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This video features Jensen singing at the Saturday Night Special in Las Vegas and the Gold panel from Vegas.


Jensen singing “Brother “and “Whipping Post” at the Saturday Night Special

Las Vegas Gold panel - 

Jared talks about doing the juice cleanse with Jensen

Jensen talks about singing at the SNS

J2 have mic issues

Jared shares that Jensen sang Adele after the Super Bowl. Of course Jared took video of it but Jensen wouldn’t let him share.

Jared talks about doing the post it notes for Regarding Dean

Jared talks about live and accepting yourself and gets emotional during it. Jensen jumps in with a joke to lighten things up.

Jared demonstrating how big he is with Jensen

Jensen talks about riding the bull on Regarding Dean


Stockholm, subway train, February evening

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”
                                                                                      ― Rumi                           

                                   let’s take a ride and see…

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Becky Goebel

Hailing from the land of maple syrup (aka, Canada) comes this total badass, Becky Goebel, who lives life on the edge of her Sk8-Hi’s. She rides motorcycles, goes on snowboarding adventures, and starts trends one Good Charlotte trucker hat at a time. We caught up with this firecracker to learn more about how she became a merchandiser at Vans, and her personal mantra for living life Off the Wall. 

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Last Christmas

“Y/N! Oh my God I am so glad you came.” Zoe said as she hugged me tight and I hugged back.

Zoe invited me to a Christmas party at Zalfie’s and well, right now I’m kinda having second thoughts.

“Oh and don’t worry, Joe’s not here yet.” She whispered.

“Thanks, Zo.” I smiled.

We finally went inside and Alfie welcomed me with a tight hug just like Zoe did. Oh they’re so compatible.

The whole gang is here too. Oli, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi, Louise, Dan, Phil, even Tyler and Connor.

I tiptoed near the kitchen where Connor is standing. “Piggy back ride!” I said as I hopped onto his back.

“Why?” Connor asked dramatically and I laughed.

Even though he lives in LA, Connor Franta became one of my best friends. We experienced long distance friendship before we met at playlist live. From then on, we always hangout every time he visits London or every time I visit LA.

“Oh God I missed you.” Connor said as he put me down. “Nice sweater.” He added.

“I missed you too, Con. Please stay here forever.”

“I love you but I’m leaving next week.” He pouted.

“Ugh.” I frowned.

“You shouldn’t be here by the way.” Connor joked but I’m pretty sure It was half meant.

“I know. But this party is very important to Zoe. I don’t wanna disappoint her.”

“Oh Zoe Sugg. Can’t wait for the other Sugg to be here.” He gave me a teasing look.

“Stop it, Con. I moved on okay?”

“Psh. Yeah right.” Connor paused. He smiled as he stare at the door. “Speaking of the younger Sugg.”

I gave him a confused look before I turned around and saw Joe and Caspar entering the house.

I stared at Joe for a moment as he greeted everyone with his adorable smile.

He slowly scanned the room as he walked towards the living room. And that’s when our eyes met.

I quickly looked away.

“Moved on huh?” Connor asked sarcastically and he smirked.

I looked down and suddenly, all the memories from last Christmas flashed through my mind.

I hate that I remember. I wish I could forget what he did last December. What Joseph Sugg did to break my heart last Christmas.

I’ve been madly in love with him since like the 2nd Grade when he told me that I’m the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. I knew it was a joke. But it still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

It started as a simple crush. Then it grew up as a confusing, lovely, hurtful, exciting, amazing feeling. Maybe this is the thing you call love.

Fortunately, we both got into YouTube and decided to move to London. We’re not in the same flat but we’re just a short walk away and that’s great for us.

Finally, I decided to confess my feelings for Joe last Christmas. And it didn’t go quite well.

Last year, on December 25th, Christmas eve, I gave him a little present. A watch and some kind of love letter. I know, old school right? I thought it was a great gift.

But the very next day… he gave it away. I saw him with a girl at the mall. She’s wearing the same watch that I gave to Joe. They looked so happy and sweet.

Tears started falling down from my eyes as I stare at them. Joe noticed me from afar, he stared back at me with concern and surprise in his eyes. I automatically ran away.

Later that day, I discovered that the girl was Joe’s girlfriend. I remembered asking him about her once and he said that she’s nothing but a close friend. He lied.

Well… I cried.

Tragic right? Wanna know what’s more tragic? We haven’t really had a descent talk after that horrible incident. And for almost a whole year.

“Y/N. Sugg alert.” Connor said.

“Shit. Hide me.” I responded while panicking.

“No time. Just act cool.”

“Cool? How can I–”

Caspar interrupted me with an excited shout “Connor!” He ran towards Con and gave him a cute little hug.

“Hey, South African slut.” Connor joked.

“I missed you too, Coffee guy.”

Caspar turned his attention to me and he then gave a tight hug. “Can’t believe I’m saying this but I missed you so much, Y/N.”

“Caspar, I’m two blocks away.” I giggled as he let go.

I then saw Joe smiling awkwardly behind Caspar. He looked at Connor and greeted him.

“Y/N’s here too, Joseph.” Connor said.

Joe looked at me wearing a half smile. “Hey, love.” He said.

“Hi” I smiled back nervously.

God, I missed him.

Connor spoke again. “Come on, Caspar. Let’s go see Tyler.” He then took Caspar’s arm and pulled him away from me and Joe.

Connor winked at me before he walked towards the living room where everybody is just chilling.

The air was filled with nothing but silence when Joe finally spoke. “Merry Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas.” I greeted back. This is just so awkward. We’re like 25 inches away from each other.

“You look really cute in that jumper.” He said as he gave me a cute little smile. Not sure if he’s blushing or its just freakin cold.

“Thanks.” Awkward.

“Though the reindeer one is my favourite.” I noticed him moving closer.

“I think this one is the best.” I pointed at the white snowy jumper I’m wearing.

“But you look like a bear.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Yes.” He stared at me for a moment before he spoke again. “You’re a really cute bear.”

I looked down as my face warmed and I unintentionally smiled. I realized that for a moment, we became our true selves again. We had a normal conversation. A conversation that is similar to our past conversations. Hilarious, nonsense, but meaningful at the same time. I missed him. I missed our old friendship.

“Who wants to play truth or dare?” Zoe shouted from the living room.

Joe and I looked at each other and I spoke. “You playing, Sugg?”

“Of course I am.”


The gang sat down and formed a small circle for our truth or dare game. Connor’s sitting on my right and Zoe on my left. Unfortunately, Joe sat in front of me. I can’t stop looking at him. And apparently he can’t stop looking at me too.

I have a bad feeling about this. The last time I played truth or dare with these guys, I ended up smelling Alfie’s foot. It was a horrible experience.

“Caspar!” Tyler Called. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” Caspar answered proudly.

“I dare you to kiss Marcus on the forehead and act like a married couple.” Tyler laughed.

“That’s pretty easy.” Caspar then sat in front of Marcus. He took his hand, his lips reaching for Marcus forehead. He made a kissing sound and Marcus gave him a jokingly disgusted face.

“You’re so gross.” Marcus said as Caspar’s lips touched his forehead. Everyone laughed.

Caspar sat back to his place and said “My turn.” He quickly looked at Joe who’s on his right. “Joe, Truth or Dare?” Caspar squinted his eyes to give Joe the intense effect.

“Dare Sugg of course!” Said Joe then everyone cheered.

Caspar gave him an evil look. “Joe, you’re so dead.”

“Bring it on.” Joe responded competitively.

“I dare you to…” Caspar grinned. “Call the girl you like and tell her what you want her to know for a long time. Tell her what you feel.”

Joe’s eyes widened and everyone else “ooooed”

Connor and Zoe looked at me teasingly. They quickly looked away so that no one will notice. They knew I hate it when they do that.

Alfie spoke “What you’re gonna call your girlfriend?”

“Oh my God Alfie, where have you been? Joe doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore since like last year.” Said Zoe.

“They broke up on December 26th. After Christmas awh.” Louise added.

“Do it, Sugg.” Caspar said.

Joe sighed and took his phone from his pockets. I saw him scroll down through his contacts.

I noticed Caspar looking at me and I raised an eyebrow. He mouthed the words “Get ready” and I just stared at him with confusion.

When suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate inside my pocket. My ringtone plays and everyone stared at me. Some of them are smirking, some of them are just confused.

I took out my phone. My eyes widened as I saw the name “Joseph Sugg”. I looked at Joe and he was staring nervously at the floor.

My heart is now beating faster and faster. At first I was hesitating but then… I decided to finally answer the call.

I put my phone closer to my ear. I again looked at Joe without saying anything. He then looked at me and I quickly looked away.

“Y/N…” Joe almost whispered. “Hey uh, it’s really weird talking to you on the phone when you’re like 18 inches away from me.” I finally got the urge to look at him again.

“So Caspar’s dare is to say what I really feel to the girl I like which is by the way is you if you can probably tell. In fact I’m in love with you. And uhm I just wanna say that… I’m sorry.” I felt tears ready to fall from my eyes. “I’m sorry for last Christmas. I’ll never forget that day when I saw you at the mall. Tears were pouring down your face. Hurt was clear in your eyes. I tried to follow you but you were so fast. I tried to call you when I got back home but you were not answering. I tried my best to move on but I just can’t.” And that’s when my tears fell. “All I want for Christmas is you to forgive me. I love you and I regret not saying that for a long time. Oh and uhm, may I just say… You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

I ended the call without saying anything, slowly putting my phone down. I wiped my tears with my hand as I stare at Joe who’s also staring at me, his eyes full of sadness and pain. And so was mine.

“My turn.” Said Joe. “Y/N, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” I answered nervously.

He stared deeply into my eyes before he asked “Do you still love me?”

My breathing almost stopped when I heard him ask that question.

I paused for a moment before I answered “Yes.” I bit my lip as more tears fell from my eyes.

Joe smiled and everyone applaud. I even heard Zoe gasp with excitement.

“My otp is now real!” Tyler shouted and we all laughed.

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Paris 16

I took a day and visited Disneyland Paris while I was there!

We went to the Gare de Lyon, bought RER tickets, then headed off to Marne-La-Vallée.

We went to Walt Disney Studios first, saw the 1920’s area, then hopped on the Némo ride. They had audio from the movie playing, in French and in English. The seagulls said, “à moi, à moi, à moi!” and the little turtle said “c’est mortel!” We went further into the park and we went on the Space Mountain rollercoaster. We saw A Small World After All (you have to do it once, and then you can live with your nightmares in peace), Buzz Lightyear’s ride, Snow White’s ride, Phantom Manor ride, Aladdin’s passageway (ouvre-sésame!), Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Alice’s Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean (a creepy older version, not the blockbuster movie version).

It was a long day, but we went in early May before most of the tourists were there, on a week day, and we’d gotten cheap tickets through a third-party website. Overall, I had a ton of fun and my friends made it even more fun since we all just let our inner children loose.

My Review of Burning Tracks by Lilah Suzanne

Burning Tracks by @lilahsuzanne

Oh wow, I raced through this book rather like Gwen lives - at double speed and diving in headfirst. This was quite the rollercoaster ride, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how Gwen and Flora met and fell in love, about how Gwen and Grady try out Las Vegas at its most thrilling and about Gwen finds her true anchor once she stops to think.

Will there be a third book in this series? I’d really like to see Clementine find her match too instead of always being the third wheel everywhere…                                              

anonymous asked:

How come PH is in both the Hawaii episode and the LA episode of Ride?

I’m not sure if he’s actually in the LA ep or if he’s just hanging out since he lives there. 

Chapter 2 | La Ceiba, Utila, & The Keys

My flight touched down in San Pedro Sula around mid-day, after a fairly easy travel day through LAX and Mexico City. My point of contact at the dive shop arranged for a taxi driver to take me to the bus station, where I made my way to La Ceiba after long drive in the rain. The taxi driver was a kind gentleman, who spoke English better than I did Espanol. He lives with his mother and sister, and works as a seaman for his main occupation. We discussed the income inequality in Honduras, the drug trade that plagues the country, and the fear of Trump that he shares with his fellow citizens. As we arrived at the bus station, we ended on a high note as a I tipped him, wishing him luck on his future endeavors.

The bus ride to La Ceiba, the coastal city which harbors the ferry to the island, was wet and full of undulations. Road conditions are squalid to the say the least - potholes many, traffic laws few. With such rudimentary road conditions, most streets in La Ceiba were flooded to some degree after the storm. I was relieved to hop off the bus after a 4 hour ride around sunset, and hitched a ride with elderly woman to Hostel Guacamayos. My one night in La Ceiba, was pleasant and uneventful. Homemade baleadas were served for dinner along with a couple cervezas. I got into bed early with my book, and enjoyed a full night’s sleep for an early ferry the next day.

We arrived to the island by mid-morning with calm seas and open skies. Greeted by a the head instructor Joe, he gave me the run down about life on the island and showed me my bunk bed. English is the main language here, so it will take an extra effort to practice my Spanish among the locals. I have not dived for a couple years, so I spent the first afternoon in a quick “refresh” course - a few quizzes along with a shallow dive reviewing the basics. Living conditions aren’t great at the dive house, however an opportunity fell into my lap shortly after getting situated. I met two fellow Americans from Oregon in their mid twenties looking for a third roommate to rent a house for a couple months. Jack, one of the other men, is scouting houses for us as we speak. In addition to this pot of luck I stumbled upon, I also arrived just time to join the rest of the divers for a Sunday trip to a private island in the keys. We met that night to purchase supplies, and took off at 8 AM the next morning.

The island was incredible, as a group of 20 of us had the entire place to ourselves. Bringing many cases of beer and a fair of amount of rum, it was quite the scene as many members of the group indulged themselves. “It’s like a Bacardi commercial” Jack said, commenting on the fact that we had a small island, with one lone house, for ourselves to enjoy for the next 24 hours. I kept my beer consumption to a modest level, as did Jack and Nick, the other mate from Oregon. Nick and I took our first swings at free-diving, exploring the beautiful reef in which the island sits. Nick was a natural, making it down 14 meters as I made it half the distance due to clogged sinuses. We cured our parched mouths after the dive with fresh coconut water, pulling the large-shelled, green fruits from the trees and drinking the milky liquid inside straight from the source.

I grabbed a chair and put it right in the water on the beach, spending the majority of the afternoon marinating in the sun and flipping through my book from time to time. It was paradise by definition - white sands, clear blue water, palm trees, etc etc. Although I must add, I was attacked viciously by mosquitos at night and didn’t sleep much. By sunrise my arms and legs were welted up. That’s been the only qualm of the trip however, so life is good. By weeks end I hope to move into our new house, find work, and complete my Rescue Course.

Rockin’ Down the Highway - Livin the free life while living out of your car at 17

Black Betty - Ram Jam; Slow Ride - Foghat; Highway to Hell - AC DC; Dr. Feelgood - Motley Crue; La Grange - ZZ Top; Renegade - Styx; Here I Go Again - Whitesnake; Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy; I’m Eighteen - Alice Cooper; Cum on Feel the Noise - Quiet Riot; Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival; Don’t Look Back - Boston; Roadhouse Blues - The Doors; Shanghaid in Shanghai - Nazareth; Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions; Two Tickets to Paradise - Eddie Money; Jukebox Hero - Foreigner; Running Down a Dream - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; Rockin’ Into the Night - 38 Special; Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood & The Destroyers; Ramblin’ Man - The Allman Brothers Band; Running on Empty - Jackson Browne; I Can’t Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar; Night Moves - Bob Seger; Rockin’ Down the Highway - Doobie Brothers


- 17.02.07 - ENG - During Nico Nico, Kyu drew dating steps:
Drive & wait for the girl.
Go Fuji-Q together to ride Eejyanaika.
Eat ramen.
Goodnight kiss.
Ran home.

*Did he forget to go back home in his car because he was embarrassed for a little kiss? lol -

- 17.02.07 - ESP - Los pasos de una cita de Kyu:
Manejar y esperar por la chica.
Ir a Fuji-Q y montarse en la atracción Eejyanaika (puso ELF porque lo atrapará ahí?? xD).
Comer ramen.
Beso de buenas noches.
Correr a casa.

¿Olvidó lllevarse el carro por estar apenado por un besito? 😂 -

- 17.02.07 - Nico Nico Live - Durante Nico Nico, Kyu desenhou passos para um encontro:

Dirigir e esperar pela garota. Ir o Fuji - Q juntos e ir no Eejyanaika 

Comer Ramen

Um beijo de boa noite e ir para casa. *

Se esqueceu de voltar para a casa de carro porque ele estava com vergonha de levar um beijinho? 

Cred: IAASJS &  Oceanblue0209


My name is Keith Currie.  I am currently locked up in NNCC in Carson City, Nevada. I have been down for about 8 years now.  I am grateful I am closer to going home.  I just turned 28. I’m 5'9", 140 lbs, green/hazel eyes, dimples,  with dirty blonde hair. I have an athletic build with cut up muscle tone.  

I am a partial paraplegic, paralized from the knees down. But trust I have never let that hold me back in any aspects of my life.  I still drive my cars (when I’m free lol).  Ride my quads.  Still love making all you girls smile.

I was born in Las Vegas and moved to France when I was 2, where I still have family.  I lived in France for 6 years.  I moved back to Vegas at 8 years old. I have lived there ever since.

I have always been told I have great aura surrounding me.  I am very outgoing,  witty, funny, and can also be humble as well. 

Before I close this I have to add that I love music, it is a big part of my life and has helped me through tough times. I’m a true white boy through and through from skin to heart. I hope I’ve said enough strike interest in whomever is interested in a pen pal.  If you decide write, feel free to ask questions!  Anything you would like to know just ask.  Don’t be shy, and tell me all about yourself. Also it would be much appreciated if you send at least a photo of yourself, so I can put a face to the letter I’m receiving.  If you send a photo of yourself, be sure to write my full name and inmate # on the back of the photo (Keith Currie #1041228) or they will reject it.
Please and thank you and you have a lovely day.
Keith Currie #1041228
PO BOX 7000
Carson City, NV 89702

PS. If you decide to write, I do have an mp3 player which also allows me to receive emails and photos.  So if you write and all goes well, ask me if you would like my email.


Riding through the streets of Eastside Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psycos — a bicycle brigade of women of color — confront violence on the streets and in their own lives. In 2013, filmmakers Kate Trumbull and Joanna Sokolowski set out to create a documentary about the crew and their refusal to stay silent in the face of violence against women and poverty in their community. The film follows Xela de la X, the Ovas’ founder, as she struggles to strike a balance between her activism and caring for her young daughter; Andi, a street artist who rises through the crew’s ranks; and Evie, a bright-eyed recruit who discovers newfound confidence with the Ovas.

Now, three years later, the film is set to premiere at SXSW 2016, and the filmmakers want to bring Xela, Andi, and Evie to the festival to witness it. “They are the heartbeat of this film,” they say. Help them finish the film and bring these inspiring women to the festival here.

Tronnor Oneshot

Connor and Troye had been living together in LA for a few years.   Right now they were headed back home from Austalia, a visit to Troyes family. While they were there Connor and Shaun had a very important talk about the future.
Now on their way home, Connor was on his laptop in the plane. He was practically ignoring Troye the whole ride. Luckily, Troye didn’t try to look at Connors laptop to see what he was doing, he just fell asleep after trying and failing to talk to Connor.
 Connor was writing down some ideas of what they could do when they got home. After a couple hours, he put away his laptop, woke Troye up because he looked very uncomfortable, and offered his chest as a pillow for Troye, who happily took it and cuddled into his boyfriend. They stayed like that until they landed at home.
When they got there, they took the day to fix the jet lag, cuddle and watch movies.
Connors weirdness did not go un-noticed though. Troye looked Connor as they were watching a movie. “Connor what’s going on?” Troye crossed his arms and paused the movie.
“What do you mean?” Connor shook his head.
 "You know exactly what I mean. You’ve been acting strange since the plane home. Did I do something?“ Troye asked quietly.
"Oh god no. No baby, you didnt do anything. Dont worry” Connor said, attepmting to pull his boyfriend close to him.
But Troye refused. “I’m not cuddling with you until you tell me whats going on.” Troye crossed his arms.
Connor sighed. “I’m just stressed over some project. It’s fine. I’m fine.”
Troye looked at him suspiciously, then sighed and cuddled into him.
A few days later, Connor suggested they go to Disneyland. Just the two of them. He told Troye it was for nice pictures and getting his mind off the project and whatnot. But he didn’t tell him that that was actually where his so-called project was to happen. So they did. The next day, they headed to Disneyland. They walked hand in hand.
Connor took lots of pictures of Troye. He was so beautiful and photogenic, he had to. It would be a wasted opportnity not to. They walked around for what felt like ages until Troye complained about being hungry.
So they went to get something to eat, then took a stroll along the water. “I havent been completely honest, Troye.” Connor took his hand away from Troyes, as it was starting to get sweaty because he was nervous.
“What do you mean?” Troye tilted his head to the side. Connor smiled at how cute he was.
“I told you im stressed about a project.” Connor said.
Troye nodded.
“But I never told you what the project was.” Connor continued.
 "I thought we came here to get your mind off this project? Why are you bringing it up?“ Troye asked.
Connor took a deep breath. "Because it’s not just a project. It’s the biggest and most important thing I’ll ever do.” he replied.
Troye took a step towards Connor. “What is it then? You can tell me.” Troye nodded, smiling at his boyfriend and putting his arms around Connors neck. Connor took Troyes hands off from around him, and just held his hands
“Troye I’m in love with you.” Connor started.
“I love you too.” Troye said.
Connor shook his head. “Let me finish.” He answered.
Troye simply nodded.
“I’m in love with you. I love the way your cheeks tint pink any time anybody compliments you. Even if its just me. I love the way you run your fingers through your hair whenever you dont know what to do with your hands. I love the way you look in my shirts or hoodies. I love the way you get passionate about things, your music, youtube, or even just me. I love the way you seem lost in your own world whenever something exciting happens. I love how, when you tell a story, if anybody, even for one second, seems un-interested, well you make them interested. I love the way you sing whenever you’re doing pretty much anything. I love the way you are when you’re around anybody you care about. I love the way you laugh and smile.” Troyes eyes were watery, but he was still smiling crazily. “I love the way you whisper things to me when you think im sleeping. I love that you always need to be little spoon, even though I’m much shorter. I love that thing you do with your hands when you get nervous. I love the way your eyes light up when you’re interested in something. I love the peaceful look you have when you’re sleeping… yes I do sometimes watch you sleep.” Connor admitted, laughing a bit. “I love your kisses. I love your hugs. I love your cuddles. I love how you make me feel like I’m doing something right. I love how whenever you have an idea for anything, you ask like 10 people their opinion, but your final decision depends on my opinion. I love the colour of your eyes. I love how good you look in black… or really in everything. I love how you do that half smile half laugh thing when you get embarrassed. I love your birthmark.” At that, Connor reached up and cupped the side of Troyes face with his thumb brushing over the birthmark on Troye’s cheek. “I love how good you are with kids. I love seeing you purely content whenever you play with kids. It makes me think of you as a father, with me by your side, hopefully. If you just say yes. Because Troye Sivan Mellet. I love everything about you and would be honoured if you said yes to me.” Connor got down on one knee, his voice was shaky, his eyes watery. “Will you please do me the honour of marrying me?” He asked, presenting Troye with a ring. Troye was crying. Connor was crying.
Troye nodded furiously, pulling Connor to stand as soon as the ring was placed on his finger. He pressed his lips to Connors, wrapping his arms around his neck to pull himself closer. “I love you so much Connor.” Troye whispered against Connors lips.

hey lovelies!

I have been getting an influx of new followers recently, so i want to say hello!

My name is Kris, i use they/them pronouns, and i am a clairvoyant witch who practices traditional italian witchcraft through the aridian tradition.

I am trans and neurodivergent (of the bipolar, OCD, anxiety, depression, and autism variety)

I live in LA with my amazing partner Josh (they/them), and i’m currently scraping by through my online store ( and writing for everydayfeminism.

If you would like to support this neurodivergent trans witch, you can check out my store, where i sell charged and blessed handmade jewelry, handsewn and embroidered tarot bags, and homebrewed candles.

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Somewhere and somewhen after the transcendence, there is a certain traveling carnival where you can ride a dragon. Yes, a real, live, fire-breathing dragon. His name is Agrazor and for just twenty bucks, he’ll take you on a five minute flight around the fairgrounds. He’s paid quite fairly. Just as much as the other employees. He sought work at this carnival after the big Preternatural Rights Movement in LA. He’s saving to buy gold antiques to collect in his hoard. The carnival is by far the most popular of any traveling roadshow and people in towns talk for months after the show has left, of the magnificent dragon. Children remember years after of the feeling of flight, of freedom, of magic. The dragon remembers too, in the years to come, how word spread of this tiny circus, and how its fame grew. How other preternaturals, hearing news of the carnival and its paid dragon employee, would seek work there. Agrazor remebers when the wizard came and offered to place everlasting enchantments upon the rides, so no repair work would ever be needed. He remembers the nymphs who would sell flowers from their hair, the craftsman who would sculpt living dolls out of clay, the sorceress who made cotton candy that turned your hair sugary blue. He remembers the resident sigil crafter who placed teleportation sigils on all the equipment so it could be transported to the next town in the blink of an eye. Oh, yes, Agrazor remembers. He remembers at night, how the witches would call down the stars to light the fairgrounds. And the children who laughed as the ferris wheel spun off the ground and drifted in the dawn. He remembers the house of mirrors that reflected images of different worlds and different times. What he will never forget, is the look on the humans’ faces in the towns when they began to realize how the preternaturals working at the carnival outnumbered the “normal” people. How they were chased out of burger joints, out of towns, out of work. He will never forget they day that a woman spat at his feet and on the sign that offered dragon rides, only ten dollars. He will never forget the day the fairgrounds stood empty, the wind their only visitor. He will never forget how the carnival faded out of fame and into myths and half-remembered summer days. He will never forget when the sigil crafter left, and the rides, not having needed transportation equipment for so long, sat in the small town, as new as the day the wizard had enchanted them. He remembers, he remembers for a long time after he finally flew away from the circus and settled down in his now very large hoard to take a long rest. A dragon never forgets.

Concept: I am living in a small apartment in St. Petersburg and I rise every day with the sun, I can see the river flowing from my windows and I drink coffee every morning to the sound of the tumult of a waking city. La Vie En Rose plays in my heart as I walk the streets and ride the metro of my beloved city every day, my bookshelves are filled with the works of Russian poets, and almost every weekend I spend walking the empty halls of the Hermitage or listening to the opera in Mariinsky Theatre, I have a wonderful job and I think about how happy and at peace I am each time I walk along the riverbanks of the Neva river, all my dreams have come true because I am where I belong.