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I remember talking to someone who said “I can’t handle when kids get so worked up over dumb things, like a papercut is the worst thing to ever happen to them” 

if they’re 3-4, hopefully it IS the worst thing to ever happen to them. out of nowhere there’s hurt, there’s red, there’s BLOOD??? FROM A PAPER?? of course they’re flipping out jesus christ wouldn’t you 

i feel like such a huge part of dealing with and loving the babies is understanding what that post said: everything is new to them. sometimes it’s fun and amazing (seeing snow, touching a baby chick) but sometimes it’s very overwhelming.  imagine a carnival, a mall, a loud crowded place, having never experienced it before. 

a thing I hear in teaching a lot is “little people have big emotions. it’s our job to create calm, not add to their chaos” 


“Maybe it is a story that needs telling, like Mr. Moore claims; but there’s plenty of stories that need telling what never get told, just because people can’t bear the listening.”
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you patrol, you slay… evil pops up, you undo it. and that’s great! but is sunnydale getting any better? are they running out of vampires?


You are, like, the most special person in the world to me.

                          Right back at you. 

Ok so I feel like some people still don’t get it:

Like, do y'all not realize that Zendaya is the MCU version of Mary Jane?? She’s obviously not the same character exactly, just like how Liz’s character wasn’t exactly the same as Liz Allen from the comics, but it’s the same general idea. Liz from spiderman homecoming is peter’s high school crush, and vice Versa from the comics, however in the movie version there was a modern twist-just like with Zendaya’s character.

And news flash: there’s NOT going to be another Mary Jane popping up later in the movie series: it makes no sense to have two ppl be nicknamed “MJ”. Just face the facts: Zendaya is MJ/MCU Mary Jane, and will be playing a much larger role in the future. Otherwise, there was no reason for her to be in the first movie at all.

You can see the looks she gives peter in the movie, signifying that she likes/is interested in him. The directors did not chose to do that for no reason. This MJ or “Michelle” is being set up to be Peters official and canon love interest in the next films, or else they would not have Zendaya doing so much PR with Tom alone, have her chemistry read with him, and so forth. Zendaya’ already been more or less confirmed to return in the second movie, which will allow them to develop their relationship more, but the fact stands:

(SPOILER BELOW 🚨) Zendaya is M(ichelle)ary Jane Watson. Maybe not exactly the same from the comics, but she is serving to be Peters canon and main love interest in the series by coining her nickname MJ, proving that there can be yet another twist to the oh so familiar spiderman story that we all know. Why do you think the directors chose to create Michelle’s character in place of the original MJ?? Why is aunt May so young?? Why did they make Liz allen’s father the vulture?? Why do you think they left out uncle ben’s story, or peter getting bitten by the spider?? Because it’s something NEW. They wanted to be original and modern with something being rebooted for the third time in a row. (Also iron man was in no way this involved with Peter’s life in the comics or any other movie but I don’t see y'all pressed over that..💅🏿)

I guess I just don’t understand why everyone is in so much denial over Zendaya being MJ–it could be a race or ignorance thing, idk. But that doesn’t change the fact that she is MJ and she is potentially Peter Parkers love interest. So stop all that whining with the “she’s not Mary Jane” cuz she clearly is the marvel version of it, and deal with it, it won’t kill you.

No matter how many times I see Spider-Man homecoming I am always pissed off when Liz puts up the dance banner over the clock as if that is a logical decision

Chapter One: Past and Present


Authors: @2moms-0fucks and @piecesofscully

Rating: Teen

Chapter Word Count: ~14,800

“Maybe he’s right, she thinks. They’d survived the toxic poison of alien blood, abductions, freaks and monsters, murderers and sociopaths. They’d survived alien viruses, and near-death trips to the Antarctic. They’d survived medical experiments, cancer, and stays in the psychiatric ward. They’d even survived death itself.

Maybe there is hope, she reassures herself as she pulls their hands closer to her body. Mulder looks over at her with a small smile, and she meets his eyes.”  

Notes: Both Liz and I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this, our lovechild. This fic was such a challenge for both of us, and we are so excited to give you chapter 2 of this saga. Special thanks to @bohoartist for the keen beta eye and for dealing with my and Liz’s psychotic bullshit as we were went through the editing process, kicking and stomping the entire way.  



She was quiet, unusually so as she sat in the dark corner of his porch, waiting for him. The vanilla orange musk of her body oil clued him into her presence even before her moonlit outline became apparent. Her scent permeated the air around him, making his cock twitch even as the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, her silence eerie and unnerving. She had waited for him before, surprising him at the end of his day with a beer and brush of her soft lips against his. But never like this. She lit a cigarette, and he watched the tip glow in the darkness, and soon the scent of burning tobacco overpowered her rich, intoxicating scent.

Both annoyed and intrigued by her presence, he adjusted his weight from one foot to the other.  He sensed a shift in her, and he wondered if she was aware of it herself. Watching a long trail of smoke dissipate into the soft breeze, he opened his mouth, finally breaking the thick silence.  “I thought you’d quit.”

He felt her wry smile, even if he couldn’t see it. “Desperate times call for desperate coping mechanisms,” she said as she flicked the ash from the tip, and it floated into the air, carried away into the night.

He nodded once, his jaw twitching. “Are you going to tell me why you’re sitting in the dark on my porch?”

Ignoring his question, the tip of the cigarette glowed brightly again, and she inhaled deeply.

He crossed his arms with an impatient sigh. “Monica, what–?” he started, but she cut him off.

“Something happened today.”


She stubbed out her cigarette, and stood, brushing her dark hair back from her face. “We need to talk, John.”

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