to make a better world

Red Wood

Judy sighed as she looked back to the almost empty room.

One month ago, she happily flung herself to the bed of this rickety apartment, saying how she loved the city.

Her parents were right. She shouldn’t be a police officer. No bunny was. And definitely not her.

She had set out to make the world a better place, but what she managed to do was to break it further.

She tried to fight back the tears threatening to fall from her eyes, and won. Silently she picked up her suitcase…

… when her eyes suddenly saw something under the desk.

She bent down and picked up a piece of wood. A small wooden stick. Partially colored red due to the coloring of a pawpsicle.

A piece of “red wood”.

Given to her by a certain red fox.

She tried to fight back the tears threatening to fall from her eyes, and failed.

She fell down on her knees and sobbed.

  • me:fuck you go vegan here are some facts about animal agriculture fucking read them or you'll regret it look at this picture of a baby cow that doesn't want to die
  • me:*whispers* please go vegan here are some facts about animal agriculture plz plz plz help me make the world a better place
  • carnists:um no

anonymous asked:

i thought the whole "using a hope video to magically make the whole world better" was.... kind of a let down? like they didnt show them gradually rebuilding or anything its just changed in an instant? like dr isnt super realistic but it just seemed so rushed and sloppy to me. also i think mitarai playing such a big role could have been more dulled down like i thought we'd have junko like manipulating thru weaknesses and not a brainwashing video

i think it ain’t over because they kinda treated the mass hope brainwashing as a bad thing it seemed

technoventor  asked:

Of all the blogs I have met or interacted with, your blog is by far the most supportive, caring, and time invested. It's lovely just to be able to see your work.

Oh my love ❤ thank you!

I always try my best to be someone good to others. I have often been hated on or ignored in my life, both in the real world and in the web world and it feels awful. I really don’t see why people should ignore others - based on what? Talent? Fame? That’s some sad stuff. It’s not that we all get to forcefully be best friends but a caring word can really cheer someone up regardless. And since I always expect other people to treat me kindly, well then all I have to offer back is kindness. This chain of giving and taking makes the world better. 

I have started this blog only recently but I have to admit I took huge commitment in it. I really do want to offer enjoyable content for people to spend some nice time after a long day at work enjoying funny stuff. It’s a huge effort but it’s worth the deal, given how much love and affection I am receiving, it’s really good fuel for the mood! Besides, drawing is what I enjoy doing the most so no matter how little time I will have or how tired I will feel, I’ll always try my best to come up with something for you to enjoy.

Thank you very much for everything, friend. ❤ I am so happy I have you, and I like the complicity and connection that grows when we both love a character so much that we decide to employ our time and attention in developing all his aspect and dedicating our efforts to make him agreeable and alive. I will always be by your side! 

Embrace Franquillity ❤

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