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Coming soon from the artistic skill of Dokirosi and the authorial craft The Truth Hertz.

A Pearlnet collaboration of writing and art.

“Repute and Rapture"

The story begins August 11th, 2017.

Look for it on AO3 with links on tumblr.

Dokirosi and I are so excited to finally announce the project we have been working on together!  It will be set in the 1800′s England and will be a type of Jane Austen story, with our artistic flare ;)  The absolutely fantastic art was made by none other than Dokirosi @dokirosi !!!!  I had the privilege of seeing this throughout it’s stages of development and it was so cool!  

This will run for about 10 chapters, and various pieces of fabulous art, and is going to be one super fun ride!  I hope you are all as excited as I am!!   Welcome Repute and Rapture the Duchess Garnet/Servant Pearl AU.


Damn I wish I could skate this well. She is so talented.