to lose and to pretend

harry is homophobic example 1) i was enjoying my peaceful day when all of the sudden he posts these fucking white squares signaling that hes got some plans and changes his entire social media layout and now im supposed to sit here and pretend like im not losing my damn mind my gay ass is supposed to stay calm??? reallly harry?? fuck u 

The smell of clean sheets and warm summer air. The sun thats a little too bright at first but then you get used to it. Drinking lemonade and eating banana twin pops that you share with your nana. Sneaking in for a cherry popsicle and having the red juice stain your lips and tongue. The smell of fresh cut grass. Swimming in the pool and losing time pretending youre a mermaid. Using the candy coloured striped towel and thinking how lovely it is. The sudden humidity increase as it nears twilight. Hearing all the crickets sing. It still smells like sun and everything is warm. Walking over to see the catfish and watching them swim. Watching them for too long.

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: max russo was the only sibling out of three to lose his powers, and instead he was given the subway shop. he said that that was awesome, but how did he actually feel about being the powerless one? was he upset by this? did he have some sort of breakdown once he came to terms with this realization? did he cry? did he doubt his value? did he think he was worth less than his siblings? why did he pretend to be okay with losing his powers, covering up his sadness and loss with humor and grins, when in reality he probably cried when he went to sleep that night??? does he feel left out?? forgotten??? stupid??? why does no one talk about max russo????

Au where bitty doesnt join the hockey team and idk has a class with jack and jack assumes bitty doesn’t know how to skate bc he’s from the south and offers to teach him.
bitty not knowing how to tell jack that he is a figure skater without losing the excuse to spend time with him outside of class gets stuck pretending not to know how to skate.


1. It’s okay that you’d rather read a book instead of bitching about someone who you are indifferent to.

2. Losing weight will never improve negative body image.

3. Stop pretending to be like everyone else. It’s okay to be different.

4. There is going to come a day when you feel like giving up. And you will come so close to the edge of life that you will be able to taste it. Hold on.

5. The man who steals something that never belonged to him is worth nothing and I wish I could make you believe that you are so much better than that scum.

6. It’s going to hurt.

7. It’s going to hurt like hell. Not when the pretty boy leaves, because you never had the patience for pretty boys, but rather when your best friend turns around and leaves you in the dirt.

8. Personal hygiene, though it may seem frivolous, is important.

9. Therapy isn’t going to wave a wand and make your problems disappear. But it’ll help. Even on the days that you feel as if it is making everything worse than it has ever been.

10. After your suicide attempt people are going to treat you differently. This was a shock to them.

11. I promise you that there are better people out there than the ones in your high school.

12. When your best friend replaces you it is going to hurt and it will be as if you can actually feel your heart breaking. And you’ll tell yourself it’s because you weren’t good enough for her but sometimes people grow apart and I want you to learn how to love yourself.

13. It is going to hurt. But it won’t always be like this.

14. Focus.

15. Love yourself. In a world full of hatred, resentment and jealousy it is important to be able to make yourself happy

16. It wasn’t your fault

17. Life is this big beautiful thing and it is going to throw so much at you and it is not going to stop. Don’t give up. There is light and yes you must search for it.

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AU in which Ana and Angela were working on a rejuvenation serum of sorts and turned most of the men into children accidentally. Somehow Hanzo and McCree got out unscathed but while the girls are researching on a fix they’ve been roped into babysitting some of the children.

While babysittng, Jesse gets the idea to play pretend with the little squirts and after losing at rock, paper, scissors, we see where that lands poor Hanzo.

I am autistic.

Society has taught me that it is my job to make you, non-autistic people, comfortable.

Through rigorous, oppressive, ableist training I have become rather skilled at pretending to be non-autistic in public. I can put on a decent show for you. But this is not real and it is not permanent.

When I am tired, stressed, overstimulated, in sensory overload, or just plain out of spoons, I lose the ability to pretend to be “normal.” I rock and I flap and I stare and I ask “rude” questions and I misunderstand social situations and I infodump about stuff. I am told that this makes non-autistics uncomfortable.


The whole world was designed for you in mind. I will not set myself on fire to keep you warm. It is not my job to make you comfortable.

I am Autistic. Let me be.

I started going off on twitter about this and figured Tumblr was probably a better format for it, but I’ve been raving for days over how BotW lets you kind of craft your own Link and be the hero you want to be. My thing with stuff that I like is always how immersed I can get into it, and as much as you can still put on the Link suit and be Link, Hero of Time, in any other game, BotW has just enough little stuff to make it feel a little more… individual, I guess?

You can choose your outfit and weapon of choice so, like, you’re literally whoever you wanna be that rocks.

And I’ve been losing my fucking mind pretending to be Link, the guy who can’t remember a fucking thing about who he used to be and is probably honestly not the same dude anymore anyway and that makes him so massively upset on the deep dark insides. He probably USED to be a fearless knight but he feels a stronger affinity for taking cover in the trees and picking off enemies with arrows rather than head on confrontation, and he’ll camp all night in one until it’s safe to sneak by. He spent a lot of time hunting on the plateau and wished he could do that forever, and now he tries to pretend his life before this was a humble one where he lived in the woods and hunted the wildlife bc that just feels right to him and it’s weird but maybe it’s bc its kind of less traumatic than trying to recover all these memories that are so alien now.

And he’s a great fucking cook who knocks it out of the park every time and is helpful and pleasant and is always wearing a hood

i dunno my dudes im just throwin spaghetti at the wall, i like this game ptthh pppththththt

TEH: Sherlock loses John. Sherlock replaces John with Molly.
HLV: Sherlock loses John. Sherlock takes drugs pretending it is for a case.
TAB: Sherlock loses John. Sherlock takes drugs pretending it is for The Work.
TLD: Sherlock loses John. Sherlock takes drugs, not giving a fuck for cases anymore. 

catchthespade  asked:

Eyyy, can I request a kbtbb headcanon what the bidders+mc's reaction would be when they go in a haunted house? tbh those haunted house reaction photo memes remind me of the kbtbb guys lmao

I was almost crying from laughter @ this headcanon bless u

I kind of turned this into bidderxmc pictures because all of the haunted house photos are group shots lmao


  • He does jazz hands when he’s surprised l m a o
  • MC thought it would be fun to drag him in 
  • She lowkey wanted to see him lose his shit
  • Ohhh boy, did she see
  • Eisuke pretends to be cool until someone dressed as an axe murderer jumped out
  • He is S H O O K
  • The two of them ended up screaming their heads off


  • Nothing phases this man
  • He was willing to go along when MC asked, but he didn’t understand the appeal
  • ‘Do they know this fake blood and murder scene is seriously inaccurate?’
  • Soryu pls
  • Talks shit the whole time
  • Thinks MC’s reactions are cute
  • His first reaction to MC screaming is to pull out his gun tho


  • Super into the idea because!! He can hold MC when she’s scared!!
  • Bitch u thought
  • The biggest baby ever when he’s scared
  • Super animated, clings desperately to MC, even jumps into her arms
  • MC is too done to be scared at this point 
  • ‘Please let go of the death grip on my hand, Baba’
  • ‘I CAN’T’ 


  • Tries to nope the fuck outta there
  • MC has a death grip on his shirt the whole time
  • She knows he’ll try to run
  • If she goes down, she’s taking Ota with her
  • MC is basically a babysitter the whole time


  • Complains while in line about haunted houses being ‘little kid stuff’
  • Not amused with any of it, but MC forces him to join in
  • Big mistake
  • He’s pretty calm until he sees two actors pretending to get killed
  • He doesn’t even scream when he’s scared, he ROARS
  • ‘W H A T   T H E   F U C K   I S   T H A T’
  • Has to supress the urge to go into Cop Mode™ and help the actors out


  • Thinks the whole concept is stupid, but he agrees to make MC happy
  • Within 2 seconds, he remembers why he don’t do this shit
  • Tries desperately to remain composed to save face
  • When someone covered in fake blood scares him, that plan goes out the window
  •  Death grip on MC’s shirt
  •  He doesn’t run or anything, but his eyes say Death™ 


  • You can’t take these two anywhere jfc
  • They think everything is a joke, nothing scares them
  • Pretends to pelvic thrust and flip off the actors 
  • Knows exactly where the cameras are so they can pose accordingly
  • Are forcibly removed from the haunted house for ruining the scary mood
  • Frames this pic when they get home


  • This poor baby thought going into a make-believe land would be fun!!
  • MC tries to convince him otherwise, but he already buys the tickets to go
  • So confused when he gets inside
  • Why is everyone so frightening, MC?’
  • MC explains the concept of a haunted house to him
  • Shrieks whenever someone jumps out
  • MC is equally shook
  • She buys him ice cream afterwards to calm him down


  • Doesn’t understand the concept of haunted houses, but wants to make MC happy
  • The bidders are worried he’ll be terrified the whole time, but he suprises everyone
  • Think’s it is so weird that people like to be scared for fun
  • MC hides behind his tall ass whenever she’s scared and he just laughs
  • All of the skeletons and fake blood make him rly excited!!!
  • Tries to talk to the actors playing surgeons to compliment them on their costumes
  • Luke no

thunder echoes behind
the words you speak—
a storm caught unaware
in your lungs as you
inhaled more and more air

simplicity of sleep—
the wind steals golden leaves
while you’re absorbed by
the sun’s rays

chameleon mind
losing your identity
by pretending that
everything’s fine
(you are built upon
false pretenses)

a moon melting into
the rising sun,
how soft it fades away,
leaving behind just a faint trace

loud voices are never lost
between a crowd of
forgotten thoughts,
so you make sure to be heard
(you are a siren with your words)

early morning fog
hangs suspended in midair
enshrouding the roads to come
obscuring the future sun

wild flowers and
grass untrimmed,
nature grows best
without interference

blueprints and
rough drafts
it’s hard to prepare
for the past

laugh lines and
no concept of time
perpetually chasing
the next adventure

cracked cement and
broken glass—
you feel compelled to fix
what will never last

a million eyes peering in
keep your emotions hidden
become the doll they see instead

unfamiliar reality
stuck in a parallel dimension
of your personal creation
(you cannot escape your own mirror)

the signs as flatsound lyrics/songs

aries: and i get so lost in the thought of life that i forget to start living mine // its thursday, january 12th and this is the last time i’ll talk about drowning

taurus: i thought i had something that you were too scared to lose // if we could just pretend

gemini: i’ll sleep inside of your chest and fight those thoughts in your head // you are the coffin

cancer: i’m feeling lost in towns that were my home // if you love me, come clean

leo: i’ll go to sleep at a decent time when i find something worth waking up for // sleep

virgo: but i can’t wait until i see your face and my brain thinks that its looking at a stranger // you wrote “don’t forget” on your arm

libra: and it was then i realized you were not my world, you were my universe // you said okay

scorpio: its not that i don’t have words to say i just don’t want to be the one that speaks them // don’t call me at all

sagittarius: so when my body is bleeding i won’t admit that this hurts because admitting isn’t fixing so then what is it worth // my heart goes bum bum bum

capricorn: i’m a little baby bird, being pushed out of its nest climbing back up the trees admitting i’m weaker than the rest // i’m broken but i’ll try

aquarius: grow you like my hair, cut you off when i get scared // we’re fighting again

pisces: its standing on the edge of a mountain top screaming anything he wants like, “look at me, because i exist” // i exist i exist i exist