to many pretty players

Do you ever read a book with a really great romance and start crying over the fact that you’ve never been kissed

So….I wanted to talk about Sans here.

I’m sure by now, alot of you have noticed



Normally when this eye is seen, it is used to make his attack go first, and then to reset you back in the middle of the screen when in his battle when trying to go to the fight button. And strangely enough he stops sweating?? That’s interesting in itself, but I actually want to talk about the colors here.

Yellow means Justice and the ball games tells you that “Your sure-fire accuracy put an end to the mayhem of “Ball.”

And you sure has hell bet he gives you Justice at the end of the game, and hell, he even gets many players to actually quit the game and restart.

Pretty fitting right?

And with light blue, it means Patience and the ball game tells you that  “Ball” is “Small”. You waited, still, for this opportunity… then dethroned “Ball” with a sharp attack.”

Honestly, this is also pretty fitting towards the no mercy route as well? Both of these colors fit what he does to defeat you.

..But also as the Judge.

Patience because he actually watches what you do, monitors you throughout the entire underground, and at the end judges you for what you have done.

And Justice because well..that’s what judges do right? They give people justice for what crimes for what they done. The give justice for the innocence as well. He gives you justice when he actually fights you.

But I’m..rather curious about something else as well. Mixing yellow and blue, creates green right?

And green stands for Kindness and the ball game tells you “ Your care and concern for “Ball” brought you a delicious victory.”

That? Honestly fits Sans as well, because if you never killed anyone, and went through the whole game as a true pacifist, Sans judgement actually puts some faith within you. And even though it was damn scary with his ‘date’ at MTT’s restaurant with what he said, he pretty much stated that he was looking after you. Which is..true in itself, despite the fact that he uh, never really protects you. Also it’s nice to mention that green heals you, so that’s a thing.

The last color to talk about is well…red.

People commonly thing that he’s actually bleeding ketchup out of everything that is there, and someone actually already made a headcanon about red possibly being Determination. And you know what? I think they’re right. Because even though red means determination, the ball game says..

“Try as you might, you continue to be yourself.“

I think that speaks for a lot.


Whoops, might be nice to mention the Purple soul as well, because of his KR that he has too.


— “ Even when you felt trapped, you took notes and achieved the end of “Ball”

That speaks for his timeline study, don’t you think? He knows about resets because of taking notes right?