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Gift Giving Guide

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about and planning for Christmas and, let’s be honest, SDs are some of THE hardest people to shop for. What do you get for someone who can buy anything they want? Especially if they’re married and you can’t get them something noticeable? Well fret no more, I’m here to help you.
For the unmarried platonic SD:
-where I live there are carriage rides around down town, check your area and see if there’s something similar and take them on one and just have a nice time together and give them one of the following
-a nice watch (Rolex)
-something from The Art Of Shaving (my SD loves this company)
-your favorite piece of classic literature (collectors or first edition)
-a new wallet with their initials to hold your allowance and their money (real sturdy leather)
-a nice leather journal with a note you write to him at the beginning

Platonic married SD:
-splurge for him and use some allowance to TREAT HIM to a nice dinner or ice skating
-watch (Rolex)
-art of shaving
-high quality metal/marble money clip (maybe with his initials engraved in it)
-new wallet (same as above)
-a good modern book you can take him to see the movie of later (I recommend the fifth wave!)
-something for his car, like air fresheners Etc

Intimate unmarried SD:
-nice sturdy laptop case/bag (find out the brand and type) (leather or very high quality material)
-new briefcase if he uses one (make sure it’s nice and you spend a little extra on care products for it)
-the obvious Christmas themed lingerie
-new pillow case
-white or red fuzzy BDSM toys if you practice that with them
-this sounds so stupid but one of my past SD’s LOVED the build-a-bear I made him! It was a white fuzzy bear in a Mrs. Clause outfit with a “merry Christmas” sound effect in its arm. Obviously you can tack this on to another gift since it’s so inexpensive
-a personalized mug with a picture of the two of you on it
-new phone case

Intimate married SD:
-lingerie (Christmas themed)
-red or white fuzzy BDSM toys if you practice that with them
-classic first or collectors edition piece of literature
-new nice leather wallet or brief case
-money clip (same as above)
-possibly a spa weekend with you if possible
-if you can swing it get a montblanc pen or just a nice pen (possibly engraved)
-laptop case (same as above)
-breville with some different types of tea and German rock sugar from TeaVanna for his office
-offer to accompany him on a regular business trip to keep him company (bonus: you can shop while he’s in meetings or get spa treatments)
-bosai tree or plant for his office

If you need any other ideas or want to ask if something is a good idea, let me know! Also: if you want me to make a sugar momma post, I can do that as well

Here is the Zola Story Transcribed

written by @zolarmoon on 10/28/2015

Y'all wanna hear a story about why me and this bitch here fell out???????? It’s kind of long but full of suspense

Okay listen up. This story long. So I met this white bitch at hooters. I was her waitress! She came in with this old ass big ass black dude. So you know as a hooters girl we have to talk to our customers. So I sit wit them & we get to talkin & she tells me she dances! So I’m like Oh yes bitch me too! Then she tells me this hulking black man is her sugar daddy. & I’m like oh yes bitch my SD at home. I feel it I feel it. So we vibing over our hoeism or whatever. & we exchange numbers!! & we like “next time u dance hum ima come dance wit you!” & they leave.

So THE NEXT DAY I get a text like “BITCH LETS GO TO FLORIDA!” & I’m like huh??? She’s like “I’m going to dance in Florida, let’s go!!” Now I’m skeptical like DAMN bitch we just met and we already taking hoe trips together???? BUT I had went to FL 2 months prior & made 15K. So lowkey I was down. So I was like “okay I’ll go. Who’s all going & when we leaving.” All this bitch says is “be ready by 8” So I call her like “bitch I SAID who’s all going!” & she says “my boyfriend & our room mate & my room mate has a place in Tampa ” So I’m like ok ok ok. I’ll be ready. So I pack my baddest stripper wear & I’m ready. Now my nigga DID NOT want me to go. He was soooooo hurt. So I had to fuck him calm, & then I left.

Now when I got in the car it was a white boy (her bf) & this hulking black guy (NOT the same one). So I texted her on the slick while in the backseat like “another sugar daddy? U got a type bitch!” & THE BLACL DUDE HAD HER DAMN PHONE!!! So he starts laughing & he goes “I’m using her GPS. no I’m not a SD I’ve known her & her dude for 8 years. We all live together..” So I was like “My bad. Who lives in Tampa?” & black dude (still aint told me his name) goes “my fiance” …so tht was it.

Now we on the road. The ride was cool. We all talking. Laughing. Blasting Gucci. I take a nap & wake up in FL…the black guy goes “Ima put y'all in a room then take yall to the club while I go visit my girl. Jarett (her white bf) will be at the room if y'all need a ride after work” ..sounds fair. BUT we don’t pull up to the four seasons bitch. We pull up to a raggedy ass motel. So I said REAL QUICK “I’m not staying here Hun” THERE WERE LITERAL PROSTITUTES STANDING WITH THEIR PIMPS OUTSIDE. I SWEAR TO GOD. I said “I have $. I can get my own room. It’s fine” so jessica (the white bitch) pulls me to the side & is like “we gone be at the club all night. This room for Jarrett not us! dnt even trip” So I was like yea bitch okay. But trust I am NOT laying my head here. So we leave our shit at the motel wit Jarrett & head to the club.

So we working. It was king of slow (it was early Friday night) the club had HELLA rules which I’m not use to (Ima full nude typa bitch). But this club require pasties & boy shorts & all this other shit..whatever. So after making about $800, I was ready to go. She was talking to some dude, tryna talk him out his wallet & they exchanged numbers. So I was like “call ur man. I’m ready!” ..she calls The black dude. I’m like ummm that’s not ur man but okay. So I pull her to the side before he pulled up like “wassup wit ur roommate?” And she was like we’re really close. Before I met Jarrett I was with him. He was taking care of me. I was like OHHH well I don’t need that. “Taking care of Me” in stripper language means that was her pimp. So I was like does Jarrett know? & she goes “of course not” …strike 1.

So then she goes “I didn’t make anything tonight. What u make because he’s gna ask” ..I said “umm that’s not yalls business Jess!” ..chill. So he pulls up & AS SOON as we get in he goes “what y'all make” we said at the same time “nothing” …so he goes damn my girl said she had a bad night too. We finna go pick her up. (His fiance who lives down here) ..we pick her up & he goes “nobody made shit. Y'all wanna trap?” Trap in stripper lingo means trick. So jessica goes “hell yea! U got some clients” im in the back on mute. He was like “u can get some!” So jess is like “yea i need to trap. But jarret is at the room!” & he goes “i wasnt putting yall in thay shit hole tht was for him not y'all"

Im still quiet….we pull up to a nice ass hotel on the other side of town & he goes “ill get the clients together & text yall off this” … He handed her a trap phone. So i am mind blown at this point. . So then we get to the room. Nice as fuck. Just me & jess & i start GOIN OFF. “BITCH U GOT ME FUCKED UP. IM NOT ABOUT TO PLAY WIT U HO. IM GOIN HOME” so she starts cryin & shes like “i didn’t wanna take this trip alone. Please dont leave me. I would be so scared alone” shes fucking sobbing. Im like oooommmmgggggg really?! Now im feeling bad for the ho. She goes “u can just check the guys in, he’s not gna force u to trap” i said “OH BITCH I KNOW HE NOT I KILL DEAD ASS KILL YALL” verbatim. So she cleans herself up & theres a knock at the door…i open the door & some fat white man goes “im here for the white girl”…. So I check his pockets, take his wallet & let him in…they start fucking RIGHT on the bed next to me. It was a fucking mess. A MESS.

So when they finished he gave her $100. I said “jess, u sellin puss for $100???? Pussy is worth thousands. U trippin” she goes “i dont. make the prices. The prices are already discussed before they come in. So i was like bitch no. If u gone do this. Do it right…. So i took some pics of her & put em on backpage. Along with a the trap phone # wit a MINIMUM of $500. The phone starts BLOWIN UP!!! I was like “se bitch. I got u a nigga comin up RIGHT NOW giving $500 for 15 mins” …he comes, i check him they get it in, he leaves. We are doing this ALL NIGHT!!! She fucked about 20 dudes and her sorry ass pimp only sent 3 of them around 6am JARRET CALLS. She answers on speaker & he is going OFF!!!“WHERE TF ARE U & ZOLA?! The club BEEN CLOSED!” she goes “we went 2 another club cus it was slow” So im googling 24h clubs (FL has a few) tryna help her lie & he is NOT having it. Hes LIVID. He goes “if u went home wit a dude ur DEAD!” So he asks to speak to ME?! I was likr maaannn ima end up killin these crazy white niggas tonight. So he starts cursing ME out!!! “Where are yall! I kno she’s lying!! Dont be a ho like her zola!!” I said “i PROMISE you, im not” ..he hangs up on me & that was it. We didnt hear from him for the trst of the night. . We fall asleep.

A fee hours later the black dude (I STILL DONT KNOW HIS NAME) comes up. He’s like “how much u make lastnight” jess goes “5,500” i was like WTF WHY SHE TELLIN THE TRUTH?!?! I pimped her NOT HIM!!!! So he goes “wtf how? Thats good but i only sent u 3 clients” she goes “zola made me a backpage” i was like WOOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOW. here we go…. So he goes “u can do my job better than me?” I said “i was just helping her out. Irdc. Ur clients were cheap” he started laughing…. He goes “give me the money” she gave him ALL OF IT. & he goes “thanks zola. U a real one” & throws $500 at me….. I put that shit right in my bra. Tf. & jess goes, what about me? & he said “u owe me rent jess. U haven’t paid in months” i was like damnnnn.

So we leave & head to jarret & the ragedy motel. Cus our shit was there. As we pull up, jarrett chillin outside smoking weed wit some dude. PAY ATTENTION HERE!! We get out & walk up to them & jarrett goes “here they go” the pimp goes “HERE WHO GO LIL NIGGA, WHO DIS?!” Jarrett starts laughing & was like “he was asking me who i was here wit & i said my girl & her friends thats all. Chill out” … The guy jarrett was talkin to laughs & goes “ill catch u later man. Nice meeting u.” & leaves. He was a black guy wit dreads. A FL nigga. So we all go up to the room & the pimp is going OFF on jarrett. “U dont knoe these niggas!! I can’t believe u told him 2 bitches in here!!” & jarret goes “he asked why i was out here mad lastnight. All i said was my girl went to work wit her friend & i aint want her to!” Now the pimp SCREAMING “SO THAT NIGGA KNO ITS MONEY UP HERE NOW?! HELL NO. WE GOTTA GO!! NOW” me and jess are like . So we pack our shit & head out.

We went to a nicer hotel about 20 minutes away. So the pimp was like “zola keep a eye on jarrett!” I was like oh shit he den promoted me to look out & shit…so he leaves (to go back to his fiance at home) & jarret & jess start arguing. He was like “i know u was trappin jess. I saw the backpage add ho” and he shows her a screenshot..i was like OH SHIT. HERE WE GOOOO. So he starts cryin like a bitch. I was like wow. Hes like “i thought u were done wit this. I didnt come to FL for this. U messy”… Then he turns 2 me & goes “this what u came here for zola?!” I said “HELL NA jarret she lowkey set me up. Im not fuckin wit yall after this” He goes “wow u even set up ur friend. U such a ho” so they arguing for hours.

I leave & go down to the pool. I mean, i am in florida ! So MY MAN calls me! I lied & said everything was okay. I didnt want him worrying. I had a nice dinner & then the pimp calls the trap phone. I answer & hes like “since u a maadam & shit, do that shit again tonight. But set up outcalls only cus this hotel 2 nice 2 trap out of” I was like cool. I gotchu. Especially for another $500. So i go up to the room & told jess to get ready. Jarrett goes WTF AGAIN BITCH NO!!!! I said “jarrett calm down. Please” this white nigga starts PUNCHING HIMSELF!!!! Like crazy people do dawg!! I was like OH HELLLL NAWLLL. He goes “if u do this again jess. I will kill myself. I love u 2 much”..I was like this nigga lost in the sauce & his bitch lost in the game. So i said “jarret sit THE FUCK down. Jess come on so i can take some pics it’s already 10oclock. Yall playin” so i make her a fresh ad.

We come out the bathroom (i did her hair & makeup & shit) & jarret goes “everybody knows you a ho now. Fuck u. I wanna go home!” I said HUH? He throws his phone at her and its HER FACEBOOK!!! A status of BOTH ads!!!!! HER MOM IS ON THERE GOIN OFFFFFF in the comments!!! Jessica starts BAWLING!! “Omg. My mom had my daughter this week! How could u!! She on the floor literally breaking down” …i was like . So jessica calls the pimp & tells “JARRETT JUST PUT EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK. MY WHOLR FAMILY SEES!” The pimp goes “I TOLD ZO TO WATCH HIM!!!” LITERALLY 5 mins later its the pimp BANGING at our door. He comes in wit his fiance this time. & snatches jarrett up by the neck. He wasted NO TIME!! He goes “i should really kill yo ass.” Jarrett is dangling off the ground crying “please dont please” ..lowkey im cryin. The fiance pulls out a handgun yall!!! She goes “u want to bae or what? Fuck him. He did OUR girl so wrong” i was like OH MY FUCKING GOD!

So now jess steps in “shes like please dont. Just beat his ass Z” i was like (oh his name z? Okay. Got it) so he puts him down…. Z goes. Naw i am gone kill his manhood though. . And he sits on the bed next to his fiance…he goes “sit in front of me jarrett”….. He does…still crying. He goes “delete the post. And give me ur phone” …he did..then he goes “come here jess” …i was so lost. His FIANCE unbuckled his pants and jess gets on her knees & starts sucking his dick IN FRONT OF JARRET AND I !!!!!! I was like YOOOOOOOOOO. He then gets up…and starts fucking jess from the back…jarret just sitting there…im standin wit my mouth to the FLOOR!!! The fiance right next to them wit a gun in her lap..i was like damnnnnn…

So then he gets up & says “go clean up jess. U gotta work” He looks at jarret & says “any questions?” Jarret says “i wanna go home”  i laughed out loud. I couldnt help it.. & z goes “na. Ima spend the night wit my girl so YOU gone take jess to her outcalls.” I was like DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! Thats fucked bro. He goes “zola got the clients & addresses so yall can take her” & him & his fiance leave….the room is silent for the next 30mins. Swear. The first client calls & says he ready….so jarrett takes us. Z left a handgun but told me not to tell them. He slid it to me on the slick. He texted the trap phone like “im trusting u wit my bitch zola. If anything goes left. Use it” i was like WHAT?! NIGGA I CANT!!!

So anyway, jarrett took us to about 4 clients & then the phone was slow. Me & jarrett were in the car together while she was workin so we. Starting haviny deep convo. He really wasnt a bad dude. But he was bipolar. VERY bipolar…so I understood his outburst a little more. So we head back to the hotel & i flget this one last call late af. & the client says “i got 5,000 but i want 2 bitches” i said “oh sorry we. only have 1.” The client goes “well i got 2,000 for 1 but its 4 dudes..& we only do incalls” i was like wow. Whut?? So i text z & told him. He was like “hell yea, tell him come on.” So i set it up. Then last min the client goes “actually; out call is fine” & gives me a address. So we get in the car & head to the address….jess goes “its 4 of them can u just wait in the hall please” i was like bitch iight cmon.

So we head up to the room number they gave & jess knocks. A dude goes “who is it” & she says “incall” the door FLINGS OPEN FAST AS FUCK. AND TWO BIG BLACK DUDES SNATCHED JESS!!!!! Bitch….i ran so got damn fast i couldnt even see straight. I was OUT!!! Fuck that. I run out and THE CAR IS GONE!!! Im screaming “JARRETT!!!JARRETTT!!” This fool gone. So i call him, STILL RUNING & he like “yall done?!” I said “BITCH Z TOLD U TO NEVER LEAVE US!! WHERE ARE U!!” Hes like “im at the gas station. I was thirsty. I though she was gone be a min” Im STILL RUNNING. lmfaooo. Dont know WHERE im going. Im like “they snatched her dude!! COME GET ME. IM CALLIN THE POLICE!!!”

He pulls up a minute later & is like “dont call the police. Call z” i was like “z gone BEAT EVERYBODY ASS!! YOU WASNT SUPPOSED TO LEAVE!” & he’s like “well YOU have the gun. If u call the cops u done too!” I was like shit. U right. So I called z & told him what happened! Z IS LIVID!!! and this deep african accent comes out!! I couldnt even understand him on the phone. I was like maaaannnnn. We dead bro. So z pulls up & is like “let’s go..” I said “ummm ima stay here. Yall go” he goes “IM NOT IN THE MOOD RN. COME TF ON!!!!” So we all go. Me & jarrett on the side of the hall where u cant see & z knocks on the door! ..a man goes “who is it” z goes “where my bitch man?!” Jessica SCREAMS. & the voice says “aint no bitch in here bruh” i was like oh. My. God…z goes “open the door” ….guess who opens the door. THE NIGGA WIT DREADS THAT JARRETT WAS SMOKIN WIT AT THE RUN DOWN MOTEL!!!!!!!!!

I WAS LIKE YOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! So he goes “come in & check.” To z. Z motioned for us to stay hidden. THANK GOD. So he goes in the room & dread head there by himself rn. Z sits on the bed wit his strap out & goes “where she at man?” Dreads goes “well since she wants to steal work frm my girls. She clearly wants to be here wit us….(we still dont see jess) so z goes to the closet and bust the door in & she in there. Tied up. Knocked tf out. Dreads goes "i got 20K for her right now man & all is forgiven” z said “we made more then 20k this weekend alone. Get outta here!” So dreads goes “my dudes downstairs not gone just let u walk out wit her like that” & z said “we’ll see” …mind u i can barely see. Im around the corner. So i just hear everything…

next thing i know i hear some shuffling & a gun goes off..once again I TAKE OFF. But i took off down the hall threw the back!! Jarrett wasnt far behind & then we look behind us & z is runnin too wit jess over his shoulder. He throws jess in the car & hops in the drivers seat! I hopped in wit him & jarret hopped in the other car & we got the fuck ON. Im cryin. I said “wtf happened?!” He goes “that nigga reached for his piece. I shot him in the face man” i was like OHHHMMAAAGAWDDD. We got back to our hotel, packed our shit & checked out.

We went to z and his fiances condo…nice as FUCK by the way.. Jess is up now & she tells us what happend. Apparently they recognized her from the motel & set her up (clearly) & once they snatched her. They told her to trap for them & she said no. So they beat her ass….thats what z interrupted when he knocked so they knocked her out…. I was like…..I REALLY gotta go home yall. Sorry to kill the mood but i cant take nomore of this. Jarrett was like “same” Z’s fiance was in the kitchen counting money dawg. Just like a rich ho. So z was like “everybody get some sleep. I gotta get rid of this” (Talkin about the gun) so he leaves…we all try to get some sleep.

The next morning he comes in wit tickets for me & jarrett. Jarrett goes “im not leaving jess here. Not after last night. She has a daughter & needs to come home” z was like “na we making money” I was like wooooww wit a black eye & busted lip & some FL niggas looking for yall u STILL tryna trap? Crazy. I was like “WELL IM READY!” Jess goes “itll be ok jarrett. I’ll be home in 3 days” jarrett started wit that punching himself shit again…i was like mannn. Here we go. Jarrett goes “come with me or im killing myself” z was like “ugh. Not this shit again. Ill be in the car. Yall 2 hurry up!”

So jarrett is literally breaking down. U ever seen someone hysterically crying? Its intense. & jess tryna calm him. . Im at the door ready. Jarrett randomly stops crying. Instantly. Like some movie shit. & goes “so u arent comin?!” Jess said “no jarrett. I cant” this nigga jarret. RUNS TOWARDS THEIR BALCONY & JUMPS!! I swear to GOD. bible. He fucking jumped. I screamed SO LOUD my heart stopped. Jess runs towards the balcony & this nigga jarrett was hanging. He didn’t fall all the way. He was stuck by his pants. THANK GOD!!!! We were only on the 4th floor but he still wouldve died. It was a good drop. So jess is helping him & i call z lmfaoo. Still crying. I was like “jarrett is stuck. He tried to jump off ur balcony” z was like “WHAT IS WRONG WIT THIS NIGGA!! FAMILIES LIVE HERE BRO WTF”

So z came up, helped get him. Slapped the fuck out of him (literally) & physically guided him to the car…jess comes out & goes. “I swear I didn’t set u up Zola. I never intended for u to trap. Thats why u didnt! I hope we can be friends after” . I looked at her like she wasn’t speaking English & i said “im not gone beat yo ass rn bcus u already in bad shape. But i better not ever see or hear from you again” & she walked away….z LITERALLY buckled jarretts seat belt lmfao. & we went to the airport.. Bare with me. It’s almost over.

When we landed in Detroit my man picked us up. We both looked HORRIBLE. so washed up & tired. My man was like “who is this white boy & wats wrong wit yall” i said “babe. Neither of us r the same. Just tak him 2 his car & tak me home” We drop jarrett off & on the way home i told him everything. He couldnt even speak honestly. Check this out, this the last 4 tweets.

I get a collect call 4 days later from a jail in LAS VEGAS! It’s JESSICA! She goes “we got caught trappin in vegas & we all got arrested” I said “oh. Why u callin me?” She goes “z was wanted for kidnapping 15 underage girls & is linked to 6 murders including FL” I said “Florida? Muder? U have the wrong number!” She screams “ASK JARRETT TO BAIL ME OUT, He wont answer my collect call” I said “JARRETT??? U really have the wrong number” i hung up & called jarrett. He goes “yea i heard. Its on the news. Hes a huge trafficker” I found out later that jessica & his fiance played victim & said they were forced & z who’s name i cant pronounce was a african man & was. Wanted literally everywhere. He got sentenced to life & i hear jess is back in Detroit wit her mom & baby…. And thats the end of that. If u stuck wit that whole story you are hilarious lol.


SD: Hello!
EH: Hello!
SD: I’ll hang up now
EH: No wait!
SD: You have to go MC tomorrow. I’m going to hang up
EH: Tomorrow~ Why aren’t you reading my texts?
SD: Oh sorry, I had my phone in my pocket. Oh he sent me it like this ‘ME ME ME ME ME I want to do the quiz! I’m confident that I can do well! Let me do it!’ Then Eunhyuk-ssi, I’ll give the quiz right now.
EH: Without any interview?
SD: Yes, right away. No interview needed
EH: (Phone call guest before) did interviews!
SD: Ah you were listening?
EH: Of course
SD: Ah sorry~ Eunhyuk-ssi, where are you at right now?
EH: Ah I am in midst of busy schedules…
SD: You don’t have a schedule today
EH: You’re right
SD: I saw the schedule chart ㅋㅋ what are you talking about
EH: You’re right. I was at home. My mom made dumpling soup after a long time..
SD: What kind of schedule is that?
EH: So I ate dumpling soup and cockles, and is returning to the dorm right now..
SD: You eat cockles? I thought you didn’t like seafood
EH: If the sauce is done well, I eat them
SD: Ah so it depends on how good it is
EH: Do you know why I ate cockles?
SD: why?
EH: Last time, I was listening to the radio, and you guys were eating cockles at SSTP
SD: Oh you listened to that?
EH: So I called my mom and asked her to buy some cockles
SD: Wait it’s weird.. Did you… see my SNS?
EH: Noㅋㅋㅋ really
SD: Don’t lie
EH: no~ the chewing sound you made while eating on the radio and it sounded so tasty..
SD: Yes, we do eating broadcast sometimes. You should come on here sometime soon
EH: Yes, I need to go eat
SD: Yes, come eat. And we have an acting segment. I’d like to invite you on that segment.

SD: Eunhyuk-ssi, your album is coming out soon
EH: The album is coming out in Japan first… Mastering finished yesterday, so I went to listen to all the songs today.
SD: How are they?
EH: They are amazing
SD: It wasn’t good as I thought ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
EH: no no! ㅋㅋ You’ve only listened to the title song. I listened to all the songs
SD: Do they feel good?
EH: Very.
SD: are any (informations) released yet?
EH: nothing yet
SD: Let’s give spoilers. … About the title song
EH: Title song spoiler.
SD: Since Japanese album is coming out first, the spoilers for title song.. How can we do this.. How many letters? English? Japanese?
EH: The title?
SD: Yes
EH: The title is in English.
SD: English? What alphabet does it start with?
SD: Mother? Manager? Missing You?
EH: It’s not like that. As you know, like Oppa Oppa, Donghae&Eunhyuk color is.. very exciting. For this album, instead of ‘exciting’, it’s more ‘sexy’
SD: Eunhyuk-ssi is?
EH: With Donghae-ssi ㅋㅋ Sexy and..
SD: Are there beautiful girls in the MV?
EH: …Yes
SD: I’ve been to the MV filming already so I already know everything
EH: Yes, members came to support us
SD: Give us another hint, about the music?
EH: Mmm…
SD: Or do a word from your part!
EH: Okay
SD: 5 6 7 8
EH: Huh, huh huh
SD: Ah you revealed so much!
EH: Right, right!?
SD: But I already know so ㅋㅋ
EH: You know that this is the point part
SD: How about that part ‘rock’
EH: Oh ‘Ra’
SD: Stop stop~ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ this is fun.. (omitted..) (Listener) said “You two laugh the same way! Try laughing together”
EH/SD: Ehehehehehe

SD: Eunhyuk-ssi, stop sending texts to me in the middle of the night, saying “let’s go out and drink~”
EH: Ai~ when did I do that?
SD: Why are you drinking more recently ㅋㅋ
EH: Ai, don’t make up things that didn’t happen ㅋㅋ
SD: What ‘making up things’? He keeps sending me texts, asking me to go out and drink soju with him
EH: Ai, I probably sent it to the wrong person then ㅋㅋ
SD: I took him to some delicious restaurants before, and after that ㅋㅋ this friend, has gone crazy ㅋㅋ This is a big trouble ㅋㅋ
EH: It’s not about that (drinking) ㅋㅋ I just like spending time talking and having fun with members.
SD: That day, you kept asking me to call my nearby friends to come ㅋㅋ
EH: no no~ that was… I wanted to meet more new people
SD: Some guesses for the title song has been made. (Listener) said “Marry Me?”
EH: No~
SD: To be more sexy…
EH: It’s one word
SD: (Listener) “M! Myeolchi (anchovy)!”
EH: Amazing ㅋㅋㅋ
SD: (Listener) “I’m curious of the title. Is it ‘Maybe’?” What is the title song, an object, food, machine?
EH: A noun! A word. How do I describe this.. household items?
SD: This is a household item??
EH: How do I describe this ㅋㅋ
SD: I thought of something just now, but I think it’d be too revealing
EH: say it
SD: Transportation
EH: Ai wait. That cannot..
SD: Too much?
EH: No more revealing ㅋㅋ
SD: Okay. I’ll give the quiz. If you get it right, 5 listeners will get americano mobile coupon
EH: Do I get one too?
SD: Yes, we’ll give you one too.
EH: I want hot choco!
SD: No. There’s only americano mobile coupons
EH: Then I can’t drink it.
SD: Then give it to someone as a gift. You run a cafe anyways?
EH: I run a bakery ㅋㅋ
SD: Ah bakery. They have drinks at bakery too
EH: Then I’ll take it.
SD: Oh! Today, the gift is not americano coupon. It’s dumpling set!
EH: OH DUMPLING DUMPLING dumpling dumplings~ I just ate dumpling soup.
SD: Isn’t that a game you play when you are drinking with friends? Dumpling~ dumpling dumpling dumpling~♬
EH: I don’t know what that is
SD: Here is the quiz. Quiz is related to idols. From the given, which maknaes are grouped with the correct groups? Find all.
EH: All??
SD: Yes. #1: B1A4 Baro #2: Sistar Bora #3: F(x) Victoria #4: SHINee Taemin. 1 2 3
EH: number 4! SHINee Taemin!
SD: Just one?
EH: I think so?
SD: Correct!
EH: I’m correct!?
SD: How did you know!?
EH: Firstly, … I don’t know who is the maknae of B1A4
SD: It’s GongChan-ssi. You knew that it’s not Baro-ssi
EH: Yes.
SD: And you know Sistar well
EH: And Victoria is not the maknae
SD: Isn’t she the same age as you?
EH: We’re friends.
SD: Yes. Good job. (omitted…) Eunhyuk-ssi, how about this song? ‘Still You’
EH: You’ll play it?
SD: Of course~
EH: Then please
SD: Do a live of one of the lines, and we’ll play it
EH: Okay. Please say ’5 6 7 8′
SD: 5 6 7 8
EH: ♬
SD: You shouldn’t do live ㅋㅋ We’ll play Donghae&Eunhyuk’s Still You. Eunhyuk-ssi, thank you~
EH: Yes~

trans credit @NKsubs

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