to make his jaw drop


Cassian sees the fist directed right to his face the second the other Illyrian aims at him, but he doesn’t move, stays still until the last moment, gives his opponent the illusion that he will be the one who will bring the Commander down.



Cassian moves quickly to his left just when the other Illyrian knuckles are just a few inches from his jaw, making his opponent stumble and drop his defense, it’s just for a second, but it’s enough to leave the other Illyrian with no idea of what actually happened.

Cassian closes his hand and then it’s just fist after fist after fist, and he doesn’t stop -he wants to savor the fight, to feel the adrenaline as long as he can- until the other Illyrian is on the ground, his hands raised in defeat. Cassian thinks of giving his opponent his hand, to help him get up, but thinks better of it; that prick is the sixth Illyrian who tried to challenge him since Rixalata begun, the sixth who wanted to see the bastard-born commander with his face in the dirt and the sixth to get his ass kicked.

Rixalata is one of the few Illyrian traditions that Cassian is particularly fond of: it’s a whole day and a whole night of fights where everything is fair if it comes with the blow of a fist-no swords, no killing power, no siphons, no weapons of any kind, just the brutality of fists and kicks and of the breaking of bones.

There’s just one simple rule: no killing; if the opponent raises his hands in defeat, the fight ends.

His blood is singing with triumph, the beating of the drums makes everything seems faster, more vital, and Cassian feels all the energy flowing through him. He looks around, hoping for another challenge, another fight, another stupid prick who thinks he’s better than him, but it’s not a fight he wants.

He wants her.

Nesta is a constant in his mind, the first thing he thought of when he woke and felt that energy, that need in the pit of his stomach and even if she was miles away, her scent filled his lungs and he wanted nothing more than go to her, to take her and take her and take her.

He goes to a well, taking the water from a little bucket and cleans the dirt and blood from his skin.









They talked about it, him and Nesta, of what Rixalata means, of what would happen. She listened, never interrupting as he told her that he would act on instinct alone, even more than usual, that he would pass all day fighting other Illyrians and his voice lowered when he told her that he would pass the night thinking of her, touching himself and pretending it was her hand, moaning her name.

Nesta looked at him, her face turning an endearing shade of red at his words, and he knew she was plotting something in that lovely little head of hers.

She moved toward him slowly, calculating her every move, like she was still making a choice and wasn’t sure of what would happen, of what would his reaction be, until their faces were not even an inch apart, her breath hot on his lips when she whispered, determination seeping through her every word “At night, come home to me.”

He blinked, not quite believing what he was hearing, but she was serious, she wanted him with her, even after he told her what Rixalata was, she didn’t say it was barbaric or low or even stupid, she just said he wanted him with her.

He kissed her, kissed every inch of her skin with everything he had and showed her just how grateful he was.

Again, and again, and again.


And all day, she was the only thought in his mind, his blood screaming to go back to that damned cabin and to his mate, to claim what was his, to make her body sing, her back arch, to make her moan his name because she’s his heart, his soul, she’s his-


With every fight, he tried to focus on the adrenaline in his blood, on his opponent, on the force of the blows, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her, it was as if every beat of his heart pulled him to her.

come home to me

Cassian looks up to the sky, at the sun that is quietly disappearing, leaving space to the moon.

The Illyrians have their orders: there’s no going out of the camp to go and bother the females that are having their own celebration elsewhere, not if they want to see the light of day after Rixalata with their own eyes, and he can trust Azriel for that.

He looks at the moon and opens his wings, feels the wind calling to him, singing to go to her.

And he does.

He flies and flies and the closer he gets to the cabin, the more his need becomes unbearable: he can scent Nesta all over him, feel the phantom of her touch on his skin, her taste in his mouth.

He dives down as fast as he can when he finally sees the cabin.

When his feet hit the ground he stops in his tracks, unable to move and think and breath and do anything but follow her scent.

He opens the door and finds Nesta in the middle of the living room, on her way to him.

Cassian is in front of her in a blink, his hand in her hair while the other pulls her closer to him, his mouth hovering just above hers, but he doesn’t move.

He tries to hold himself back and his whole body trembles, but he wants- he needs her to make the first move, to accept him once again, with his bruises and cuts and his crashing need of her.

Her hands to got his shoulders, pulling him down, and she kisses him, and the brief contact of their lips is enough to make him snap, to take her in his arms and against his chest, to move until she is with her back against the wall, his hands on either side of her face.

He looks in her eyes, that stunning gray gaze that he loves, see how they are now a pool of black.

Cassian smirks, unable to help himself as his hands move to her nightgown, a white, long nightgown that goes all the way to her feet and he takes it off of her, snarling- he doesn’t want anything on her but her skin and his hands and his mouth- leaving her standing in front of him only in her undergarments.

Cassian moves his hand up and down her sides and the touch makes goose bumps rise all over her body, makes her move closer to him, but Cassian shakes his head, moves her until her back is against the wall again.

The first thing he does is take off the little strip of fabric that covers her breasts and he moves his hands to cup them in his palms, moaning at the perfect way they fill his hands.

One of his hands shifts position and Nesta takes a sharp intake of breath as the calluses on his fingertips move on the soft skin of her stomach.

Her hands are gripping his arms hard enough to leave a bruise but that’s a bruise he wants, the mark of her on his skin.

His fingers move in lazy circles on the fabric that covers her sex and she’s already so wet, the dampness of her heat seeps right through his fingers and when Nesta rolls her head back he moves his lips to her throat, kissing, licking, biting while his index finger moves aside her underwear and he has to touch her, to cover every inch of her skin with his, so he moves closer until there’s barely enough space for his hand to move.

“Hello, sweetheart.”, he says, his voice a low, barely understandable growl.

She opens her mouth to answer but only a moan comes out of her beautiful lips as he sinks a finger into her, the sound going straight to his already hard cock, and Cassian delights in the burn of her nails digging into his shoulders.

He’s mesmerized by her, by the expression of her face, the red of her lips, by the way she tries to get her hips closer to him, by the sight of his finger disappearing into her again and again and again.

“Cassian,” her voice, the wanton sound it makes as she calls his name, it drives him out of his mind.

“Cassian, please, please, more.”

He licks a trail all up her neck, adding another finger and pounding into her, going faster and faster until her legs begin to shake, until her moans are so loud they echo in the room.

He knows she’s close, and he wants her to be.

“Come,” he growls, his forehead on hers, his thumb above her lower lip, stroking “Come. I want my fingers to be soaked with you.”

Nesta moans even louder at that, holding his shoulders like a lifeline as she comes, her eyes half-lidded, her chest heaving and she’s so beautiful he might die.

She doesn’t even have the time to come down from her high before he sinks to his knees, his tongue licking the wetness on her inner thighs and she’s still shaking, her hands now in his hair, pulling.

He moves her underwear down her legs, and her smell hits him so strongly, the scent of her arousal, it’s the proof of how much she wants this, wants him.

Cassian moves his face, goes higher and his tongue trails a path right in the middle of her legs and Nesta wails.

He moves his hands to part her still shaking thighs and then one of his hand goes up to cup her breast, to pinch the soft skin on the peak of it.

She yelps and at the same time she moves her hips on his face, she likes it.

Cassian knows he can’t hold himself much longer, he wants to be in her so bad it’s becoming painful, his cock straining against the fabric of his pants, but the way she’s moving, her hips going back and forth, the way she raises herself up to her tiptoes to give him more space, her moans and her fingers in his hair- he wants her to come again, to scream his name so all the world knows she’s his.

His tongue curls around her and the words coming out of her mouth -more, please, Cassian, love you, want you, please- he will give her everything she wants, and more.

He looks up to her, to the blush spreading on her beautiful breasts, at the blissful expression on her face and she’s looking down on him, her breath stopping in her throat for a moment when their eyes meet.

His hand moves away from her breast and she makes a little sound of protest but he slowly moves it down her stomach and the anticipation in her eyes, the sheer want she feels, it reflects his own.

He dips his fingers inside her again, but now his motions are slow, achingly so, and Nesta starts to move as much as she can, as much as the little space between him and the wall allows her, trying to get him deeper, rocking her hips back and forth, but he doesn’t change the rhythm, his tongue focused on the spot on the apex of her sex, moving slowly, letting her pleasure build up and up until she can’t stand it, until she begs him to go faster.

And so he does.

Cassian moves his hand to her hips, keeping her against the wall as her legs start to shake so bad that she can’t keep herself upright, but he doesn’t stop his tongue from moving, drinking her in.

Nesta’s breath starts to come in quick, labored pants as her orgasm hits her, her face flushed a beautiful shade of red, her eyes wide.

He goes up to her then, cups her face in his hands and kisses her, making Nesta taste herself on his tongue.

Mine, you’re mine, you’re mine”, he says and Nesta, still shaking, her naked body covered in sweat, with her voice hoarse from moaning whispers “Prove it.”

It takes a second and then she’s in his arms again as he moves toward the table, moves one arm to throw everything on it on the ground, not caring of the sound of glass shattering, nothing matters but them.

He places Nesta above the table, her golden brown hair like a halo around her head.

Cassian moves away just to remove his pants, and seeing her, splayed in front of him it’s-it’s too much, his blood screaming inside of him, every last shred of his self-control disappearing.

He slides is cock inside her and watches as Nesta arches her back.

He bends on her, licking up her breasts, her hands in his hair again, but it’s just a moment, then his hands are on her hips as he thrust into her and she’s so perfect, so perfect, tight and wet and hot, the smack of their bodies meeting vibrates through his bones.

He moves one of his hands and puts it under her navel, spreading his fingers and pushing down “Can you feel it? Can you feel me inside you, how we fit perfectly?” he’s beyond coherent thought now, the words coming out of his mouth like a flow.

She nods her head frantically, a gospel of “yes, yes, yes”.

“And you know why? Because you are my mate, and You. Are. Mine” he punctuates every word with a deep, powerful thrust.

Cassian moves his hand, makes it travel gently on her throat, stops on her mouth and she parts her lips, takes two of his fingers in her mouth and sucks.

Fuck”, he says as her tongue swirls and he can feel the vibrations of her moans on his fingers and Mother, he wants her mouth, wants it wrapped tightly around his cock, he wants everything of her.

Her legs move around his hips, her feet on the small of his back, urging him on and he growls, buries himself even deeper into her; he removes his fingers from her mouth to kiss her, a kiss that is wild and consuming, burning.

He moves to Nesta’s neck again, biting down just as her nails scratch at his shoulders -ten red lines on his body, the signs of the female he belongs to-, both of them trying to mark the other.

His hand travels between her legs again and he knows she must so, so sensitive right now and when he start to touch her with the same fingers that were in her mouth moments ago she nearly screams, her moaning so loud it makes him move quicker, his hips snapping against hers, the slick sound of skin on skin.

He feels her tighten around him so he strokes her even harder, moves his hips faster until all that she can do is feel him and moan and scream-yours, yours, please, faster, Cassian, Cassian- and when she comes he knows he won’t be able to hold back much longer so he takes her hips in his hands and it takes a handful of thrust for him to go over the edge, his face hidden in the crook of her neck.

He moves to kiss her, both of them trying to breathe normally as the pleasure weighs down and the first rays of sunshine come in through the window, playing with the gold on Nesta’s hair.

The kiss is gentle, slow and sweet and he slowly moves out of her to cradle her in his arms as gently as he can, even if they are both still shaking, their breathing still nowhere near normal.

“How about a bath now, sweetheart?” he asks and she nods, already half asleep and it’s obvious from the way she leans into him, from the way her legs still tremble that the bath will have to wait, so he goes to the bedroom, moving the covers as best as he can without putting her down.

When she’s under the covers he moves in too, taking her in his arms, kissing her forehead, her hair, telling her how much he loves her, ho wonderful she is, the best thing to ever happen to him.

She mumbles her agreement and Cassian can’t help but laugh.

Nesta moves closer, snuggles against his chest and says, her voice thick with sleep “Next year, you are passing this celebration of yours with me, day and night”, and even if she is fighting to keep her eyes open, and he can’t help but feel like the luckiest bastard on heart to be able to make her like this, to make her feel so good and come so hard that she can barely speak, Nesta still somehow manages to make it sound like an order.

She nods to herself a bit, her nose moving on his chest, and then falls asleep.

Cassian looks at her, at the peaceful expression on her face, at her hands on his chest and he knows that he will never, never love anything as he loves her.

He opens his wing, moves it until it covers her, shields her, protects her.

His eyes stay on his mate until he can’t keep them open any longer, so he kisses her, one last time, and falls asleep.

So i had this idea about headcannon: how would the rfa boys +v+saeran react to MC being a the most popular korean singer?

Omg thank you guys so much! It was a shocker to see how popular the last headcanon had gotten in less than the day. This one was so fun to write, hopefully it lives up to our previous one!  ~Admin Mazz

Oh my goodness. Look at all that support!! Apparently everybody loved that last HC lol hope this one is as good! Thanks so much guys this is awesome!!! :D Enjoy, anon! ~Admin Lily


  • He was honestly surprised when you told him. Duh
  • How were you able to hide the information from him?
  • It’s called a stage name, Zen.
  • After the initial shock wore off he actually came pretty excited.
  • Power couple has been activated
  • Selfies that used to be on and off with you? They’re double fold
  • Plus, when he heard your first time when practicing
  • It didn’t just make his jaw drop let’s just say that much
  • You guys end up practicing together
  • I should get my director to get you to take the female roll, babe.”
  • For Christ’s sake, Zen, I’m just a singer, not an actor.”
  • With all the pluses of both being famous, there are some minor down sides.
  • Paparazzi everywhere; you wanna go for a walk? Pfft. Always got that camera on you
  • You guys become pretty creative with your disguises when wanting to go out
  • Before any big concerts, this boy has bouquets of roses in your dressing room.
  • They take up half of my dresser Zen, I need to see.
  • All and all, his love for you doesn’t change, it just makes everything 10xs better.


  • What?
  • What??
  • He’s not angry at all, he’s just so shocked
  • You explain that you didn’t want to say anything because you weren’t allowed to blow your cover for safety reasons, but now that you’re dating…
  • “Just because I’m famous, doesn’t mean I’m not the same girl, though!”
  • You felt so guilty for keeping this from him and he can tell
  • But that guilt is immediately shoved aside
  • “I had no idea! Wow, this is amazing! It’s not like I haven’t heard you before, all of Korea has, but I just… wow!”
  • “You… aren’t mad?”
  • “Why would I be mad?” Yoosung would smile “you’re the best singer in Korea and the woman of my dreams! This is a combo!”
  • Yoosung I love you so much
  • He tries to go to all of your performances and of course he absolutely adores your voice
  • “Babe, are those my CD’s?”
  • He gets you flowers every time you perform and it’s usually white roses
  • how can you not love him?
  • Also, another thing you love to do is while you’re on TV, is to blow him kisses just to make him blush
  • Paparazzi loves that boy btw they think he’s a doll
  • Jumin
  • You’re really nervous
  • Jumin loves you because you’re not like the women he sees everyday, but… you are the kind of woman he sees everyday
  • You’re famous
  • Will he love you still?
  • Gotta try
  • It doesn’t come out easily, but you finally tell him
  • At first, there was nothing
  • Please say something already this is killing me
  • He finally lets out a sigh and just says, “I understand why you needed to hide this from me.”
  • “You do?”
  • “Of course. I’m a C.E.O., remember? I’m around people like you all the time.”
  • He acts like nothing has changed like what; he treats you with just as much love as he did before
  • Which is such a relief
  • He makes sure you have guards go with you everywhere, even though you already have some
  • “Jumin, is this really necessary?”
  • “Of course it is. Your safety is my first priority.”
  • He absolutely loves your voice
  • He’ll listen to you sing while you practice, while your focusing, and while you’re performing
  • he plays your songs in his head all day long
  • Sometimes he’ll get caught humming them too
  • “Jumin, is that my song?”
  • Notorious Jumin threat clearing
  • Also, takes blurry pictures of you while you’re singing and sends to Zen just to make him mad.
  • “Why can’t you sing this nicely, Zen?”


  • This boy already knew from background checks.
  • Though that didn’t stop him from falling in love with you?
  • After everything you two have been through, and everything is chill, you tell him.
  • He just laughs at you like your the fool.
  • “Jokes on you, I knew before you did.”
  • He loves the idea of you being famous, like Zen, he makes spambots about you and how wonderful you are.
  • Seven makes sure that the public eye isn’t as nosey in your personal life when living with him.
  • Because how the hell can you take pictures from inside his bunker? Find out next episode.
  • He keeps check on you whenever you leave for practice from the CCTVs around the area you’re in.
  • If you ever get back lashes for your choices, guess whose erasing those people from the internet?
  • Ya boi.
  • When it comes to going into public is the only problem you two have about your job.
  • He’s not supposed to be in the spotlight.
  • After several possible ideas of how to escape the paparazzi, you both forget you have the best cross-dresser with you.
  • I totally didn’t think of that while watching a drag race.
  • You two become so well hidden, that sometimes when leaving your home people think that there’s more than you two living in there.
  • It ends up becoming a game of how creative you can get before they find out.
  • You and Seven 1 - Paparazzi 0
  • Whenever you have a big show, or even anything major, you have your number one cheerleader in the crowd.
  • Sometimes you believe he’s louder than a mic set.
  • When he finally comes to term of being in the spotlight with you, the public think of two things.
  • Quirky and Adorable.
  • Well, that’s just me.
  • Even if you’re a superstar, you’re the love of his life, and your job doesn’t take away from who you are at all.


  • Well it was certainly a shocker.
  • But, these things happen…?
  • No, V. They really don’t
  • He knew from what Seven told him from the background check, but it passed his mind at the time.
  • It wasn’t that you being famous was a bad thing, due to him being a famous photographer himself.
  • He just didn’t know how to handle the change?
  • It took awhile for him to adjust to the constant snooping, but he did it for you.
  • This sweet bean would die for you.
  • V would end up becoming your number one fan, always at your concerts, watching from backstage.
  • He would go to some of your rehearsals and take pictures of you in your work environment.
  • When you were home and practicing your songs under your breath, you sometimes hear a camera click but never can find where he’s taking them from. Stalker skills
  • They would end up being hung around the house to your dismay.
  • He also finds your voice to be very soothing
  • Sometimes, he’ll ask you to sing to him before going to bed.
  • You two are seen as an adorable couple who keep to themselves.
  • You also found a letter from a fangirl for your boyfriend once, he doesn’t let it go.
  • When you become busy with work, you’ll find post-it notes with encouraging phrases on it, or simple love notes.
  • This man will love you even if your job was being the center of the music industry because he fell in love with who you are, and not your job.


  • Yeah, he knew
  • I mean, it’s not like he didn’t do a background check on you already
  • But it didn’t matter to him at the time because, well…
  • Ya know he didn’t think that he’d fall for you and he uh
  • He kinda did
  • And, what’s worse is that you kinda fell in love with him too
  • You make an agreement that outside of the RFA and your home, you don’t know him, he doesn’t know you
  • “Do you think that’ll work? Paparazzi always finds out, Saeran.”
  • It’s not exactly easy, but it’s what makes you two happy for a while
  • He never admits it but he thinks your voice is beautiful, and he sneakily listens to you sing while singing to yourself
  • Paparazzi finally sees you and Saeran together once and all hell breaks loose
  • A picture of you two together is literally everywhere
  • Saeran is so mad, and at first you think it’s at you
  • He explains that he’s angry that they always have to surround you like that
  • “Why can’t they just leave you alone?!”
  • Aww, Saeran
  • You start to come up with an elaborate plan to distract the media, but Saeran just says, “forget it. It was going to be found out sooner or later.”
  • Are you kidding me? Why couldn’t we do that in the first place
  • After that, the paparazzi literally is unable to find any information on Saeran, and they’re always asking questions about him
  • “Who is this mystery man? Look at Page 3 for more info”
  • You just shrug, “I don’t know. Does it matter?” Saeran thinks its hilarious he loves you so much

anonymous asked:

What is the appeal Aamir Khan? He doesn't really have a charismatic personality nor jaw-dropping looks. Then why are his movies making so much money?

He’s a good actor, and he does a lot of research. He doesn’t just choose any movie he’s offered that might make money, he has his finger on the pulse of what people want to see. His movies are usually extremely socially relevant, and he markets them as such.

And I mean, he was a cutie when he was younger, it’s not like he’s walking around like some ogre. He’s definitely aged the best out of the three Khans (imo anyway).

Men And Their Bunnies (Poly! Relationship w/Hanjoo)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Could you do cute poly!Hanjoo? Love you and everything you write <3

“I don’t think we need another one babe” Hansol said as you guys were in a pet shop. You pouted “we only have one of them” you spoke holding the fluffy rabbit close to you. “I think Baby would like another bunny around” Hansol spoke looking at the small bunny in your arms. “But look at her. She’s so cute and small” you coo bringing her close to his face. “Yes I ge-oh my” he says as he began to pet the small rabbit before taking it from you. 

Byungjoo sat at home watching tv waiting for you guys to return from the pet store to get feed for your pet bunny. “We’re back!” Hansol calls out making him turn and his jaw dropped “what is that?” he asks “this is Honey. This is MY bunny” Hansol spoke rubbing his face into the tiny furry body of the bunny. “I can’t let you guys go any where, can I?” Byungjoo jokes “did you at least get Baby more food?” he then asks as you hold up a large bag of animal food. 

“You made our girlfriend carry the heavy bag of food while you carried a small rabbit?” Byungjoo asks getting up and taking the bag from you and leaning down and placing a kiss onto your lips. “Thank you Baby should be very happy” he coos as he rushes off to feed his bunny. “Jagi look at her. So cute and fluffy” Hansol speaks holding his rabbit close to you. “Yeah I know I found her first” you told him “yes but now she’s daddy’s fluffy baby. Yes she is yes she is” he coos to the bunny. “Go introduce your Honey to Byungjoo’s Baby. They can be best friends then” you giggle as Hansol’s face lit up. 

bigcomicfan  asked:

For the blurb where Keith does something embarrassing, I have an idea, Keith can accidentally say "i love you" and when his s/o ask what he said, he quickly say something like "I love your cooking" but his s/o never cooked. so, then Keith just tries to leave but kinda face-plants in the wall instead.

Keith entered the training room, surprised to find (Y/N) there, fighting like he’d never seen. It was as if all her moves were planned to a T. She was taking out bots left and right. Finally she tok out the last one with one swift kick, making his jaw drop. She smiled, panting. 

“Simulation off.” She called, just loud enough to stop the training program. There was a satisfied smirk on her face and sweat rolling down her cheeks. Keith watch her with awe and amazement. 

“…I love you.” He said. He said the words with such a lovestruck tone, that it made him cringe. (Y/N) looked over. “What?” She asked. He went red. “I-I love you….r cooking.” He said. She raised an eyebrow, confused. “I’ve never cooked before.” She said. They stood there awkwardly in silence for a few moments. 

“…See ya’ later.” He turned to leave, only to come into contact with the wall face first. He stumbled, looking to (Y/N), who was giving him a confused and slightly worried look. He laughed awkwardly. “…Bye.” He said, leaving for real this time. 

fierce-yet-docile-hybrid  asked:

{Here's a random starter! I hope it's alright! ^^} It was midday in the deep forest, and in the trees, a gigantic animal was moving through the undergrowth. However, the peaceful beauty of the forest had been interrupted by the crunching of leaves and twigs underneath the creature's talons and hooved feet, an echoing bellow that alerted any human or animal of its presence emitting from its massive chest. Having spotted movement in the nearby area, he had grown curious and went to investigate.

Lance was just happy to be back on Earth, even if it wasn’t the one from his reality. The first thing he did was go straight into a forest, taking in all the sights and smells.

The peaceful silence was shattered when Lance heard twigs snapping. He froze, and looked around trying to find what it was making that sound. When he locked eyes on it, his jaw dropped.

What in the heck was that? It was eagle-like in the front, but more like a horse in the back. Now there’s a name for this creature. A moment later, and he recalled what it was called: a hippogriff. But they were mythical creatures. They weren’t supposed to exist, right?

The Right Kind of Period

Summary: One-Shot. Adrinette. To capture Adrien’s attention, Marinette changes her style for an upcoming dance. She forgot to look for one thing though… a wardrobe malfunction.

Genre: Romance & Humor

Rated T: Idk if the mention of periods would bring that up to a T.

I guess it’s a sequel to my other one-shot titled: The Wrong Kind of Period. 


                 Marinette took a deep breath as she stared at her reflection through the body-sized mirror in the female washroom. According to the magazine article she read the day before, step one in capturing your crush’s attention involved pampering oneself and wearing clothing that would make his jaw drop. So, after finishing the article, Marinette went straight to her closet to find something that would make Adrien go ‘Whoa’.

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EXO (OT12) Reaction to you getting scared on a ride

I was experiencing a lot of writer’s block when attempting to write this, so I apologize in advance orz

- Admin Mocha

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Xiumin: Xiumin would be all smiles and eagerly clapping his hands together as he got inside the ferris wheel with you and it wouldn’t be until the two of you were stuck at the tippy top that he noticed you beginning to tear up and get really nervous. He would be shocked and insist that you should have told him you were afraid of heights due to the fact he felt terrible about dragging you on a ride that you were terrified of. He would try to unhinge his dropped jaw as he scooted over to make you feel better rand hold you close.

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Luhan: Luhan would have secretly been waiting for this moment, and he would immediately look you in the eyes as he held your hands and assured you that you were completely safe and he would never let anything hurt you. He would wrap his arms around you and smile at the warm and fuzzy feeling of protecting you, and he would coo and aw as he explained that he would be here for you and that the ride was going to be over with soon. You would close your eyes and bury your face in his chest, and he would kiss your forehead and pat your back.

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Kris: Kris would be teasing you about how scared you were to go on a ride, and you would try to deny it by promising that you would go on so that you could challenge him. Once you got on though, you would be getting cold feet however at the same time, you really didn’t want to back down from proving your point. As it started up and things intensified, you would slowly inch closer to your boyfriend and hold his hand, and he would look down at you with a big smile, knowing that this was going to happen. He would tuck a strand of hair behind your ear as he leaned down and kissed your cheek.

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Suho: Suho would find your fear to be so adorable, and he would try to fight back the growing grin tugging at his lips as he instantly opened his arms to envelope you into a warm embrace. He would console you and stifle all of his laughter, finding it so silly yet endearing that you were this terrified of a ride that kids loved. He would hold your hand as you both got off, and he would promise to get you some candy or take you on a much more relaxing ride - like the tunnel of love.

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Lay: Lay would react in two different ways, at first he would really try to encourage you to conquer your fears and insist that it was nothing that would end up harming you. He would hold your hand with you on the ride as he would constantly make hand gesutres, signalling to you whether or not you were okay. If you began to get too scared or if things became a little too overwhelming, then he would allow you to move really close to him and hold his hands as he protected you from everything.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be trying his best to distract you from the ride and the fear it was giving you by making you laugh, and he would honestly be making a fool out of himself in order to take your mind away from the terror. He would be making silly noises and faces and some of the other passengars would definitely spare him a few glances because he sounded absolutely crazy. The only thing that mattered to him though, was the fact your hands were clutching at your abdomen as a string of giggles fluttered past your lips and you forgot all of your surroundings.

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Chen: Chen would laugh because he would have taken you along with the other members of EXO to see a carnival, and the fact you were getting very upset over a small kiddy ride would just make him tease you. He would explain that it only had one function and physically, he would act it out for you to show you how simple and safe the design was. When you insisted on staying far away and eventually hiding behind him, he would be chortling a lot as he embraced you and promised that he wouldn’t make you go on it.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol would be enjoying a day at the amusement park with you, and the two of you would be together in the haunted house when he heard you scream and begin to whimper quietly to yourself. Everything would suddenly move in slow motion as his eyes widened and he turned around to go and find you since you had cowered away in the corner. He would wrap you up in his arms as he promised that he was going to take you out as soon as possible, he would soothe you and mumble sweet words in your mouth as he promised that everything was going to be okay.

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Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo would be like Baekhyun in the sense that he would want to distract you from what was going on in your surroundings, although he wouldn’t be as crazy and silly as the other member, Kyungsoo would still do a good job. He would giggle and make his quirky noises that you loved, he would hold your hand and tell you to concentrate solely on his face as the ride operated and finished its run. He would bring you home from the park afterwards and dote on you at home, probably making you some cake or cookies.

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Tao: I feel like Tao’s response to this would be honorary, you wouldn’t even have to tell him that you were beginning to have a panic attack - he would just pick up on it by noticing how your hands slightly shook and your facial expression screamed terror. He would turn your face to him, and as if it was magic, Tao would just press his lips to yours and everything else in the background would melt away, you would wrap your fingers in the strands of his hair, and before you would know it, the ride and tramua would be over.

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Kai: Kai would probably take you off the ride before you had the chance to get on it, he would probably figure it out that you would get scared just due to your personality and he wouldn’t want to take that risk. Kai would probably take you elsewhere at the carnival or amusement park you two were at, and I think he would really like to win you a toy and share a cotton candy together. The screams from the people on the ride would be completely forgotten as you two enjoyed your date together and merrily went about.

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Sehun: We all know that Sehun doesn’t normally do aegyo despite the fact he is the maknae, however he was always aware of how much you loved it when he did do it, which would result in him to save it for special occasions. When he noticed you beginning to freak out because you were really scared on a huge ride, he would immediately whip out his secret weapon and begin to “bbuing bbuing.” You would be giggling and no time, and with all the other members, you would realize everything would be fine.