to love

I want you to know that it is not always easy to love me. That sometimes my chest is a field full of landmines, and where you went last night, you can’t go tomorrow. There is no manual, there is no road map, no help line you can call; my body does not come with instructions, and sometimes even I don’t know what to do with it. This cannot be easy. But still, you touch me anyway.
—  Ivan E. Coyte
Ma che cazzo vogliono tutti da me? Che cosa si aspettano? “dimenticalo.”
“smetti di pensarci.”
“esci con un altro.”
“sei un fallimento.”
“sembra che non te ne importi niente di nessuno!”
“ma vuoi ricominciare o no?”
È facile parlare, eh? Facile? Ma che dico, facilissimo.
Quando non ti hanno portato via un pezzo di cuore è tutto facile.
La gente a volte si aspetta troppo.
i have to get away from you, not because i hate you
but god, do i  l o v e  you,
like you’re the horizon and i’m the sun.
i wake up just for you, stretching every morning as though today
i’ll reach your face and brush your hair away; i sink into you
when i’m feeling lonely, when things are getting
too dark for me, you are my solid ground,
the only thing i want to be near.
—  being in love with the hilltops // a.l.h. // 8-26-15