to lie for

So im going to be drawing more shance now because @sir-scandalous has opened my eyes to the beauty of this ship. Also freaking love his art so why not tag him in my first shance piece lol


a comprehensive list of things that give the Duke of Detroit a boner

Salem kidnapping Jaune
  • Salem: now we can bring the sliver eyes to us
  • Jaune laughing hard: for a villian you tell great jokes
  • Cinder: what do you mean
  • Jaune still laughing: you really think that they are going to come all this way for me?even if you asked for a double burger with cheese that deal was not going anywhere.
  • Watts: what about the rich girl
  • Jaune stops laughing: what about her
  • Emerald: won't she pay to at least not have us take the sliver eyes girl
  • Jaune laughing hard: she wouldn't sign a five dollar token to get me back wait a least a month before you demand anything 4 months if they notice
  • Cinder: i am at least going to try to get something
  • Jaune: we can play poker while wait
  • Salem: ...about time someone brings fun to these meetings
  • Meanwhile:
  • Cinder: ok so for your comic relief friend we demand 10 double burgers with cheese and 10 large cokes
  • Mercury: and some millshakes
  • Cinder: dont ruin this and milkshakes
  • Ruby: we will send it as we get him back
  • Cinder: maybe want to get him some help
  • Nora: we will think about it "hangs up phone"
  • Ren: his plan worked he needed the fresh air and new faces
  • Meanwhile:
  • Neo: eat the ice cream boy
  • Jaune: fine just drop me off here
  • Cinder eating: you need to get some help with self esteem issues you seem like a good person and fun to be around
  • Salem: you even helped get me summer figure back
  • Jaune: ok i got to go keep to exercises and eating habits
  • Jaune: those crazy guys well time to go back to being the comic relief friend
  • Ruby: JAUNE your back it was so depressing without you
  • Team rwby and jnpr: welcome back
  • Jaune crying: that's why i am here