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that post saying it’s okay to play racist and homophobic characters bc there are “bad people in the world” & it’s more “realistic” to do that is fucking gross lmao & so is everyone that reblogged it & agreed like ??? wtf there are so many ways to play problematic & villainous characters without being fucking racist & homophobic stop using the “let us write dark characters!!!” as an excuse to be a nasty human being!! there are literally so many other ways you can make your character well rounded, dark & not a good fucking person without pulling this shit lol yeah there are bad people in the world & we all know it ?? but a big majority of us experience racism & homophobia in the daily so excuse me if i don’t wanna see that shit in rp as a means to make your characters edgy. this is literally the same mentality some of you have with your romanticized abusive ships pulling that “i just wanna explore darker characters!!!” shit when there are !! so many ways to do that !!! without being disgusting!!!! honestly the fact that y'all are so eager to play racists, homophobes, fucking abusers & etc. says a lot about the kinda person you are lmao

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I swear you malec fans just want a malec porno scene. Get the fuck over it already. We've seen magnus shirtless and alec shirtless. We've seen malec kiss, cuddle, and just be out right sweet to each other. We've seen malec grow, argue, forgive, and apologize. We are witnessing an actual relationship that IS NOT BASED ON SEX. I'm tired of seeing these posts because they are making me hate a ship I really do enjoy. I can't tell you how to feel or think but damn zaddy, move the fuck on already

excuse you??? you have no idea what you’re talking about?? 

yeah look at me

only talking about malec sex

all the time….so much porn mention //

i’m disgusted…

lmao, anon, don’t you dare come here and attack me for something you made me into! it’s never been about us being thirsty hoes wanting malec porn?? it’s about us wanting malec to be treated the same as any other heterosexual couple on tv. if we can have time in the show for all these meaningless hook ups such as jace and a random seelie girl, then we sure as hell have time for some intimacy between the only lgbt, canon couple on the show which they constantly use to promote the show. 

Thank you, and goodbye.

what being triggered is:

  • intense panic attacks
  • 7 hours of sobbing in the bathroom, trying not to throw up.
  • actually throwing up.
  • flashbacks to traumatic events.
  • one side of yourself saying “death will get rid of the memories” and the other side making excuses not to.
  • being unable to sleep in fear of dreaming about said traumatic events
  • being unable to be around anything that even slightly reminds you of said traumatic event
  • tensing up and feeling ill when someone even vaguely mentions anything related to the traumatic event you experienced, trying your best to avoid crying about it.
  • why am i crying? this is irrational, it wont happen again. why does this hurt so much. why can’t i just forget. this is all in my head. stop thinking about it. stop thinking about it stop thinking about it.
  • likely caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other serious stress causing disorders.
  • nightmares waking you up at three in the morning and trying to keep yourself together just long enough to get back to sleep because you have classes to attend in the morning.
  • shaking and trying to keep it together in public as you’re crytyping when you’re venting to a friend because all you want is to get it off your chest, whether or not anyone can even understand what you’re trying to get across.
  • you know this thing you love doing that’s completely unrelated to trauma? you experienced a vague flashback while doing it so now you can’t do it again out of fear you’ll have worse flashbacks.
  • completely forgetting who you are and being completely numb.
  • maybe if I hurt myself in this way, I’ll stop hurting in that way.
  • stuttering and having a difficult time breathing as you try to ask someone not to bring up the subject again. Being too loud or being too quiet as you try to hide the fact this is extremely distressing.
  • something you need professional help and therapy to “get over”
  • different for everybody

what being triggered is not:

  • being uncomfortable with something
  • a joke

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"Every time someone accuses me of being terrible because 15 years ago I didn’t sleep with a manipulative man I get a little stronger and I gain new powers." Well sorry that we don't instantly assume that someone with low self-esteem is trying to manipulate us.

See, here’s how this sounds.

The person who as there, and who knows how she was spoken to, knows fuck all about the situation. All the people who make up backstories and excuses despite not being there during that really fucking painful five hours of constant negging, self-negging and attempts at manipulation that I didn’t include in the original quick post because it’d have made it unreadable - they’re right. He just had low self-esteem, and it was my job as a 16 year old girl to nursemaid him through it and soothe it and make it better, despite that I was only looking for a one night stand with someone I could stand as a person.

You know what my friends and my husband, who do have low self esteem do? They don’t assume that it’s my job to fix it for them. I support and love them because I know them, I care about them, and they do it for my own issues.

I think it says a lot that people were willing to assume a lot for a man they never met who spoke five words in the original throwaway post, assume enough to send me anon hate, and were willing to assume that the woman involved is eeevil and crueeel for defending her own emotional security, and for deciding not to fuck someone she didn’t like.

think about that, for a few minutes, and stop projecting your on issues onto a situation that wasn’t about you.


making this post bc a lot of ppl asked on my unholy trinity post whats wrong w manny like… the fact that he hangs out w js should b enough for u but 🙄so here’s him defending jeffree star’s racism, excusing him by saying that it was “a long time ago” and saying that back then, people werent so sensitive (to racism) and had a sense of humor (to racism). not to mention hes an unreliable youtuber like hes… not good at makeup he’s incredibly biased in his reviews…. drop him theres so many better poc to support

I was tagged by the beautiful @mrrightandmrbubble. Let’s GOOOO.
Name: Roisin
Height: 5'6"
Hogwarts house: Based on a quiz I took a few months back, I think it’s Hufflepuff?
Go to SSBB character: Excuse me?
Fictional character I’d date: It’s gotta be Spike from BTVS. I mean, c'mon.
Favourite band or artist: It’s a melting pot of Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Foo Fighters. I’d put Nirvana as a topping and Fall Out Boy as a nostalgic side dish.
When did I make this blog: Valentine’s Day 2012. We have been in a long and dogged relationship for over five years.
How many blogs do I follow: 1,100, I think.
What do I post about: Movies and film, celebrities, political issues, and rock bands. And Taylor Hawkins, ‘cause he just deserves his own category. Along with cats and yelling about something or other.
Do I get asks on a regular basis: Definitely not.
Aesthetic: 70s punk with a very healthy amount of 90s grunge thrown in. Grunk? Also - 2006 Myspace teenager.

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My favorite headcanon about Lance that he’ll flirt with anything that walks and come up with lines on the spot but once someone flirts with him, he just shuts down:

Prince Lotor: Has anyone ever said you have the most beautiful eyes in the world?

Allura: Excuse me, I am-

Prince Lotor: No, not you. Him. *winks at Lance* How you doing?

Lance: Error 404

A [Updated] List of the Most Damning Evidence Thus Far

Hello, fellow tinhatters! I have combined a list of the most convincing evidence/theories of there being a fourth episode with links. I just wanted to make a list for those interested! The game is on!

Master List of Weird Things:


·      Leaks and Hacks:

·      Plot Holes and Things:

Promo+Interview Material:

·      End credits on TFP:

·      BBC1 Snapchat Promoting the Theory:

·     The radio silence of all writers, producers, and creators concerning the finale. Especially since they went on about how it might be the last season ever. These are the same people who would tweet after finales, complain about some fans, and write poems to journalists who didn’t like something that they were proud of. 

·   They said this episode was one of their best and that they’re proud of it the most, only followed by ASiB. They also said that is was ground breaking television, insane wish fulfillment, and never been done before. 

·   Fun Tweet Theory

·     The lack of concern over spoilers and leaks of the finale.

·  Steven Moffat on how he lies to his audience

·   ^The end of the latest Sherlock Reacts (which was also promised to be much longer than typical eps, but wasn’t.)

·     The fact that Apple Tree Yard will actually have 5 episodes in the first season, and yet…

·      Promo Hints:

-MARK GATISS on The Final Problem

·       At the BFI screening for Sunday’s finale, co-creator Steven Moffat was asked about the [fourth episode] rumour. And he swiftly denied it. Here’s how responded:

“It doesn’t reflect the fact that there’s going to be a fourth episode – for heaven’s sake, what kind of secrets do you think we’re keeping?! Let’s go home and check. Oh look episode four… the lost special…”

They literally started the theory about the lost special..

Evidence of Continuity:

·      Amazon TV season pass still available for season 4, season 3 can just be bought as a whole.

·      ^alleged screenshot of yahoo that has since been deleted.

Extra Weird Things:

·   the numbers 01221898 being on one of Eurus’ videos aka Jan 22nd (tomorrow) and 1898 (the year the lost special was published). 

·     The words “complete series” are missing from only the season 4 DVDS

·      Mary Loading on Wall:

·     The fact that TLD was SO GOOD, and right after they suddenly lost their ability to see continuity errors and plot holes? TFP had VERY low ratings and even the casuals are seeing that this episode was definitely NOT their best piece of work unless it is incomplete. 

·     Cereal Killer showing up in TEH   

how long have they been planning this… adds to the Reichenbach theories. 

·     John’s Earworm:

·      Breaking the Fourth Wall:



·      Reichenbach Theory:

·      Alternate Endings Evidence:

·      Extended Mind Palace Theory:

·      Death in Samarra vs Sumatra:

·      Geek Interpreter Theory:

·      Smoking Gun:

·      Twitter Reveal Theory:

·  1/29 Release Theory:

 ·  March 8th Release Theory:


·      Richard Brook Theory:

(just for fun)

AND I’m sure there are LOADS more. Happy tinhatting! 

People are so threatened by the idea of Alex being a lesbian because Sanvers is one of the few f/f ships on TV that consists of two lesbians, not a lesbian and a bisexual girl. There’s absolutely no chance of a man coming between them, much to the chagrin of the vast majority of the people who keep trying to make flimsy excuses for the “Alex is bisexual” headcanon.