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Gift Giving Guide

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about and planning for Christmas and, let’s be honest, SDs are some of THE hardest people to shop for. What do you get for someone who can buy anything they want? Especially if they’re married and you can’t get them something noticeable? Well fret no more, I’m here to help you.
For the unmarried platonic SD:
-where I live there are carriage rides around down town, check your area and see if there’s something similar and take them on one and just have a nice time together and give them one of the following
-a nice watch (Rolex)
-something from The Art Of Shaving (my SD loves this company)
-your favorite piece of classic literature (collectors or first edition)
-a new wallet with their initials to hold your allowance and their money (real sturdy leather)
-a nice leather journal with a note you write to him at the beginning

Platonic married SD:
-splurge for him and use some allowance to TREAT HIM to a nice dinner or ice skating
-watch (Rolex)
-art of shaving
-high quality metal/marble money clip (maybe with his initials engraved in it)
-new wallet (same as above)
-a good modern book you can take him to see the movie of later (I recommend the fifth wave!)
-something for his car, like air fresheners Etc

Intimate unmarried SD:
-nice sturdy laptop case/bag (find out the brand and type) (leather or very high quality material)
-new briefcase if he uses one (make sure it’s nice and you spend a little extra on care products for it)
-the obvious Christmas themed lingerie
-new pillow case
-white or red fuzzy BDSM toys if you practice that with them
-this sounds so stupid but one of my past SD’s LOVED the build-a-bear I made him! It was a white fuzzy bear in a Mrs. Clause outfit with a “merry Christmas” sound effect in its arm. Obviously you can tack this on to another gift since it’s so inexpensive
-a personalized mug with a picture of the two of you on it
-new phone case

Intimate married SD:
-lingerie (Christmas themed)
-red or white fuzzy BDSM toys if you practice that with them
-classic first or collectors edition piece of literature
-new nice leather wallet or brief case
-money clip (same as above)
-possibly a spa weekend with you if possible
-if you can swing it get a montblanc pen or just a nice pen (possibly engraved)
-laptop case (same as above)
-breville with some different types of tea and German rock sugar from TeaVanna for his office
-offer to accompany him on a regular business trip to keep him company (bonus: you can shop while he’s in meetings or get spa treatments)
-bosai tree or plant for his office

If you need any other ideas or want to ask if something is a good idea, let me know! Also: if you want me to make a sugar momma post, I can do that as well

The shit you see on Twitter🙄. People who don’t know anything about sugar babies SHOULDNT SPEAK ON IT. Who is sucking dick for Benz rides??? She probably sucks her mans dick for red lobster dinners once every three months😂. Don’t get me started on how many sugar babies already have “real jobs” and sugaring is just to live more luxuriously. So annoying and exactly why I would never post my sd or about my sugaring on Twitter of all places.