to me everything is shippy when it comes to these two

this is just some scattered ichiruki thoughts;

- i find it great that the blade that finally defeated yhwach is his original shikai form. not any of the latter powered-up forms of zangetsu. it’s the shikai form that he achieved when he wanted to rescue rukia back during ss arc.

- it just blows my mind how beautifully studio pierrot animate rukia. how lovingly they craft every single thing about her. i feel like they stop doing bleach because rukia stops appearing regularly in the manga and because the quality of the story at that point starts heading for the toilet.

- the bleach musical (and i’m only talking about the first gen of the musical here) is so shippy it makes me supremely happy. especially how EVERYONE ships ichiruki, like they just go ‘yep, those two are together no doubt’. AND MIKI SATO IS BASICALLY RUKIA ?? she is everything godly.

- about the bleach ending, it occurs to me the other day that NO RELATIONSHIP IN BLEACH ENDS HAPPILY ?? like,

  • isshin + masaki = dead!masaki
  • ryuken + kanae = dead!kanae
  • gin + rangiku = dead!gin
  • byakuya + hisana = dead!hisana
  • kaien + miyako = dead!both
  • kaname + shinigami lady = dead!both
  • etc

does kubo hate a thriving, happy relationship? we will never know but it would explain the renruki/ichihime

- i love how rukia is able to snap ichigo out of his funks every. single. time. i love how healthy and supportive their relationship is. i love how ichigo’s flashbacks of rukia would always be this incredibly beautiful image of her: expressive, large eyes, flowing black hair framing her petite face, and it would instantly gives him clarity. i love how his family members defer to her and love her as if she’s one of them. 

- thank god for ichiruki tbh.