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The Final Problem: The Forced I Love You and the Missing Sherlolly Scene

Many have discussed to what extent Sherlock meant the “I love you,” and others also question why the writers would leave out the scene where Sherlock and Molly reunite. A sincere “I love you” can easily feel like a leap because it’s Sherlock, but the Sherlock first seen in series one was an illusion, and Eurus was digging deep trying to unearth the real him. Like classeyspanks said (x), the entire scene was vivisection. Euros was peeling back Sherlock like an onion, and though some have called the missing scene an oversight, there is a strong possibility that it was intentionally left out, and if so, it is not a sign of Molly’s insignificance, but could arguably be proof of canon.

“Say It Like You Mean It”

  • Why the Fake “I Love You” Theory Doesn’t Hold Up
    For Sherlock to become truly vulnerable, Eurus needed Sherlock to become wholly invested in that game. She couldn’t afford for him to be detached - to be in such control of his own emotions that his mask remained in place. The scene conveys that it was not forcing Molly to utter “I love you” that made Sherlock emotional. Of course, it pained him to see her in pain, and it pained him to be the source of her agony. Yet, through the beginning of the conversation, he remained in control of his emotions. He had been confident that he could get her to say it. When he ordered her to “Say it anyway,” his insistent expression revealed that he truly expected the next words out of her mouth to be compliance. She was going to say “I love you,” and he was going to save her. He still remained in control.

    Then, Molly ordered him to say “I love you.” Though unexpected, it shouldn’t have thrown him. If three words were the only condition to saving her life, most people would have said it. John would have, even Mycroft was in the back making incoherent noises, trying to stay silent, but also trying to say “HURRY UP.” So why did Sherlock start to unravel when Molly asked him to say it back?

    There was a very important parallel in that scene. While Molly struggled to say “I love you” to Sherlock because she meant it, Sherlock also wrestled with his own “I love you.” Had he not said just minutes earlier that the words were “very easy” to say? Now, they sat stuck in his throat, and he, the man who never begs for mercy, would rather look at his sister with his eyes pleading, “Please don’t make me do this.”

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I refuse to respect someone who would not respect me

Hey, It’s ok

if you need to block some things on your dash 

if you need to step away from the internet for a day, or a few days, or longer

if you need to limit your media intake 

You need to take care of yourself first. This day is going to be a hard one for a lot of us, so find your people and hold them close. Go outside, support a local indie theater or cinema or art gallery. Take a bath, read a book, try that new recipe you’ve been dying to taste. Whatever you need to find your center and prepare.

It’s ok to not be ok. I know I’m not. 

We’re going to make it through tomorrow. We’re going to make them fight for every fucking inch and we’re going to take it all back. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be so fucking hard, but we have each other’s backs. 

But tomorrow? remember, you are loved and you matter. 

i know i’m p much dead to the world atm but i s2g once riverdale starts airing i’ll be all over the place you guys would wish i had a mute button lmao