to me being insane when i was 8 or 9

anonymous asked:

Hey Carly can you do 29 facts about you? Xx

yeah girl this is heaps cool!!! 

1. i live in sydney aw yeah

2. i can’t spend a full day in my house without going out

3. i feel uncomfortable and heaps awkward not wearing heels or shoes with a platform when I’m out

4. i can’t go a full day without a coffee or i will go insane and start an apocalypse 

5. i would kill a man to turn into gemma ward or lindsey wixon or sasha puss or kate moss

6. i am being sarcastic 4567890% of the time so don’t listen to me 

7. i refuse to leave the house without a camera on me

8. i have sushi like everyday


10. i have to kittens called pepper and mint (peppermint lmao get it) 

11. a hobby of mine is online shopping on designers sites and then checking the total price and crying

12. fitness and heath wise i am a certified slug


14. i spent the first 7 years of my life wanting to be a garbage truck woman 

15. I’ve been scouted for a big australian modelling agency and i really want to do it for the future

16. id also like to design clothes and houses n shit

17. my guilty pleasure is judge judy and the people court woo 

18. i have spent hours researching and have even made a telephone call to a place about ghost marriage in the hope to wed heath ledger

19. when me and my friend were 11 we made a video of us talking about how much we loved justin bieber and taylor launter and we cried in the video AND THEN WE PUT IN ON YOUTUBE but the rents made us delete it thank god

20. i dont do best friends

21. i have more baby fat on my face than an actual baby

22. i am known around the house for snacking on pretzels and wagon wheels at 2am

23. my family puts the tv on really loud whenever i have a shower bc i sing cryin by aerosmith SO LOUD every time i swear this is 100% true

24. i saved my brother life when he was 1 and he hates me wtf ?!?!! ungrateful bitch

25. i run on the spot in the shower for 20 seconds as a pathetic attempt to excersize 

26. i have watched an endless amount of movies so if u ever need movie advice from a profechenile then come to me hola 

27. I LOVE WINTER and I’m not to keen on summer

28. i can change the size of my pupils on the spot 

29. i hate taylor swift with the fire of 1000 suns