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every single mcr album character is adopted by me. the killjoys? gracie? cherri and blue and the whole comics crew? the patient? fear and regret? colton haynes and his ghostly gf? even mother war herself? emily? bonnie and clyde? helena the corpse bride? even the unnamed bullets people?? all my kids, they deserve some attention. my city now.


Most of my ships are one person of questionable character and one that is WAYYY too good for them. Pretty sure that says something about me but I can’t decide what.

The fdtd timeline in season 3 is so fucked up

It is explicitly three months between season 1 and season 2. It is explicitly six months between season 2 and season 3 (or six moons w/e coto) so that’s a total of nine months from season 1 which all took place during one day which is the day earl mcgraw died but Dakota explicitly says “my father died a few years ago” when she’s talking to richie so like

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