to luv

real talk though. how come the inklings in splat 2 don’t know who Marie is….if it’s tru that this game takes place 2 years after the original one i would be guessing they at least would have some sort of memory of her and the squid sisters music????? either agent ¾ is mute or maybe the squid sisters were renowned pop stars from a distant region ,,, like i’m shooken

ok but every time robert and aaron have a conversation about roberts bisexuality ten years are added to my life AND when robert jacob sugden is comfortable with that conversation and can talk freely and sensibly about his own sexuality (like tonight) i literally ascend to a higher place of existence


kageyama’s reaction to the miya twins successfully pulling off their own version of the oddball combo VS kageyama’s reaction knowing that apparently, tsukishima is able to block said oddball combo