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I want to see an episode this season where Claire is hopelessly in love (maybe with Alex?) but she’s too afraid to say anything, and she’s being a little dramatic about it, but then Cas tries to talk to her, calm her down and she’ll look up at him with tear soaked eyes and say, “What do you know about being in love?”

Then Cas will turn and look at Dean, who is just leaning against the Impala, waiting (impatiently) for Cas and Claire to finish their heart to heart. Cas’ll look sad at first, eyebrows arched, but then he’ll smile, so slightly and sigh while his face brightens.  

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I hate the fact that you have favourite fans tbh this is so gross. I also despite the fact that you rushed two girls during the meet and greet to see two other girls with weird ass accents + one of them already met you and you seemed like you clearly like her a lot. Not to be mean but I am way prettier than her and you told her she was fuckable and not to me. Also I saw your photos with her and you looks happy I dont get why mine are not that cute.

I hate the fact that ur a piece of shit. first of all I don’t have, or play favorites. also what do their accents have to do with anything? I have no idea what situation ur talking about but news flash, ur not prettier than her or anyone bc ur an arrogant disgusting person “not to be mean”. next I’ve never told someone they’re fuckable? those words would never even come out of my mouth. do us both a favor and unfollow me lmao I never want to meet u again or anyone like u :))


nikita mears appreciation week ♥ day 7 / anything you want: maggie’s love and appreciation towards the show and the character
All I can do is give everything, give my heart and soul to this show, make it the best that I can and hope that one day, whether it’s now or later, people are going to appreciate it for what it is and look at it currently or look back and say, ‘Hey, that was really, really well made,’ or, ‘They worked it out on that show.’ So I really hope in retrospect people go, ‘You know what? They killed it on that. It was on the CW, and maybe I wasn’t a fan of the CW, so I couldn’t find it at the time, but I found it now. Like, how unexpected.’ That would be a cool thing. […] If I did do a series again, it would have to something that was as satisfying as playing a character like Nikita. Once you play someone that layered and someone who meant that much to me, it’s hard. It’s like the dream guy. You know, if you break up with the dream guy, you’re going to have to find a guy that’s as good as he was, right? Nikita allowed me so many opportunities to explore a very complex character.

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What do you think of the wedding ring tan line pics that are out there? In some pics there's nothing but then in the few that were enlarged and lightened it looks like there is a tan line shaped like a ring. I don think they're still tan from vacation. It's been too long and the recent pic of Cait on set she doesn't look tan and Sam didn't for the Bourber shoot either. I think he's tan now because he's been out in the sun filming.

The first time I saw the pics I wasn’t super convinced but having looked again recently it definitely looks like a ring tan line to me. Plus, as someone who wears rings a lot, ring tans can take a while to fade so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from vacation. Jamie doesn’t wear a wedding ring in the show so who else’s ring would it be? I’m choosing to believe he wore that wedding ring Cait was holding for him on vacation and got a tan. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t really care. 


Another old fill on the kink meme: reactions to a possessed mage LI. Updated a bit.   


He apologizes, even as he fights back. The words, my lady, please, no, all fall from his lips as he dodges another torrent of flame. Every time he lands a blow, he feels it echo through his own body. But she made him promise—she swore that if this ever happened, she would want him to do it. 

I don’t ever want to be a monster, she said.

Blackwall knows what it is to look upon one’s bloody past, to feel nothing but the hollow, aching shame of it. He would never wish that upon her. 

He has broken many promises in his life, but he will not break this one.


She has never gripped a weapon harder in her life. She bashes her shield—once, twice, again and again, hoping to deflect the Inquisitor’s blows. But even as she fights for her life, she cannot bring herself to reach for her sword. 

To reach for that sword is to attack, is to turn her blade against the love of her life. She promised to protect him, promised at the cost of herself. She cannot do this—

But then she hears the cries of those behind her. Those innocents who will fall moments after she does. 

She reaches for her sword.


He drinks lyrium—drinks enough that he feels the metallic coldness creep through his limbs, a silent song in his bones. He drinks more than he ever has before, because if this is the only way, he will do it. 

Only ever been successful a few times, reads the book. The one he took from Redcliffe. Go into the Fade, kill the demon, free the mage

Seems simple enough. As he slips from this world and into one of dreams, into a world of mirrors and illusions, he holds tight to the memory of his beloved’s face. 

He will not fail.


They do not let her near. They know she would want unbind the Inquisitor, try to talk them back to reason. But there is no reasoning with the creature. So Josie remains in her office, guarded by Cullen, as she writes letter after letter. There will be some way to end this without killing the Inquisitor—there must be. Some scrap of knowledge, hidden in someone’s library. 

So she picks up her quill and tries to ignore the screaming through the walls.


Fuck. Shit.

She can’t—she won’t—

But the arrow flies true.


He does not plead. It is not truly her, no matter how sweetly it speaks with her voice. There is no use in conversing with it. 

He binds the demon, silences it, and forces himself to lay upon the ground. He needs to sleep, needs to enter the Fade. Because there is still a chance—and he cannot waste it. 

If she could speak with her own voice, he knows what she would ask.

Ma ghilana mir din’an.

No. He cannot. 

If she is trapped within herself, he will free her. 

And if she learns the truth, so be it. 

The Iron Bull

He knows how to end it.

He has contemplated how to dispatch nearly every person he has ever met, and the Inquisitor is no different. They favor their left hand, always using it less than their right.

I never know when the anchor might flare up. A laugh. A touch of lips against Bull’s shoulder. Hope you don’t mind sleeping beside someone who sometimes glows.

It’s one of your charms, Kadan. 

It is the left arm that Bull will pin. Knife through the tendons of the wrist. Use that pain and distraction, and then take off the head. The demon will not have a body, will not have their body.

Bull knows how to do it.

Part of him wishes he didn’t.


He kneels before the statue of Andraste. Familiar prayers fall from his lips - the sound almost loud enough to drown out the steady dripdripdrip of blood hitting the floor. He lost his sword in the battle; he cannot remember when it left his hand.

Maker. Take her into your arms. Keep her safe. 

He can still taste the meal they shared this morning, the sweet rolls she loved to steal from the kitchens. He can still feel her hand on his unshaven cheek. I love you, you know that? Right?

He does know. 

Maker, keep her safe.

His hand falls to the wound just beneath his breastplate. 

I will join her soon enough. 

My Boyfriend (Lay)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can you do a scenario where the girl is a famous English speaking beauty youtuber and she brings Yixing(lay),her boyfriend on her video for the first time?

Yixing looked at the camera in front of him “babe what are you doing?” you asked him “fanservice” he spoke making you laugh “the camera isn’t on” you spoke as he gave you a look and then you continued. “That’s my job here anyways honey” you say as you finished your makeup “why do you have so much makeup?” he asks as he glances over at you “well it’s my job to use the makeup” you tease “but you don’t wear this much makeup” he speak looking it over as you get closer and sit down. 

“I think you wear more than I do” you tease as he smiles “I work hard to look pretty” he spoke as you gave him a look now “you don’t need anything to be pretty” you tell him as he leans over and kisses you. “I can say the same for you” he tells you quietly as you smile. “Come on we should get started” you say as you turn the camera on. 

“Hey guys what’s up it’s me your lovable Y/N” you say in English before doing a dumb little pose making Yixing smile “alright guys I’ve talked about him a lot and you’ve seen him in lots of my pictures and sometimes walking in the background of videos” you spoke pointing to him “I am Lay” he said in English. “Lay is really really popular in the entertainment community, he’s a performer and an amazing one in my opinion” you gush on about him as he smiles slightly.

“So this is getting to know my boyfriend” you say excited as he decided to copy you “alright I asked you guys to send me questions and there’s quiet a few” you say as you look at your phone. “Where did we meet?” you spoke in Korean for Yixing “EXO concert” he answered as you smiled. “How long have you guys been dating?” you then asked him “10 months in a few days and we’ve known each other for over a year” he spoke as you nodded.

“Do you guys want pets?” you ask “I like her bunny and her little turtle” he says “do you want pets?” you ask him with a laugh. “A dog maybe as long as its cuddly” he tells you. “He’s a cuddler” you say in English with a wink “cuddler, yes” he repeats. “Do you think you guys will last?” you ask loudly as both of you think for a moment “I think we work well together and I hope we last as long as possible” he spoke honestly as you rest your head on his shoulder and smile largely “such a romantic” you coo as he wiggles his brows. 

About 10 questions later you two were done with the questions and were talking randomly before you remember the camera was there. “Alright guys you know what to do like and subscribe and maybe this hunky boy will make an appearance on my channel more” you say in English. Yixing give the camera a wink before you turn it off. “You did a good job” you say “are they gonna understand me?” he asks “I’ll add subtitles babe don’t worry” you say. “I hope they like me” he tells you as you roll your eyes “they’ll love you and think you’re really handsome and want to marry you” he covers your mouth. “Don’t be too weird” he laughs as he leans in and kisses you.

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Chris Evans falling for a girl with a disability like and oxygen tank she meets him at a con when she gets to the photo op she's dressed as Peggy . He finds her pretty and flirts with her but she thinks he's just being nice and pitying her situation at the end of the con he looks for her and ask her out. She refuses saying that she doesn't need the pity but he proves that he wants to get to know her disability and all!

Originally posted by seabassbarnes

(Now, I do not know what disabilities involve an oxygen tank. nor do I or have I experienced someone with one. So, please do not be mad at me if I am brief with the disability or don’t really touch on it)

You were stood in line, waiting for the moment you had been looking forward to for month before hand, it was finally happening. You were finally going to meet Chris Evans, it had been a long time coming, but here you were. At Comic Con!

You obviously dressed up, Peggy Carter, to be exact. She was such a badass character that you HAD to dress up as her, you kind of wished you didn’t have to drag around your oxygen canister with you, well wheel it behind you but, of course, in order to breathe you had to have it. 

Your best friend, Rosalee (get wrecked, we are best friends now!), stood beside you and dressed as a female Cap. You had to match, she insisted she dressed as Captain America. You were getting closer to the front of the line, your heart rate spiked, you had nervous butterflies swarming in your stomach. 

You walked to where Chris stood to wait for you both, smiling kindly at each of you, his eyes lingering slightly longer on you but you put it down to the fact you had a nasal cannula on your face. He hugged and greeted your friend, before turning to you. 

Even with the extra oxygen, you were getting, it didn’t help at all, looking at his smiling face as he directed that grin at you? You suddenly felt like you couldn’t breathe again, it was hard. It was only increasingly difficult when he hugged you, tightening his hold slightly before pulling away and taking in your cosplay. 

“Peggy?” he asked and you nodded, a small blush fanning onto your cheeks, aren't photo ops meant to be short and sweet?

“No, (Y/N)!” you joked, he laughed at that, nodding lightly as he grinned down at you. 

“You make a great Peggy Carter” he small smiled, making your heart flutter just a  little but in your chest, you coughed slightly once you realised you stopped breathing and regained composure after that embarrassment incident.

“Thank you,” you mumbled, then you were shuffled into photo pose, Chris in the middle of you both and holding each of you around the waist. It was awkward cause you had to move the wheelable canister behind you, you felt like such an idiot in front of him. The pitiful smiles you received was too much. 

He asked for one last hug, a pity hug, from you and you accepted. Hugging him around his neck, he had to bend down because when you went on your tippy toes it pulled the tube slightly, embarrassing was an understatement of the century. 

You walked around Comic-Con for a few more hours, watching some panels and getting some autographs, you even took pictures with other cosplayers; the best decision was coming here. 

“He was definitely flirting,” Ro spoke from beside you, you rolled your eyes slightly, “he asked for another hug!”  

“He was taking pity on the ill girl, it happens a lot!” you sighed slightly, you wanted to believe that maybe it was more than that but it was stupid to believe or give into Ro’s ridiculous imagination.

Then you heard a commotion, you frowned and glanced ahead, seeing a few bodyguards walking towards you; you promptly moved away, frowning when Chris stopped in front of you. 

“Hey, (Y/N) and not Peggy!” he smiled, you grinned back, he remembered you? Of course, he would. It;s hard to forget the girl dressed as Peggy Carter, who had a tube and oxygen tank, and made a right fool of herself. 

“Hi” you quietly murmur, a few onlookers were glancing between yourself and Chris, making you slightly more nervous by the minute.

“I, hoped, maybe you’d wanted to grab something to eat or drink?” he smiled nervously, was he asking you out? He couldn’t be, could he? “like a date or something, I don’t know” he chuckled at himself, looking at you. 

“I get what’s happening, I respectfully decline, I don’t need the pity.” You shrug slightly, not looking at him.

“This isn’t some pity party, I really, would like to get to know you. If you let me, that is. I haven’t stopped thinking about you, plus your witty one-liner kept making me chuckle” he smiled, you glanced up and saw nothing but honesty in his eyes. 

“Um, okay! Sure, I eat” you frowned at yourself “I mean, I could eat something.” You stumbled. 

“Well, great, cause I eat too” Chris chuckled.

(That turned out fluffier than expected. Send in drabble prompts/ smut/angst/fluff for the Avengers or Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan- Ro)

She’s Pregnant?
  • Featuring: Soryu Oh from Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
  • Rating: T
  • Requested by: Anon who wanted Soryu and Jasmine love.

“I’m telling you, she’s pregnant!”

“You don’t know anything about pregnancy, Inui!”

“I-I do!”

“Yeah, what do you know about it?”

“She doesn’t look good!”

“Just because she doesn’t look good doesn’t mean she’s pregnant!”

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Because I was starving after not eating for two days and my dorm neighbor gave me her taco:

Nico hadn’t realized he was hungry until his sister had started a video chat with him and chided him for not eating.

“What do you want me to do, I’m not hungry,” he protested.

“You’ll get sick if you don’t eat, Nico.” She moved her phone and the image blurred for a moment before refocusing. “What’d you eat yesterday?”

“Just a salad. Didn’t feel too good after.” Bianca gave him a reprimanding look and he shrugged. “My stomach has been weird.”

“You’re just homesick. It happened to me too.” He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I have to go to the store. Meanwhile, you need to go find something to eat, okay?”

“Sure. The café had these little sandwiches earlier. I’ll get one of those since the cafeteria is closed.”

“I want a picture of you eating!” she said. “Okay, love you, bye!”

“Bye,” he answered. He hung up the video call and slumped into his bed. His stomach was still burning from the salad the night before. Maybe Bianca was right. It was just him being homesick. And nervous.

This was the first time he was completely on his own. He was hours away from home, in a city he didn’t know, with no relatives. It was terrifying. He missed his sisters. He missed his own bed, his own room- which Hazel had immediately claimed when they got back. She sent a picture.

Heaving a sigh, he got off his bed and left the dorm. His roommate was gone, so he locked it before going to the elevator down the hall to get down to the third floor. Over the last two days, he’d gotten used to the campus layout. Thankfully, the café and cafeteria were close to his dorm hall.

He crossed the street and walked under the shaded breezeway that led to the doors of the café on the left side and to the doors of the bookstore on the right. He went into the café which was loud with chatter of people who had already made friends, the mellow rock blaring through the speakers, and the blenders making coffees for customers.

To his disappointment there were no sandwiches, and he had actually hoped to get one. They looked pretty good. Still, his hopes didn’t make any new ones appear in the glass door fridge. The cafeteria was closed and he wasn’t sure where the other dining hall was at or if it was even open. He stood in line and asked the barista if they would restock the sandwiches soon.

Sadly, they wouldn’t until the next day when classes started. He thanked her and went back to his dorm, suddenly hungry. His stomach was growling. As he went back up the elevator, he figured he could either check online to see if anyone knew when the other dining hall would open or suck it up and eat a granola bar.

He went into his room and got on the university’s media page to ask. Surprisingly he was answered quickly- they don’t open until tomorrow.

He cursed under his breath and sighed.

Then he heard a few laughing voices outside his dorm. Nico wasn’t a person who socialized easily, but he figured it’d be better for him to force himself rather than starve for the rest of the day.

Steeling himself, he walked over to the door, took a breath and looked out. There were three guys walking down the hall with smiles on their faces, obviously already friends.

“Um, hi,” Nico said. Three pairs of eyes flickered to him, two dark, one a startling blue. Nico cleared his throat and managed a terse smile. “Do you guys happen to know where I could get food nearby?”

“Oh we just came from eating,” one said. He had cornrows, dark skin, dark jeans, and a shirt with Kenny G on it. “Do you have a car? We could-” Nico shook his head, causing him to trail off.

“Well, there’s a café nearby in the Rag Center,” another said. He had a Brazilian flag bandana tied on his wrist, long, straight, glossy black hair and a tank top with shorts. There were two jagged pale marks on his shoulders, but Nico quickly looked away.

“Um, yeah I tried that, they don’t have any solid food right now.” He chuckled nervously. “I was just hungry, and apparently none of the dining halls are open.”

“Well, we were just getting used to the layout of the city,” the last one said. He had a slight drawl in his voice that suggested he was from the south. It was subtle and pleasant. He was blond and wore khaki shorts with a House of Blues shirt. “There’s a small coffee shop near the East hall but it’s a bit of a walk.” Nico nodded, unable to find words with those blue eyes looking right at him. The more he looked the more he noticed.

The freckles splattered on his face, the way one corner of his mouth seemed to curl up in a half smile, the fullness of his lips, the raspy undertone to his voice. “Oh, I’ve got a taco,” he recalled suddenly. “Can I see the bag, Austin?”

The boy with the Kenny G shirt handed over a large paper shopping bag filled with miscellaneous things for the dorms. The blond looked inside and pulled out a taco wrapped in red checkered papers. “I got it from the café earlier. Do you want it?”

“Uh, y-yeah. I’m starving.” The blond smiled and handed it over, causing Nico to blush slightly.

“I’m Will,” he said, extending a hand. Nico shook it and smiled.


“I’m Austin,” the boy with the dreads said.

“I’m Paolo,” the one with the bandana said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” he nodded.

“We’re all roommates here in this dorm right across from you,” Will said.

“Oh, okay. Wow. My roommate isn’t here.” He chuckled. “Um, but thank you. Thank you so much, really.”

“No problem,” Will smiled. The other two went inside and Nico figured he should too. But before he could take a step back, Will took one forward. “Oh, hey, there’s a mandatory hall meeting later today. At seven.”

“Yeah I saw the signs,” he answered, feeling his hands begin to shake.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you there then.”

Nico nodded and smiled nervously. “Thanks. For the uh taco.”

Will chuckled and rubbed his neck. “If you ever want to check the city out or… uh, if you want someone to go eat with, just…. You know.” He gestured to his door.

“Oh. Oh! Yeah, sure! That’d be nice.” Nico bit his lip. “Thanks. Uh, I’ve said that a lot. Um… yeah, I’ll let you know….”

“Okay, cool,” Will smiled. “Um, bye.” Nico nodded and ducked back into his dorm as Will went into his own.

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I just looked at one of your recent anti-Maiko posts and saw those comic panels of Mai throwing that icicle at Zuko's head and later laughing about it and then remembered her snacking while people in front of her were suffering from plague and not being at all sympathetic to her mother being devastated that her son might be dead. I can't help but wonder if Bryke had different plans for her character at the beginning, like she was set to be on par with Azula as a villain. What do you think?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. In fact, Mαi’s early characterization really hurts her later on when Season 3 is trying to develop some connection between her and Zuko. For example, in “The Beach,” Azula says this:

You had a controlling mother who had certain expectations, and if you strayed from them you were shut down. That’s why you’re afraid to care about anything, and why you can’t express yourself.

Please understand that this is an inference Azula makes based on Mαi complaining about her upbringing. But when we actually see Mαi’s mother in “Return to Omashu,” she is encouraging Mαi to show emotion:

Mαi: There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for this place. 

 Governor’s Wife: Mαi, your father was appointed governor. We’re like royalty here. Be happy, and enjoy it.

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whats wild is within the span of 5 minutes beyonce is basically doing a high intensity cardio workout just by looking at the way she dances like she like cramming an hours worth of w workout into 5 minutes and thats something thatd have me breathing heavy and my throat dry within two minutes……but she out here doing all that, and singing ON KEY with amazing breath control….like…..its hard for me to recieve anyone’s criticisms of her bc i cant even sing without losing breath while im biking up a hill for 30 seconds 

He watched as the tears slowly glided down her rosy cheeks. “What do you want me to say?” She looked up and with a shaking voice said, “I want you to tell me that you love me. I want you to tell me that she meant nothing to you and you didn’t even enjoy it. I want you to tell me that her skin didn’t feel right pressed against yours. Tell me that it felt wrong.” Now his face was wet with tears and he couldn’t even keep eye contact with her. “Say it!” She couldn’t help but scream at him. “I’m sorry.” He got up and walked away. She broke down into a mess of sorrow and anger. As he walked out of sight she screamed after him, “You loved having sex with her didn’t you?” He turned slightly and “I’m sorry” was all he could say again.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4 HB

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Go write a naekusaba fic where Junko dresses up Mukuro all fancy to impress Naegi, because Naegi agreed to get coffee with Mukuro. So when she goes to drink coffee with him, she spills some on her dress. Take it from there and go crazy!!! :D

A/N Actually this is more of Makoto and Junko interaction but it was just so fun!

Junko hijacks Mukuro’s date - Naekusaba

Makoto was waiting at a cafe for Mukuro since he was expecting her.

What he didn’t expect was for a dressed up Mukuro to stroll in through the doors.

“Hey, Mukuro. You look…” Makoto trailed as he fumbled with the right word to describe her. He tentatively described her, “Different.”

“Different, not nice?” ‘Mukuro’ fished for compliments.

“Well you do look nice.” He admitted weakly. “I guess I’m just not used to seeing you like this.”

“I just wanted to try something new.” She said as she stiffly twirled a bit, the frills on her dress puffed in the air. “Don’t you like it?”

“I…” He hesitated. And then gave her a weak smile, not really answering her question. “How about we order some drinks?”

“Alright.” She answered, a bit dismayed that he was dodging her question.

Well that was just a minor setback. Here was Junko dressed up as Mukuro all dolled up and Makoto didn’t have a clue. She was getting a kick out of this. She’s not sure anymore if she’s doing this to impress him for her sister or to mess with him for her entertainment. At first she just wanted to try this out and see if it could work but now that it did, she wanted to see how far she could push this. If she knew it was going to be this fun to go out disguised as her twin, she should have done this ages ago!

Everything was going all according to Junko’s plan.

Until she accidentally spilled some of her iced latte on her.

“Goddammit! Shit!” She cursed out loud.

“Are you okay?” Makoto asked worriedly as he hand her tissues but there was also something else other than concern in his gaze. He looked at her warily and then flatly called out her name. “…Junko?”


“What? What are you saying?” Junko feigned ignorance as she continued her Mukuro spiel.

“Junko.” Makoto eyed her evenly.

Dammit. And she was doing so well.

“Tch.” She clicked her tongue in annoyance and then her true personality surfaced. “What gave me away?”

Naegi chuckled slightly as he gestured towards her dress. “Mukuro would never wear something so… impractical.”

“Yeah, well what if I made her?” She crossed her arms at him, still vexed that she got caught so early on.

“True.” He agreed and then he smiled knowingly. “But no matter how uncomfortable her outfit is, her reflexes would still be better.”

Junko was about to argue back but someone walked into the cafe and joined in their conversation.

“Junko? What are you doing here?” It was Mukuro, the real deal.

“What am I doing? What are YOU doing here?” Junko shot back. “I thought I told you to stay at home because Makoto cancelled.”

Mukuro raised her phone. “Makoto texted me.”

“What?” She looked back at Makoto in disbelief who gave her a guilty smile. “Since when?”

“Since you walked through the door.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

Wow, mad props to him for catching her that fast.

“Damn, either I suck at this whole impersonating thing or you’re head is just full of my sister.” Junko whistled in approval and also in teasing. “And I won’t accept the one that portrays me with poor acting skills. You totally have the hots for my sis!”

Both Mukuro and Makoto blushed furiously at Junko’s words.
“S-shut up!” He stammered lamely.

“Anyways, three is a crowd so I’ll take this as my cue to cart-thirdwheel out.” Junko nonchalantly declared as she playfully winked at them. “You kids better behave, okay?”

“Junko, please!” Mukuro attempted to get her to stop talking.

She only continued teasing them with a coy smile, “No wait, better yet. Misbehave! You have my blessing!!”

It took a lot of teasing (all from Junko) before she finally left the two alone to deal with… whatever Junko has left them with.

Mukuro started by bowing to Makoto and apologizing. “Whatever my sister did, I apologize.”

“Hey, it’s okay. No need to apologize.” Makoto reassured her. ”I know what it’s like to have troublesome siblings.”

“But still. Junko caused a lot of trouble today.” She frowned slightly.

“And you’re a victim in this as much as I am.” He gently consoled her and then smiled warmly at her. ”So let’s call it quits and get that coffee we promised?”

“…Okay.” She agreed and in a smaller voice, she added, ”As promised.”

Unlike Junko’s disaster, Mukuro and Makoto’s coffee session went smoothly and with no drinks spilling. There was a close call on Makoto’s part but Mukuro was fast enough to catch his cup before it even hit the floor. For some reason that she couldn’t quite place, he was ridiculously happy when she did that. He said something like, “You really do have great reflexes.” and she was too stunned by his smile to say anything other than “Thanks”. They continued from where they left off after that and time passed quickly.

Mukuro may have expected the conversation topics except for this one.

“Hey, Mukuro.” Makoto called her all of a sudden and then smiled brightly at her. “You look cute in that.”

How could he say that so easily?

How could she not blush to that so quickly?

“…!” Mukuro opened her mouth and then closed it. Wait, she wasn’t wearing anything special today. But the way he gave the compliment told her that he wasn’t lying. This left her flustered and confused. “Thanks… But it’s just my usual clothes.” She lamely pointed out.

His smile just widened knowingly.

“Exactly. I like you just the way you are.”

All in all, the coffee date turned out to be a success.


Your husband, Sebastian is at the premiere of a good friends movie in London. He flew in from Ireland where he is currently filming, but you unfortunately were unable to attend due to your work schedule. While doing an interview on the carpet, the interviewer tries to get Seb to reveal information from your relationship. She asks him a few questions that he successfully dodges but when she tries again for the fifth or sixth time he decides to answer the question thinking that it will maybe get her to stop. “So Sebastian, you and your wife have been apart for what, a month now? How are you both keeping that spark alive?” Sebastian looks around him, before turning back toward the blonde interviewer. “Y'know, FaceTime, Skype, and phone calls once or twice a day, and lots of texting.” He says smiling and licking his lips, while shoving his hands into his pockets. The lady before him smiles, believing that she’s about to get some juicy information. “What was the last text that was sent between the two of you? Anything dirty lately? She smirks and pushes the mic towards Seb. He wets his lips again with his tongue and looks down at his feet, thinking about the texts that you sent him before he left the hotel. He almost started telling the hopeful woman about the pictures that you took before hand, but he catches himself. “Oh yeah, super dirty! It was my Spotify playlist.” The lady’s wide smirk falls but she covers up her agitation quickly before letting him go. When you talked to him later that night he told you about the whole ordeal sending you into a fit of giggles. “Well, I’m glad you didn’t tell her Mr, or else you wouldn’t get the pictures that I’m about to send you.” Sebastian’s breath hitches audibly causing you to smirk almost evilly. “Well,” he says seductivly, “this is going to be a good night.”

Laughing, Martha gets up to put her dishes in the sink, all the while keeping an eye on the TV. She likes this Jimmy Fallon boy - always funny. When she turns towards the door, though, her attention is picked by another boy she likes.

Her favorite one, in fact.

Frowning, she opens the screen door, and, tightening her small cardigan around her chest, goes into the night to join her superhero of a son.

“Clark?”, she calls, and he stops to look at her, apparently surprised. Which doesn’t happen often, really (never, actually, which is why in eighteen years, she never caught him watching TV instead of doing his homework, even though she knew full well he did it: the boy could hear her come from a mile away). “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

He’s not wearing his suit, which is also odd, considering he always is, when he comes here flying. In top of everything, the fact that he looks all at once stressed, worried, and lost confirm that something is definitely not right.

“Nothing, nothing, I - Hi”, and she smiles, bringing his broad figure close to hug him.

“Hi, honey. So, what’s going on?,” she raises her eyebrows, facing him. He looks worried for a few more seconds, and then chuckles a little, and it feels like a huge load is lifted from her chest - he’s okay.

Happy, even, given the huge smile he’s suddenly trying to contain.

He shakes his head, trying to get a hold, and Martha can’t help her own smile as he finally looks at her.

“I uh - I realized something today.”

“Yeah? And what’s that?,” she asks, patient.

Although the tiniest bit shy, his smile is bigger than it has ever been. “How did Dad ask you to marry him?”

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Oh my god I just had the most hilarious AU idea ever

So, Padmé lives, the twins live, Anakin doesn’t get half-burned to death, but he’s still, you know, Darth Vader. And Anakin knows this, he’s well aware of Padmé and Luke and Leia.

He’s also perfectly aware that Bail Organa is part of the rebellion, he was best friends with Padmé and she’s leading the rebellion, it’s not hard to put two and two together. But he doesn’t kill Bail, even though he’s a traitor to the empire.

Bail is the only source of information he has on Padmé.

So pretty regularly, like once a week, he calls Bail into his office and engages the privacy settings and is like “give me all the gossip on the rebellion, no I don’t care about your plans or w/e just tell me how Padmé is”

Half of the Emperor’s court thinks that Bail is one of Vader’s spies, reporting to him. The other half thinks that… well… uh.

Look, Vader projects his emotions. And when he has the privacy locks engaged and is projecting extreme happiness and love, you don’t ask what’s going on behind closed doors.

(This isn’t helped when Bail’s two-year-old daughter visits Coruscant. Vader knows who she is, and knows that if Palpatine finds out, things will be Not Happy for Padmé or his kids. So he’s willing to tolerate her staying with Bail.)

(She calls Bail ‘papa’ and Vader ‘dada’ and this does nothing to dispel those rumors about why Vader keeps surreptitiously inviting Bail into his office)

Bail can barely keep a straight face when explaining this to Breha. Breha definitely can’t keep a straight face hearing about it. They’re both very aro/ace.

anonymous asked:

your 'friend' that you motioned to in the video, who is that??

ssaasdjkhfjdg that’s the “enchantress” from suicide squad. you may know this but I work at a movie theatre and employees get to take posters and stuff or whatever basically, it’s first come first serve. cardboard cutouts in theatres are called “standees” and she was on the suicide squad standee. my coworkers stuck her in my car as a joke and while I’m not a fan of the movie tbh I’d be lyin if I said I didn’t have a crush on cara delevingne (tho maybe not so much all creepy-and such but still) she’s basically just in my room for the time being until I know what to do with her

(here’s an image of what the standee looked like)

Keeping My Hands Off Of You

Finn Balor/OC: For the song lyric ask thing I did earlier. Based off the lyric “I’m trying everything to keep my hands off of you” from Give Me Anything by The Maine. Smut. Requested by anon.


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Something Special

Tig watched her from across the room, she was different from the other women he’d usual been attracted to.

She wasn’t dressed seductively, or overly made up, it was the opposite. Maybe that’s what drew his eyes to her.

“Hey Tig baby…” He looked down at the croweater pushing up against him. Frowning because the very thought of her touching him, turned his stomach.

He pushed her away. “Get lost.” Turning towards Chibs. “Who’s that with Quinn?”

Chibs smiled. “That’s his sister (Y/N), beautiful woman, inside and out.”

Tig nodded his head, wondering towards her, wanting to meet her but afraid. Quinn frowned as Tig approached them.

“Tig, what do you want?”

Tig was memorized by (Y/N) beauty, he smiled at her. “I’m Alexander Trager.” He took her hand in his kissing it.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Trager, I’m (Y/N) Quinn.”

“Call me Alex, please.” He smiled at her. Taking her hand walking away with her. Quinn frowned stomping off to the bar, getting a drink.

Chibs slapped him on the back laughing. “Your sister must be something special if she has Tig pushing away croweaters.”

“I’ll beat his ass and bury him if he hurts her…”


One Year Later

“I promise to treat you as good as my leather, and ride you as much as I do my Harley.”

“Alexander you may kiss your bride.” Tig’s lips devoured hers. Everyone knew she must be something special to get him to settle down.