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i am literally Always looking for excuses to yell at people abt this au so these are my Key Points copied and pasted from the doc

  • Wylan: *appears*  Kaz: *scheming face* Jesper: *deep sigh because it’s early and he hasn’t had enough coffee for this* *sighs again because wylan’s pretty*
  • Kaz has a plan.  Kaz tells nobody the plan.
  • Jan Van Eck: I need you to find out if my son’s alive and bring him back to me because I love and miss him.  Kaz: Sounds fake but whatever
  • Matthias: NINA.  YOU’RE ALIVE.  Nina: Okay so, it’s been ten years, now you’ve had plenty of time to think of an excuse for abandoning me in a storm and leaving me to die.  
  • Matthias: Quickly, come with us!  Kuwei: Thanks, but… I’ll take my chances.
  • Jarl Brum is dead.  He literally does make a very lively corpse.  
  • Nina: Oh!  An unspoken attraction!  Jesper: What?  Attraction?  To that skinny little brat?  Have you lost your mind?  I– He– Attraction!  Ha!  Nina: I was only saying.  
  • Inej: So give a bow.  Wylan: What happens now?  Jesper: Your hand receives a kiss!  Inej: …My hand, Jesper.  My hand receives a kiss.  
  • Wylan and Jesper waltzing on the deck of a boat

Can I just talk about Toby from Trollhunters for a moment here? 

I just finished binge watching the entire show in about 2 days with my friend. While we both latched onto a certain changeling immediately, I found myself looking at Toby more and more as the series went on - especially towards the end. Now he’s my favorite character.

This kid’s been through hell and still has a pep that my friend found “annoying”, but I found him to be endearing and honestly relatable more than the others.

This boy lost his parents (presumably they’re dead) and lives with his blind grandmother, his only real friend becomes a chosen one and he sticks by him and constantly puts his life at risk to help, he bounces back fairly quickly one he realizes that Claire isn’t a threat to his friendship instead of remaining bitter - and then the kid goes and loses his newest friend not too long after forming a close bond with them. 

…also the mole scenes were hilariously awkward. 

Can we get some more appreciation for this kid?

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  • Harry Potter
  • Les Miserables
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Maze Runner
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  • The Song of Achilles

literally any musicals

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it’s so unfortunate to realize you can’t trust anyone in this world.
trust no one.
you mean for real? in actuality?
i thought that was just a phrase.

i’m trying not to let certain circumstances harden my outlook on life but…it’s getting pretty difficult ‘cause folks are really out here showing their true colors. and it’s not just my experience. friends are sharing a shit ton of wild ass stories with me and i’m like…really?? ppl really play dirty in this game called life and it’s looking like the chances of running into genuinely good people are unfortunately getting slimmer and slimmer. that makes me so sad.

i have my flaws, as anyone, but i’m not out here doing any shady shit…not even on a ‘vindictive-you-fucked-me-over-so-i-gotta-get-you-back’ tip. i love love and i wanna spread it around but damn y'all niggas making it real tough.

in 2017, i’m getting real stingy with my time and energy and protecting my private space at all costs. I am the light of the world. but sometimes your light attracts moths and parasites. no need to dim yourself down, just be mindful and aware that not everyone and everything is meant for you.

you know…i’ve also been listening to the 48 Laws of Power on audiobook. that may be responsible for these bitch like thoughts. lmao.

my pen pressure is fucked sorry

imagine the esper squad calling out gross shit

- Submission by @imgay100

Get to know your followers and let them get to know you like the little SKAM-family we are! Answer the questions and then tag 5 people who you want to know more about! 

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by @linneaxskam

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Name: Melissa
Country: England
Date of birth: July 28th 1996
Height: 5′6 (I think)
Orientation: idk 
Relationship status: non existent
Occupation: Student Nurse
Hobbies: Binge watching TV series instead of doing my assignments
Favourite season (of the year not Skam I know what you were thinking): Autumn
Favourite book: The book thief or the Inkheart series
Last song you listened to: All Star - Smash mouth because I was listening to a throwback playlist
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Hot chocolate
How much do you use ketchup on a scale from 1-not at all, to 5-on all foods: somewhere between 3-4, probably closer to 4.
Average hours of sleep: Average 4-6 depending on whether i am doing anything the next day.
Last thing you googled: Hand washing statistics, to prove how gross it is to my sister if you don’t wash your hands 
Last message you sent someone: ‘you tight fucks’ to my family group chat because my brother and sister were being mean about an old man who had bumped my car.

Who do you think will be s4 main?: Even or Sana 
Favourite Skam character: Isak and Even (And sana)
Biggest not canon ship: Me and the evak hoodie
Best Skam quote: Du er ikke alene because it always makes me emosh, or the cliche Alt er Love, Or ‘I’ll give you a hint… it’s not a girl’ because my brave boy.
How did you find out about Skam?: I have another blog (1D) and I kept seeing gifs on my dash, then I saw a gif set of when Even says ‘nice’ when he realises he’s home alone with Isak and I thought it was the cutest think and had to investigate what SKAM was, and now I am official SKAM trash.

Blog created: This blog was created on 06/01/2017 (my other was created in 2010 lol)
Why did I choose my URL: because it’s Isak and Even and they’re infinite… and it’s their deep conversation topic and all I could think of lol
Number of followers atm: 911

I tag @illgiveyouahint @sanaandthesun @isaksalterven @arethecatsbehindit and @theleavesoflorien <3 xxxx