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Love, for the wip thing

I can’t not have that word in my wips of I’m writing about Killua and Gon XD Here you go:

“Killua,” Gon says softly, trying to put all his love and adoration for Killua into his next few words. “Hey, Killua? It wasn’t true, okay? Everything they said was just a lie. Nothing bad is going to happen because we’re together.”

(Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in!)

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(hi mun! i love your art!) Claude: "I've always been curious about the psychic powers Espeon possess and whether or not they're different from Espeon to Espeon. What do your psychic abilities tell you?"

“w-well… most espeon feel an odd sensation in their fur or gem when the weather is about to change (which is a little odd in my opinion..) … or certain attacks are incoming.. of course the gem also gives us the ability to perform psychic moves! hopefully, just in battle~”

“as for the espeon to espeon… you’d be right..

“but it all really depends on whatever the espeon is motivated by most… for me, it was my trainer. i haven’t really used any of my psychic powers since i lost him, so my answer might be a bit skewed…. sorry..”
you clicked your heels and wished for me - Chapter 1 - Rhadamantelope - Orbiting Human Circus of the Air (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
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In which Host John Cameron is at his wits’ end, the celestial bodies align above the City of Lights rather fortuitously, and the stagehands meddle just a bit–and the janitor finally gets his big break, so to speak.

guess who’s been working on a Julian/John fic that turned out far longer than they anticipated? that’s right, me! and here it is!