to light the night


natgeo On assignment with @daviddoubilet // Photographing an American crocodile at night in the mangroves of Gardens of the Queen National Park, Cuba. This crocodile rested in the soft seagrass for several minutes and then rose slowly to take a breath of air and return to the bottom to sleep again. Crocodiles are called the engineers of the mangroves because their movements increase circulation of water and nutrients through the dense root systems of the mangroves. Gardens of the Queen Marine Preserve, located fifty miles south of Cuba, is a time capsule in the Caribbean that looks much like it did when Columbus arrived and named it in honor of his Queen. From @natgeo story Underwater Jewels in the Path of Tourism with team @jenniferhayesig and #LeandroBlanco

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imagine harry performing in manchester on his tour at the apollo arena. he just finished singing one of his songs and he's now talking to the audience. at one point he says "this venue is quite special to me... I remember about eight years ago I was stood just about there to watch the script in here and it turns out louis was in the same gig!" and louis appears on stage out of nowhere and then they kiss proudly in front of everyone. the fans go absolutely crazy and we all die.



Iceland by Richard McManus
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Iceland. Northern lights over mountains at Vik.