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Dan's throat bulges as eggs drift down slowly, belly growing all while Dan's eyes are completely dominated by the spiral appearing on the alien creature. He's drooling, not even attempting to move from the lab table as this thing does whatever it pleases with him. Brian's putting a little star next to this experiment, should he ever forget how important this was. Dan moans and subconsciously rubs his hands somewhat timidly over his now bulging belly.

he gives the alien a little gold star ~ 

im joking but hoLY shit dude i love this so goddamn mcuh

An Escort’s Favorite Products and Their Hoe Uses

For those that have asked about my self-care regimen, here are my favorite products and their uses! I’ll definitely update this as I get more escorting experience and my product selection grows. 


I have sensitive, weird skin. I’m allergic to almost all BBW products. Here are the things I love! 

  • Aloe Vera Baby Oil - Shaving the cooch
  • Tend Skin - Prevents razor burn after shaving the cooch
  • Neutrogena Body Clear Scrub - Exfoliates and gets rid of random bumps
  • Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel - For a soft, super close shave on your legs
  • Lollia Perfumed Shower Gel - All of their scents smell amazing and they leave behind a muted scent. Plus, it’s very thick so a little bit goes a long way. Seriously, a quarter sized dollop is enough to get foamy suds over your entire body!
  • Lollia Hand Creme - Will give you the smoothest, softest hands ever. Especially important for touching wieners. 
  • Intimore Intimate Wash - My favorite wash for cleaning the vag. ALL of their varieties are safe for sensitive skin and they have great uses. The Therapeutic wash is great if you’ve been fucked raw. Very soothing!
  • Lush Sugar Scrub - Great for exfoliating, it leaves your skin very bright and radiant and it is supposed to reduce the appearance of cellulite!
  • Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Pads - I use these to get rid of weird bumps or razor burn on my legs after shaving. Will literally clear up those weird clear bumps that aren’t quite whiteheads or pimples. 
  • Kiehl’s Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter - Will leave your entire body smoother than a baby’s butt and the scent is very light. Super hydrating. I use this every night after a hot bath. I also use this to moisturize my cooch. YES, YOU CAN AND SHOULD MOISTURIZE YOUR COOCH. It’s okay! Try it!
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - It’s like foundation for your legs! It comes in either a squeeze bottle or mist. I use the squeeze bottle more because the mist WILL STAIN your bathroom tile or toilet, if you prop your leg on it to spray. 
  • St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse with Mitt - I used this for the first time last night because my spray tan was wearing off. It gives a really natural tan and you only have to leave it on 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you want to go, before rinsing! I left mine on for a little less than two hours and I have a nice, NATURAL looking tan glow! 


I’m a light ashy blonde with frizzy, unmanageable hair. Here are my top picks for products. 

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - Absolute BEST dry shampoo and it’s super affordable. Very fine powder. It comes in a bunch of varities, I like the sleek and shine the most. 
  • AG Hair Cosmetics Sterling Silver Shampoo - Great purple shampoo for blondes. 
  • Davines Alchemic Conditioner - They have different formulas for different hair colors. I use the purple conditioner for blondes and it’s a great purple mask that tones and deep conditions. 
  • Kerastase Shampoo & Conditioner - Comes in a ton of varities. I use the ones for damaged hair and frizzy hair. BEST shampoo and conditioners I have ever used. It doesn’t take much product and every product does what it says it will. 
  • Kerastase Fluidissime Blow Dry Spray - For frizzy or curly hair. It gives heat protection, shine and smoothness. I use this when I want my hair to be super straight or I want to style it after blow drying. 
  • Kerastase L’ncroyable Blow Dry - Most amazing blow dry lotion ever. Seriously. Now my most used product. 
  • Kerastase Ciment Thermique - Protecting blow dry lotion for damaged/colored hair. 
  • Davines Melu Serum - For disguising split ends. Also adds shine. 
  • Davines Minu Mask - Illuminating hair mask used to add back shine and dimension
  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi Mask - Great for softness and hydration. Smells amazing. Probably my favorite mask. 
  • Kerastase Masqueintense - Second favorite hair mask. It’s ultra smoothing and revitalizes your hair. 
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime - Great hair oil! Lighter than Morrocanoil with the same benefits, though the smell isn’t as nice. 
  • Shu Uemura Straight Forward - Great blowdry spray oil. It really does cut down the amount of time it takes to blow out your hair. I use this with the Kerastase Incredible Blowdy. 

Skin Care

I have sensitive, combination skin. I used to get random hormonal acne. 

  • Glamglow ThirstyMud - Great for hydration and smells amazing. You can use it as rinse off or a sleeping mask.
  • Glamglow Flashmud - Brightening, revitalizing mask. I use this on my butt to help get rid of a few blemish scars. No, I am not joking. Yes, it is actually working. 
  • Glamglow Thirstycleanse - Amazing mud cleanser for whenever my skin is feeling a little dry or needs some nourishment. 
  • Glamglow Supercleanse - My favorite cleanser ever. It’s a mud-oil dual pump and it takes off every BIT of make up and keeps your skin super clear! Plus, it’s not drying!
  • Peter Thomas Roth BHA 2% Acne Wash - For if I feel a breakout coming on. One bottle will likely last you over a year. 
  • Peter Thomas Roth Blemish Buffing Beads - Great for body acne.
  • Glamglow Fizzy Lip - Great exfoliating lip scrub, plus you get twice as much product as most other lip scrubs. 
  • Glamglow Wet Lip - Intense softening lip treatment. You should definitely be using both of these to get seductive, soft, kissable lips! 
  • Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil - I use this at night before bed. It’s anti-aging, moisturizing, clarifying, fights wrinkles and reduces pore size. 
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum - I use this in the morning and it makes my skin look superb. Best skin product I’ve ever had. It brightens, exfoliates, gives radiance and evens out hyperpigmentation. 
  • Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase - I use this serum as my moisturizer and it keeps my skin super nourished! It doesn’t clog up your pores and hydrates your dry areas. Definitely the best moisturizer I’ve ever used.
important things in life
  • anime
  • sports anime
  • sports anime where everyone’s got a pet
  • anime that features a protagonist who is insecure, anxious, and tries really hard to keep it all together
  • anime with talented idols who have the world wrapped around their little finger but have lost inspiration and find it in a person who literally becomes the music
  • anime with young characters that act their age and love their grandpa so much
  • anime with females that are multifaceted, independent, and immensely talented
  • anime with worldwide representation
  • anime with a practically canon couple that can barely keep their hands off each other
  • anime that actually animated a kiss scene between two males
  • ice skating anime
  • it’s yuri on ice
  • yuri on ice is important

I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??

hi uh,,, i forgot,, that tumblr was a thing i could submit art to. so like hi I’m Summer and yeah

so um. I drew thomas and @benjpierce because like. ahgdg this took ages bc all the LITTLE LIGHTS


so uh. La La Land is definitely a very important thing to me and,, a lovely night is ,, my favorite song. Ever. and so,, these two ANGELS sang it???? like WHAT?? i actually legitimately cried haha

and thomas has helped me through,,, so much,, with like. self worth and all. and i just recently found out about ben! i of course knew of Little Game and all but YEAH omg i’m rambling im so so sorry

so WITH ALL AWKWARDNESS ASIDE i hope u,, like this

//sweats nervously and runs bc im hoping this is being submitted to the right place

Thomas: Summer, I LOVE this!!!!! You always do such a good job, and I am truly glad we were able to do the song justice for you!! Thank you for all the art you do, and especially for THIS beautiful work!!!

We just hit half a million views on youtube! Thank you all so much! This is a huge milestone that won’t go unnoticed. I didn’t think I would get to this number in less than 6 days (much less 6 years!). Thanks so much for your time and interest and love!

Now I feel like I have to use this opportunity to say: GO VOTE TODAY! There are a lot of much more important things in the world than my pilot. There’s more to a ballot than just presidents too, there are local things that affect your life and your community in direct ways that you need to educate yourself on. It’s a little scary, stressful, and time consuming to figure it all out, but it’s gotta be done. Not just for you, but because the things you vote on affect other people too. 

Not voting is a decision on issues just as much as voting is. It means “I don’t care about the outcome.” There’s no message to be sent by not voting. No one will come and ask you “why didn’t you vote, so that next time I can better reflect your views?” The only thing they’ll see is what’s voted on. All you have to do is choose the options that, if they’re not your perfect ideal, at the very least they don’t make someone’s life worse than it already is.

So please vote! It’s something you can do to try and get some positive change in the world.


Yuri on Ice Episode 9:
- most important thing first!! Makkachin is alive and well and we can all be happy again!!!!! :)
- Yurio’s grandfather actually combined Yurio’s two favorites?!?!? (pirozhki and pork cutlet bowl)
- Sala and Michele “broke up”
- Sala and Mila (love them)
- YURIO HAIR UP FUCKING BRAIDED AND THE COSTUME my little precious son has evolved into a beautiful butterfly
- Yuri missing Viktor and going through memories of him while skating
- JJ being the king… again (Yurio hates him)
- Yuri speakin russian (a little bit)
- Yakov being suprised by Yuri’s performance
- Yurio calling Yuri “pork cutlet bowl”
- Yurio being so proud of his grandfather, so squishy and smol!! just look at his smile!! so proud
- Emil being worried cuz Mickey screamed
- All of them blushing while being nervous (or in love *cough*)
- THE SCENE AT THE AIRPORT LIKE WTF!!!? Viktor and Yuri running while looking at each other and then the hug and hand kiss and the proposal and the proposal AND THE PROPOSAL?!?!?!!?
- “Please be my coach until I retire!” LIKE BITCH WHAT
- AND THEN VIKTOR’S ANSWER “I wish you’d never retire” BITCH YOU GONNA BE HIS “coach” UNTIL YOU BOTH DIE?! THAT SOUNDS A LOT LIKE MARRIAGE TO ME and of course that made Yuri tear up

Why Yuri on Ice is life changing to me and my Kid

Now I have talked about the many reasons I love Yuri on Ice from how much I like Victor to how true Yuri’s anxiety is portrayed to how wonderful Victor and Yuri’s relationship is. All of that is still true and really important but in my house that’s all a little overshadowed by the most important thing about the show.

How it portrays gender.

All three of the main characters are shown as having a certain fluidity about their genders. Young Victor with his long hair:

Wearing a costume that was deliberately designed to represent both genders at once. When he announced that it was fondly, Victor was clearly very comfortable with being ambiguous with his gender. 

Then when Yuri heard that he felt a deep connection with that outfit and chose it for his own program. Leading Yuri into learning to move in feminine ways as it was “closer to how he felt”

Even later when Victor tells him he no longer needs to envision pork cutlets or women, that he can skate Eros as himself, Yuri still brings a feminine aspect to the program.

At no point is this blurring of gender lines mocked by anyone involved nor is it played for laughs. 

Yurio has it as well when Lilia meets him and sets a goal for him:

Mila is surprised when Lilia says she’ll turn Yurio into a Prima Ballerina but no one else is and Yurio, angry salty Yurio, is completely comfortable with that. Despite his violence and general angry attitude he embraces moving gracefully and with beauty in a feminine way. He’s totally fine with it except for when JJ says “Lady’s first” because that is the only time his femininity is mocked in anyway.

And here’s the thing, we’re supposed to hate on JJ for that, because he makes a joke about it he’s the antagonist for Yurio and we’re supposed to dislike him in that moment.

As a genderfluid person with a bigender child this show was incredibly important for how it showed the blurring of gender lines. None of the characters were obliquely labeled as non-binary but it wasn’t hard for my kid to see themself in the main characters. It’s part of the reason why they love it so much because they do see the main three as non-binary.  The fact that they decided they wanted to start the process of coming out at school after we started watching Yuri on Ice together may be a coincidence and it may not but I know it has meant the world to them to see characters they love acting in a way that comes across as non-binary and it not being played for laughs.

In fact it’s shown as a strength, Yurio finding a beauty that is all his own past the prima ballerina into a beauty and, I would argue, still partly feminine grace that is all his own won him gold. 

Yuri uses his beauty and strength that I would argue blurs gender just as much to win Silver and of course Victor, 5 time world Champion, was never afraid to move with grace and beauty that again touched on the feminine side. His “Stay Close to Me” program was to my eyes a blend of masculine and feminine as well.

It made my genderfluid heart glad that these characters were able to blur those lines between male and female and find a beauty and strength that was unique to them and distinctly different from each other as well. 

I know it is extremely important to my child as well.

This is why among all the other reasons I love Yuri on Ice this is closest to my heart, because I can see the joy in my kid’s eyes as they see characters who they feel understand being non-binary, who they feel would understand them.


Hi, My name is Troian Bellisario and I am a dancer, a lover, a dreamer and a stubborn little brat who likes to be a know it all. Seriously, I’ll admit that.  I love knowledge. I think education, experience, and travel are incredibly important because they lead to the most important thing of all, Empathy.  Empathy is love.  Not only understanding what another person maybe experiencing, but having empathy for them, or their situation is, I believe, the most important part of life.  It’s why I’m an actor. It’s why I want to inhabit other people’s lives and stories, it’s why I want to tell my own. So that is who I am inside:  a lover, an empath and a Story Teller.

This has probably been mentioned already, but I have to get this off my chest

So Star Trek:Into Darkness was a great film - in fact, I loved all three movies. But one little thing that always bugged me was how much Bones was downplayed. I particularly have a lot of feelings for this scene:

Now, there is truth to that - Spock did capture Khan, whose blood was used to generate the life-saving serum. Spock risked his own life to capture a dangerous, near-invincible psychopath for Kirk (even though his initial intention was to kill Khan out of revenge and had to be begged by Uhura to spare his life). So I’m not going to deny the importance of Spock’s role in Jim’s revival (I love Spock, love his friendship with Kirk, not knocking that one bit). But tell me, was it Spock who:

- injected some of Khan’s blood into a dead tribble out of scientific curiosity, to study its incredible regenerative powers?

- discovered that the Tribble had been brought back to life, thus realising that Khan’s blood could be used to bring back Kirk?

- had the quick thinking to cryogenically freeze Kirk’s body in order to prevent his organs decomposing to a point that would be beyond saving?

- took Khan’s blood - breaking countless ethical guidelines in the process - and dedicated his time to generating a serum (surely that must have taken days, if not weeks, to generate a successful serum that could be safely used to medicate a human)?

- carefully nursed Kirk back to health?

Nope, all Bones. Now, I don’t have proof as to what happened during the two weeks Kirk was in a coma, but do you honestly think that this man:

… just carried on as normal? Or do you think he never left Jim’s bedside unless he was physically dragged away by other crew members so that he could eat/sleep before collapsing? Of course, Bones being Bones, he’s very flippant when his part in rescuing Jim is ignored:

… even mentioning Uhura’s part in it, because he won’t take all the credit, he acknowledges all who helped. Because he doesn’t care about recognition or thanks when it comes to Jim - he just wants to keep his best friend ALIVE. But why oh why couldn’t we just get a little acknowledgement from someone else about how Doctor Leonard Horatio “Badass” McCoy literally CHEATED DEATH and brought a dead man back to life as though it was just a normal part of a medic’s life?! The fact that he broke several medical ethics laws, thus risking his whole career, just to give the ship her captain back? WHY DOES NO ONE SEEM TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS?! And don’t get me started on the fact that he didn’t even get to say goodbye and the first time he sees Jim after the warp core incident is when he is lying in a freaking body bag on one of the biobeds.

A spell to alleviate self hatred

I tag many things that have to do with self care on my blog as “self care is magick”. I believe this, wholeheartedly. After all, you are your most important tool. Here’s a little spell to help you with that.


(see bottom)

  • Celery seed
  • Fennel
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Cloves
  • Vanilla
  • salt
  • Amethyst
  • Rose quartz
  • Tigers eye


  • Sealable container
  • Wax
  • Pink candle (put a notch one      centimeter down)
  • Black birthday candle
  • A list of four things you      find beautiful
  • Sigils for self love
  1. Set up everything you normally do before working a spell. Do any grounding or cleansing you feel is needed.
  2. Pick up the black candle in each of your hands and pour everything that you feel you dislike about yourself into it. Down to the last thing.
  3. Take a deep breath and light the candle, saying:“as this candle burns away, so do all of my negative thoughts about myself. ”
  4. Release all of your negative thoughts as the candle burns away.
  5. When the candle has burned to the point of going out, shake yourself out.
  6. Pick up the pink candle and light it, saying:“I have things in myself that I can see as beautiful, such as"… say as many things as you can think of
  7. Put the sigils in the container as you say them
  8. Once the candle has burned down to the notch, begin to fill your container with the herbs, for every ingredient you  put in, state three     things that are beautiful about you, that you don’t like. (ex: if you have     freckles and don’t like them, say "my freckles are beautiful”)
  9. Add your crystals. For every crystal you put in, state three things you like about yourself for each. (ex:I just got my hair cut and it looks awesome, or, my makeup looks so good today)
  10. Seal the container with its     top.
  11. Kiss the side of it, saying:“let me know that I am lovely, for I know no one else like me. In every part of me I know there is beauty, because it is a part of me. I am beautiful because I am astounding. I am beautiful because I am amazing. I am beautiful because I am me, and only I can be myself.”
  12. Seal the container in wax and place in a place you will see it every day. (ex: hang above your bed, hang in front of a mirror, in front of a computer, etc.)
  13. every time you see it, say something you enjoy about yourself.

That’s it! At step 12, you’re done with the initial spell! Make sure you’ve cleaned up and snuffed all flames; now go relax, take a nice candle lit bath or drink some tea! Step 13 is very important, don’t feel bad about missing it a few times.

**about the herbs, if you don’t like these, feel free to mix and match what suits you!  This is just what I used! Its all behind the intent, you don’t have to use everything!**

Remembering you hurts a little bit.
One eye was brown and the other green, reminding me always that you were two different people, a Gemini.
We would sit and talk about nothing important and laugh at dumb jokes but we also enjoyed the silence of each other’s company.
I still remember running around with you in the rain when everyone else went under shelter. Falling asleep on your lap when you played video games. Swimming with you. Making pancakes in the morning.
All of those small things I still hold close, even though I bury them. My youth wouldn’t be the same without you in it.
I hope my time with you was as important to you as it was so me.
—  v.m

Robbie starts wearing more and more blue and no one, Sportacus in particular, has any idea why. It starts with eyeshadow, then mascara, then a scarf, little things that keep on getting bigger but still work well with his outfits.

It looks very nice. Very nice. A primal part of Sportacus is very pleased to see Robbie in his colour.

One day Robbie is dressed practically all in blue and Sportacus can’t take it anymore, he asks what’s going on. So Robbie explains that in fae society, an important step in courtship is to start wearing your love’s colours, as every fae has their own colour scheme going on. 

Or, alternatively, it simply feels nice to have something that reminds him of Sportacus with him all the time.

The next day, Sportacus shows up with a badly dyed purple hat. Robbie loves it anyway.

Each Type’s Surprising Characteristics

INTJ and INTP: Has emotions! (From time to time….)

INFJ and ISFJ: Knows have to have fun, incredible goofballs

INFP: Overthink stuff way more than you think, is pretty analytical (sometimes)

ENFP: Are way more private than they seem, very analytical/deep-thinker

ENFJ: Take things way more personally than you expect

ENTJ and ESTJ: Are actually pretty social and understanding (even thought hey have a really strong personality and screams 99.99% of the time)

ENTP: Gives way more depth to life than it seems. Not ALWAYS ready at 3AM to send you puns. (Notice I said ‘’not ALWAYS’’)

ESFP: Can become really smart and all knowing, for like 3 seconds.

ISFP: Gives a lot of importance to little details about people. Is very loving, most of the time.

ISTP and ESTP: Not 100% gamblers. I mean, sometimes, just sometimes, they have emotions, its as rare as a 2 dollar bill…..

ESFJ: Even though they seem like the type of people who loves everyone and gives no fucks about stuff, they are value their friends and social status A LOT.

ISTJ: Yes, they follow rules, but they can be risk-takers.


If your partner is feeling insecure or jealous make sure you give them comfort. Insecurities and jealousy aren’t things you can control most of the time. Just remind them you love them and that they’re important to you. A little goes a long way. Just make sure you’re making your partner feel good and they make you feel good and it’s just positivity all around.

What an excellent episode

I’m really happy with this one!

Gem Harvest turned out to have a great balance of cuteness, humor, and seriousness.

I’m in love with Pumpkin, I loved the dynamic between Lapis and Peridot as like “parents”. I have mixed feelings about Uncle Andy, but his little monologue at the end gave us some perspective.

An important thing that this episode brought up within the SUverse: Steven is half human, too! I’m glad he gets to have some normal human stuff amidst all the gem war stuff.

There were some really great lines from all of the Gems, too.

Overall, I really liked it! Glad to be back in business, SU family :D

Lessons from Pokemon Games

RBY: Hard work is rewarded! Do your best!

GoldSilver: Hard work is important, but kindness is key!

Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald: it’s important to find balance in everything. Extremism is the path to destruction.

Diamond and Pearl: never lose your sense of scale and love for the little things!

Black and White: don’t let your ideals blind you! New York City is filled with sentient trash!

XY: have a passion for something, anything, but don’t let it consume you! Parisian cab drivers are thieves!

Sun and Moon: The weak are but food for the strong! If there is a god, his name is Death, eternal, all-consuming, and ever victorious! Kill kill kill kill kill

These are things people need to understand about Littles/being a Little:

1. We’re not always in Little Space.
- Some Littles are always in Little space; some may stay there forever. Some Littles are rarely ever in Little Space, which is okay! Big Littles are just as important! I’m in Little Space 99% of the time, so I’m not a great example to show diversity. (╯︵╰)

2. Not all Littles are tiny and white.
- There are Littles in every race and size. There are very tall Littles, very short Littles, very thin Littles, and Littles who are very chubby; some Littles have no figure, and some Littles have ALL of the figure (curves for days). All of them matter just as much as the short, thin Blonde who’s boobs are perfect C+ cups and has a tiny waist plus a bubble booty.

3. Not all Littles and girls.
- There ARE boy Littles, and their are genderfluid Littles; there are genderqueer Littles, and there are bigender Littles. There are Littles of EVERY gender there is, and I apologize if I did not list yours. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

4. Being a Little isn’t something that’s creepy.
- People have made Littles become a “kink” or something like that. If you find someone with child characteristics sexy, YOU’RE the creepy one who needs to go away. That’s just scary. Us Littles are just embracing the child in us. Leave us the heck alone. Stop sexualizing us. ಠ_ಠ

5. Not all Littles need or even want a Caregiver/Daddy/Mommy/Dommy/Maddy.
- Enough said. ( ̄^ ̄)

6. Not every Little is heterosexual.
- There are Littles of every sexuality. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual (like me), pansexual, ASEXUAL, androsexual, gyneromantic, demisexual, remisexual… There are so many sexualities, and there is a Little that goes with every single one of them. Not to mention all of the types of romantic attractions they could have, or even if they are aromantic. Some Littles are even questioning who they are, and that’s okay! Respect who they are!

7. Not all Littles want the same Little Stuff.
- Not ever Little likes having a paci, bottle, diaper, and coloring book. As a Little, I can safely say that I don’t like diapers at all. Some Littles don’t like onesies and sippy cups, like I do. Some Littles don’t like using the name Daddy for the Dom or Caregiver. That name makes both my caregiver, @anythin-for-my-little-angel, extremely uncomfortable. It’s just a matter of preference, and it’s expected for people to like different things. No matter who the people are.


9. Some Littles are mean.
- Some Littles like to hurt people emotionally. Sadly, some like to make other Littles cry and feel like we aren’t a good Little or even a good person in general. It gets hard with having those around, and that’s why the friendly Littles need to stick together. (ノ^o^)ノ

Taking a Risk: Secret Santa Writing Challenge

Receiver: @sierrastilinski

Pairing: Liam x Reader x 😮 (featuring the Pack and a little bit of Josh Diaz)

Request: “I want it with Theo and Liam and it can be about whatever the other person wants it to be”

Word Count: 3.5K

Warning: None. Just a little angst.

Summary: As soon as you’re of age, you’re given necklace just like everyone else. This necklace burns hot whenever your soulmate is near and cold whenever they’re gone. While everyone around you is excited to meet their true love, you on the other hand choose to distance yourself from it all for as long as you can. That is until a new student arrives on campus. 

Originally posted by liamsprayberrybabe

(Y/N)’s POV

Ever since I can remember, my mother has always been concerned about this thing dangling around my neck. The necklace we receive at birth is of “great importance”. It’s supposed to burn and glow in the presence of your soulmate and grow colder when they’re away. It’s like a game of hot and cold: soulmate edition. I never paid much attention to it since I hardly gave much thought to it. It was just a simple half circle hanging from a chain. My whole life, friends of mine talked about meeting their one true love and having that happily after, but what’s supposed to happen after that? Is your life supposed to be some big ray of sunshine afterwards? You’ll walk on air and see nothing but rainbows in the sky? I highly doubt it because life goes on.

Before I graduated high school, it became annoyingly apparent that everyone was finding their soulmates. Scott found Kira when she first moved to Beacon Hills, Malia found Tracy, and Stiles and Lydia found each other in the first grade. Even I couldn’t deny how cute that was.

I haven’t found mine, not that I was actually looking for them in the first place. My passion for finding my soulmate ended at the end of my eighth grade year. My parents were the most loving people I’ve ever met. Just like Stiles and Lydia, they found each other in elementary school and have been attached at the hip ever since.

It should have been like every other morning before school started. Dad would come in from the night shift, change out of his uniform, and make breakfast for Mom and I. That morning Mom stood by the window, tears flowing uncontrollably as she gripped her necklace.

When she finally noticed I was standing right beside her, she removed her hand from her necklace to hug me and that’s when I noticed. Her necklace turned black. I’ve only seen it once before, when the Sheriff’s wife passed years ago. It didn’t take much to put two and two together to figure out I had just lost my father and my mother lost the only man she would ever love. I’ve gone majority of my life watching my mother pretend like she was perfectly fine as if I didn’t know she was in pain.

Finding my soulmate meant I would have to take the risk of falling in love with the possibly losing them. It was a risk I was not willing to take.

It was the very beginning of the school year. Just about everyone was excited for it to begin. My classes finally ended and I made sure to meet with my friends in the cafeteria. My day never seemed right if we didn’t. We usually started talking about class, but somehow the topic of soulmates always made its way into the conversation. It never bothered me when they brought it up. If they were happy, then so was I.

“What happens to people who don’t find their soulmate?”, Kira questioned, looking at me for an answer

“I don’t know, but I do know that I’m going to go on with my life just like everyone else. Who says I’m required to have a soulmate?”, I smiled

For as long as I’ve had my friends, they’ve never tried to push me into finding them. They knew how I felt and that I was happier this way. Our table in the cafeteria, consisted of soulmates and me. You could say I was the odd one out, but not exactly.

“That is true”, Lydia piped up as she looked away from Stiles, “People who choose not to find their soulmates are free to live their lives just like anyone else”

“Great. Now that that’s out the way, have you heard about Norman University?”

“No, what happened to it?”, Scott beamed. He wasn’t really paying attention to what I had to say. He was too engrossed in Kira to focus.

“It got shut down a few days ago because of issues with funding. Apparently, a quarter of their students are being transferred here. That’s about–”

“Three thousand new students”, Malia groaned

“Yeah”, I sighed. “So for the next month you and I will be up to our necks in paperwork and tours”, I smiled, feigning excitement

Malia worked in the admissions office, while I worked in the student center. They were always extremely busy at the beginning of the semester, but now that 3,000 more students are being enrolled things were about to get hectic.

“When do they start?”, she asked with her face buried in her hands

“Three days give or take”

Three days managed to pass by quicker than I ever imagined and just like I told Malia, campus was a mad house. I spent most of my afternoons giving our new students tours of the student center and answering all their questions. Some seem excited to be at a new school, while others didn’t seem to care. By Friday evening the groups for the tours began to dwindle and I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was meeting with the last group.

“Hello everyone. My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and I’m a student here at Beacon Hills Unoversity. I’m going to show you around our student center just to show you how we assist the students here”

The blank expressions on all their face mirrored my emotions to a tee.

“Trust me I’ll go through this as quick as possible so we can all get the hell out of here”

As I grinned most of the students grinned back. Before I opened my mouth to speak, I felt an unfamiliar sensation near my chest. As instinct took over, my hand reached for the necklace as it began to heat up. I looked at the group in front of me and realized it couldn’t be any of them, it would have started sooner.

One girl smiled as realization hit her, “They found you, didn’t they?”

“No. Not now, don’t let this happen now”, I mumbled as I gripped the necklace even tighter

“(Y/N) are you alright?”, Josh asked as he walked from his desk

When he noticed where my hand was a knowing smile took over his features, “Lucky you”

“No, not ‘lucky me’. I’m not ready for this at all. Please help me”, I pleaded

“Okay I can take over for you. I’ll tell Finnick you weren’t feeling too well”

“Thank you. You’re a lifesaver”

I ran out the student center as fast as I could until my necklace cooled down or until I was out of breath, whichever came first.

“So you ran!?”, Stiles repeated as tried to stop himself from laughing

“Yes, I. Ran.”, I said slowly for the fiftieth time in less than an hour

We were all crowded in my dorm as usual.

“I’ve never heard of this before. (Y/N) you’re going down in history”, Scott smiled as he started laughing with Stiles, “I can’t believe you ran”

“Why is it so hard to believe? I told you all I didn’t want to find them”

“But you never said what you would do if they found you instead. Usually, soulmates are so wrapped up in the feeling of finding each other that they don’t even have time to run”, Lydia pondered

“Lydia that’s after they meet. She doesn’t even know what they look like”, Kira counteracted

The conversation steered away from me as they all talked about the new students that came to campus. Of course my soulmate would be one of them. I’m not at all shocked. I just thought that it wouldn’t happen this soon. A few more years would have been nice.

I absentmindedly nodded my head as they finished their conversation, which is how I was roped into coming to a party thirty minutes later.

Liam’s POV

Being at a new university hasn’t been all that bad. Especially when it’s the school your best friend goes to. Mason’s been showing me around the campus throughout the week, yet somehow forgot to tell me where I could find the student center. I managed to find the building on my own. It felt like I was being pulled there. Once I stepped inside, I finally knew why when the half circle on my necklace began to heat up. My soulmate was somewhere in this building and I had to find them. I searched the entire building relentlessly until my necklace cooled down. Disappointment hit me harder than I ever imagined. All my life I’ve heard and seen how people changed once they met theirs, but to actually experience was another story.

Most of my friends, like Mason found theirs once they reached high school, but it never happened for me. I watched in amazement as Mason had stopped talking and grabbed his necklace. He looked at faces of all of our classmates sitting in the cafeteria and when his eyes finally met Corey’s he knew he was the one. His entire demeanor changed. I’ve never seen him so nervous, yet undoubtedly happy in my entire life. It was going to be a new beginning for the both of them.

By the time I got back to my dorm, the two lovebirds were waiting by my door.

“Well that was fast. I thought the tour was supposed to be super long and boring?”, Corey asked as soon as he saw me

“I…I didn’t go to my tour”, I responded, playing with the zipper on my jacket

The second I look into their eyes, they would see the disappointment etched all over my face.

“Why not? Isn’t it required for all new students to go?”

“I was there, but my necklace…”

“Your soulmate. They’re here!?”, Mason almost yelled, “Where are they? Why do you look like that?”

“Because I couldn’t find them. As soon as I walked in, I felt it. So I searched all over the building until it cooled down again. I know they’re here, but I don’t even know where to begin”, I sighed

“At least you know they’re here on campus. All you have to do is wait for it to start again”

“In the meantime, you’re going with us to a party tonight. Some upper classmen are throwing it for all the newbies and you happen to be one of them”, Mason suggested, oddly enough leaving me with no room to argue

The party was already in full swing when we got there. The music pounded against my poor eardrums as everyone danced with their friends. It was enough to get my mind off the whole soulmate thing for the time being. We finally managed to push our way to the kitchen to get a drink. Mason and Corey grabbed some cups while talking about someone I had never heard of before. She seemed nice according to their stories.

“She’s been helping out here ever since”, I heard when the edge of the cup touched my lips. Soon after I felt the burning sensation again, only this one was stronger. The cup nearly fell out my hand as I choked on my drink.

“You can’t handle your liquor?”, Mason joked

“They’re here”, I hesitated as I gripped my necklace much like before

“Then let’s make sure we actually find them”, Corey said determined as ever

We walked out the kitchen and rejoined the party, our hearts set on finding my soulmate.

(Y/N)’s POV

We arrived to the party later than expected. The familiar smell of alcohol and sweat took over my senses once I stepped in. The room was not all that big, but it never stopped anyone from pushing their way to the makeshift dance floor. The room was already burning up. We were on our way to the kitchen and I slowly brought my hand up to my necklace. It was burning hotter than before. I felt overcome with panic at the thought of even being in the same room as them. At this point we were already halfway to the kitchen.

“Guys!”, they all turned around, eyeing my hand, “They’re here”

They all began to look around the room. Anyone with their hands on their necklace had to be the one, but I didn’t want to see them, not yet.

“I’m going to step out back. I need some air”

They all nodded in agreement as I pushed my way past the kitchen and out the backdoor as my necklace cooled down. It wasn’t burning up, yet I could still feel the heat on my neck. I stood near the edge of the balcony, lost in my own thoughts. How would I know if I was ready for this? What if they aren’t who I think they are? Do I act like it’s okay because we were meant to be?

My necklace began to burn again. Silently, I hoped the backdoor wouldn’t open. I began to debate how long would I be in a cast for if I decided to jump off the balcony.

Taking a deep breath once the half circle began to glow, a mix of nerves and excitement took over. This must be the feeling they were telling me about. There was no way to turn back now. The balcony was out of the question. The door squeaked as it pulled open and someone finally stepped out. A part of me didn’t want to have that feeling of being so overcome with emotion, yet another part of me wanted to take that dive.

They stopped a few steps behind me.

“You can come closer. If you want”, I managed to get out

This time they kept walking until they were by my side. I hadn’t dared to look up yet. My stomach was doing backflips as my heart pounded in my chest. If taking a risk was so bad, why does it make me feel this way?

He put his hand on the rail, the edge brushed across mine and I felt the spark. Suddenly all the fear I had before dissipates and I knew I had to see him. I looked up and was met with a pair of blue eyes that I would be seeing for the rest of my life.

Five days. It took an entire five days for Liam and I to finally pull away from each other. We went to class, but every other part of the day we were stuck like glue. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He told me about his life back home and I told him all about mine. I even told him about how and why I wasn’t sure having a soulmate was for me. He understood it all, yet he was still glad to finally meet me.

We arrived in the cafeteria that Wednesday and made our way to our friends. Oddly enough I was friends with his best friend.

“Look who finally remembered who their friends were”, Stiles grinned as soon as we reached the table, “We thought we wouldn’t see you for another week or so”

It took Scott and Kira two weeks before the feeling wore down. Meeting with your soulmate when you’re older is lot more intense than meeting as a child. No one ever understood why, but according to Stiles and Lydia it was just as intense.

“I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear that”, I muttered

We made our way to the corner of the table and all eyes were on us.

Liam blushed as he turned to me, “I didn’t really think this was going to happen”

“They’ll stopped…eventually”, I said, eyeing my friends

“Not them. Us. I wasn’t really sure if I would meet my soulmate at this age. My grandparents didn’t meet until they were in their thirties and neither did my parents. I’m just glad that we found each other sooner than they did. Now I don’t know how I survived so long without you”

It felt like we were the only people in the room. I couldn’t hear anything that was going on around us. It's’ something about those baby blues that keep me at ease. Every moment we’re together, he shows me more and more why we’re supposed to be together.

“I’m glad we did too. I really am”

At seven o’clock my shift was coming to an end. I packed my things away as the door slid open.

I knew who it was before I looked up.

“What are you doing here Liam?”, I asked, already knowing the answer

“I’m here to walk you to your dorm”

“I never told you when I got off”

A blush crept over Liam’s cheeks as he looked away. For someone as confident as Liam, it didn’t take much to make him feel this way.

“I asked Josh”

“Josh Diaz?”


I walked passed the front desk and he immediately wrapped his arms around my waist. I thought I would give him a peck on the cheek for being sweet, but it quickly turned into something more. Soon my hands were running through his hair as he softly bit my lower lip.

“Get. A. Room.”, Josh smiled as he made his way around the corner

We jumped away from each other, completely forgetting we were out in public.

His smile widened as his eyes landed on Liam, “So you finally found her? I thought she was going to be running from you until she graduated”

“How do you two even know each other?”

As far as I was concerned, he never stepped foot into the student center.

“It wasn’t that hard to put it all together. The day you ran out of here, I saw him making his way to the front door. It was right after you left actually”

Josh pondered for a second, “This is why we haven’t seen you for a few days? Finnick said you were ‘sick’”

He started to laugh, “He failed to mention you were lovesick. Who would’ve thought”

Josh walked around the corner again and left us alone again. Liam intertwined his fingers in mine as he led the way.

“Before we get to your dorm I wanted to show you something. It won’t take long”

Usually I’m a skeptic, but I let him take me to where he needed to go. About six minutes away from campus, we stopped at a lake I had no clue existed. It was breathtaking. The moon shined bright as its reflection danced against the lake. I could tell I would be spending most of my time here…when I had time.

“It’s beautiful”

“I know. I’ve been coming here a lot lately. I thought you might like it here too”

“I love it Liam. Thank you for bringing me here”

“Of course. Anything for you”, he smiled as he turned around, “I guess I should take you back now”

“Let’s stay for a little while. I’m not ready to leave yet”

We found a spot at the lake and talked for hours. Liam was unexpected, but I couldn’t see myself being with anyone else, but him. He was my soulmate and there was no doubting that.

It was the end of another shift on a Friday night, while Josh and I closed the center. While he logged off all the computers, I spent my time putting away stray books and tidying up the desks. Liam would be on his way soon and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my weekend with him.

As we finished our tasks, I felt my necklace beginning to burn again. It hasn’t burned this hot since the day I met Liam. It wasn’t supposed to be doing this again. Maybe it was broken.

After soulmates meet, the necklaces may heat up when they’re together, but never as hot as when they first meet them. It’s the only way to indicate that you’re meeting each other for the first time. No one has ever heard of having two soulmates at the same time. It wasn’t possible so I pushed the thought out my mind. It had to be broken.

As the burning intensified, I walked around the center. The only person in here was Josh and he already had a soulmate. As soon as I made my way to the front desk, I packed my things as quick as I could. The front door slid open just as I grabbed my bag.

“I’m sorry I’m late, but…”

My necklace began to glow as I was met with an unfamiliar face. We were shocked for two different reasons. While he was meeting his soulmate for the first time, I was meeting my second. This shouldn’t be happening, but something about seeing him felt right. His hand reached for the glowing half circle around his neck as well.

The shock went away as he smiled at me, “My name is Theo. Theo Raeken”


“Her name is (Y/N)”, Liam said angrily from the doorway, “And she’s already taken”