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"actually... I just miss you" for nurseydex when they're still crushing on each other pretty hard. congrats on the 800!

Thank you for this cute prompt!  I hope you like it!

“actually… I just miss you, dude.” Nursey says it while he’s half asleep laying his head in Dex’s lap. They were talking about their winter breaks. Nursey had insisted that Dex pet his head because “that would be the hashtag chillest”. He always gets this way after he had couple of beers and too many slices of Bitty’s Pie. He is just so soft (and has no fucking filter apparently). 

Dex is internally freaking the fuck the out. This isn’t them. They expressed their feelings and care through fond bickering and exasperated chirping.  It like the foundation of their relation–friendship to antagonize the shit out of each other. Dex has no fucking idea how to respond this vulnerable honesty.  

They have this unspoken rule to not mention the stares, the overt flirty chirps, the lingering “not bro” touches, and, how they are basically cuddling on this fucking gross ass couch right now. Dex isn’t sure if he is ready to risk the chance that maybe Nursey doesn’t actually like him like that. Maybe he’s the idiot who falls for the first boy to show him affection and attention.  Nursey’s soft snores pull him out of the train wreck of his internal monologue.  

Dex leans over to whisper into Nursey’s ear “ I missed you too, asshole”, Nursey snorts and pushes the lingering smile further into Dex’s stomach. It tickles, and, Dex just can’t help but laugh softly. They’re are so ridiculous and Dex wouldn’t have it any other way.  

A Hot Mess

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Title: A Hot Mess

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 968

Warnings: fluff/slight angst

A/N: This was requested by @abbessolute! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

There were many reasons as to why Dean Winchester loved you.  Not only were you an amazing hunter, but you could bake too.  In Dean’s eyes, your baking was only a hobby, but to you it was a coping mechanism.  Baking was your way of relieving the heavy weight hunting left on your shoulders.  Unfortunately, it didn’t always work.

Dean poked his head into the hallway.  He would have gone to bed, but you hadn’t come to bed yet and that worried him.  When he saw Sam coming down the hall he shot his younger brother a confused look.  

“Shouldn’t you be asleep,” Dean asked as he stepped out of his room.

“With that smell practically filling the whole bunker?  No way,” Sam mumbled, huffing out a small laugh.  “I didn’t think [Y/N] baked this late at night.”

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