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Send a # for Canon First Meeting:

1: “I think I may have seen you before…”
2: “Hey! Watch it!”
3: “Oh my god are you okay?”
4: “Have we met…?”
5: “Were you at that one party?”
6: “Remember me?”
7: “I know you don’t know me but I love your shirt.”
8: “Quick, pretend to look like you’re talking to me.”
9: “Hey, is that your dog?”
10: “Service takes forever here.”
11: “Don’t mean to sound cliche, but do you come here often?”
12: “I wouldn’t sit there if I were you.”
13: “This is gonna be a long plane ride.”
14: “Can you turn that music down?”
15: “People are trying to sleep!”
16: “I’m your new neighbour.”
17: “Is that who I think it is?”
18: “Be quiet!”
19: “Is that your son/daughter?”
20: “I’ve read about you.”

|| @poetry-in-exile and I need to meet more folks IC but it can be difficult with how often we’re doing other things in game, and/or shyness. Please only send a # if you are interested in meeting Yuri/knowing her IC. :) It does not have to continue into an RP thread but should represent how our characters actually meet! :3 Thank You!||  

||Will take my time on these as I wish to give everyone’s introduction equal quality of effort. <3

oh Sull what should i say??? she thought. “Hello! Mix! m-my name is Criminiana but you can call me Crimi is you prefer, most people call me like that.” she shaked his hand. Crimi sat on the grass outiside on a little hill. “did i interrupt something? i can go awash if you want to.” she started saying allot of things. @mixtrapsworld

Just a little PSA. I am the literal worst about talking to people until I get to know them. I feel like I am missing out on so many writing partners/plots because I just won’t pop into their inbox. All because I feel like my ideas might not be good enough, I have NO ideas, or they have already done that plot 67 times. If it’s not as hard for you to approach people as it is me then will you please just pop in and chat with me so we can get to know each other. I want those amazing rp relationships everyone else seems to have. I want that main partner who feels extremely excited when I get online. Scream at me from the rooftops if you would like to write with me. Knock down my door with phenomenal enthusiasm and i will most likely love you forever.

need new blogs to follow

Never thought I’d be doing this bUT could you like/reblog/reply to/ answer this post/ message me the blog name/ whatever if you or a blog you know of posts primarily any of the following:

  • Half-Life (the video games)
  • RP musings/memes
  • bright/neon aesthetic (especially green and/or yellow)
  • pastel/cute aesthetic (especially blue, pink, and purple)
  • industrial/ modern aesthetic
  • any aesthetic blog, really
  • LGBT+ positivity/pride (ace/aro and non-binary inclusive, and either no discourse or tagged discourse)
  • fashion (any type)
  • Pastel/candy gore (no/limited furries, please)

I’ll make sure to check everybody out, although there’s no guarantee I’ll follow everyone (assuming anybody finds this post). NSFW content is OK, but nothing explicit (unless if tagged accordingly).


no offense but i really need more rp partners who are my friends like..  dont get me wrong i love all ships nd stuff but its always better when you’re friends with the person anD I want a friend who i can join rps with and have multiple ships with and be clingy w/ and try out new rp things with (for instance fl/rp or indies) and !! i just want a rp partner i can send memes (actual memes , not ask memes but ask memes are great too) to and just become close w/ and have the best greatest ships and i’m rambling but i want a tumblr friend who i can spam w/ stuff about our muses ( or smth ) or just spam w/ anything !! like !! i just want friends where we can play lame games 2gether and watch movies and have a hella emotional and cute plot at the same time i and i want ships where i can send ask memes !! and make moodboards nd cute playlists and other stuff and we can have tons of cute ships and- ,,, wow okay , i got carried away so my grammar in this post is bad but .. come b my friend or ,, just plot idc

First-Meeting Sentence Starters
  • Several different scenarios that can be combined or modified for your pleasure:
  • "Uh, hi there."
  • "I was here first. Go to the back of the line!"
  • "Excuse me, is there any way you could let me go before you? I'm in a hurry."
  • "Service here is TERRIBLE today!"
  • "Is this seat taken?"
  • "Do you have a moment to talk?"
  • "Hi, listen, there's someone following me, and I'm paranoid so can you talk to me for a few minutes to make it look like I'm not alone?"
  • "Here, take this and run with me. I'll explain later!"
  • "Do you have some cash? This vending machine just ate the last of mine..."
  • "Hey, were you going to use this machine next? It gave me a free bag of chips, and I don't need to eat that many!"
  • "Do you work here?"
  • "Look, I'm not an employee, but the ____ are right over there."
  • "Hey, is this yours? It was by your feet."
  • "Are you from ____ or ____?"
  • "Hello, ____."
  • "I swear I've seen you on TV."
  • "Yes, I'm ____, and I can take a picture with you if you want."
  • "Oh my gosh, can I pet your dog?!"
  • "Sorry, there was a hair hanging off of your sleeve, and it was bothering me."
  • "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to walk into you!"
  • "Wait a minute! I think they mixed up our orders."
  • "Ugh, this isn't my food. Did anyone here order a ____?"
  • "You look so cold. Do you want to borrow my jacket?"
  • "H-Hey, I'm freezing. Is there any way I can s-stand close to you and maybe get warmer?"
  • "You poor thing, you look like you're cooking! Here, take a bottle of water."
  • "It's so hot I think I might pass out. Can you help me?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Oh, good, you're awake. What happened to you?"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "Get in! You're in danger!"
  • "Please, let me ride with you. There's someone after me!"
  • "Grab the spare helmet and jump on."
  • "Are you playing ____?"
  • "Hey, do you want to trade friend codes?"
  • "Hi, my date just stood me up, so now I have a free ticket."
  • "I'd love to take that free spot as long as you don't mind sitting next to me."
  • "Have you seen a lost child around here?"
  • "I found this child, and by the look on your face, I think they're yours."
  • "That coat isn't real fur, is it?"
  • "If you can't tell the difference between real animal pelt and fake, you shouldn't be harassing people on the street."
  • "Are we locked in here?"
  • "Can I use your phone?"
  • "Here, take my phone. No questions asked."
  • "What's cookin' good lookin'?"
  • "If you're trying to flirt with me, you may want to try again."
Cuter possessive/jealous meme

(Not meant to be a knock on the more angsty possessive memes, I just thought I’d make one that’s less triggering/disturbing. :) )

  • “i just don’t want you to get hurt”
  • “did you see the way they looked at you?”
  • “if they bother you again let me know and i’ll fuck them up”
  • “you don’t see it, but they’re definitely into you”
  • “i’m sorry, i just can’t help being a little jealous”
  • “so, uh… who, uh, who is that person? they keep texting you…”
  • “i’m yours, and you’re mine.”
  • “i like the marks you left. they remind me that i’m yours.”
  • “do you like the marks i left?”
  • “i just can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “is it bad if i hate that they can spend so much time with you and I can’t?”
  • “you are my everything.”
  • “i can’t help wanting to protect you from them”
  • “they hurt you, and i’m going to hurt them back”
  • “i’ll make sure no one ever hurts you again”
  • “if they so much as look at you wrong, i’ll knock their lights out”
  • “no, i’m not hoarding pictures of you! that would be weird!”
  • “the pillow still smells like you… oh that’s a weird thing to say holy shit”
  • “you should consider coming over here and just, uh, not ever leaving”

just wanted to say that if our thread is heading towards smut but you don’t feel like or don’t want to roleplay smut, it’s okay. Just tell me and we can fade to black and move on to another scene. Pls don’t feel like you must rp smut with me, what matters to me the most is for my partners to be comfortable with our threads.

colorful headcanons.
  • ( send me a copic color for a headcanon )
  • frost blue: does your muse enjoy the snow and cold? or are they the type to enjoy summer more?
  • peacock blue: is your muse honest? what sorts of lies do they tell, if not?
  • lapis lazuli: does your muse prefer the idea of exploring the depths of the oceans, or the boundless expanses of space more?
  • reddish brass: how likely is your muse to step up and take the role of a leader? are they willing to take the challenge, or are they more apt to being a follower?
  • burnt umber: how stable is your muse, mentally and/or emotionally?
  • champagne: does your muse drink (alcohol)? are they a heavy drinker, if so?
  • tea orange: what is something that your muse is fascinated with?
  • malachite: has your muse ever done anything that they winded up feeling incredibly guilty for in the end?
  • olive: is your muse prone to feeling envious of others? if yes, what is it that they typically feel envious over?
  • vermillion: is your muse courageous, or would they consider themselves to be more of a coward?
  • coral: what is your muse's romantic and sexual orientations?
  • bougainvillaea: would your muse consider themselves as blunt, or do they beat around the bush instead?
  • currant: what's something that absolutely disgusts your muse (can be a person, place, thing, ect)?
  • crimson: how passionate is your muse about the things they love most?
  • raspberry: what food and/or drink can your muse not get enough of? do they indulge in it often, or is it something reserved for special occasions?
  • baby blossoms: does your muse have a favorite scent? what is it, and why?
  • mallow: what sorts of things might remind your muse of those close to them? any scents, objects, sounds?
  • aubergine: does your muse prefer the day, or are they more of a night-owl?
  • acacia: how much does it take for your muse to hate someone?
  • cadmium yellow: what subjects or topics does your muse avoid, because they bring up harmful / painful memories?
  • honey: when your muse loves someone (whether it be romantic, platonic, or familial love), how do they show it?
  • chartreuse: if you had to describe your muse with a color, what color would it be and why?
  • anise: when it comes to self-care, what does your muse do to take care of themselves? do they take care to spend time on it, or do they feel they don't deserve it?
  • new leaf: what message would your muse send to their past self, if any?
  • moss: how easily does your muse adapt to any new situations they're thrust into?
  • silk: does your muse care about appearances much? do they spend a lot of time on their own appearance, or do they just go with the flow each day?
  • sanguine: does your muse typically have an optimistic, pessimistic, or some middle ground outlook on life?
  • atoll: if your muse could go anywhere, without any restrictions whatsoever, where would they go? why would they go there?
  • cool grey: if your muse could ensure one thing for certain in their future to come, what would it be?
  • black: does your muse have a 'bucket list?' list some things your muse wants to accomplish before they die.
Said During D&D Starter Meme
  • Wine isn’t flammable enough. You need vodka or something.
  • Am I allowed to dance on her grave?
  • Look, I’m all for destroying things, but…
  • Are you still on the ceiling?
  • Are you /more/ or /less/ undead than [name]?
  • If you’re still alive by then, go ahead.
  • I will explain nothing. You must discover.
  • I know it was rude, okay?
  • I’m not happy about this, okay? I don’t like hurting people!
  • How many miles per hour is that?
  • There’s blood everywhere!
  • What’s a good song for this situation?
  • Will you seek revenge?
  • This is a family-friendly establishment, sir.
  • This is the third time you’ve run away over the course of this fight, if you’re keeping track.
  • That doesn’t count as a costume, it’s just a hat.
  • He’s all talk. He’s never actually killed you.
  • Wait, do you not have any money?
  • Well, maybe the demon has devoured multiple people.
  • He is not a scaredy cat.
  • None of us came here to fight a vampire.
  • What happened? Where are you?
  • Who did she get murdered by?
  • The vampire killed her, but not with his mouth.
  • You killed her! You set the fire she died in!
  • Doesn’t he know that tweets can be 140 characters?
  • Are there any other figures of authority?
  • This entire town wants to kill me, so I owe them nothing.
  • Wolves aren’t necessarily considered townsfolk. Can they vote?
  • Who do you report to?
  • These people don’t like us.
  • I don’t know what we can even do to help them.
  • That’s not my name and you know it.
  • This is by far the worst contract I have ever been on.
  • Now everybody wants to steal!
  • I’m not a thief, I’m a lady. And an arsonist.
  • It’s a bonfire.
  • Is the frog a good guy or a bad guy?
  • I feel like we’ve accomplished nothing.
Don’t play with your food.

It is December of 1980, and a young Alecto Carrow is on another countless raid with a group of Death Eaters when she, not unusually, comes across a vaguely familiar face.

Her next victim is cowering, unarmed, in the corner of the bedroom. In a home that was one more protection spell away from being safe.

Alecto raises her wand, but that spark of recognition crosses her expression and she hesitates.

The person chances a glance up, allowing hope to seep into their thoughts before they can think to stop themselves.

The wandless victim slowly nods their head.

The slowly building sense of relief from Alecto’s deceptively friendly tone dissipates as quickly as it appeared.

Alecto raises her wand once more, and the victim tries to plead with her. Scream. Anything. But they cannot seem to find their voice.

Their silence is broken too late, with a piercing scream that reverberates throughout the house, until it is forever muted.

The Death Eaters move on to the next house.


~~ “It was dark times, Harry, dark times.” ~~

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins or the Seven Heavenly Virtues does my muse represent the most and why?

Because while my muse may be a sinner, they have some redeeming virtues as well!

Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

Virtues: Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility.

Another 100 Random RP Starters

- does include some swearing; feel free to edit when sending in an ask to fit character’s speech

  • “No. No, no, no. Don’t you dare try to pin the blame on me.”
  • “Did you even bother to think about the consequences?”
  • “Listen here you useless paperclip!”
  • “Meerkats are murderous little bastards.”
  • “For the record, I hate everything.”
  • “Do you even remember me?”
  • “Did you know the guy who wrote Sherlock Holmes may have killed a man?”
  • “I’m going to join NASA and fling myself into the sun.”
  • “I hope you know what you’re getting into.”
  • “Please don’t. Just… don’t.”

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