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Nocturnal Narcissus

Traipsing through the yard at night I discovered a spring harbinger. What a witch does at 3am is their own business, thank you very much, and the same may be said of spring flowers. All I can say is these flowers weren’t there yesterday. 

gilded-phoenix  asked:

I know you are probably asked 10921790846x a day about your downloads. Which is why I avoided this for so long bc I do not want to bother you. But your gohliad account does some horrible redirects now to ad pages and every link I can find that others have reblogged etc goes to the blog, which then, of course, does the horrible pop up ad redirects... and I just was wondering if you have a direct link to your old downloads dump, or even part of them? Please and thank you dear <3 <3 <3

Blah, I know. Salty shout out to whoever grabbed my old url and turned it into a shit storm, I guess. But I answered an ask about old content here. My totally legit boyfriend @polygon-punk does have a lot of my old content hoarded though, if they have it they will happily share it with you. ♥

Kaofthe: [casually] Moon, do you think my brother likes our dear Midnight girl, here?

MOON: [spoken from some nondescript location near or on the ship] Blood temperature rises; pupils dilate; hearts quicken. It is safe to say that the biological signs are there.

Luai: [sighing] Enough, Kaofthe.

Kaofthe: Why, Luai? He is the heir now, you know. Ka is gone, so the second is now the first. Kao. Or, I suppose, we should call him Kaox now, being the oldest surviving child.

Luai: Why are you doing this?

Kaofthe: He needs you by his side. I know what the people think of me, and they would not take kindly if I were to skate in and declare myself to be protecting them. I am quite useless, and happy to stay that way.


okay so i’m genuinely awful at posts like this, but OH WELL. 

i really hate making big massive posts which include everyone who follows me but like dude, whoever you are, wherever you are, whether we’re mutuals or not, i love you for following me and watching me be as daft as a brush with this character of mine. the response to myriam has been so awesome and i love you all for liking her as much as i do <3 so i’m gonna mention a few special people now, but even if you’re not mentioned here, i still love u all the same :D 

@ofbrokenmen || @bearmaiiden || @illegitimatesnow || @killthebxy || @defenderofthegrove || @ycngrose || @mybigfatcock || @handofhonor / @fractuscantus || @starkmatriarch || @crowncdcrow || @dreadtheroar || @shewolfheart || @iarainn || @benjenstcrk (EVEN THO WE HAVEN’T RP’D YET HERE BUT WE’RE GONNA I PROMISE YOU) || @dreadtheroar 

i’ve probs forgotten five thousand and ten other ppl but that’s because i’m human trash OH WELL you know what you signed up for 

love you guys <3 

Choi Boys @ a Party
  • some girl: so, who's that red head?
  • Saeran: lemme make this clear
  • Saeran: i do not know him
  • 707: ...
  • 707: i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now