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Alright, how many cats do you have, what are their names, and what are their qualities?? =3

Okay, so I currently have two kitties. Tatelah and Pippin.

This is Tatelah:

She’s gorgeous, fluffy, and a very good hunter. Likes to bring us presents. She’s killed over half a dozen flying squirrels, which we’re never happy about. She makes some very cute sounds, and her purr is so quiet that you have to basically press your ear against his to hear it. Her white fur is softer than the gray or tan for some reason.

She can be affectionate, but on her terms, like most cats. She looks like she’d be very graceful, but she’s not. She doesn’t sit down daintily, she just kinda… plops. We think she’s at least part Maine Coon, because of her size (she’s a big cat!) and the way her fur tuffs between her toes.

Her tail is super fluffy:

and she was kind of an awkward looking kitten:

This is Pippin:

He’s gorgeous, but he’s kind of a jerk. He’s always been a biter, and we haven’t figured out how to make him stop, though he’s gotten better as he’s gotten older. He’s still only a bit over a year old, but he’s grown up a lot.

He eats a lot. He’s a pig. He eats his food, then half of Tatelah’s. He wakes my dad up at 3 in the morning pretty much every morning to feed him. Usually by clawing at the doorframe. He’s a troublemaker.

His fur is super soft though. Like silky soft. And his purr is the opposite of Tatelah’s. You can hear it across the room.

I call him my bean, and he was the most adorable kitten:

He also really likes boxes, and he dove headfirst into this one after I’d unfolded it so I could recycle it:

and then proceeded to freak out and run across the room when he couldn’t get out of it.

So those are my cats, and honorable mention to Selah, who was my dear baby, and I lost him to heart problems in November 2015:

He was also a precious kitten:

Though sometimes not the brightest:

So those are my kitties. :)

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Five Things In My Bag:
Important documents
My wallet
My jornal
A Moomin card deck
A bra

Five things in my bedroom:
Ice skating shoes
A heater
2 bags
My cat
Too many stuffed animals

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do:
Scuba diving
Relax in a bathtub
Do a backpacking through Latin America
Do a backpacking through Europe
Become a cat

Five Things That Make Me Happy:
My family
My friends
My home
My pets
Good food

Five Things On My To-Do List:
Clean my room ( i swear its a fuckin mess)
See all my friends again
Enter uni
Read my books

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Finished the “Finn Versions” will not apologize for the big ass watermark

i still dont have a RedBubble but I am compiling up some art that i can sell in the future, expect these to be stickers, shirts… idk i’ll think bout it :)

also instrument headcanons lol

flynn and lynn sword headcanons by @soupery


And then she stopped his heart.

She lifted her head, her chest heaving as she panted and she shot him a triumphant look, her bluebell eyes sparkling from under the reach of her dark fringe. And she smirked.

And right then and there Adrien knew he was absolutely screwed.

Because he wasn’t playing Dodge Ball with Marinette.

He was playing with Ladybug.

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wc clan color headcanons


Thunderclan cats are mainly black tabbies, torbies, red or solid black. Most common pattern is classic or mackerel, although ticked isn’t unusual either. White cats are rare (white in general). Silver/smoke cats are very rare and almost non-existent in pure TC cats.


Riverclan cats are the biggest carriers of the silver gene. Silver tabbies and smoke cats are the most common, with colors including black, blue and chocolate. White is considered very beautiful in riverclan and is pretty common. Spotted or classic tabbies are the most common pattern.


Shadowclan cats are torties and dark tabbies. Again, like TC, white is very rare and not exactly desired. Tabby pattern is extremely varied, and tortie cats are considered pretty. Silver tabbies are rare, but smoke cats are not unheard of. Colors are mainly red, black, and chocolate. Pale colored cats are uncommon. 


Windclan cats carry the rarest colors. Lilac, Fawn and Cinnamon are common as well as the silver gene, and they are the only clan to have shown Caramel or Apricot cats. Black or blue tabbies are rare, and most cats are spotted or ticked tabbies. White is ok, but it’s not the most desired trait a cat can have, and solid colored cats are rare. Cats with long legs and handsome faces are considered attractive, not so much emphasis put on their coat color.