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I have had enough. For the first time in my years online I am dissapointed of what has become of this community. I can’t believe that you’ve allowed yourself to be torn apart by the scheming rumors of a few. I can’t believe that you’d ignore the greater cause of why we are here for your own personal satisfaction. I can’t believe that you’d think that I am worth squabbling over.

If you think that this community is about any one individual’s standing over anyone else, including myself, then you are in the wrong place. If you have ever belittled, threatened, insulted, or berated anyone else in the community FOR ANY REASON then you are in the wrong. I don’t even care if you think I’m missing the point of why you’re waging your own personal war. IT ENDS TONIGHT. And more to the point let me ask you one question that you really need to reflect on:

Are you making the world a better place?

If you want to squabble and bicker about gossip and problems, take it somewhere else. Here. Right here. We build each other up. We never bring each other down. We NEVER threaten each other. We never attack those whose opinions may differ from our own. In this community we hold ourselves to a higher standard to show an EXAMPLE of what a true community should be to the rest of the world. I will not stand for this pointless arguing. I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. 

And if you think for even one second that I’ll allow this to continue then you are dead wrong. I may want to make the world smile but you can be DAMN sure that I’ll protect what this community represents with my life. We are better than this. We are stronger than this. It’s time to change. And it starts tonight.


Spreading Love

I made this blog because the tag needs more love and positive things in it. 

The goal of this blog is to try and bring everyone together as whole, since it seems that it’s missing right now. This community needs to spread more love.
I’m here to help in anyway possible. I am just one person sadly, but I’ll do everything in my power to help out everyone the best I can.

If anyone of you need anyone, I am always here for you. The whole community is. 

Submit art, submit posts and even ask questions. Lets try our best to make this fandom better. Lets try and fix everything that’s happened as a whole.

Lets make this world a better place. 

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  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:someone in the Markiplier fandom has reportedly committed suicide because people within this same fandom were so vicious to her, and instead of creating a safe space where people can just come and look at Mark's cute face and have s good time these people have created a toxic wasteland where the ones who don't agree with the "acceptable" opinions of the fandom they are bullied into leaving the fandom and hurting themselves. Mark talks so much about helping others and being kind to each other and making the world a better place and instead of learning from a man with wisdom far beyond his years they make him their new messiah and crucify others in his name, thinking they are doing the right thing, when really they are just perpetuating more hate and sorrow into the world, and they sit there and are proud of what they've done because they feel like Mark needs them to defend him.

The only the reason this community exists is because of this amazing man who truly wants to make the world a better place. He doesn’t deserve what has been happening. He needs us to work together to better this world. Don’t forget it. I love you all. ~Adrielle

“Why did you create Project Quantum Leap, Sam?”

“To travel in time.”

“Why did you want to travel through time?”

“Because…I w-w–I wanted to, um–”

“To make the world a better place?”

“Of course. To make the world a better place.”

“To put right what once went wrong?”

“Yes. But not one life at a time.”

“Oh! I got Mother Teresa here. Do you really think that all you’ve done is change a few lives?”

“Basically, yes.”

“At the risk of overinflating your ego, Sam, you’ve done more. The lives you’ve touched…touched others, and those lives, others. You’ve done a lot of good Sam Beckett, and you can do a lot more.”

“I don’t want to do more. I want to go home.”

To Upload or Not to Upload, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler to leave fics where they be, having done their brave parts in making the world a better, more enjoyable place, or to bring them forth from their seclusion and into the bright light of internet scrutiny once again.  To post, to ignore no more - and by post, I mean to put them on AO3 where countless (probably six) readers could view them for their pleasure or pain.  Aye, there’s the rub, because I suspect most of the early stuff could no longer bear the harsh fic critics of today, and therefore I pause.  For who would bear the whips and scorns of having such tender words ridiculed in the public eye? Such ridicule, for me, is undiscovered country, though certainly I should take my share, rather than others who have taken them before me, more unjustly still.  Thus anonymous comments make cowards of us all.   And in contemplation of such concerns, one might hesitate so long that the opportunity is lost (and maybe one host site or another falls, thus losing precious hit counts and comments already in existence).  Soft you now, dear readers - be all my fics remembered, and here’s the actual point of this post.

Taking a rather informal poll:  I saw somewhere (I think on LJ, ironically enough) that there is a movement to upload older fics onto AO3 that may not be there already.  I can see the appeal, since LJ and Teaspoon and other archives don’t really allow for easy downloading of stories to mobile devices, such as Nook or Kindle.  

I was wondering… is there any interest out there in me putting the HP and DW fics on AO3?  I have no intention of removing them from where they are now, nor do I plan to do any editing or tweaking (I’m sure that there are one or two fics I’d want to rewrite entirely), but I’m just curious if any of you would want to see what I wrote way back when.  Might be good for a laugh, anyway.


Mark snapped guys the amount of stuff that happened in the community he created just got to him and his post I just read he is right. And you don’t know how he feels at all that was the post of anger and how he felt about this community I am really glad you said something mark thank you. 

We will stop this and make it right again. 

We need to make the world a better place and not let this happen again. 


I really have felt so down and tired this week. It’s been off and strange, but I still feel that the garbage will all be gone soon, and that I’ll have my motivation back and everything will be better and I won’t feel randomly sad and I’ll want to make the world better again. I don’t care how it happens. I want my smiles to be bigger and realer. There is so much good here, there is so much potential. Ok goodnight lovely humans ❤️

We let Mark down, guys. We may not all have been involved in whatever it was that happened today, but we as a community let him down. That truly upsets me and makes me want to cry. Mark tries so hard to make the world better. He does so much for us. And this community failed him. I’m sorry, Mark.

Damn, I love being here and just watch and think/talk with ppl that interest me, but sometimes is impossible to not get angry or something.

Make the world a better place and think a lilttle before you talk, know… Just think. Its NOT hard.

He’s called the Stray…

King of the city streets, King of the Great North.

Many a beast fell at his fangs, many a canine bowed in his shadow.

Fierce eyes burn with an ancestral fire, a fire that can never be tamed.

Oak and pine sway at his call, the fog veils his battle-worn form.

He’s called the Stray, the living heart of Unchained, legend of the wilds.

mate-center I love you with all my heart. Unchained would never be the amazing group it is now without you. You make it strong, you make us strong. You inspire us, love us, and teach us to become better people.

Not many people can do what you have done. You make the world a much better place, a place worth living in.

Unchained loves you, and so do I.
Healthcare systems training providers how to be LGBT friendly
Experts say it's important for healthcare providers to become more knowledgeable, sensitive and welcoming to LGBT patients because that population suffers from a disproportionate burden of chronic illness.

This is a fantastic article.  It came in my weekly news watch at work, and really calls out some areas of potential improvement.  We’re a part of making our world a better place, so let’s get to it.

clintssecretfamily asked:

also after stalking your page a little further i ship draco/hermione and hermione/harry too! like in the case of h/h, they have so much in common because they're both new to the magical world and want to make it better and yeah loved that ship.

*cries* YES.

*high five* I’m HHr trash, no lie.