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(1) I've seen people worried that Season 3 will show Claire/Frank's marriage to be happier than in the books. I thought the exchanges between Claire/Bree/Roger in the finale showed the marriage to be less than idyllic. Am I not remembering right, but I thought Bree didn't really realize what her parents marriage was missing until she saw Claire w/Jamie in NC and then realized what two people in love looked like. But in the Finale she was telling Roger her mom was always in her own world and

(2) even asked her mom if she loved Frank.  I don’t recall all that negativity from Bree early on.  Am I remembering incorrectly? Appreciate your thoughts.

Hi anon,

You’re right in that in 02x13 “Dragonfly in Amber,” Brianna hinted that she knew…things…about her parents. Like snooping through Frank’s papers and finding the Reverend’s letter. And the incidents you mentioned.

As Book readers we pick up on this immediately - but I’m not sure whether series-only fans would have made that same connection. And as to whether we’ll see more along these lines in Season 3…I’m confident we will. Especially as Brianna (through Claire) gets to “know” Jamie better - and definitely as she and Claire and Roger research Jamie to discover where he ended up after Culloden.

(An aside - Now, as to whether we’ll see anything of what passed between Frank and Claire on the night he died in the car accident - all the terrible things he said to her…it will be interesting to see how much of that makes the series. Because although we know Frank is dead, as of the Season 2 finale, we don’t know anything about *how* he died. Given the undercurrents of rage and jealousy and coldness and bitterness we saw in 02x01 “Through a Glass, Darkly,” I would hope that the production adapts some of that difficult dialogue in Season 3…)

Throughout this research, in Voyager we see that Brianna came to understand Claire’s soul-deep love for Jamie in an abstract way. But you’re right that it’s not until Drums of Autumn, when she actually sees her parents together, and observes them, that she can understand the magnitude of that love. The often-quoted passages that come to mind are when she sees Jamie kissing Claire in bed, and when she tells Roger that she’s seen a marriage from obligation and a marriage from love.

Let me add that it’s not just Brianna, but also Roger who comes to understand and appreciate the magnitude of Jamie and Claire’s love, after getting to know them in Drums - it’s one of my favorite Roger quotes ever:

“Did Frank Randall not love you as his own? Take you as the child of his heart, knowing you were the blood of another man, and one he’d good reason to hate?”

He took her other shoulder and gave her a little shake.

“Did that redheaded bastard not love your mother more than life? And love you enough to sacrifice even that love to save you?”

She made a small, choked noise, and a pang went through him at the sound, but he would not release her.

“If you believe it of them,” he said, his voice little more than a whisper, “then by God you must believe it of me. For I am a man like them, and by all I hold holy, I do love you.”