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well this phandom’s been pretty dead recently so i decided to do a lil thing to spread positivity and make us more,,, como se dice,,,,, Alive 

so yeah basically rb this post and give me a follow and send me an ask with your name! (if we’re not mutuals feel free to tell me a bit more about urself !! maybe we have the same interests Who Knows) hopefully this way i can get to know more people and make new friends! 

Did you know it literally costs 0$ to send fellow rpers a nice ask or message? 👏🏻✨

//Hey it’s oct.17.17 - two neutron stars collided (wild), and my blog has been around for an entire year (also wild)

Still semi-hiatus while my house is on market (I may disappear abruptly for a day or few now n then), but if anyone wants to interact with Bee (Helmsman), it’d be super stellar if you’d hmu -
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anonymous asked:

Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and sAY I LOVE YOUR ART AND I JUST FOUND IT RECENTLY ITS AMAZING AND CUTE AND ASDFFHKDJSF ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

praise will get you everywhere, anon~!! keep your eye on this blog, bc i’m drawing everyday, even if i don’t upload daily!! look forward to a lot, okay? 

and and, if you guys want, you can also send me requests for danganronpa or ideas for my aus~!!

sugary-benitoite  asked:

>2P Hetalia. Listen, I was obsessed with that manga for most of middle school and you just gave me war flashbacks.


Won’t lie, I’m glad I did ‘cause I’m back into this fandom after like 4 years of leaving it. Help.

Good luck~

oh     hey     so     .     .     .

what gives anyone the right to send themselves anons just to bash other people’s portrayals and make themselves feel better about their own blog     ?

nothing gives you the right to spread lies about a person you barely know and who has literally spoken to you ooc like     ,     what     ,     once or twice regarding ideas for threads     ??       let alone given you a single reason to provoke your subtle bullying and as a result     ,     influencing other blogs to avoid them because of your wicked and petty lies     .

in what world does it makes it okay to convince people to love you more by guilt tripping them     ?       i mean     ,     given if they’re stupid enough to fall for that nonsense then it’s their own fault but     .     .     .       why do that whiny thing like it’s not even cute and most people hate that     ??

there is no justifying your childish jealousy when you go out of your way to tear someone down     .       if you’re that stricken by the green-eyed monster it’s     ,     uh     ,     called  blocking     ????        move on with your life     .       and FYI     ,     stalking a blog is only going to make it worst     .     just     .     move     .     on     .

do not go and copy someone’s tags or icons or formats     .       it’s not okay to replicate someone’s blog when they have worked hard to maintain a certain imagine to separate themselves from the rest     .       it’s not flattering and i have confidence you can be your own star     .       if it’s just laziness then shame on you     !!!!

for god’s sake     ,     nothing will ever make it okay to follow every single blog another blog interacts with in hopes to replace that person like the crazy witch you are     !!       i see what you’re doing     .

don’t be so damn competitive     ???       it’s fucking tumblr rping     .       chill     .

and now to my final point     :

no insecurities or self-entitled attitudes means it’s okay to call attention to yourself when your intention is to take away all focus on others blogs because they just happen to be praised or adored more for their originality and time put into applying all the little details into their muse     .

let it be known that i’m not here to kiss ass and look for “popularity”     .       if you want to make it a mission to give a blog a bad reputation where there is none you’re really only hurting yourself     .      there is no poof to have because there never was any     .       do u know how crazy it comes across as      ??       i am here to focus on blogs that express mutual interest to interact and write     ,     not the blogs that apparently have the most influence in the community     .       i’m not about that life here    .       i’m about character development     ,     creativity     ,     exploration     ,     ooc and ic friendships     ,     and giving my muse all the love and respect she deserves     .

trust me     ,     we’d all be so much damn happier if we got rid of this “i need to be number one” mindset when it comes to blogs     .       when we leave tumblr no one will give a rats ass about seeing your damn blog everywhere     .       people will just remember you by the stories you made and how you develop your muse     .       people will not care for your dedication of popularity by being a complete snake to get there     .

  so   fucking    stop     .