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When I was a kid, I thought Zootopia was this perfect place, where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, real life is a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy.  We all have limitations, we all make mistakes, which means - hey, glass half full! - we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what type of animal you are; from the biggest elephant, to our first fox, I implore you - try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with all of us.

the shines as lazytown citizens


alright jinkls is totally bessie busybody. i was torn for a bit bc i was considering his mayoral qualities, but let’s be honest, bessie is the true mayor of lazytown. adored (and lowkey feared) by all, bessie gets shit done and is a true born leader. on top of that, she’s cute as hell, do u see that hair swirl? bessie is the true beauty of this town and she knows it. werk.


i mean duh??????? sweet as can be??? pink??????? always ready to sing a song and get everyone to bop around???? but also really cares about her friends and just wants to do what she can to make the world a better place????? stephanie isn’t perfect, and she knows that, but she tries her very best to be a good friend and make everyone around her feel good. jjongie and stephanie are one and the same.


“mine mine mine mine mine” -stingy, 2005. stingy knows what’s his and he takes it as his own. won’t take anyone’s shit and knows who he is (and so does everyone else) so watch out. master of all looks, i mean are u seeing that crown? a king. under it all, though, he cares about the pals around him. after all, they’re his.


as if this one wasn’t shooting fish in a barrel..i mean seriously. choi is totally sportacus. not only is he always looking for some good ol’ sports, but he’s just a genuine Good Guy and he’s always looking out for the people in his life. often misconstrued as a sport-crazed boy, he’e really just a softy who cares about health and good will. i love and respect choi “sportacus” minho.


dorky, fun, wildly misunderstood…tae is about as robbie rotten as a person can get. he will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants to get out of life, and while he seems a bit intimidating and scary at times, he’s just a dedicated boy who fights to get what he wants. robbie rotten is a good man and so is our boy ltm, love them.


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Everyone is talking about the Flo 'issue' but can we just talk about a prompt i saw about ceo!kara and assistant!Lena for a second?

That’s a thing I need to see??? Like role reversal ceo!kara and assitant!lena??

El-Corp, a company entrusted to Kara Zor-El after her aunt, Astra Zor-El, wanted to make the world a “better place” by not very peaceful or good means.

CEO Kara who has gone through five assistants and none have seemed right.

Assistant Lena who is trying to hide her affilliation with the Luthor name, a rival to El-Corp, and she ends up getting mistaken for Kara’s new assistant. Too bad, Kara really liked her and now Lena is stuck as the assistant to the CEO of her family’s rival company.

Its something I didnt know I needed until now. Who’s going take one for the team and write it

I’ll give you cookies

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What's your favorite thing about SuperCorp?

idk i guess that it upholds the shows strengths which is like goodness despite all opportunity for bad. i like their parallels. loneliness, trying to break free from someone else’s shadow, working hard to make the world better. & i like the little ways they deviate like kara is all abt trust given not necessarily earned & stronger together & lena is more solitary & definitely takes a trust earned standpoint except where it comes to kara bc in like 0.2 seconds she’s like hey come in whenever u want. anyway idk

Dear Friends

So a good friend of mine just came out today as being asexual. When she told her boyfriend he automatically broke up with her (honestly I hated the guy before hand but now I really can’t stand him) and now she feels like no one would want to date her. So I ask you my dear friends of Tumblr to help me make her feel better. She feels like she’s all alone in the world and I hate knowing she feels like this. If you could all help me by just reblogging and liking this to show that she isn’t alone I would truly appreciate it.

Okay, but Commander Sato has basically just found himself de facto uncle and guardian to three teenagers who have been fighting the Empire in the spacey equivalent of their busted-up pickup truck.  Also their droid.

I love love love how S3 has been bringing new recruits into the Rebellion, especially younger ones who are fired up to go like Biggs and Mart and their friends.  It’s a rebellion of old-timers who remember the ideals of the Republic and the Confederacy (and the bulk of the CIS was largely made up of political idealists who were discontented with the Republic’s policies, even if it was actually led by a (a) a literal dark lord and (b) a bunch of war profiteers) and young people who want to make a better world than the one they grew up in.  And not just teenagers like Sabine and Ezra, but also – Kanan, Hera, Numa, and Ahsoka are young.  They’re not teenagers, but they’re my age (mid/late twenties and in Ahsoka’s case, very early thirties).  By and large the people who were in that age range when the Republic fell are now Imperials, like Rae Sloane, Agent Kallus, and Maketh Tua.

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hey. thanks for making things and for not being dead. i like the world better with you in it. im some level of suicidal like 90% of the time and i know…how exhausting that is. and how bad it fucks you up. so im glad youre still alive.

hey like….

hey like thank you rly hugely, enormously

thank you like, beyond my capacity to like, assemble, words, in a way that like, reads, as meaningful or as genuine as like, i intend them, inside of myself

thank. you

i am glad you are alive too

I love how this episode is full of Victor’s narrative. We rarely get his point of view and his background story is also not there yet, so it’s kinda hard to guess what he’s actually thinking. But in this episode we’ve learnt just how much Yuuri has changed Victor’s life. It’s not just Yuri’s life that’s changed, but also Victor’s. Yuuri showed Victor a life and love he’s never known before and I think it’s really beautiful. How two person met unexpectedly and came into each other’s life like a storm. Motivating, inspiring and changing your whole world into a better one. Making you into a better person without changing you as a person you are. I live for stories like this.

I know I’m very critical (mostly of oppressive systems and myself), and sometimes that’s louder than my joy but the idea that I am too critical or cynical is a misinterpretation of my motives (which are to criticize with the hope of change) and let’s be honest, are very gendered (femmes aren’t supposed to be critical, femmes are supposed to smile and take what they get).

I talk about things I’m critical about a lot because of my values. I demand better of the world. I get that it makes people uncomfortable but I’m not going to stop.

And I happen to like art and rain and taking walks and developing photos and hugs and going on silly adventures and inspirational quotes and the ocean and candy stores and animals and the sky. Maybe when most people talk to people they don’t know that well they only talk about the things that they like, whereas for whatever reason some of that stuff feels more vulnerable for me. Probably trauma.

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(trans) Are you spending a good lunar new year holiday with your family? One photo we took at grandmother’s place after doing the new year’s bow…^^ Please give him/us a lot of attention and love in 2016 too.