to love laura

So I saw a while ago on twitter that this little girl went up to a wicked ensemble cast member and asked for an autograph and the mom said “oh, honey. Are you sure? She’s just an ensemble member.” AND WHEN I READ THAT, I WAS FUMING. BECAUSE NO. SHE IS NOT JUST AN ENSEMBLE MEMBER. SHE IS A HUGE PROCESS/COMPONENT OF THE PIECE. WITHOUT HER, OZ AND SHIZ WOULD LOOK A LIL WEIRD WITHOUT TOWNSPEOPLE/STUDENTS. YOU WOULDN’T GET THE WOW FACTOR OF THE SONGS WITHOUT THEIR VOCALS. THAT’S HOW I FEEL HERE. IT PISSES ME OFF THAT, EVEN THOUGH WILL HAS A SPEAKING ROLE, PEOPLE TOTALLY LOOK PAST HIM. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ben and Laura, but people need to learn to love Mike and Kris and Will and Michael and Rachel and Jenn. They’re all literally perfect. Heck, I even love Olivia and she’s rarely onstage. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT A CAST IS LIKE A MACHINE. THEY NEED EACH OTHER TO TELL THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY AND THEY ARE LITERALLY EQUALS. TREAT THEM AS SUCH.

  • Laura: I would say that the moment I knew you were the one, Travis, was when you snorted sake because I dared you to.
  • Laura: And it was . . . the best part . . .well, I'll tell the whole story.
  • Laura: So we were out on a date. And I dared him to do it. And it was cold, unfiltered sake, right?
  • Travis: *covers his face*
  • Laura: And he did it. He was like, "I'll do it. I'll do it. I hAVe to be a mAN."
  • Travis: *nods*
  • Laura: So he snorted it, and he was like, "Oh, that's weird. It was like . . . It's actually kind of refreshing."
  • Travis: I don't remember that being my reaction at all.
  • Laura: No, that is what you did. You went, "That wasn't so bad, that wasn't so bad." And I went, "Oh my god, I expected it to sting really bad."
  • Travis: Oh, I remember.
  • Laura: And he goes, "No no no. It didn't sting. It's actually, it's kind of funny. You should try it." And I did. And it STUNG SOOO BAAAD!
  • Laura: And he totally like held the reaction down just so I would do it too.
  • Travis: I was like, this sucks so much. If I could just lie to myself for thirty seconds, I'll get her to do it.
  • Travis: Then she was like AHIDSHIETEKHSIGDHIE!!!! And I was like, "IT SUCKS, DOESN'T IT?"
  • Travis: Best secret agent job I ever pulled.