
   Before they can meet with Saw Gerrera, they have to find Saw Gerrera, and that takes time. On the search, Jyn and Cassian grow closer.
A Sun Shines in Parallel by LadyBaelish27, cassian/jyn & baze & chirrut & bodhi & k-2so & anakin & leia & cast, 39.1k wip
   What happens when ‘dead’ isn’t, strictly speaking, ‘dead’? Jyn and Cassian find themselves standing on a peaceful beach with no trace of a battle, a base, a war. Then they find K-2SO… and Chirrut Imwe… and Baze Malbus… and suddenly the very definitions of time and space become completely muddled.
Footfalls by GreyMichaela, baze/chirrut, ~1k
   There are mysteries about Baze that Chirrut wants to solve.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Fic recs? Fic recs!

For Fandom Fic Rec Days because this is a fantastic idea. These ones will be for Voltron, but if people want fic recs for other fandoms I’ve clawed through extensively (Batman, FMA, Young Justice, One Piece) I can do those too.

(Also, sorry to any writers who aren’t tumblr-tagged. I am terrible with names and probably don’t know you’re here. But I’ve still linked to your fic profiles in this case!)

a.k.a. “you should read everything they do it’s all quality okay”

@maychorian Okay look, if you are in any way excited that I’m in this fandom, you owe maychorian a big ‘thank you’ since she was unwittingly the reason I decided to stick around after watching S1. Boom Crash The Sound Of My Ship was one of the first fics I found after wandering into the fandom and holds a special place in my heart to this day. I have fond memories of eating up the whole series by staying up late or sneaking chapters at work on my breaks. I once hid in my car during my lunch break to read a chapter right after it released? Recs all around, just read all her stuff.

@bosstoaster You’ve probably read BT’s stuff already because who hasn’t but I don’t care I’m reccing her stuff anyway. BT writes everything. Like, everything. With a Shiro focus primarily, but she’s got a great handle on the other characters and will tackle such an insanely crazy variety of prompts I am continually stunned by whatever is produced next. Known for making you suffer but will make you laugh or feelz too. Special shout out to Spark to Ignite which is probably my favorite. Is this cheating because it was an exchange fic for me? Hell no. This was my One Thing that I desperately wanted to see in the fandom and it was not anywhere. BT did a fantastic job making it come to life and making me suffer but I asked for it so it’s okay and I reread this one all the time.

@butteredonions Where do I even START? So much good fic, guys. Onions fills my cravings for all things AU and she has such an insanely wide variety. If you like AU’s there is something there for everyone and they are always so well thought out and still fit each character so well. Also (in)famous for smol!Shiro, and I’m not actually partial to a lot of deaged!chars fics because people have a bad tendency to write toddlers and young children so innacurately, but this one is gold and so it’s great. But my personal fic shoutout is gonna go to The Throne In The Hall which is just all around amazing. Gorgeous imagery, great setting, solid plot, beautiful characterization, and badass fight scenes, this whole thing is just a delightful treat from start to finish.

@ashinan Has some great works all around and you should read it! I can’t speak for Ash’s ship fics because I’m not really into ships, but people swear by both Ghost of a King and Bombs and Bullets, so I assume they are top quality for ship stuff. Me? I’m gonna rec you all Something Strange which is the most best, shut up, I will fight you on this. Amazing piece that is the modern supernatural cryptids-and-ghosts AU I didn’t know I need until I read this. Amazing characterization and so many little details that I just love picking out of the narrative and basking in. This fic is both hilariously entertaining because of the group shenanigans and frightfully haunting because of the ghosts (pun sort of intended?) Ash has also hinted at maybe doing more for the series and I’m clawing at the walls waiting for it. Read now. Do it.

@mumblefox Rounding out the Think Tank, mumble’s work is worth checking out too! Like ash, a lot of mumble’s stuff is tagged for ships, which I don’t really do, but I absolutely adore Reconnaissance which is all I need to tell me mumble’s got top quality word weaving skills. Mumble does character dynamics wonderfully and I love watching Pidge and Keith work together in this, playing off each other both in the safe Castle environment and the heat of battle. There’s gorgeous imagery all throughout this fic and tons of little details buried in the narrative that just add so much character to the story itself. Also, I am a sucker for building any kind of alien culture or worldbuilding in general, and it’s here in spades.

GriffinRose: I don’t see this fic writer recced a lot? It’s a crying shame, they’re good at what they do. Lots of Keith-centric stuff but not necessarily in a shippy way (which is usually what I see for Keith-centric stuff), but they also tackle some other characters too! My favorite is actually Mama Holt because we see a lot of Matt and Sam hanging around the Castle with the paladins in fics but Pidge’s mom? Not so much. This is a sweet little piece that hits all my found family feels, in which Mama Holt ends up on the Castle of Lions and slowly ends up adopting absolutely everyone in it, and I love every word in it. Yes. Check out Griffin’s stuff, you won’t regret it.

a.ka. the “holy shit I found this amazing story I love and you should read it” section

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me by isabeau225
Voltron fan? Firefly fan? This fic is the fic for you! Now a series and too damn adorable. Shiro’s not expecting any kids but somehow he just keeps getting more, and somehow he’s okay with that. Again, one of those fics that does child characters well. After I read this I squeed for half an hour and melted onto the floor.

Accepting Amelioration by XILVerify
Daemon fics are my other weakness…when handled well. The problem I see with a lot of daemon fics is that writers will include the daemons but they are there more as a prop then as another character. This fic does a GORGEOUS job of avoiding that pitfall and a BEAUTIFUL job of writing the daemon concept in space with these characters and I fell in love with it. Also has some very interesting interpretations of daemons that differ a bit from the novel, but in ways I really enjoy…like breaking some of the standards for what animals mean what personalities, or making touching another’s daemon less of a sexual interaction and more of a close trust or strong platonic bond kind of thing. Beautiful work. Check it out.

One for All, All for One by KaijuDork
Absolutely gorgeous Shiro-centric (but also team based) fic. Hurt comfort in spades as Shiro tries to help the paladins and they try to help him at the same time. Some beautiful and haunting imagery in this one. Still a WIP, but I’m hoping the writer can finish one day. I believe in you :)

Of a Sort by hameru
For the sickfic fan. Shiro is really, really sick, and the others do their best to help him out. Also a WIP but the first two chapters are just…quality sickfic and will fill all your hurt/comfort needs by themselves. (Still will be excited when/if more posts though)

Empty Spaces by Oreramar
Kind of a modern AU without the space stuff. Shiro loses his arm in an accident and things start to go downhill from there, until he unexpectedly finds the perfect new career…in daycare. Again, one of those rare fics that handles kids well (although they’re kind of there peripherally in this one), and the modern AU aspect is handled really skillfully too. Makes you feel all happy inside when you’re done reading it. The kind of fic I would love to see more extension on, although I’m content with this too.

Shadows of our Dreams by KUG
Because sometimes you just need a cuddle pile. This one fills the niche for both cute and fluffy as well as angsty and hurt comfort. If you need all kinds of feels all in one place this is your one-stop shop.

Lean on Me by GlassSoldiers
Wouldn’t be a good fic rec without a good 5 times! This is one of my faves. Shiro looking out for all his team, and his team looking out for him. I’m a big fan of this theme, obviously, so this one really hits the spot. Everyone gets a chance to shine, which is great :)

how to win friends, influence people, and form voltron by brosura
A WIP but a very worth it WIP, holy crap, read this. An AU in which Keith doesn’t get booted from the Garrison, and ends up slowly integrating with the rest of the Original Trio. Primarily Hunk’s PoV too which is awesome. Double awesome, it literally just updated as I was writing this list, which means there’s a new chapter, which means I need to find time to read it. AAAAAH.

These are amongst my favorites. Good job to everyone on the list, and thanks for making my nights and work breaks exciting, for making me stay up late to finish just ONE MORE CHAPTER, for giving me something to read while eating, for giving me something to motivate me to get my own work done, and for giving me things to look forward to after terrible days. Love you all and this fandom has been amazing to me so far. :)


Through Your Eyes

It’s less shippy than it sounds

A follow-up fic to a Blind!Ryan AU short that @gangsandglory wrote a LONG time ago so… y'know :,)

Geoff paid for the bill on their way out of Denny’s. The total was higher than expected by the end of the outing thanks to Gavin daring Jeremy and Michael to a pancake eating contest. Needless to say, the two were forced into the back of the van together, in case anything came back up.

As Geoff was handed his receipt, Ryan brushed past him and headed for the front door, which Jeremy was holding open. “I’ll get that,” Geoff called, grabbing Ryan by the arm. The short-stack Bostonian gave a shrug and rubbed his aching belly.

Ryan tilted his head in Geoff’s direction. “Oh c'mon boss, you just can’t grab a blind man like that,” he quipped with a smile tugging his lips.

But Geoff was in no such mood. “Jesus christ Ryan,” he sighed, leading the man towards the door. “Listen; yeah maybe I should have paid more attention to the dynamics of my team but-… Well there’s just no guessing one of your crew mates are blind now is there? Why didn’t you tell me when I-, well I dunno, hired you?”

“Geez,” Ryan’s nose scrunched in disgust. He went quiet for a second as he found his footing and stepped off the curb. Sounds of the bickering lads pointed him in the direction of the van. “For fucks sake Geoff, I really never expected you to be so angry about it.”

“Never expected-…!” Geoff’s face flushed red as his blood pressure went through the roof. It took a minute for him to collect his thoughts. “Meet me in my office after we get back to the penthouse,” he managed, before reaching the driver’s door.

No one else seemed to hear the angry boss’s request aside from Jeremy, who helped Ryan into the middle row of the van. “Everything okay?” He whispered.

Ryan was silent. He ripped the buckle from his caretaker’s hand and helped himself. Jeremy looked hurt, but understood, and he manuvered his way to the back. With Gavin asleep from the post-meal itis and Michael with his headphones on, it was a painfully quiet ride home.

Much Later that Evening

“I thought I told you to come see me,” Geoff’s irritated voice called out before his footsteps fell silent at the doorframe.

Vagabond was sorting and resorting his knife set in his room. “…Sorry,” he mumbled. “I didn’t feel like coming…” His hands settled and he took a breath. He began sorting the knives by size.

Geoff watched the rhythmic exercise take place. He’d pick up a knife, rub his thumb along the hilt, and place it somewhere new. “Excuse me? It was an order, not a suggestion. I need to talk to you right now.” Boss gnashed his teeth and let himself into Ryan’s room. Leather peeled and stretched as he sat in the corner chair. Soft taps resonated across the floor.

Ryan sighed and rested his hands.

He started sorting by sharpness.


“Your wearing those shitty sneakers you got from Payless,” Ryan noted, almost accusingly. “You spilled booze on them last weekend…”

“Listen to me-”

“Did you just come in from a smoke? What brand is that, Newport?” the lump in his throat grew.

“Ryan, you stop this,” Geoff sighed, tucking the pack of cigarettes further down his jean pocket.

“I know what this is about,” Ryan said without facing him. He continued sorting. “I know why you called me in and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“It’s a big fucking issue Ryan,” the seat creaked as he leaned forward, “and I dont recall you ever telling me before! And telling me when im drunk doesnt count.”

“You trusted me before you knew why dont you trust me now?” The rythm stopped.

He began sorting by weight.

“Because now I know! We dont keep secrets here and-”

“That’s a lie.”

“We dont keep secrets that endanger the team,” Geoff said firmly. “I need to know these kinds of things to-; would you look at me when I’m talking to you?!”

Ryan slammed a knife against his dresser and whirled around. “What do you want see? This?!” In one swift motion he whipped around threw himself at Geoff, his hands gripping the armrests of the chair. Their faces were inches apart.

“You… wear contacts,” Geoff breathed, searching the milky eyes staring through him. No wonder he thought Ryan’s eye were so blue.

“I wore contacts, Ryan huffed. “Why should I hide it anymore?” Their gaze remained locked until Ryan cast his eyes to the floor. Slowly he stood straight and backed away.

Creaks from the bed frame filled the silence as Ryan sat opposite of Geoff. “Look,” Boss said calmly, “I understand that you’re good at what you do-”

“Then let me do my job…”

“Just listen,” Geoff sighed, resting his chin in his hands.

“I’m always listening. I can hear your calloused hands running over your face. I can tell you haven’t shaved in three days from the friction of your beard. I can hear Jeremy and Michael bickering about the pancake contest outside. I hear Gavin laughing at them. I hear Jack in the garage, fixing your bike; Geoff I can hear everything.” Ryan emphasized. “I was hoping, if you ever knew… if I ever told you, that you’d understand. I can still see,” Ryan looked at Geoff. “Just not like you can.”

The boss remained silent. As mysterious of a character Ryan’s been since they’ve met, Geoff’s always trusted him. He’s never given a reason to show he’s incapable of doing what the job demands. Even before they hired Jeremy, the man’s taken good care of himself. And when Geoff couldn’t be there he’s done his part to take care of the crew.

“…Ryan I,” he started, the words caught on the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry.” With that, he gathered himself and stood to leave. “I never meant to make you feel like your differences made you unwelcome here,” he said as he walked away. His footsteps stopped at the doorframe.

Ryan tilted his head to face him. “I don’t need acceptance boss,” he said blankly. “I just want to be trusted. That’s how we get the job done.”

Geoff bit his lip and turned to walk away. He passed another crew member in the hallway but didn’t make an effort to acknowledge them.

Ryan waited a few beats before speaking up. “What is it Jeremy?” he spoke quietly. His face was turned out of sight.

Jeremy sighed and leaned his shoulder on the door. “I trust you, Ryan.”

“…Do you accept me?” He asked, turning to face him.

“You know I do,” Jeremy said quickly, rushing to Ryan’s side. “And the crew does too. Even Geoff. They’re just in shock.” He placed a hand on Ryan’s shoulder. “Give them some time, Rye. They’ll see that there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Ryan sighed and hung his head. A few moments peace settled their conversation until Ryan’s mind wandered elsewhere. “Michael beat you by two pancakes, by the way. Just give Gavin his money,” he said.

“Shut the hell up!” Jeremy chuckled. Ryan let out a quiet laugh and leaned against his caretaker. “Are you going to be okay?” Jeremy asked after a beat.

“With you here, I’ll be more than okay.” Ryan said quietly, “…Will you take me to the lake tonight and describe the sunset again?”

“It’s going to rain,” Jeremy said sadly.

“That’s okay. You can describe the storm. I just love seeing the world through your eyes.”

SVT College AU  -  Seungkwan

Originally posted by seungkvvan

a/n: if you disrespect this boy get ready to catch these hands he’s a blessing to us all 



-he may have the voice of an angel 

-but his actual hobby is watching movies

-a lot of movies

-like there are some he’s waited to see ever since they were announced or even considered by the directors

-*cough cough where is the bee movie p.2 cough cough*

-aww the little movie buff


-so this kid chose film studies!!

-first of all the college gave him a free laptop to keep him on the course

-so basically bribery 

-mine did that too the fuckin snakes


-his class is full of really chill people !!

-who share the same passion as him when it comes to film studies!!

-it wasn’t even the second week in and they already appointed seungkwan as the mother of the group

-their class is the best cause all they do is sit down 

-watch a movie 

-and just write about it

-obviously the writing part some people can take hits or misses with 

-but it was definitely cool to watch movies all the god damn time

-bear in mind seungkwan has probably watched them all too 

-”ok so whos seen this film–”

-”i have–”

-”who isn’t seungkwan”

-apart from being the mom of the group he’s also the comedian of the group

-his specialty is impersonations

-seungkwan has impersonated them all

-samuel l jackson in the breakfast scene from pulp fiction– word for word

-ace ventura’s allllllllllllllllllllRIGHTY then 

-and the scene in airplane! 


-that scene 

-the two little kids? he has their voices down perfectly

-but who says that he doesn’t impersonate his friends and roomies from time to time?

-”seungkwan can you take the trash out?”

-”alright but……..seokmin is already out….”



-yeah he’s rooming with seokmin and joshuaaaaaaa

-two pure butterbean kids

-but there’s no stopping the roast train as it goes into the savage station

-F U L L    F U C K I N    S P E E D     A H E A D 

-especially if he’s with hansol and chan hollllllyy shit 

-those three don’t hold back anything 

-if they got a roast they gotta say it

-but they’ve been pretty good friends for a while so they don’t actually mean the shit they say

-but daaaaaaaaaaamn 

-”hey what’s the formula for that flavour sachet to noodle that seokmin told us?”

-”what’s the formula for that hairline back in 2009?”




-ah a classic in the comfort of their own dorm

-”hey hansol don’t you have a girlfriend?”

-”huh? hansol? girlfriend? the only way he’s gonna get laid is if he crawls a chicken’s ass and waits a while”


-that one was mentioned in the library 

-”what position produces the ugliest kids?”

-”i don’t know ask your mum”

-hansol had to literally inhale a gust of wind


-before running after seungkwan

-while seungkwan was running,,,,,,,he managed to bump into you

-yeah! yOU!

-you’re a cutie aren’t you?

-you’re a catering student who really has a knack for cooking !!!

-you’ve loved it ever since you were little and you’ve had every chance to perfect your baking !!


-from your side you’re just walking in the hallway 

-and this blonde cutie just bumps into you 

-you fall onto the floor while your friends look on in possible horror mixed with the “oh my gosh don’t laugh don’t laugh dON’T FUCKING LAUGH”

-and he’s just struck down while hansol bumps into the back of him

-well,,,,,,,,he was definitely struck somewhere else when he saw you on the ground

-like wow 


-that was the fastest sentence you’ve ever heard wow


-and bingo 

-your heart was taken 

-boo seungkwan better be runnin now becauuUUUUUUUUSe the police are after him for theft


-he helped you up then helped hansol up too

-what a great friend

-”are you sure??”

-”yeah i’m fine don’t worry about me”

-”ok….i haven’t seen you round before what’s your name?”

-”i’m y/n…..what’s yours?”

-”seungkwan….hey i’m sorry for bumping into you like that…..lemme make it up to you! how about that cafe down the road after class?” 

-”wow ok sure thank you!”

-in the space of 5 minutes you gained a friend,,,and a free drink too wow

-after you left him your number and left for class too

-he just kind of…..lemme just help you to visualise what happened

-you see seungkwan?

-mans gone

-he’s gone


-he was so struck by you that he started to just speak heart emojis…not actual fuckin words 

-”❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 💟”

-”yo…..did you just ask that girl out? wow seungkwan i didn’t know you could do that…”

-”yeah you keep on suckin seungcheol’s dick in hopes of you getting him to get you that vodka on the weekends while i’m getting girls numbers”

-”oh fuck you seungkwan”

-”you know it’s true when you’re not even denying it hansol”

-”god damn it….”

-you and seungkwan met after your class and you found out that he’s actually a pretty funny guy!

-he’s also really cute wtf when did you get here and why did i not notice you before holy shit

-boy has them chubby cheeks and stuff and it’s really cute!!!!!!!!!! 

-and the best thing about it is that you and seungkwan became friends after this!!! 

-you friendship is sooooo different to what seungkwan chan and hansol have 

-like they’re the savage love relationship

-and yours is the kind of love love relationship?

-you get me? 


-lemme explain it so it’s easier to understand the differences

-so when you and seungkwan see each other in the hallway

-one of y’all will back hug the other

-and it’s so precious because you will hug him and seungkwan gets a little shook but when they know it’s you he’ll just hug back it’s so cute 


-another way to differentiate between relationships is the fact that y’all talk about everything with each other

-like seungkwan will come round to your dorm and just sit or lie down with you 

-and you guys just watch a movie or something 

-and after that you’ll talk for hours on end wow o wow 

-a lot of people thought that you guys have something for each other with the obvious skin shippy shit and the cool talk sessions

-cause when they see seungkwan with hansol it’s savage central 

-and when he’s with you he’s a soft kid who really likes your company

-wait was his crush on you becoming obvious to everyone else??

-and you didn’t know?

-what a “surprise”’!’

-hansol was getting suspicious

-so one time he came back to hansol’s room after seeing you 

-he was so red faced because you just gave him a back hug just a second before he came in 

-and hansol was fuckin onto him

-so the second he came in

-him and chan stood before him 

-and were just like

-”you gotta crush on y/n?”


-”you gotta crush on y/n?”


-”you gotta crush on y/n?”






“so you gotta crush on y/n?”


-”i knEW IT YOU lIKE Y/N”


-hansol and chan like to wind up seungkwan but they do it with the best intentions 

-and you know they want to help a bro out with his love life

-cause fuck have you not seen the way he is when he’s around you

-he’s so happy around you

-and his cheeks are always bright red and shit and it’s so cute wtf 

-”so what have you got in common with y/n?”

-”we both like food….and we watch a lot of movies together…..”

-”so why don’t you do that with her? but be a lot more…you know…loving to her? i don’t know…”

-”yeah of course you don’t”



-anyways he actually took hansol’s advice 


-so a couple days later he just called you up on your free day and asked to hang out like always 

-but this day he was……like hansol suggested…more loving towards you

-like the second he came to your door and the second you opened it 

-it was all arms on….hugs?

-it wasn’t a back hug like you expected it to be 

-but a normal hug??

-and seungkwan….is a great hugger??


-you could feel your heart beating out of your chest and you were waiting for him to comment about how he could probably feel your heartbeat lmao 

-but nothing bro nothiiiiing

-you let him in and he sat down on the sofa like normal

-and he noticed that it was on a show that was really popular

-he asked if you watched it and you said no 

-the only reason why it was on was because of your roomies leaving like a couple hours before seungkwan came around so you decided to just leave it on that channel

-as always he was just flicking through the channels while you were cooking for your class

-and then seungkwan just remembered what hansol said to him

-about the be more loving thing to you 

-he got bored of flicking through the channels anyways

-so he got up

-walked over to you

-and just looked over to what you were cooking

-obviously you were finishing up mixing something and the pan was on the highest heat 

-so your protective instincts came out when he came over

-”oh hey be careful the pan is hot ok ba–”

-babe? were you about to say babe?

-you stopped 

-and your whole being just became 

-Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!oh fuck i nearly called seungkwan babe what the fuck holy shit oh no that was gonna be way too obvious to him i don’t want him finding out holy shiitake mushrooms fuck oh my fhushohJKHDJKFBNDIODHJVDFJV


-finding out about what?

-that you had the most obvious crush on him?

-yeah he probably knows

-actually no he doesn’t



-”b-boo….i meant to say boo”

-seungkwan stopped too but the a fuckin grin just spread across his god damn face like heheheheheheheh (ಸ ω ಸ) bitch i know what you were going to say don’t hide it

-”oh really? sounded like you were going to call me babe didn’t it?”

-the little shit 

-just as he asked you that his arms wrapped around you 

-giving you a tight back hug like always with his head leaning on your shoulder

-”if you did say it…..i don’t think it would have been a problem honey”



-h O N E Y   


-no but seriously……honey? did he just call you honey?

-you had to admit… actually liked the way he called you honey 

-but of course that was far away 

-maybe not that far away if you juST TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEEEEEEEEEL

-so there you were just letting seungkwan hug you while you were cooking 

-and it actually felt like you two were a couple cooking together???? and it was so sweet too?????


-you were nearly finished and you needed to taste test it so you asked seungkwan since you needed another person’s input

-”hey babe can you try this for me?”

-”oh sure”

-you picked out a little spoon

-picking up a little bit of the sauce

-a wait

-you called seungkwan babe

-and you just let it slide because you knew you were going to call him babe again at some point in the day

-and like you he liked that you were comfortable enough with you calling him babe 

-it’s so precious 

-you fed him a little bit of the food you made and he really did like it!! wow!!

-”how is it?”

-”it’s really good…..i knew you could make really good food but this is probably the best you’re ever made!”

-”really? thank you boo.”

-your free hand just reached up to hug him back and it’s such a precious moment between you two and honestly

-you heart beats could be a love song at this point waojAKA


-you told him to go sit down on the sofa while you packed up 

-leaving him to pick a movie 

-and of course

-he picks


-treasure planet

-not the bee movie

-but treasure planet 

-you finished packing up and taking photos of your food

-washed up 

-changed clothes into something more comfortable aka leggings and that huge jumper that you love to death 

-dragged your covers out into the front room

-and just plopped down next to him

-obviously you two had watched movies before and the two main ingredients to comfortable viewing for the both of you are;

-your covers


-the two of you in each other’s arms cause why the fuck not 

-and of course seungkwan just had to make himself comfortable at the other end of the sofa

-so what is the best thing to do in your situation?

-the situation being that you’re starting to only just realise that you like seungkwan a little bit more than you though and you have no idea that he likes you back and you think he’s just being a little bit more loving than usual but the actual truth is that hansol told him to be a little bit more loving to you today cause he was actually going to ask you to be his girlfriend today because fuck with the way you two have been acting it was like you two were already going out and holy shit i wrote too much about this

-clamber and lie on him

-the best thing to do was to clamber on top of him…..and lie down on him?

-yeah cause that didn’t totally just make your brain go wtf are you doing chilD NO WHAT and make your heart go oh my god thank you this is so comfy BADUM BADUM BADUM

-yeah totally didn’t

-ya feckin liar

-aaaaaaaa so the movie started 

-and while you’re just laying on top of him 

-he’s stroking your head 

-and it feels amazing because you never expected him to do something as skin-shippy as this and it’s so cute

-you’re actually not paying attention to the movie you’re just paying attention to every little thing he’s doing

-you were just studying his gaze and his perfect face and everything and 

-miss y/n? miss y/n? mISS Y/n? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead

-your brain had no say on what your hands were doing you swore they were moving by themselves

-your hand just moved itself and cupped his cheek

-he looked back at you and smiled 

-”you’re not watching the movie at all…are you?”

-”it started?”

-”oh you’re so cute…”

-his hand reached up to yours and he just held your hand


-(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ oh my godh sidhsad;ha;sidlkjas

-”your face is so red it’s actually so cute–”

-he stopped and just looked back to you 

-”wait….am i….making you blush?”

-”i wasn’t aware that i was blushing in the first place…”

-”well you are now…”

-”yeah….it’s weird…you’re always blushing around me….”

-y/n mischievous mode: turned on and turned to the fullest mischief mode

-”it’s just my cheeks get red regularly….has nothing to do with you…”

-”are you sure…? is there something you’re hiding?”

-”nothing to be hidden”


-you give him one last smirk before turning your head to watch the movie

-but in that moment

-”ok there’s got to be a way that i can tell you that i like you a lot and that i want you to be mine–”

-those words just felt out of his mouth while holding you close

-you both just stay still for one second

-”did you just–”

-”i just did–”




-”….do you like me too?”

-”gee i wonder if i do….i also wonder why i called you babe before…and the fact that i curl up next to you every time we’re alone”

-”so wait….you do?”

-”oh my god seungkwan yes i do like you”

-”oh my god that’s a relief i thought you didn’t and i thought that you were only calling me babe for a joke im so happy-”

-you rolled your eyes 

-before moving a little closer

-cupping his cheeks

-and giving him a smile 

-closing the gap between you two


-his lips were pretty soft 

-like boi what lip scrub or shit you using

-mans gotta get some 

-you slowly just back up 

-and you give another smile to him 

-”ok now shhhh i gotta watch the movie”

-seungkwan on the outside: (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ ok ily

-seungkwan on the inside: ಠωಠ you little shit

-ok first of all you weren’t paying attention in the first place 

-but now he wasn’t paying attention 

-and every 5 minutes or so he would just kiss your cheek because yes 

-y’all literally looked like this kaomoji


-he’s wanted to kiss you for a long time and it’s so cute

-there’s nothing to say that you didn’t want to kiss him for a long time too 

-the cutest couple 

-the chubby cheek couple that i want to protect with all my life and give all my love to you two happy couple-ing you know 


-”yeah hansol?”

-”did you tell her?”

-”yeah i did”

-”what are you two going out now?” 

-”yeah….just like your sense of style…going out….”


-”hansol what i’m trying to say is what the fuck are those”


-”get out”

too-many-goddamn-fandoms  asked:

For the honesty hour thing: So, how did you fall in love with Sakuya, and want attracts you to his character? Im interested in this!

Lol girl did I ever tell you that I love you?

It took me awhile to answer this because I needed to collect my thoughts about it. AHAHA TAKE A SEAT EVERYONE. Okay gosh where to begin….. THIS IS LIKE THE INTERVIEW I WAS WAITING FOR. HA.

Well, as some people know I wasn’t extremely fond of Sakuya when I first started Servamp about….7-8 months ago? I didn’t hate him or anything, just didn’t really care for him at first. (but that kinda goes for quite a bit of characters really, but everyone grows on me at some point. ^^)

I think what really got to me was after learning about his past and how it affected his motives, relationships and current situation in the series.

So many aspects about his characters just make so much sense but I feel like are just kinda looked over……. probably cause his backstory was kinda glazed over real quick, in my opinion at least. (Like why dammit? I have so many questions still, this series can’t do this to me.) It just really kills me inside, especially the more I thought about it and the more I think about his character.

I’m gonna kinda express some of my new random thoughts on his past , cause this intrigues me oddly: (Kinda theory time right now whoooo) AND ALL IS WHAT GIVE ME SO MANY FEELINGS MY GOSH.

Just thinking about the extent of the abuse he must’ve suffered is something that really boggles my mind…… We know it went on for years, those 6 years before his “death” and then probably a few more before that obviously, when his sister was still alive. Who’s knows how long she had to endure it though? She was much older, Sakuya was about 9 at the time, and she appeared to be High School (or maybe Middle School can’t really tell with the uniform.) 

She was also the one covered in bandages after all, and we couldn’t see any visible scars or injuries on Sakuya. So she obviously took all the beatings so he wouldn’t have too most likely but after when she died I’m sure things got worse for poor little Sakuya.

But this is my other biggest thing about the abuse he went through…

How come he never tried running away?

We all know his parents threatened to do the same thing to him as they did to his older sister, but could he really not just try and leave before anything happened? Maybe not until he got a bit older.. but still….

Was his parents that controlling? I doubt his parents even cared enough to hunt him down if he did run away…. So why didn’t he try? Did they really keep him that locked in? Its so hard for me to imagine him being and feeling that hopeless, did he have zero fight inside him?

It’s hard to imagine him not fighting back in the slightest. But he could have been a very different person back when he was human too, of course. Maybe more meek and submissive… again who knows. (To be honest, I am extremely curious about to what most of the vampires characters were like before they were vampires and who and what they did before as well.

But anyway, do you think Sakuya put up with it…

Because it was ALSO a loyalty thing??!? I’m making no jokes here. Hear me out, even if he hated his parents(I’m sure he did obviously, even though he never explicitly said he did, because we had Tsubaki tell his story, and not Sakuya.)

Do you think he never tried running away or whatever, because he just felt like he just couldn’t? Like he was betraying something? Maybe not his parents, just because “They are my parents…. whether I like it or not. I have to listen to them…

But maybe because of his sisters death? Like he felt like he had to endure it like she did for him?? I mean…. he was told:

“You don’t want your sister’s death to be a waste, right?”

YOU GUYS GET WHAT I AM SAYING HERE RIGHT? History can repeat itself….

(This boy is gonna kill me with his conflicted ass)

Maybe there wasn’t actually much physical abuse doing those years… Maybe at least for as long as he did what they said and stayed out of their way and kept their secret. But I kinda already talked about this part in a post about what I think happened to his parents after he became a vampire. (I am very sensitive about this topic alright?)

We know they killed his sister so they could get insurance money(ughh so sickening) but did they really try to kill Sakuya for more money? They would only be two people at that point…… so that’s why a part of me is like, “there’s gotta be a greater reason.” The best conclusion I came up with was “They killed him because maybe he tried to TELL someone.”

Think about it. Sakuya hates lies, he had to lie his whole life basically. He takes it very serious and to heart. WE KNOW THIS.

We know he only kept it a secret because he was threatened and didn’t want his sister’s death to be in vain…. But maybe he eventually cracked under all the pressure… And maybe tried speaking about it or was planning too and then… That was also the day he died…… Damn…. I just stabbed myself in the heart.

So yes, his past is a big factor on why I found him so interesting initially when I was new to this fandom/series, I was really hoping we would see his past elaborated a bit or learn more and see what he does and how on earth Mahiru was gonna “save him.”

I could go on and on about these two as well. Not in a shippy way…. but friendship or romantic, considering his past it makes sense to why he’s attached to Mahiru. Again in another post where I “defended his character” I guess you could say, I talked about how Sakuya’s “screwed up friendship methods” and how he really dug himself into a hole. -__- But I was saying its almost hard to blame him for going about the way he did. BECAUSE IT JUST MAKES SENSE SADLY.

Sakuya is a real lonely and distant kinda guy. After he sister died I’m sure he didn’t have much light in his life then. No one to talk too, no one who understood. No one who loved him. I’m sure growing up during those 6 years he was probably afraid to get close to anyone. What was school like for him then…. did he really have no friends at all for 6 years? It’s crazy to think about right? His childhood was anything but normal…. 

But then he received a “second chance” after Tsubaki found him and I’m sure Mahiru’s kind-hearted nature really drew him in, it’s not wrong for him to really want a friend, yeah he did go the complete wrong way about it, but unfortunately lies and deceit is all he knew how to do. He found some light in his life, and he was willing to do anything to hold on to that for as long as he could. Also HE KILLS ME because he regretted lying to Mahiru so much and did all the awful things he did/said, BECAUSE HE WAS HOPING MAHIRU WOULD HATE HIM and have his Servamp KILL HIM because he felt that was the only way to apologize for everything. and BOIII did that really kill me. AND THEN MAHIRU FORGAVE HIM STILL and now look at where he is with his conflicted loyalty….


-inhales- ALSO ONE THING I NEED TO GET OFF MY CHEST BECAUSE THIS REALLY BOTHERS ME. Before ANYONE says “Mahiru is too forgiving about the whole fake memories thing and shouldn’t have forgiven Sakuya or be his friend.” Cause I HAVE heard someone say this and it makes me angry.


  • Mahiru shouldn’t have forgiven and accepted Kuro for his past and all his sins and regrets, that he never shared with him. Also for attacking Mahiru that one time, lets not forget.
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be friends or ever trust Lawless because he’s killed so many eves and killed all of Tsubaki’s subclass and who knows what else he’s done?
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be finding a way to stop Tsubaki without killing him, because he’s not worth it.
  • Mahiru shouldn’t be trying to save Tsurugi either because he’s also done bad things.
  • AND SO ON.

SO SCREW EVERYONE WHO SAYS THAT. Cause you’re basically saying NO CHARACTER deserves happiness. -exhales- Sorry I just feel very strongly about that and I forgot to mention this in my defense post awhile ago. I feel better now~

So about Sakuya’s damn conflicted loyalty between Tsubaki and Mahiru. How are things gonna go from here?.WHICH ROUTE MY GUY? I WANT TO KNOW.

Tbh he’s kinda similar to Tsurugi in a sense (a certain someone kinda opened my eyes about that) that the whole “afraid to start something new because this is all that I’ve ever known and honestly I don’t know how to feel anymore?” kinda sense.

Although Tsurugi is debatablely the saddest character in servamp right now (backstory and current situation and all ARE WAYYY more painful.) 

What? Just cause Sakuya is my fave didn’t mean I’m completely biased about him. He sad. But not the SADDEST. I just thought I would mention this cause the parallels kinda fascinate me.

I WANT SAKUYA TO TAKE SOME ACTION. HE’S FREE NOW RIGHT??? What’s he gonna do now??? What’s he planning to do!?!? STILL WAITING HERE.

. Ughh its probably gonna be awhile until we get anything about Sakuya again. Which is fine. Cause its not his arc right now.


But still I’m extremely curious… To what he might do in the future…. I mean Sakuya and even Lilac are still running around freely unlike the other melancholy members at the moment? So will he somehow be involved with that later??? Will he find Tsubaki??? WHERE ARE YOU MY BOY?

Ughh I’m having Sakuya withdraw lol… I hope he gets to do something exciting or important soon…. Tanaka strike is TEASING ME by putting him in so many recent official arts but then NOT IN THE ACTUAL STORY. WHYYYY. (well we do see Sakuya in a recent bonus chapter so….)

I HOPE THAT MEANS STRIKE PLANS TO INCLUDE HIM AGAIN SOON. I’ll take it as foreshadowing *sobs* Strike obviously hasn’t forgotten about him….so JUST waiting and watching now.

Waiting and watching….

Sorry, that got so angsty above I wanted this post to be positive too.. So here are good/fun things I like about him:

  • Even though he character design absolutely baffles me(yes I mean the hair) I gotta say I really love it~ His hair is really something original that’s for sure. HA. His design also helped immediately catch my attention to him also I may have a bit of a “stripes bias” ahaha I own A LOT of stripe shirts myself lol always have and always will.
  • He owns a lot of pink accessories and wears pink a lot too! LET. BOYS. WEAR. PINK. YES. YOU. GO. MY. BOY.  He rocks it fight me.
  • He’s cool and I’m kinda curious on what his subclass ability is. If there is even one for him. Weapons seem to be his specialty. (F.E knives, chainsaw(which I am still trying to figure out how magically pulled out in AN ELEVATOR!?! And can make a sword outta blood apparently.

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 But I don’t really trust the animes canon….) Also his little black strap things have a function??? THEY ARE ALIVE. WHAT

  • Look how happy Mahiru makes him. His smile is precious. He loves his friend so much I cry. I want them to be together and be friends again.

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  • All the Tsubaki and Sakuya shenanigans make me laugh. One minute he’s crying to Mahiru “please don’t kill him” and the next you’re trying to put the guy into a fox trap. What even boi.
  • Has the best “yandere” expressions.
  • HE PRETTY STRONG and has great potential to be truly terrifying and useful. UNLEASH THAT POTENTIAL YOU GREEN EMO CHILD.
  • Another random thought I had was what would have things been like if Mahiru did choose to tell Sakuya about Kuro in the beginning like he originally planned? Might’ve still gone down the same way. But who knows?
  • (I could keep going tbh)


Thank you for asking Aviiiii~ <3