to lead them on

when jemma’s down in the tunnels, she has that moment where she’s stroking a hand along the wall and musing ‘i could spend a year down here answering these questions’ and it’s just such a jemma moment - her natural curiosity sparking (albeit more subdued, for obvious reasons) and her need to solve the puzzle, to understand, coming to the surface.

and then she reins it in. she pushes it down. you can actually see it physically cross her face as she tells herself that she can’t have that. she won’t allow herself to pursue such scientific endeavours, not at the obvious cost of other lives.

because in her mind now, when she pursues these things, people die.

she thinks that this natural curiosity about alien things is something toxic, a disease that’s getting people killed, and she’s trying to hold it in. to suppress that part of herself in order to protect others. 

sound a bit like someone else we know?

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Imagine Bucky and Steve post TWS somehow (magic? Weird technology? w/e) wind up in the real world at a comic convention.

They’ve been flanked on all sides since the moment they came in the door. Jumbled orders crackle uselessly from Steve’s hidden earpiece but, by the sound of the confusion on the other end, nobody at HQ knows exactly what the extraction plan is for an incident like this.

"How did you get it so realistic?” asks one of their starry-eyed assailants, staring covetously at Bucky’s bionic arm. Bucky starts and mumbles something half-assed about thermoplastics, and Steve’s proud to notice that, though he winces at every camera flash, his hands haven’t even twitched towards his holster yet.

And god knows they need something to be proud of. By the time extraction arrives their target has completely vanished amid the sea of flimsy costumes, and Bucky’s wide-eyed confusion is giving way to cold homicidal intent, and Steve is forced to admit that leading them to a convention hall was probably the most villainous move he’s seen an enemy pull in a very long time.

OK I’m getting kinda tired of people who says Hyoyeon YuriSooyoung and Yoona can’t sing or worst are useless.sure none of them are mainor lead vocal but I can see they love to be on stage and they can rock if SM give them more opportunities .You can see CL and Hyuna or even Gain for example, none of them are main vocals of their band but they have charisma stage presence and creativeness that make their songs and performances interesting. and yes you can call me butthurt cause I see their talents specially Hyoyeons is getting wasted.

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Im a girl and i really thought u were cute and nice, then i seen u post something calling girls hoes or thots or whatever and that shit broke my heart. All the cute dudes are jerks and dont respect women or their sexual lives. Woman can have sex just like men. Thats messed up. So sad

women can’t have sex like how men have sex and i could really get deep into this but i won’t.. if you know the science behind it and the spirituality behind it you wouldn’t be a “Thot” would understand that your energy is sacred and your should protect it. sex is exchanging sexual dna and energy .. you open yourself up to a lot more than you’re probably aware of .. I also understand why girls become thots or whatever and the child hood issues that lead to it .. so i don’t judge them for being they way they are but really if they knew better they’d be better and your past shouldn’t hinder your future. Im a dude and i don’t have to go through as much as women do when they have sex and I’m still very cognizant about whom i give my energy to. I’ve had my thot days as well I’m not ashamed I’ve been with a lot of women but i know better now.

3/4/15 - SCP167, ”Infinite Labyrinth”

SCP-167 is a cube measuring approximately 10 meters on its edge, created from an unidentified shiny white-plastic polymer. Affixed to one of the faces of the cube is a large metal door. It is unknown if this door is part of the original SCP, or if it was affixed by someone else before the object was acquired by the SCP Foundation. The interior dimensions of this cube are identical to the exterior, minus several centimeters for the width of the cube — except that two of the remaining three walls each have doorways in them. These doorways lead directly to identical rooms, each with two more doorways leading to more identical rooms. This pattern continues for as far as the research teams have been able to determine. The placement of these doorways appears to be random; no pattern has been found that explains which two of the three remaining walls have doors.

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Women’s Appreciation Week
Day Two: Favorite Female Driven Media →
The Fearless Defenders

"I was to choose women from the realm of Midgard to become symbols of honor and valor and courage. I would lead them into battle… into death. But I saw no one who would live up to the standard of the Valkyrie. And so I pondered my decision. I distracted myself. I tried to decide what it meant to be a Valkyrie."

every day i have a harder time siding with the TA strike because i feel like it’s becoming more and more manipulative of undergrads who dont feel informed enough to take a stand on it. im mad at both my university and the union for being so bad at communicating. im unsure as to whether (or why) i should feel guilty about “crossing the picket line” to go to class while my TAs are on strike when nobody is giving very specific answers as to how/when the remainder of course material is going to be graded and i would rather not sacrifice my GPA so they can get paid more for not teaching us. some teachers are saying we should “write letters” to the university to put an end to it, but write letters saying what? most of the instructors did not do a very great job of integrating us into the discussion as equals and didnt seem to think we warranted any inclusion before the strike actually went underway and im not really feeling any inclination to write a letter to the school now that im still not getting clear answers and am also wasting tuition dollars every day.

also im a little bit annoyed at the term “crossing the picket line” being applied to undergrads going to class when we’re not employed by the university and arent on strike. it’s not even like we’re just attending a public event, these are our classes that we’re paying and inordinate amount of money for.

atm i feel like the mood on campus amongst profs/instructors is very “serious” and everyone is speaking to us in a serious and concerned faux-respectful tone but i still get the impression that my time is being wasted. the teachers are being really fake sympathetic but also not allowing for the possibility that we might be mad and honestly im pretty mad. if they were “negotiating for 8 months” they should have had a clearer plan for how to navigate the end of the semester that they could communicate to us and that’s why im kind of calling bullshit on the whole “TAs care about you!!!” angle when they obviously don’t for the most part

i would prefer to discuss these thoughts on a different platform but i really feel like my peers would start an internet debate over them and im not in the mood for that but all i can say is i truly hate the atmosphere in all my classes affected by the strike right now

So… Philinda has been sticking tgt for the whole episode and I am drowning in it. Then we see MamaMay getting all worried abt her babySkye. Skye almost told her abt whats going on. In the next episode trailer, Sif comes for Skye and Mack is arguing that Skye is a danger. That means we are gonna get PROTECTIVE!parents philinda!!! 😱😱😱 I want to see May hug see and comfort her. We know that Skye sees philinda as parental figures. Then, Skye is losing control in front of them, which leads to May calling for Andrew’s help. He will appear in 2x13 and reveals May’s backstory and his appearance will affect philinda’s relationship as well. That is like OMFG! I cant wait to see more!

Got7 Mark - Protective Brother

Anon Request: ‘can i request a scenario with mark? where ur also an idol and jr. is your bro? but ur older. during jyp 1 mic ending, you & mark are having alot of skinship and jr. gets protective? gomawo~ ♡

A bright light shone in your eyes and the screaming of the fans got increasingly louder as each of the JYP artists ran onto the stage. You were currently at the JYP One Mic Concert in Hong Kong and you were backstage waiting to enter with you four other bandmates for the ending. You were a rookie group in JYP, debuting at the beginning of the year and it was your first concert with the rest of the artists.

You glanced over at your four friends and saw them linking hands. Hyejoo, the lead dancer, held out her hand to you and took it tightly before running on the stage, butterflies erupting in your stomach. You couldn’t lie, you were nervous even though you had previously performed your debut song at this same concert.

10 Out Of 10 by 2PM starting playing and you stood motionless for a few moments before Hyejoo took your hands and started dancing. 

"Don’t be nervous, have fun!" A voice whispered in your ear and you looked up to see your younger brother, Jinyoung, standing over you with a bright smile on his face.

"I’m not nervous," You replied rather loudly and leg go of Hyejoo who was now dancing over with the girls of Miss A.

Jinyoung just patted your shoulder and moved away to give the fans some entertainment. You watched as he knelt down and blew them kisses. The fans screamed, some falling backwards and you couldn’t help but laugh.

Feeling better, you began dancing around and turned around to bump into someone. You looked up and saw Mark standing before you. 

"Mark!" You laughed and quickly apologized. The two of you had been good friends since you had, and if you were completely honest you had a small crush on him. You could never do anything though since he is one of your brother’s best friends.

Mark shrugged before wrapping his hands around your waist a lifting you over his shoulder. You cried out and laughed happily as he began running across the stage. It was like you weren’t even performing at a concert.

You were suddenly dropped down onto the floor, landing on your butt. Mark knelt down before you and as he was about to say something, the song changed to Nobody by Wonder Girls. 

Mark’s expression quickly changed as he got up and began doing the dance moves to the song. You laughed at him from the floor and shook your head at his silliness. He knelt down again and poked your nose before running away.

"Hey!" You cried out and jumped up to run after him. He was running slowly, so you easily caught up to him and tackled his waist. You didn’t have enough strength in you to do anything, so instead he wrapped his arm around and pulled you up to face him.

His face was mere centimeters away from yours and your breath suddenly caught in your throat from the closeness. Your eyes flickered down to his lips and you noticed his tongue running over them. You blushed and went to say something before someone pulled you away from Mark roughly.

You turned and saw Jinyoung standing there, his eyebrows furrowed.

"What are you doing?" You questioned, pulling your arm away from his grasp.

"Stop messing around, Mark." Jinyoung spoke in a monotonous voice and Mark glanced at you before nodding and turning to walk away.

"Jinyoung-" You cut yourself off. Now wasn’t the time to question what your stupid younger brother was doing. You needed to focus on the concert.

"Stop acting like that around him." He muttered in your ear before wandering off.

You watched him walk away, utterly confused at his words. You shook your head and put a smile back on your face, skipping over to your band mates who were currently throwing hearts to the fans in the audience. You joined in with them and glanced to your right and saw Jinyoung staring straight back at you. You cocked your eyebrow as if asking why and he just turned away.

You wiped the sweat off your brow as you exited the stage with the rest of your band. They were laughing loudly along with mostly everyone else but you were silent. You were still curious about why Jinyoung was acting how he was.

You saw him out of the corner of your eye and you ran towards him. You grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side.

"What was all that about?" You asked, resting your hands on your hips.


"What was wrong with me acting like that with Mark?" You sighed. He knew what you were talking about but was avoiding it.

"Your my sister, and he’s my friend. I know how he is and I don’t like you two acting like that." He replied quietly, making sure no one could hear.

You scoffed, “I’m your older sister, don’t forget. I can act how I like with whoever I want.”

"Yeah but Mark-"

"Who says we are even like that? Mark doesn’t like me, so just leave it okay?" You began to walk away, but Jinyoung held you back.

"He does like you. That’s the thing, I don’t want him to do anything to hurt you.” 

You stood frozen as you processed your younger brother’s words.

"H-he… likes me?" You stuttered. "Mark… likes me?"

"What?" A new voice appeared and both you and Jinyoung jumped and saw, low and behold, Mark standing there.

"I didn’t mean to tell her!" Jinyoung defended and held up his hands. "I’m gonna leave now."

"Hey, you idiot!" Mark yelled, chasing after Jinyoung.

"Don’t hurt her, I’ll kill you." Jinyoung called out as he disappeared around the corner.

Mark slowed to a stop and slowly turned to face you, a blush on his face.

"You like me?" You blurted out and immediately regretted it.

He approached slowly before saying, “Yeah… I guess. Jinyoung never approved of it though.”

Once again, you scoffed, “He’s younger than me, that ass has no right to approve of who I like.”

Marks eyes widened and you realized what you said. 

"Do you like me too?" He questioned carefully, and you looked away before nodding slowly.

He came closer to you and lifted his hand to take hold of your chin and pull you up to face him.

"M-Mark…" You whispered. Were you about to kiss the guy you’ve been crushing on for the longest time?

His lips neared closer to yours and your heart beat continued to increase, faster than you thought it could ever go. Just as his lips brushed against yours, Jinyoung’s voice could be heard once again.

"I’m still here! This is too far, don’t touch her!" Jinyoung yelled loudly as he ran towards you. 

Mark’s eyes widened and he quickly pulled away, his back facing Jinyoung. Disappointed, you decided to take initiative and stood on your tip-toes to place and quick kiss of Mark’s lips.

You pulled away as quick as you got there and laughed quietly to yourself and Jinyoung grabbed Mark’s collar and lectured him on how to look after you. At least he was now going to allow you to be together.


I think that most people don’t like Will because, held up against the rest of the characters, he comes off as a little hard. The thing is, the characters on the West Wing are very idealistic and we get use to that. We want the Josh or Leo who goes out and finds the underdog and leads them to a victory. Will doesn’t do that. The reality is, in modern politics, the VP is the presumptive nominee because that person is well known and has name and face recognition. Will is working off this assumption. He thinks Russell will be the nominee for the Democratic party and he wants to help with that because he puts the needs of the party and the desire to keep the Dems in the White House above personal preference. Even Will admits he doesn’t always believe Russell is the best choice, he is, in the end, putting his faith in the fact that Jed and Leo picked the right guy to be Jed’s successor.
I think that Leo and Toby and Josh and the rest are what we dream a political campaign will be, the dreamers, the optimistic, the committed, the honorable, backing the “good” person whether or not they win. Do you notice how many times the characters ask if a candidate is a good person? The reality is probably much closer to the Will Bailey/Bob Russell situation where people back the person they think will win whether or not they are a “good” person. The problem is in the context of the show we are much more use to the former situation so the latter comes off as crass, unfeeling and opportunistic and so people don’t like Will because they tag him with those characteristics. I don’t think Will is really any of these things, what he is is a realist.

What’s the logic behind hating Duster? 

He keeps the Hummingbird Egg safe for the most part, he abandons the three year-long life he built for himself to help Lucas and friends, he makes sense of the Mr. Saturns’ dialect for everyone and leads them to Phrygia’s needle, he plays a final concert with the DCMC in New Pork for old times’ sake, he attacks enemies before battles begin, he creates makeshift ladders to help his friends reach otherwise unreachable areas, and he does all of this with a disabled leg and an abusive father. He does as much shit as Lucas and Kumatora do.

What sort of person hates a character like that enough to send a fan — someone who identifies strongly with him — a message claiming both of them are annoying and shitty?

*When white people want you to teach them about racism*

Me: Tell them bitches get a stick im done leading the blind

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plz stop like honestly if Togashi saw you, a grown adult, finding pleasure in sexualized art of his characters hed be fucking sick

You do know that some artists who worked on animating HxH attend the doujinshi events right? It’s not like they don’t know. In the manga he even says the way Hisoka acts all turned on around Gon may be why there’s so many hisogon shippers. He knows he kinda leads them on. He’s also made Killua’s and Gon’s relationship pretty open to the interpretation of the fans do you really think he’s never seen an R-18 killugon/gonkillu doujinshi? Hell even the chimeras get sexualized.

You really think he doesn’t know? 


asked: Can you please do 25!!

“Whose ideawas this, because obviously it sucks,” Skye grumbles and wipes the condensation off the window.

“Obviously Coulson’s,” Jemma answers, looking just as difficult as her, fiddling at the fireplace where should have been a raging fire half an hour ago.

Only he would think it was a good idea to start a stake-out somewhere in the freezing cold of Alaska. The briefing was short and all business. They were tracking down a group of Hydra, who could possibly lead them to a secret hideout. Surely enough their intel told them that the 0-8-4 they were also tracking was to be moved the next morning by that exact group. Coulson set up base nearby with May, leaving Skye and Jemma as checkpoint three. Mack and Fitz were checkpoint one, their stake-out already up and running, down the road checkpoint two was manned by Hunter and Bobbi, leaving Coulson and May to be the final point. It was one of Coulson’s master plans and it’s being executed. The only down side to this operation was the freezing cold. At least they had the hunter’s cabin, and not the SUV.

“I’m not sure I can feel my fingers,” Skye says, and blows on them in an attempt to warm them through her thick gloves.

“You look cute though,” Jemma says and says and scrunches her nose when Skye rolls her eyes at her.

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Yts stay pressed when shit ain't about them so their tears are irrelevant, but you are so right about non black poc. All they had to do was say, hey I like the idea of uplifting and promoting people that aren't usually promoted, we should do it for ourselves. Nope. They have to cry about it. What the fuck is so scary and offensive about us?

Better question is why do their corer us to do everything for them. It’s your movement. You lead it. We here to support it not create and run it. I sure didn’t see Yall running to help us create shit so why would you expect us to do it for you?


You’ve all probably figured this out, but the minigames between the nights and the secret minigames all happen before the events of the third game.

This might not seem interesting, but I’d like to bring some things to light about this.

Purple man is haunted by his past as a murderer. Not literally haunted, that is the pizzeria’s job, but he is haunted in his mind with the images of the kids he has murdered. So, Purple guy comes back to the old decrepit Pizzaria in order to clam his mind- if he destroys the suits, he destroys the spirits haunting them, and thus him.
So, Purple Man once again dons the Golden Freddy suit (because he knows that the robots will surely kill him given the time) and leads them to the back room, where he dismantles them all. (This also explains why there’s only one animatronic found.)
However, dismantling the robots proves to do nothing but make him guiltier. The haunted nature of the Pizzaria causes him to literally see the five murdered kids in the back room. Terrified, he hides in the only place he knows how to hide- the nearest suit/animatronic combo, Springtrap. However, the suit is busted up and immediately kills him.
Now, most of this is old news, we’ve all seen it. Here’s where it gets interesting. 
In the FNAF 3 official trailer, we only see Springtrap in the horror attraction in the final scene. Any other time we see an animatronic, it’s in the old, busted Pizzaria. The shot of Bonnie looking at the camera? That’s the show stage from the minigames (note the order they’re in)! The convulsing of the suit on the floor? Obviously that’s Purple Man getting piston’d the crap out of when he puts the suit on. 
But what about the other games? Well, I believe these show that the New robots from FNAF 2 (Toy Chica, Mangle, BB) weren’t really haunted, but they realized that the old ones were. They were just trying to apprehend the murderer to help the miserable kids inside the old suits! (In TAKE CAKE TO THE CHILDREN, Freddy can sense which kids are the most sad or angry, and gives them cake first. The haunted robots were probably screeching up a storm like the jump scares in the first game, and the new animatronics just wanted to help them feel better.) BB himself explicitly helps Foxy out over everyone else. I think that the new guys could tell that the old guys needed release. 
And it’s these new toy animatronics, especially the puppet, who help the haunted kids finally see the light and leave the suits for good, leaving the purple man in an ironic state of being subjected to what the kids had to deal with for decades.