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(1)i think the only good thing that su critic// bring for me has that now i dont hate lapidot like i hated before,i hated the ship and the fandom in a fucking unhealthy away, but like i love su so much and amedot fandom seens to hate it right now (i know is not all) so i have to start to unfollow a lot of people, and i start follow more people that are possitive about su, with that a follow some lapidot shippers now, and like they are not that bad? like still have some people that i cant

(2)start like but they are a chill fandom in general?? and they are so creative with fanfics and fanarts?? like amedot still my otp, but now i can look at lapidot art and just Appreciate

Sadly, and I don’t mean to be harsh, I’ve had to unfollow ton of Am/e/dot blogs bc of criticism, and I started following more l/api/dot ones! I love both ships a ton and I ship all of them, but Lapidot fans seems to be more chilly vanilla about this whole drama… 

I don’t mean all of course! I still follow some neat Amedotties and avoid some not cool lapidotties, but y’all get it! 

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Hello! I just want to say that you are amazing and have nice drawings :3 Good luck and take care of yourself! (PS I am fond of Kitty-Jake and Kitty-Claudette, it's my OTP, but everybody looks cool in your style) Thank you for work <3

hhhh plz…. thank u so much this rlly made my day the other day, and im srry for not responding till now! You’re right on telling me to take care of myself though, hah, I’m not exactly doing too well, but thank you!!! I’m trying ;w;

also yes…. i lov phillip’s kitty au…… its my fav thing ever for some reason n AAAA everyone knows me more for dwake but gosh I love jake n claudette a lot too!!! I just might have to draw them some more


this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!


Even + Isak’s sweatpants