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Eve of Destruction

Summary: Everyone has a past, some more honorable than others. After a mission gone wrong, Bucky has no choice but to visit one of the darkest parts of his, the only glimmer of hope being you….if only you can forgive him after all this time..

Word Count: 2038

Song Pairing: Eve of Destruction- Berry McGuire

Authors note: This will be a mini-series so if you want to be tagged just comment below! 

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     You pulled out your dagger from the body laying at your feet, “Oh fuck me”. Cleaning your favorite weapon you rubbed it against your leg, the blood not showing against your black pants. Bucky continued to hold Steve up, “Doll I had too-”.

“Don’t doll me Barnes, it’s been five years. You really think bringing pretty boy here is a good idea?”.

Sam began to get a little ancy, knowing that Steve wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. He parted his lips to speak but Bucky narrowed his eyes, silenting telling him to not make this any worse.

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can we admire the sultanas of the Sultanate of Women for their intelligence, ability, and resiliency while also remembering the incredible amount of trauma they survived (kidnapping, assault, sex slavery) which ultimately led them to that position in life  

Since the radfems finally found me I’ve been going on a blocking spree. While I did so I decided to look at some of the blogs to get their side of the story. Here’s a few things I learned while I did so.

  • Not all TERFs are white as some would lead you to believe
  • Many of them are anti religion
  • They will reblog posts that claim radfems support people’s right to physically transition and then the next post on the blog will have someone in the thread calling trans people devils.
  • I’m uncertain but they seem to think, from what I observed, that the idea of gender neutral bathrooms is a conspiracy by the patriarchy to destroy all women’s spaces.
  • They claim that trans people perpetuate what some of them call a conservative view of gender or that we are for narrowing the definition of femininity but they also call trans feminists and feminists that support trans people or feminists that are not radfems or conservative feminists libfems or liberal feminists and they seem to hate what they call libfems. Some of them call themselves former libfems.
  • They seem to cherrypick certain radical or rude persons that happen to be trans or trans allies that are in the minority and the same post with this example in it will be on almost all of the radfem blogs you look at.
  • Many of them claim to be against the idea of gender and say it’s used to oppress women and then say they cringe at the idea of agender people.
  • They seem to think that simply suggesting to someone that it’s a possibility they might not be cis and if they want to perhaps they could think about it is forcing a gender idea on them and that this is somehow narrowing what women are allowed to do.
  • They constantly misgender people and there are one or two transfeminine YouTubers or influencers that they seem to hate with every fiber of their being. They like to misgender them a lot and seem to do it with malicious intent.
  • They are under the impression that trans women, amab enbies, and cross dressing men can never be in danger or that it will always be safer for them.
  • They hate the term “cis” for some reason. It’s sort of unclear why. I really did try and find why but I couldn’t.
  • They really seem to like the term “penis haver” and don’t like people with penises at all.
  • Their favorite insults usually seem to revolve around calling someone a homophobe or a lesbiophobe or calling someone anti-woman. Even if the original post or video seemed to have nothing to provoke that kind of insult
  • They use the term LGB.
  • They seem to think that trans people want to force lesbians or gay men to have sex with us or coerce them into it wrongly. That’s not the case of course but they seem to be assuming that.
  • If they do happen to mention intersex people the idea that an intersex person’s gender could be complicated by their intersex identity is completely absent.

That’s just some. There are some things that made my stomach hurt after I read them. I still really don’t understand. I tried to. I really did. It’s just so far away from how I think. I guess that’s it.

“Why Are You Wearing My Clothes?”

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: smutish, implied

Request: You’re back how exciting! I was wonder if I could request Bucky x Reader with the prompt - “Why are you wearing my clothes?” ☺️ thank you!

Requested by: @marvelwritings

Word Count: 1k

Y/n came home one night to her door unlocked and big soggy footprints leading back into her room. Cautiously she follows them until she reaches her door and slowly turns the knob, taser in hand, and swings it open. She presses the button and holds it out but then immediately drops it and exclaims, “Bucky!”

He looks up from her bed, lowering the book in his hands and raising a brow, “Yes?”

“Wha-,” Y/n stops when she recognizes an oversized crop top that he was wearing. She frowns squints and points at his chest, “Is that… my shirt?” Bucky grins and stands up and Y/n groans shutting her eyes for a moment before peeking at him then groaning again, “Wh… Why are you wearing my clothes?”

Bucky looks down and shrugs, “Mines dirty and covered in some blood.”

She covers her mouth to stifle a laugh and looks him up and down, “Bucky…” he wore a crop top, it looked like it fit, he looked like he was from the 90’s waist up but then waist down… He was wearing my gym shorts but his think thighs filled them up easily and Y/n wasn’t quite sure how he’d managed to pull them on. 

“Buck,” she sighs and shakes her head again, “Bucky why not something else?”

He grins, “I look cute and you know it, just look at my butt.” Bucky turns to the side and twists his hips so that Y/n could see the full dimension of his ass. She presses her lips together and nods, “I’ll give you that one then.”

He chuckles and falls back onto the bed. Y/n tilts her head and looks more closely at him, the way his muscles showed from under the crop top and how she could see his sharp v-line and… Y/n has to stop looking, “That’s a little tight, babe.”

He chuckles and wiggles his brows at her, “Yeah?”

“Mhm,” she looks down at the floor, her cheeks reddening with every second.

“Is it a good tight then?" 

"I-I suppose so,” Y/n answers still not looking up.

“I can always just take it off,” Bucky says lowly, a smirk playing on his lips. “S-Sure, I mean no… yeah no,” Y/n laughs and covers her face with her hands, “oh my gosh.”

Bucky laughs and sits up patting his lap, “Come here, baby.”

“Oh no,” laughs Y/n, “I’m not getting anywhere near that thing, he’s uncaged and on the prowl.”

Bucky purrs and beckons with her finger for her to come. She sighs and shakes her head, muttering under her breath, “Rediculous.”

“I heard that.”

She looks back up at him while she kicks off her shoes and takes off her coat, “Good.” Bucky holds his hands out, “Come to me.” Taking a deep breath Y/n climbs up onto his lap but doesn’t actually sit down, instead of hovering over his lap. “Tease,” Bucky whispers glaring at the space between them. She grins and shakes her head, “Smart is more like it, who knows what would happen if I gave you what you wanted.”

He laughs softly and pulls her to his chest but makes sure to hold her up, “If that’s what you want.”

Y/n pauses for a moment before asking, “Was this an attempt at seducing me?”

“Maybe,” he grins, “but that’s fine if it didn’t work, can we still get snuggles?”

She laughs and pushes him down, lying against his chest, “Like this?”

“Yeah,” Bucky grins running his hands over her back, “just like this.”

“I have this growing suspicion that you stopped to have drinks before you came.” Bucky hums and continues tracing her back with his fingers, “What makes you think that?” Y/n runs her nose against his neck, “I can smell some of the alcohol, and you’re clingier than usual. Hornier.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“In these clothes, definitely.”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to lose them.” He turns them over and pins Y/n beneath him, sitting on her thighs. He pulls the shirt off and then stands up. He pulls at the waist of the shorts but they don’t budge. Y/n quirks his brow and tilts her head. He bites his lip and looks down, “I might need help.”



Y/n sighs and takes a hold of the bottom of the shorts and starts tugging. They both strain as they try pulling them off but it only moves about an inch. “Buck,” Y/n says breathlessly, “I think you can skip leg day a few times.”

“Never,” he laughs and then they start again. As it turns out, Bucky thought it would be a great idea to go commando along with forcing shorts on that were way too small for him. “Can’t we just cut them off?” He grunts tugging them down. 

“No! These are name brand, expensive!”

“I can get you so many things if you’d only let me cut these off, my poor Johnny can’t take much more of this.”

Y/n bites down a laugh and simply shakes her head, “You’ll think twice about this then, huh?”

“Maybe three times.”

She snorts and rolls her eyes. Y/n slips down onto the floor, grips onto the bottom as tightly as she could and yanks down as hard as she could. Bucky helps by pushing and finally, the shorts reach a point where they could be pulled off with ease.

“Thank you,” Bucky says sighing with relief.

“Mhm,” Y/n stands up and crosses her arms. Grinning Bucky pulls her in and starts to pepper her neck with kisses, “Let me show you how thankful I am.”

“I guess that it’ll do,” she says a grin already forming. 

“Finally,” he breathes and picks her up and makes them both fall down onto the bed.

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Adrien is most definitely a flawed character. He bottles up his emotions, and ends up becoming silently apsorbed in them which leads him to lash out. He can also be extremely passive-aggressive, especially towards Ladybug, when things don’t go his way. (Glaciator) His very sheltered and restricted upbringing probably has a lot to do with his behavior, not to mention his very passive-aggressive father. But these aren’t an excuse, just explanations.

I don’t think Marinette has “poor control over her emotions.” I think that when she is startled or thrown into a new situation, her emotions spike and clearly show, but she’s able to recompose herself fairly quickly. Yeah, she still goes “heart eyes” with Adrien, but she has a crush, what do you expect? She also overthinks a lot, and she sometimes lets anger get the best of her, but she’s a kid!

Both characters are still kids, and their flaws should be treated as ways to improve themselves. Neither of them are perfect.

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Y'know, The Outsiders is actually pretty depressing outside of the death of Johnny and Dally. I mean, there's these young men, all grown up before their time, forced to survive in the only world outside one that would actually give them a chance to lead their lives the right way. They were condemned to this hellhole town, and they could actually get out of it fairly easily if they just tʀɨɛɖ, but they were all conditioned to believe that they couldn't get out unless they were some kind of genius

… .

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Actual twink Peter in panties is The Shit and I know we all love the idea of Tony getting it for him but like,,,, Peter just rly loving panties because he feels Pretty and Special in them and one time he forgot he wore them to the lab and one thing leads to another and Tony has a lap full of crying Peter as Tony spanks him "for not telling Daddy about your little secret" and "being a bad little princess"

oh my god, not telling daddy about your little secret i am deceased, but yeah, totally, Tony finds out Peter likes panties before he starts getting Peter panties, Peter would just get them from stores and act like they were for his girlfriend, and he only has a few pairs to himself, and one pair is totally a pair with Iron Man on them that he got before he even met Tony, and Tony gets Peter a bunch of really good high quality panties that Peter can keep at Tonys place, and they feel so good against Peters cock and Tony will totally take him shopping for panties and Peter will blush the whole time and run back out to the car before Tony makes the purchase, and Tony totally demands pictures of Peter showing off his new panties, and ugh this is just so cute to thing about, Peter wearing these soft, silky light pink panties with lace on them underneath his blue jeans, it’d just be so hot to open his zipper and see his hard dick straining at the soft fabric, and the little precum stains he’d leave, but Tony spanking Peter in panties is the hottest thing

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I would sure as HELL love to read your original story and hear more about your beautiful ocs 👀👀👀

Dnsoxjxhwiw thank you ! Well I can’t say much because I don’t know much yet, but basically it follows 3 war generals (the characters in that latest post are 2 of them) who lead a faction of the army during some bigass war, in a pretty big fantasy world (im talking dragons, elves, “witches”) And theyre all from diff parts of the world, trained and brought up v differently. I’ve never tried a story like this before so im gonna have to do a lot of research and world-building, but im super stoked to share it with yall when its more solid! (Also terrified because im known as an Artist and not a Writer. But we’ll worry about that later)

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who is morrissey?

he was the lead singer of a brit pop band called The Smiths who were/are from manchester in the 80s and my mum is OBSESSED with them. the lead singer does his own stuff now and she’s followed him around australia twice and missed my high school graduation to see him in sydney, she literally went up to my dad at a club bc he looked like a young morrissey, she and him (he’s also a big fan) went to manchester, UK to take a picture outside the salford lads club bc it was used as promo for them and i have a feeling he’s the reason my mum forced me and my brother to be a vegetarian from the day we were born bc he’s part of the meat is murder movement 

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Is Eren anit-hero ?

He’s… Byronic, I guess?

You know, I feel so much wiser about these terms before I google them for a memory check. As far as I can tell, antihero can now basically mean good, but in like, a no polish way. The person fighting the heroic fight is a person, not a paragon.

So yeah Eren’s a person. Probably.

By the classical definition, definitely. Eren falls into his plot-special traits by happenstance, not skill, and has several dictionaries worth of flaws. He’s not a bright and shiny diamond, just a very stubborn rock.

By more modern standards… I will try for a second to be less glib.

An antihero is typically a Good-aligned person whose personality traits would lead you to find the mental image of them drowning kittens more logical than them fighting evil, and they possibly maybe do drown kittens in the course of fighting evil. Broad strokes version.

Eren in his current form is an easy check for the antihero box, since he’s so soulless about most of what he’s up to, still mostly trying for a good outcome, and has murdered kittens children. Good job Eren.

Eren from the beginning is a little harder to place, for me. Eren does not reject traditional hero conventions. He wants to believe in the power of friendship. His heroes from childhood are self-sacrificial and brave. He’s loud and passionate and believes in doing the right thing, and inspires other people to follow him.

The rawness about him in that form is a little less traditional, though. He has incredibly heroic values, but with a bunch of spiky edges you don’t get from the standard blend.

Overall I’d say yes, but in a really petulant way that wants it to be a no. Eren fits the qualifications easily enough, but he is made of such straightforward hero parts that calling him an antihero feels misleading.

…Until the latest arc.

Really, I want to say that his character is all about a hero coming to fully embrace the antihero within, and flat out calling him an antihero makes that sound far less romantic and dramatic.

Thank you very much for the thought and the ask.

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I'm sorry, Tony, but some of the advice you gave Peter was maybe... not so good. Remember when you first met him, and told him he needed a better suit? "Spider-Man." "Not in that onesie, you're not." And how upset he was when you later took the new suit away from him? "Without the suit I'm nothing." "Then you shouldn't have it." He was following your lead, Tony. Teens are impressionable... they believe what adults tell them. YOU convinced him he couldn't be a hero unless he had special tech.

anon | random message 

      “You know what grey-face?” Tony declares, arms folded and expression steeled. “I’d like to see YOU try and take on a hormonal teenager with superpowers when the only experience you’ve had of raising a kid is the SHIT way your father raised you. No one’s perfect.”

“And raising teenagers aside. He needed my tech to be BETTER than he was. This kid was getting himself into situations he wasn’t equipped to handle, he was reaching for things above his pay-grade. He needed a better suit to reach the places he was trying to reach. He was trying to be an Avenger without the right equipment. And one comment doesn’t convince someone that they couldn’t be a hero. Peter Parker was DESTINED to be a hero, he has all of the right qualities to be someone great. Peter may have been following my lead if you remember I told him that wasn’t a good idea. ‘I wanted you to be better?’ Ring any bells?”

“But he got too complacent on using my tech. The biggest lesson I ever learned was who I was UNDERNEATH my suit. Peter already knew who he was, he’d been a hero before I turned up; he just had to REMEMBER. Kids, get upset when you take things away from them and he is a kid. Hell, grey-face I would go so far as to say I see him as my own nowadays.”

Tony inhales deeply, “I would NEVER hurt that kid on purpose. God, you know I wouldn’t. I never claimed to be a good advice giver, I never wanted him to look up to me. There are so many better people than me that Peter could have picked to idolise. In fact, I’m honestly sure I was the WORST choice out of them all. But he chose me… and I have to at least try.”

Hey yo terfs

When you make those dumbass wombyn arguments I want you to think so hard for a while minute. Outside of it being outwardly transphobic and harmful but like…have you ever thought that some cis women don’t have certain reproductive organs that catergorize them as women? Due to birth defects, illness, infection, any number of things that could lead to the removal, or just…not being there of them in the first place? Having those reproductive organs don’t mean shit man. Your fucking wombyn arguments are ugly and have no GOTDAMN basis because some fucking cis women, by your backwards ass logic, wouldn’t be considered women. So instead of trying to invalidate and hurt trans women with the wombyn arguement think real hard about how fucking dumb and pointless it is given you obviously don’t know shit about the human body and what can go wrong with it??? Like keep your transmisogyny and transphobia out of woman spaces. Ugly ass.

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Hello there! (Sorry for the accidental unfollow, I fixed it!) I have just been cast as an understudy for a lead role and I am thrilled! How do I be a good, polite understudy?

What an amazing question! I think the first thing you can do is learn the etiquette of this particular company and production. Are they going to have you stand in ever? Will you only rehearse as the role if the lead actor is out? Do you have designated performance days? Do you shadow and take notes during rehearsals but not get on your feet unless needed? These are variables that change from production to production, so figuring out their particular way of doing things will help you be the best you can!

There’s also this balance that we need to find as actors where we both respect the lead actor’s work while also not just copying them. Even as an understudy, you are still creating your version of the character… your version within the limits of what the director wants, but still yours! But at the same time, we want to respect the lead actor’s vision and make sure they know we’re not endeavoring to show them we’re better or reinvent the wheel. So this balance can take some time to find.

I also want to tag @amandaleighcorbett, who is currently an understudy in a production and might have some good input!

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The protecc squad WILL go through a portal if said portal leads them to the person they are looking for. Also they reassured principal that everything is gonna be okay. They're gonna find jani and bring him back

It won’t be direct, also there would be a lot of obstacles-

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The craziest thing for me is how many Cas (non heller) stans over the past months I've seen literally say that if you removed him from the show, nothing would change much. That's how bad it is, even they are saying it. In their eyes that's a problem bc they want him to be important, but it just backs up what a lot of people have BEEN saying - Cas is in cycle where they don't do anything with him so he's a plot device with powers and because that's what he is, they can't do anything with him.

We’ve been telling them for years that he’s not a lead and is a supporting character. Now we have a season that proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you have to force a character into a show and he’s still pointless, he’s not a lead, he’s not even a decent supporting character at that point.