to lead them on


22-Foot Wasp Nest Found Growing in Abandoned House

Neighbors in a village on Spain’s Canary Islands called the authorities worrying what might be inside an abandoned house. What the police found was a nearly 22-foot wasp nest thought to house millions of the stinging insects. Officials said they don’t believe native wasps would build a nest so large, leading them to speculate it is an invasive species from Africa. (Source)

AN: So, don’t kill me, but I lied. This update is going to be done through mobile, and I just learned that I may not be reunited with my lovely laptop until late Monday night, so you may just have to bear with me for the next few days. Sorry :(. Thank you anon for requesting! *Photo not mine, found on Google. PLEASE ignore any spelling or typo errors!

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: I would like to request a oneshot where Steve and the reader are really close friends and are always flirting a little bit. One day she teases him and he warns her that she’ll cross his line and it leads to them kissing. ❤

Warning: Make out session? :P & It get’s a little hot and heavy, but no smut (sorry to the horny fangirls out there)
~“She Was Teasing Me”~

Steve sat on a stool in the corner of the gym, a towel wrapped around his neck and sweat beading down his skin. You sat in the doorway of the training room with your arms crossed over your chest, admiring the blond Avenger.

Steve noticed someone’s gaze on him and flicked his eyes up, a small smile gracing his lips when he saw it was you.

“Y/N, come to work out?” He asked, sliding off the stool and striding over to you.

“Nope, I just came by to admire your beautiful post-training body.” You said with a playful grin. “All sweat and muscles, yum.”

Steve rolled his eyes and shifted his position so that you could get by him.

“I bet the look would be even better in you.” He shot back, grinning with his white teeth.

This type of interaction wasn’t out of the normal for you, you would be the first to admit that you two flirted all the time. It was odd, Steve wasn’t normally the type of guy to hit on girls, but with you it was different. It wasn’t forced at all, it was rather natural.

You slipped your gym back off of your shoulder and against the wall on the gym floor, then cracked your knuckles as you scanned the room for your usual training equipment.

“Here.” Steve carried the punching bag over and clipped it to the ceiling hook, he must have moved it during his own training. Of course, he had been working with you long enough to know what you preferred to work out with, but still the fact that he consistently remembered made you smile.

You began to bandage your knuckles and fingers, and that was when you noticed that Steve was staring at you.

“What is it?” You asked with a half-smile.

He stopped zoning and fought off a light blush that crawled up his neck. “Oh n-nothing, Y/N.”

You rolled your yes, he had to know that you knew him better than that.

With your hand not covered by bandages, you trailed your fingers up his arm and shoulder. “Aw, why won’t you tell me Stevie Bear?”

His light colored eyes widened for a moment, then darkened. “Stop it, Y/N.”


“Your. Hand.” He muttered.

You hadn’t even realized, but your fingers had somehow made their way to his chest, lightly trailing over his muscles through his tight-fitting shirt.

“Oh what? This?” You said with a devious grin, then took your other hand and ran it over his chest and down to his stomach.

“Stop.” He said, reaching up and gently tugging on the loose wraps in one of your hands. “You are going to cross I line that you aren’t ready to cross.”

You couldn’t stop yourself, it was like some sort of secret, hidden desire pushed you to keep on going.

Your bodies were pressed right up to each other, you could feel his heart beating. Leaning towards him with your breath fanning lightly over his ear, you whispered, “How do I know when I’ve crossed the line?”

You heard a husky, “You just did”, then you were slammed against the nearest wall.

Steve’s hands were holding your wrists on the wall, and before you could even process what had happened, his mouth was on yours. His lips attacked yours with a fierceness you had only seen him use in battle.

His fingers wound themselves into the wraps on your hands as he pressed himself to you, making you heady with an overload of emotions.

Sure, you and Cap liked to flirt on and on, but you had no idea it would lead to THIS.

Soon, his lips began to venture away from yours, leaving wet open-mouth kisses along your neck. Groaning, you tried to move your arms, only to find that they were still being held captive by Cap’s grip. So, instead, you opted to lift your legs and wrap them around his waist, pulling him impossibly closer.

“How many lines do I have to cross to get those sweatpants off, huh?”

He moaned against your neck in pleasure as you pulled him by the waist between your legs. “You don’t even need to ask–”

“Um, please don’t?”

You both turned to look at the doorway to see Nat and Clint trying not to laugh in the doorway.

The position you were in was very telling, there was no way you would be able to convince them of a lie. Both of your cheeks were flushed, your legs were wrapped around him, his lips were on you, and…they had just heard him say he was about to drop his pants for you.

Steve tried to release your hands and pull away, but his embarrassment only grew when he realized the two of you were tangled together by the wrappings.

“She…she was teasing me.” Steve said breathlessly.

anonymous asked:

why can't Tom and Nicole have the personalities of Orlando and Lyndie?? Sometimes I wish they were the leads. They have chemistry too and at least we'd get some fun twitter action.

I have no problem with Tom and Nicole’s personalities. I find them both to be lovable, adorable, fluffy dorks with just a hint of sass, sarcasm and perfection. Have I mentioned I love them??? Nor do I have a problem with them being the leads on the show.

I think (or at least I assume) you’re referring to fan interaction. In that respect, again, I don’t want Tom and Nicole to be anyone other than themselves. That being said, I do believe that they need some sort of crash course in fandom. There in lies the biggest issue. You can be private, relatively quiet people and still interact with your fanbase.  

Tom is a virtual hermit when it comes to social media and when he does pop up, he literally tweets EXACTLY what I imagine Crane would! I’ll give Nicole this, when she does go on a social media binge, it’s filled with golden nuggets that we all cling too. But when you’re on a show that was initially a break out hit, and you have people clamoring for you, rooting for you, going after racist twits for you and generally doing the only promotion that tends to exist for the show, some love at least once a week or something wouldn’t kill you.

This is even more important during a hiatus where you show is being retooled and any and all appearances you were supposed to have have been canceled. Give us a little poptart to chew on every once in a while. This even goes beyond T&N. Writers, producers: don’t act like you haven’t seen the scripts or the storyboards. Take a pic of something as a teaser but not spoilery and tweet that shit out. Literally EVERY other show I watch (especially genre shows) does this. What is the disconnect with ya’ll over in Sleepy Hollow Land?

Maybe Lyndie and OJ could sit Tom and Nicole down in a classroom somewhere and explain how it all works. Gillian and David are on Fox too. Call them up and ask how it’s done. They’ve been rocking the whole fandom thing before fandom knew it was fandom! Fix it Jesus!

Shock Confession (Part 2)


 Steve Rogers x Reader
Could you do a Steve one shot (possibly could be made into 2 shots I don’t know) about how Steve had a crush on the reader for a long time and they’re best friends and work together with like every mission, and one night at like 2 a.m. he comes to their apartment and tells them he loves them and the reader doesn’t answer because they’re in shock and he ends up leaving broken hearted, you can write the rest 
I would like to request a one-shot where Steve  and the reader are really close friends and are always flirting a little bit.  One day she teases him and he warns her that she’ll cross his line and it  leads to them kissing 
Warnings: None
Notes: Part 1. Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Anyway I combined two different requests for this one because I didn’t really know how to follow up Shock Confessions Part 1. Hope you like it and enjoy!

After the incident the other night Steve had been avoiding you, much to your annoyance. You had been so shocked that you hadn’t been able to tell him that you reciprocated his feelings, of course now you didn’t think you’d ever get the chance. Pulling yourself out of bed you trudged down the hall of the tower to the latest mission brief, this was not gonna be a fun one. S.H.I.E.L.D had just found out about 3 remaining Hydra bases in Eastern Europe, near to the site of the original one that was based in Sokovia. As you entered the meeting room you could practically feel the tension in the air. Cap stood at one side of the table with his arms crossed across his chest and a deep frown etched into his forehead. Whereas on the other side of the room, Tony stood against the edge of the table with his palms laid on it, also frowning deeply. As you cleared your throat to announce your arrival you felt everyone’s eyes on you. Looking around you saw Clint and Natasha looking at you with sympathy, whereas the twins looked at you with their mouths agape and eyes wide. “What’s going on?” You asked quirking your eyebrow. “Nothing that concerns you Y/N.” Steve snapped, continuing to glare at Tony. “Fine.” You snapped back, sending him a glare of your own. “Shouldn’t we be briefing the next mission?” Clint spoke up with an awkward smile on his face. “Yes, we should.” Steve sighed, “Me, Natasha and Pietro will be ground support and take out the guards on the ground. Falcon, Vision and Tony will be our air support, taking out any aerial threats. While Clint and Wanda will go in and check for any hostages or the like.” Steve barked out, gesturing at individuals as he told them what their role would be. “What about me?” You asked through gritted teeth.  “Y/N, you’re staying home, you’re too much of a liability.” Steve said raising his chin slightly. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You yelled, seething on the spot. “Exactly what it sounds like.” Steve replied, “Your powers are out of control, we’d have to spend extra time making sure you were doing your job correctly when we should be concentrating on the task at hand.” Steve replied clenching his jaw. You felt the tears prick in your eyes as you turn and fled the room.  “What the hell Rogers?” You heard Tony shout as you ran from the scene.

 You spent the day hibernating in your room that Tony had allocated you in the tower. Without anyone around it took on a sort of eerie calm, which was why you had wanted to get your own apartment in the first place. As you heard the team return you refused to be there to greet them, despite JARVIS’ constant requests for you to go to the lobby. Eventually there was a knock on your door, informing JARVIS to keep it locked, you hid your face in your pillow and closed your eyes. However the knocking continued for several more minutes, with its volume only increasing with time. Eventually you stood up and threw the door open. “What?” You growled, looking up at your visitor, as your eyes met the baby blue’s that could only belong to a certain Steve Rogers. “Y/N…” He nodded “Can I come in?’ Moving back you gestured for him to enter, you didn’t want to make a scene in front of any passing recruits. “What do you want Rogers or are you here to tell me more about how much of a liability I am?” You angrily spat as you shut the door behind him. Sighing he sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his hand through his hair and down his face. “That’s not what I meant and you know it Y/N.” He croaked, seemingly defeated. However his vulnerable state didn’t lessen the anger you felt towards him because of his words. “Don’t even try it Capsicle.” You replied with malice. You knew how much he hated the nickname so you aimed to wound. “Don’t call me that.” He growled with his face still tilted down. “Oh does the fossil not like being called names?” You mocked, “I think your forgetting the point of all this Spangles.” You said as you balled your hands into fists. “Be careful Y/N.” He growled standing up and striding towards you, “At some point you’ll cross my line and neither of us will be able to take it back.” He said leaning towards you. He was so close that you could feel the heat radiating off of his body and smell his distinctive cologne. “Oh yeah Rogers? Who says I don’t want to cross it?” You murmured, with anger still laced into your words. Before you could even think about it his lips crashed against yours. It took you a moment to realise what was happening before you melted into the kiss. Wrapping your arms around his neck he backed you up so you were pressed tightly between him and the wall. As quick as his lips were there they were gone. Steve’s head lay on your shoulder and his breaths were coming out in small pants, you could tell he was as surprised as you were. Gently running your fingers through his hair, you gently tugged his head up to look into his eyes.

 “I never got the chance to tell you this, since you practically ran out of my room the other night, but I love you too Steve Rogers.” You whispered with a small smile tugging at your lips.  Before you even got to the end of your sentence Steve’s lips were on yours again. Giggling you pulled his head back and quirked your eyebrow, questioning his earlier actions. “I’m sorry Y/N, it’s just that I wanted to protect you and I knew that once you found out where we were infiltrating you would be in so much pain.” Steve whispered laying his head on your shoulder and lightly kissing your collarbone. “Where were you infiltrating?” You whispered with fear in your voice. “The base we pulled you out of.” He mumbled, “We thought we had closed it down but apparently not.” He whispered, sighing against your skin. “Thank you.” You choked out with tears in your eyes. “I’m just sorry I called you a liability, I was just making up reasons to keep you safe.” He said raising his eyes to meet your eyes. “I know.” You whispered pecking him lightly on the lips and threading your fingers through his.

i can’t believe people think that Those Game-Stealing SJW’s just think the new Fire Emblem game is homophobic bc they’ve only read the mistranslation and refuse to acknowledge the correct one.

um, i read the “real translation” expecting to be relieved that it actually wasn’t homophobic, but like…

sure. the situation is different. but it’s… still homophobic??

it’s a woman pretending to be a lesbian to piss off her dad (which is shitty in and of itself, as if being gay is REBELLIOUS and a fun game or some shit), and leading queer women on by flirting with them (mild but still annoying).

but even beyond that, the plot for her… makes no sense???
she doesn’t experience any romantic attraction towards women.
but she’s so used to ~PRETENDING~ she does, that… she faints whenever she sees a woman??

what the fuck??? that’s the most asinine thing i’ve heard in a long time holy shit.

that’s just really weirdly bad writing.

the people i’ve seen most upset about it (still turned off even after reading the real translation) are FIRE EMBLEM FANS. like, many of my friends who were excited for it and just had their hopes for a well-written game dashed piece by piece with each news they heard about it.

and if you’ll notice… most of the people mad about it are also queer people. lesbians and bisexuals especially.

and most of the people defending the game with every fiber of their being, not even willing to admit that it has a single possible flaw or even weak writing… are cis straight male gamergaters.

and i’m not being all “SEE?? DESTROY CISHET SCUM!!!!” here.

i’m just saying that the people who are upset about a badly handled “queer” character are queer people, and the people acting like there’s no reason to be even a little put off whatsoever are straight people.

do you… see how there might be a problem there?

are they NOT ALLOWED to be mad, just because you aren’t?

if you’re straight, you can’t just ignore and shun actual queer people for being mad about a weird fake queer character.
that just makes no goddamn sense.

Backseat serenade.

Could I request a song scenario to Backseat Serenade by All Time Low for Jimin?

This song gives me life ^^


You lay in bed awake crying. You’d caught your boyfriend cheating approximately 6 hours ago when you came in from work. You found her underwear and clothes leading to your room like a disaster warning. You screamed at them both to get out, and once your boyfriend took all his belongings that had accumulated over the months you were together; he was gone. No apology, nothing.

You picked up your phone and dialled.

‘Jimin come over’ you whispered down the phone, holding back your tears and cries until the phone call was over. He didn’t even question you.

‘On my way’ he whispered back, trying not to wake his hyungs, you assumed.

You got up off your bed and tidied yourself so it looked like you hadn’t been crying for the past 5 hours. You couldn’t believe that you found him cheating. You knew the relationship was going nowhere; but instead of breaking up with you he decided to sleep with the first girl he could find. You always had a thing for Jimin, but seeing as he never acted on It you tried your best to forget about it and move on with other relationships, but at the end of the day your mind wouldn’t be with the man who used to lie next to you; but with Jimin. No matter how hard you tried it was always him. You’d even made out once but because you’re not as shit as your now ex boyfriend, you confessed and begged for forgiveness, but now, you wished you’d gone further with Jimin.

The doorbell rang and you rushed to open the door.

You pulled the door open to find Jimin in a black tshirt and shorts. He was breathing heavily. He’d ran to get here. You bit your lip and pulled him into your flat, slamming the door with his body as fast as you could.

You crashed your lips onto his and shoved your fingers through his hair, tugging it slightly. He kissed you back, sliding his tongue into your mouth as he held onto your hips tightly, pulling you closer to him. You bit his lip and he let out a quiet moan, making you feel even more excited that this was finally happening. You trailed kisses down his neck as his heavy breathing continued, but you missed the taste of his lips so returned immediately after leaving a trail of hickeys on your way back up.

Without taking your lips off of his you guided the pair of you to your bedroom, pushing the door open with one hand and tugging at the hem of his t-shirt with the other. He released you for a second as you pulled his top off. His body was no longer chiselled the way it used to be, but it just looked even more beautiful now, softer. You ran your hands over it and placed your hands on the top of his pants and pulled.

Jimin snapped out of the kiss instantly, securing his pants where they should be. You looked up at him in a daze, as you both tried to catch your breath. He sighed and leant back on the wall, searching around the room for his t-shirt.

‘Y/N.. I don’t want to be the rebound.’ He admitted sadly. He didn’t look you in the eye. He picked his shirt off the floor and pulled it over his head. He ran his fingers through his soft hair, stealing your job of literally seconds ago.

You sighed and sat down on the bed.

‘Jimin I want you’ you whispered, staring at the floor, just realising what you’d just done. ‘God I’m sorry.. you should go, I’m a mess right now. Just let yourself out’ you said hiding your face with your hands. How could you do something this careless? He’s not just someone you can fuck with when you’re angry. He’s a real person.

‘No’ He mumbled. You looked up at him.

‘Jimin’ you said, finally making eye contact with him. He plonked himself on the bed next to you and wrapped an arm over your shoulder.

‘I’m not going home and leaving you like this.’ He said, gently kissing the top of your head. You nodded.

‘I’m sorry’ you whispered honestly. And you were, you were just so frustrated.

‘I don’t want to be a rebound Y/N…I don’t want to be a mistake, or a regret or just an awkward see-you-later tomorrow morning… I want to be yours, and I know it’s a lot  to ask, but he’s gone now, and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner really…’ he trailed off as he realised you were staring at him longingly. Jimin blushed and looked across the room to avoid your stare. You nodded and sighed.

‘Can we pretend this never happened?’ You asked, already knowing the answer.

‘No.. we can continue this’ he said placing a kiss on your lips, for long enough to tempt you, but as soon as you tried to move yours he pulled away. ‘When we’ve been on a date or something.’ He said smirking. You bit your lip and laughed.

‘So I’m going to make some tea and you’re going to tell me what the hell has got you in this state’ he said pulling you up off the bed and heading to the kitchen.


When plans were hand drawn, architects would painstakingly double check all the dimensions before handing the blueprints over to construction crews. The architects knew that they were fallible, that they could make an occasional goof, and so they followed an old carpentry dictum: measure twice, cut once. With software generated plans, they’re less careful about verifying measurements. The apparent precision of computer renderings and printouts leads them to assume that the figures are accurate.
—  The Glass Cage - Nicholas Carr
The Rise of Imperator Furiosa

There must have been a group of buzzards waiting just out of sight of the rig, resting behind a large dune. The sounds of engines turning were the only warning, and she probably wouldn’t even have heard them if she wasn’t lancing for the lead car, and they were a bit father ahead of the rig than usual, so the sound of that monster vehicle didn’t mask the noise of the buzzards’ engines starting up.

Furiosa grabbed up a lance and swung to the front of the vehicle, stopping on the hood for a moment to let out a war cry, signaling to any who saw her that there was danger on the horizon. She then slid to the front of the vehicle as the buzzards were likely going to try to flank the rig, but at least one was going to try and drop spikes in front of the convoy. She wasn’t about to let that happen. She quickly took aim at the most strategic place for the cars to come into view, and there it was, swerving around the bend, aiming to put its vehicle in their path several meters ahead.

Her driver sped up, trying to get in front of the vehicle before it got in front of them. Furiosa readied her lance, and as soon as they were in view, she threw her lance. It hit the passenger side front wheel well. The tire exploded, and the vehicle began to spin out. Furiosa swung back into the lancer’s post to grab for another one and get a view of what was going on. She could see the left flank of the rig. The war boys in back were keeping a buzzard vehicle busy, not letting it pull up too tight on the rig’s side.

Furiosa turned back around to see if any other buzzards had tried to come up on the front convoy, and as she did so, was forced backward. The whole vehicle had lurched forward. She braced herself against the poles of the lancer’s perch and turned her head, looking behind her. The rig was riding their rear end, and smoke seemed to be billowing from the hood area, obscuring Imperator Edge’s view.

“Moron.” She growled. She had already had little respect for their imperator, but driving faster when your vision was obscured—especially with a car ahead of them—was reckless at best.

Furiosa turned back to the cab and pounded on it, getting the Volt’s attention. “I’m going to clear the rig’s view.” She yelled, so he could hear her. He nodded but kept his eyes on the road.

Furiosa turned around then. Volt had pulled ahead a little bit, but it seems as if the lack of resistance the imperator felt only compelled him to driver more quickly. Was he trying to use the lead car as some sort of guide?!

She propped her foot up on the edge of the lancer’s perch and grabbed the hood of the rig. Simultaneously, she shoved off the edge of the perch and pulled herself up, getting her torso over the hood of the rig. She clambered the rest of the way up and found a smoke bomb on the hood. She covered her mouth with one hand and reached down with the other, scooping it up. There was an odd pull when she lifted it, almost as if something sticky and been put on it. Probably why it had stayed on the hood.

Furiosa turned with it in her hand and saw through the smoke a buzzard almost even with the cab of the rig on the passenger side. She tossed the smoke bomb at the hood of the car, but the sticky substance must not be quite great enough for two sticks. It rolled off the hood, and the smoke quickly cleared. The rig suddenly slowed, and Furiosa lurched forward, her body sprawling against the hood. She reached her arm out, bracing herself as best she could. The head car finally got some distance from the rig, and Furiosa looked over her shoulder at the idiot imperator. She pushed herself back from the edge of the hood and looked back to the buzzard car only to see a man crawled partially onto the hood and aiming a crossbow at her. She had nowhere to go. She was wretched, sitting up on the hood of the rig, this exposed, and the imperator was too incompetent to be any help.

The man’s body suddenly jerked, a bolt protruding from his neck. A war boy must have got him. Furiosa leaned slightly forward, thinking to check on who it was, when the rig suddenly lurched again, but this time off to the left. Furiosa’s head snapped around to look at the driver and saw blood sprouting from just under the imperator’s neck, to the right under his clavicle, probably through a lung.

Furiosa reclaimed her feet and swung around to the driver side, swinging herself beside the cab and reaching in through the open window to unlatch the door and pull it open. Once the door was open, Furiosa got up next to the imperator. “Move over!” This was the first time she’d actually got up close to the man. He’d always been too aloof around lowly war boys, but she recognized him, those eyes, from a time in her life she’d rather not remember.

He turned terrified to her, terrified, his hand cupped below the wound, not even staunching the flow of blood. His mouth moved, and gurgling noises escaped. She could tell he was pleading for her help, but her heart had gone hard. She grabbed his imperator’s scarf, using it to pull him forward, jerking him out of the cab so she could climb into the driver seat. She promptly righted the steering with her right hand and pulled the door shut with her left, mechanical arm. The fabric from his scarf was still in her right hand, and she tossed it on the passenger seat as she focused in on the buzzard car that had taken out their imperator. Its rear end was flush with her bumper. It was aiming to take out the lead car, which was helpless without its lancer. Furiosa quick checked her side mirrors and saw that those war boys she could see had good grips and postures. She jerked the rig hard to the right. The buzzard car saw the action just quick enough to try to back off. Instead of hitting the rear end, she hit it at about the rear driver passenger door, causing its front end to veer in toward the rig, and then spin outwards, away after the front end smashed the rig’s grill.

Clambering to her left made her jerk her head to see what was at her window. The war boy, Ace, was suddenly there. He looked startled to see her. “Where’s Imperator Edge?”

“Took a fatal shot.” Furiosa replied, glancing into her passenger side mirror. The buzzards had righted themselves already and were picking up pace with them again. She glanced around the cab and saw a large gun, a crossbow with bolts that had exploding tips like the lances, and a handgun by her knees. She reached for the big gun and pulled it up to her and looked at Ace. Ace now had both his elbows inside the window, bracing his body with them as he’d lifted his hands to give the V8 salute for his fallen comrade.

Furiosa shoved the gun at him. “Take this.” She ordered. She jerked her head toward the passenger side. “Buzzard’s coming up on our right. Take care of it.” Ace’s eyes grew wide at her hauling the large gun at him, but he didn’t question her. He lugged the gun out the window and put it on the hood. He crawled up after it as the buzzard vehicle became visible out her right window. Furiosa let her foot off the gas, causing the rig to fall back just far enough to give Ace a clear shot. He took it, and the front end, engine block of the vehicle exploded. She eased her foot back on the gas, picking up the speed she’d lost.

Ace clambered back down to her window. He hauled the gun back in toward her. “Can’t do much more with this. Too heavy to be mobile with outside the rig.” Furiosa moved the gun back into the cab. “Get me a war boy to take up lead car lance position.” Furiosa said, seeing another buzzard coming up again on the right. The war boys along the left flank were clearly doing a better job keeping the pursuing vehicles off her. Imperator Edge’s doing probably, so he’d have extra protection. That hadn’t worked out too well for him. She pulled out the crossbow to her right and aimed it out the window, preparing for the vehicle to come into range and to get a good shot. As it pulled into view, however, it quickly dropped back again. She snarled and shoved the weapon back in its holster.

A thud to her left and she turned to see a younger war boy at her window. “You needed me?” He asked, his eyes wide but his tone determined. He likely hadn’t known it would be her at the wheel. “What’s your name?”


“Alright Morsov, I need you to lance for our head car. We’re going to have to do this while moving. You think you can handle that?”

Morsov gave a curt not.

“Alright. Stay low until the hood of the rig is to the rear of the car. I’m going to pull up beside it. Wait until the bumper of the rig is flush with the cab. I need you to make it safe, so no heroics, okay? You wait till you have a clear shot to jump to the lancer’s spot. You got that?”

“Got it!”

“Get on with it then.” Furiosa said, jerking her head, indicating for him to climb onto the hood. As he did so, she gently eased the gas down, closing the distance between her and the front car. She gave a single blast of the rig’s horn, knowing this would get the Volt’s attention. She motioned for him to pull to the left. There was enough room for her to get to the right of him and stay on the pavement if he did so, and she wanted the ground as even as possible for the jump. The car pulled to the left edge of the pavement, and she pulled to the right, picking up the pace, drawing even with the back of the driver cab. She didn’t pull fully into position until she felt she matched the pace of the other vehicle, then pressed down just a little more. Morsov was crouched on the left of the hood, waiting like she’d told him. As she pulled up to the cab, he waited a second, giving her a moment to match pace, and then he leapt. She held her breath for a brief moment. It almost looked like he had gone too far, but his feet landed near the middle of the perch. His body jerked forward, but he was able to grab a lancer’s post and steady himself.

Furiosa took her foot of the gas, letting herself fall back behind the lead car, where it took up its position again. She drew back enough to give it some good space. She didn’t want to do what the last imperator did if anything impeded her temporarily.

The dunes to the left of the road suddenly gave way, opening up on a clear stretch of desert land. A buzzard swerved around the fight happening on the left flank of the rig and started gaining on them. Furiosa looked around for a war boy. The buzzard looked like it was going to come for her, and she was a little out of range for the lead lancer to assist. She was on her own. She yanked the crossbow back out, swung her door open, and jammed the pedal. She swung out, aiming at the oncoming buzzard. She aimed at the passenger wheel well. As she did so, she saw in her peripheral Ace swing down by her. He fired at the driver as she fired at the wheel well. The wheel well exploded, but the driver had only taken the bolt to his right shoulder; he’d dropped a gun from the hand at that. Ace fired again and took the driver in the face. Furiosa barely saw it before she was swinging back into the cab and letting up on the gas. She checked her mirrors and didn’t see any buzzards.

A dune dropped, and another car whipped in at them from the right. The head car screeched against the pavement, Morsov took aim, and the rear end of the buzzard exploded. The car continued to spin in toward the road, and Furiosa nudged the wheel to the right, then hit the gas again, aiming it so she’d hit one end of the spinning vehicle and force it to keep spinning, past the rig, off the pavement, instead of getting stuck at the front of her grill and slowing the whole convoy. Ace ducked out of the way of some debris as the car spun even faster after the strike from the rig, and it looked clear again. She looked forward and saw Morsov glancing at her, and she gave him a nod of approval. He grinned and howled in triumph. She saw the driver throw his head back and do the same, and then Ace was doing it. Furiosa couldn’t help but grin, and she too suddenly felt the rushing of adrenaline her body had been going through, and she let all that adrenalin induced energy and tension out in a growling howl of triumph right along with them.

She chuckled as she came down from it and shared grins with Ace. His eyes then focused on something past her, and the grin faded. She glanced at what he was looking at and saw the imperator scarf.

“What’d you say happened to him?”

Furiosa shifted in her seat so he could see the blood that had spilled onto the edge. “He was bleeding out. He couldn’t drive, and he wouldn’t move.” She replied tersely.

Ace gave a nod. “Be careful with that.” He nodded toward the scarf. “I’ve seen war boys rip each other to shreds trying to claim things that would denote them as imperators.” He regarded her for a long moment. He gave a nod. “Hide it or wear it.”

Furiosa lifted a brow. “Wear it?”

“There have been times, when a war boy suitable to one day being an imperator, has worn one to show their interest in being promoted. It looks assertive and has worked favorably in the past. Unless they are sick and tumored, then the other imperators might just kill you themselves. But you’re not, are you?”

Furiosa didn’t answer that, but it didn’t really seem like he meant for her to. She just looked at the scarf for a moment, then the road ahead.

“Do you know the kill switch for this thing, or are we going to have to hot-wire it when we got to Gas Town?”

“I know the sequence.” Ace said. Furiosa gave a nod, and Ace turned to head back up. “Ace.” He stopped. “Did you choose the positions of the war boys?”

Ace shook his head. “Imperator Edge did that.”

As she had suspected. Furiosa fought the urge to roll her eyes. He’d only joined the war rig three or four transports before; Ace had been with it much longer. Edge should have trusted his judgment. “Rearrange them.”

“How would you like it?” Furiosa looked at him hard. He was technically second in command after the imperator. He didn’t need to be taking orders from her, but it didn’t seem like it had even occurred to him to take charge now.

“You’ve been working this rig the longest. Make the calls. Tighten up my right flank!”

“Yes boss.” He swung out of sight.

Furiosa’s eyes inevitably wandered back to the scarf. She looked ahead of her toward Gas Town. Had the rig ever arrived without its imperator? What would that mean? An imperator from Gas Town would probably demand charge of the war rig if they showed up without command and that seemed unwise. Was it worth risking everything she’d accomplished this far though?

Well, she hadn’t got where she was now by not taking risks. She grabbed up the scarf and coiled it around her neck, considering her next move as they approached the gates of Gas Town.

So tired of seeing Vivienne brushed off as a power-hungry bitch.  

Vivienne cares a lot about protecting the weak.  That’s why she’s so concerned about what would happen in a world without Circles and Templars.  She’s furious when she sees what became of the Tranquil in Redcliffe, she loathes Fiona for leading other mages on a foolhardy path that dooms them all, and she is one of the few characters who gives an approval boost if you save all the NPCs in Haven.  

Vivienne doesn’t get along with Sera because her paternalistic attitudes are the opposite of Sera’s grassroots philosophy.  But they do, in fact, both have the wellbeing of others at heart, even if they both use questionable methods. 

Sure, Vivienne wants as much power as she can get.  But what does she do with that power?  She allows mages the quality of life that she had.  She keeps Templars around to contain magical incidents.  She maintains order.  Those are not the actions of a selfish golddigger.   Those are the actions of someone who legitimately cares about the world. 

And if she’s arrogant to think she her personal power should be the lynchpin of this new order  Well, I’d say she’s earned some arrogance, even if her path turns out to be short-sighted in the long term (i.e. a strongly centralized Chantry could quickly fall back into the old ways under an unqualified heir.) 

  • person made entirely out of garbage:fat people aren't attractive. they just aren't hot
  • me:*pulls out thick and organized portfolio of my selfies for them to leaf through while they consider what awful choices have lead them to this lonely and self-hating point*
  • person:holy shit

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Touka, yomo, suzuya, and shirokaneki 's s/o has been missing for a lil while (kidnapped) and when they're found, poor s/o is all types of traumatized and is need of some serious TLC from the bbys


Touka’s significant other showed up on her doorstep without prior warning, without so much as a hello; in fact, what notified her of her lover’s presence were shrill cries that sounded agonizing. Touka rushed outside to find her broken lover crumbled onto the floor, a mere shell of who they used to be, and Touka, eyes watering and lips parted (she wants to say something, anything, but can’t) can only embrace them. They sob into her chest.

“Hey, what happened?” she asks softly after their sobs subside into little hiccups, and they only shake their head. They look up at her, eyes wide, though she can’t obtain any information from the gesture. 

She leads them by the hand inside and sits them down on a wooden chair while she prepares coffee. 

“T-touka…” they murmur, and she turns around instantly, “I love you.” 

With a sigh, she strolls over to the kitchen table, two coffees in hand, and places her arms around their neck from behind. She kisses the top of their head gently and puts both coffees on the table. 

“I’ll never let this happen to you again,” she whispers, her hand topping theirs. 

Yomo receives a call from Yoshimura in the middle of a food-scavenging mission, and though he lets the phone ring until it tires itself out, in the end, he decides that the call must be important, and answers. 

He’s glad he did, because the call is a notification that his lover had showed up at Anteiku, broken and battered. 

Yomo races back to the coffee shop immediately and almost punches a wall when he finds his lover shaking, a warm blanket wrapped around them, in Anteiku’s makeshift infirmary. 

“Yomo!” they cry out, and they run towards him, discarding the blanket like a cicada would its shell. He wraps them in a tight embrace, and whispers how much he missed them into their ear as they start crying. 

Worried that their condition might worsen, he sits them down on the bed, arms snaked around their waist, their head on his shoulder as they sniffle away. 

Suzuya is surprised when he receives a call from the secretary downstairs; she said he had a visitor but he was expecting no one. He takes the elevator to the first floor waiting room, where his eyes meet those of his lover’s, whom he assumed to be dead. 

He whispers their name and the word barely passes his lips. Their eyes, red and swollen, glance down, and they murmur “Juuzou” as they wipe away stray tears with the back of their hands. 

Immediately, he walks towards them as if in a trance, still not processing that his lover, who was supposedly kidnapped by a gang of ghouls, made it out alive. 

He whispers their name again, a small smile making its way across his face, and then he rushes up to them, yelling their name and spinning them around. They chuckle lightly, nose still stuffed from crying, and embrace him tightly. 

“Juuzou, I was so scared…” they hiccup, and Juuzou gives them an eskimo kiss, moving down from their nose and then kissing them fully on their lips. 

“Please don’t be scared anymore! You’re safe with me!” 

Shiro Kaneki gasps when his s/o shows up on his door, bruised and sobbing. He opens his arms and brings them into a tight but gentle hug, stroking their hair and whispering “you’re okay, you’ll be okay” repeatedly into their ear. 

When they’ve exhausted themselves with crying, Kaneki carries them to the couch, placing them down and moving the hair from their face. He tends to their wounds silently but efficiently, opting to have them speak when they feel they’re ready. 

They eventually open up, telling them of the terrors they faced, and all the while Kaneki held their hand, urging them on and wiping tears away. 

Eventually Kaneki asks them who did this to them, and at their stifled cries, he decides not to pursue the question further. 

“Tell me when you’re ready,” he murmurs, cupping their cheek, “I’ll end them for you.”

And with that, Kaneki lays next to them on the couch, their legs intertwined and bodies pressed against each other, as he patiently waits for them to fall asleep.

  • loki:helps an old lady cross the street
  • loki:launches wearable smart technology to assist people in their day to day life
  • loki:donates money to the aspca
  • avengers:there's something up with this
  • thor:nay! no doubt my brother has changed his ways!
  • (old lady gets hit by a truck thanks to the 4 second difference in her journey)
  • (smart technology slowly cannibalizes its wearers and makes robotic slaves of them)
  • (loki leads an army of small kittens and puppies into battle)
  • avengers:...
  • thor:okay my bad

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Confession: over this summer I have kissed 4 different guys, with the first two being friends and the second 2 being friends all in a drunken attempt to get over this guy I have had a crush on since last September!! 2 of the guys now like me but I don't like them at all and the worst part is I keep kissing them Might as well ship me to hell now.😂

Don’t lead them on if you don’t any feelings toward them, it can get messy. 


Reflections on the TAO Tribe

I did not come to this land expecting to find much more than a meager existence for myself; rather when I bartered all my armor and weapons to secure a family of five on the ship to Eorzea I thought nothing of myself, I simply acted as the Path bid me to do.

Now there is a chance, albeit shaky and fleeting, that we’ll have a tribe again; albeit an odd one. Raen, Xaela, and possibly even others will join together and, unironically, act ‘Together As One’. It’s a bold undertaking and I support it readily; it is of the Path, after all. Whether or not it succeeds or casts us into ruin is irrelevant. But in a land where no one sees us as Raen or Xaela, as Arulaq or Dotharl or Himaa or even Mok? We -are- one people.

That they should think me worthy of having a hand in leading them, though… I know that I will not shirk my responsibilities but that they did not consider that I will make this as amusing a journey as possible is on them. Yes this will be good and if I am lucky, quite hilarious!

~Khadan of the Arulaq

People always compliment Ryan Murphy for the way he gives so much work to women in terms of giving them lead roles, especially with AHS. But I don’t understand why because he always writes them as being highly unbearable/bitchy/self absorbed/high maintenance/emotional wrecks. Just look at the characters he has created, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, Kitty Wilde, all of Emma Roberts and Jessica Lange’s characters in the AHS series. It’s ridiculous.

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Any good fics were Blaise tries to make Draco jealous to fret him with hermione?

Here are some Blaise matchmaking fics:

Title: A Lover’s Quest
Author: Masqued/spiffthegirl
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 11,246
Summary: Hermione and Draco are, to say the least, beating around the bush. A mutual friend and non-stop mischief lover, brings them together by causing them to hunt down letters that lead them to each other.

Title: Enflamed Desire
Author: Laser Lance 720
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,726
Summary: Blaise Zabini decides to play matchmaker. His newest task; resolve the sexual tension between the two Heads, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. A bit of meddling, and it proved to be all too easy for the kindling attraction to catch fire.

Title: Friendly Interference
Author: cleotheo
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 10,439
Summary: When Draco refuses to ask Hermione out his best friend, Blaise Zabini steps in and vows to bring the pair together. Will Blaise be successful in getting the couple together or will he ruin any chance they have of happiness with his interference? Short five part story.

Title: A Kind of Friend
Author: Reetinkerbell
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,129
Summary: In which Harry unwillingly becomes Blaise’s partner in crime and Draco and Hermione becomes so much more.

Title: Mistletoe Mischief
Author: cleotheo
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 3,871
Summary: Blaise and Theo are on a Christmas mission, they’re going to unite the Head Students using enchanted mistletoe. However catching Draco and Hermione under the mistletoe proves harder to do than they first thought. Light hearted seasonal One Shot.

Title: Sex, Quidditch and Showers
Author: Clara/lost_slayer
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,615
Summary: Plotting, scheming, sex and Quddtich. Just another day in the lives of Slytherin

- Lisa

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I had to go to a&e today cause of chest pains and heart palpitations. My physiatrist says I have 3 weeks to 'turn this around' before I'm put into inpatient, but I still can't eat. I'm 13 and so overwhelmed with this disorder :( I feel lost & scared

Trigger warning

Dear Anon,

I am so sorry to hear that you are in such a position but I want you to know that you are not alone right now. There are people around you who care about you and WANT to help you through this. The best piece of advice I can give to you is LET THEM. Cutting off from them and not listening will only lead to you having to leave home in three weeks time. Your parents, even though they may not understand what is going on right now really really care about you. They are your parents; they love you so incredibly much and only want to see you better, it is okay to trust them, to hand over some of the control. You don’t have to go through this alone.

I can relate in many ways to your situation. I was given one week to turn things around a few years ago and was going to be sectioned and placed in IP if I didn’t and the one thing that kept me going through this week and gave me the strength to push forwards was that I did not want to be taken away from my home. From my parents. I loved them so much and they loved me. I thought anorexia had taken everything from me, I felt lost and scared, consumed and I didn’t see a way out. But slowly, by listening to the team I was seeing as well as letting my mum support me a bit more, I was able to turn things around. I am not saying that this is going to be easy and simple, but it is going to be worth it. 

During this time a lady from the ED team I was seeing turned to me and said “this is going to be the hardest thing that you ever have to do in your life but it will be worth it” and I can’t express just how right she was. Breaking  through this part right now is going to feel like the hardest thing you have ever done, at times you may feel like giving up, that it isn’t possible but I PROMISE IF YOU HOLD ON YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS. 

The best thing that helped me when I had to turn things around, was having a PLAN. A set out plan that I could see down on paper and each day I tackled each bit as it arose. My mum was signed off of work to care for me and together she held my hand, watched me cry over a slice of toast, over fruit and everything else I had to eat, and she never let go. As bad as it sounds, through that time I was mainly doing it for them. Going IP would have meant leaving my family for months and I didn’t want to do that to them. I started to see just how much anorexia had torn apart MY LIFE and the life of my parents and family. 

Let the people around you help and support you.
One of the hardest things I had to do was TALK. Initially I didn’t want to talk about my ‘issues’ I didn’t want to even be in the same room as people, especially my parents. Talking was the hardest thing I had to do but by beginning to open up and LET PEOPLE IN, it allowed me to BREATHE. Some of the constant heavy weight that had been on my shoulders for so long began to lessen. I started to learn that opening up was not weak. Being honest and asking for help did not make me overly vulnerable. I started to see that by letting people in, I was not immediately crossing myself off as a failure. Talking, especially to the people who mean so much to you can be so hard at first, but I promise that through practice it does get better. I started off by writing letters to my mum which I would leave outside or under her door at night so that I didn’t have to see a response or reaction. The slowly we were able to open up more of a relationship again, we slowly began to talk more and yes it felt horrible and wrong and every inch of my skin would crawl but it DID HELP. And it was worth it. 

Coming up with a plan for the next few weeks WITH SOMEONE can honestly be a lot of help. For me this included both food elements AND fluids. The fluids I had to write down how much I was to have at each time of day as I had been restricting both fluids and food - and this habit was one of the hardest to break but I can’t express how IMPORTANT it is fight those thoughts and push through. This plan was come up between myself, my mum AND the ED team I was seeing; and for this week I will admit my food lacked in any variety, and it was the hardest week of my whole entire life but it WAS WORTH IT. All the tears, the pain - both mentally and physically (because yes the initial stages in recovery DO hurt, but as you CONTINUE to feed your body, it begins to trust you again and it DOES get better), the excruciating thoughts, the was all worth it. Because come my review AT the IP unit, where I was shown around, even shown my bedroom, all of the menus etc, I had managed to turn things around. I was not going to have to leave home and move 1+hour away to an adolescent unit.
I will admit that seeing the unit scared me to death. 
I knew that being there would not help me.
I needed to be at home with my parents.
I even remember one lady in particular who really had it in for me that was on my ED team screaming at me that there was n doubt I would end up in IP. That I was too sick and should not be at home. She constantly put down every single thing I did, no matter how much I tried, she always picked holes and put me down. I even remember my mum asking her to leave my house because she literally screamed at me that I was not trying and that I was “not trying hard enough” - which was a huge trigger for my ED initially. Anyway, the feeling when I proved her wrong, when I showed that I COULD FIGHT FOR MY LIFE and that I COULD TURN THINGS AROUND, was just amazing. Being able to walk away from that hospital WITH my parents after that meeting made it so worth it. 

After these three weeks, that doesn’t mean things can slack off, not at all. It is almost the beginning of a new journey. It doesn’t get better straight away, it takes constant and continual fighting, but it DOES get better. 
Is there the possibility of having supported meals at home? I know that this will be the last thing ED wants, however in that week I was given, I was given no choice and had to have meal support at least 4 times, along with my mum being with me, in order to be allowed to stay at home and no it wasn’t nice at all, it was so tough, but it DID help. 

Right now anon, things might not feel okay at all and you might feel lost and scared and like nothing will ever change but please believe me when I say that they do get better. Take this small part of my journey that I have shared with you, that is in my PAST, I went through it, I have been in such a similar position and now? Well I can now look back and see just how ill and consumed I was by anorexia. I can look back and I can see how far I have come and I can be PROUD of myself. 

Something else that did help me was writing a little list of things to motivate me and keep me on the right track. Have this list with you at meal times and use it to help you push through. Stick to your meal plan. You CAN do it. Prove your Psych wrong, but most importantly PROVE TO YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN DO IT. You have the power and strength within you to fight this disorder, it takes a lot of digging and trust me I know it feels very wrong at first but I promise, it will get better. Don’t lose hope, hold onto it. Think of all the things you want to do with your life, not just 10 years in the future but over the next year, the next few months. Think of the things that anorexia has taken away from you, use those things as ammunition AGAINST it. YOU CAN GET THOSE THINGS BACK. it has not ruined everything, you are not beyond hope. 

You have three weeks to turn things around; IT IS POSSIBLE.
Work with your team, and your parents.
Let them all support you.
Let them take some of the reins. 
It is okay. You don’t have to go through this alone.
You are going to get through this and you are going to come out the other side.
It may feel impossible now, but that does not mean that it is impossible. 

Hang on in there anon, I know it may feel like you are holding on my the skin of your teeth right now but it does get better. You are going to beat this. You are going to show and prove to YOURSELF that you are stronger than you think. 

I am always here for you. Take care and I wish you all the best of luck with everything, you can do this xxxx

He has had many names, many titles. He has been many things.

Once, he was a guardian. Hatched in the Wandering Contagion…alone, with nothing save for vultures circling overhead. Perhaps he was destined to die. Then again, in the Plaguebringer’s domain everything is a test of survival. And survive he did. Scrap of food by scrap of food, the dragon who would become known as Amaroq eeked out a living on the fleshy, bone riddled ground. And finally, there he became a King.

He was the one to found Nocturne and he was the one to give the clan away to Nox–a dragon he felt more capable of leading them than he. Perhaps, he decided, they could do more than simply survive under the shadow dragon. Perhaps, someday, they could thrive. And at times they did thrive. When Nox moved them to the Tangled Wood, Amaroq was granted a new form. One that would let him hide in the dense foliage–he gave up his guardian nature and became a tundra. But even the thick fur didn’t hide the scars he’d earned as Nocturne’s first King.

But for as much as Nocturne would flourish under Nox’s rule, they still struggled. Still, had to fight constantly to survive. Hiding in the shadows didn’t save them from constant threat. A fledgling clan that would again and again struggle to build itself up, only to be decimated by attack after attack. Finally, the serthis would drive Nocturne into the biggest act of magic the clan had ever done…they vanished. Shrouding the clan in mists and illusion, doing their best to erase it off the map entirely. At least until they could gather enough strength to defend themselves once more.

Amaroq couldn’t follow them. There had to be more to life than simply surviving.

And there was.

A lone skydancer by the name of Skoll. She had been born in thorny twist of this forest, known the constant darkness since she’d first opened her eyes. She knew the cruelty and brutality of the serthis culture and had survived within it. And when Amaroq came upon her, she forced him to look inside himself.

He’d forsaken the plague magic he’d been born with for as long as he could remember. Now, under her tutelage he would learn to wield it. In battle and as a healing tool, something he hadn’t even known was possible. Under her guide, he would learn the beastclans. And he would be granted one last form, one last name. He would become a coatl, with shimmering feathers and sleek patterned scales.

He would become known as Cerberus.

Founder of Nocturne. Healer. Protector.

And soon, he would return home again and he would bring Nocturne back out of the shadows.