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Pokemon Go is a game that’s supposed to bring us all together, not tear us apart. Whether you’re Instinct, Mystic, or Valor, we’re all enjoying playing the same game right?

So stop hating on people over an arbitrary color choice, and just have fun. It’s just a friendly competition. 

Let’s just all get out there, and Catch ‘em all!

list of things i desperately need to draw rn/remember to draw once i get a new drawing tablet. or if the latter ever happens, idek at this point

-jasper!! i miss her. 

-amethyst + Too Short to Ride form

-shorty squad!

-PEARL. OOOH, so much Pearl. Pearl +tux icons, Pearl + her three songs drawing, screenshot redraws of when she’s singing ‘It’s Over…’

-An ACTUAL heated Lapis and Peridot fight.

-Backgrounds based off of pics my sister took on our way to Georgia/Florida

-Maybe OC’s??

-Voltron!! (Shallura, and probably a lot of Lance. Shiro, Lance and Allura are my faves so far)

OKAY SO ONCE I GET A TABLET AND MOVE AND START SOME SUMMER HW, That’s…what…you can hopefully expect??.I’m so sorry this is taking so long.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm looking for a specific fic that I read a while back, I remember it had Steve getting a handsome jogger's number, and then Bucky says to Steve that Steve never used to look at men, and Steve says it's because back then he had trouble keeping his eyes off Bucky. And then Bucky is taken hostage at their home by a bunch of budget mercs and gets hurt because he forgets his armor. I'm pretty sure I bookmarked it but I can't find it anymore, not sure, maybe it got deleted? Thanks!

I think this might be Come To Morning by emilyenrose

///it’s 11:30 at night and I’m laying in bed because I’m supposed to be sleeping but my minds running a million miles and hour

I’m thinking I might make an art blog???
I mean it would be more than just like ask blog art(would include other stuff as well)

Idk, I’m just feelin the need for an art blog and I have no idea why


[ i feel uneasy about putting videos on youtubes i think i’m bad at it…

maybe i should delete my youtube channel for everyone’s sakes 

idk i think i feel sad about this ]


Kristoff vs Hans: Definitions of Love.

Now let’s just forget Hans was a douche for once second. Both men in this movies played with the meaning of Love. But apparently, they both played with very different definitions of love.

Hans’s (and actually even Anna’s) definition of love, was pulling every pick up line in the book, flirting and making the other giggle. It was the man taking the girl and lifting her off into a magical night of dancing in fun. It was singing the romantic duet, it’s how you know both characters are in love right? It’s setting up a marriage, because isn’t that the purest form of love? But it also includes both of them doing their part, convincing the other that they are meant to be. Because how can two people be in love if the other doesn’t feel the same way?

Kristoff’s was the opposite. He did’t need cliches. He didn’t need the romance or the dancing. He didn’t (unfortunately) even need the romantic duet! It was all in his eyes and actions. He didn’t try to get Anna to fall for him, he didn’t try to seduce her. For him love is care. Anna has to be okay, Anna has to be safe. Anna has to be happy.He didn’t care that Anna didn’t feel the same way. That wasn’t the important thing to him. Anna just had to be safe.

Kristoff didn’t race down the mountain because he could kiss Anna and prove to her that he was her true love and he was meant to kiss her.

He raced down because Anna was in danger, because if she died while he was leaving, he would never be able to live with himself.

And that’s the love that’s true. The love for HER.

Just feeling sick.

So there was a shooting tonight in downtown Dallas, just about an hour away from where I live. I’m sick of hearing about this, I’m sick of hearing about shootings or terrorism or just people dying in general. I’m so sick of the state of the world. 

Do me a favor? Just be nice to one another. Spread as much positivity as you can. The world needs it right now.